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Getting There

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Destination". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Things have fallen into place for Puck. He's a Watcher in Training, he has an awesome boyfriend back in Lima...and a brother? Puck/Artie, sequel to Journey. Follows events of season 4.

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Chapter Three

Getting There
word count: 2191

A/N: While this story is actually finished, as I wrote the entire thing like in...May? June?...I was a little unsure about posting any more since Cory Monteith's (Finn) death. He wasn't my favorite Gleek...but I did adore him and his singing. So I will continue to post this until its up entirely. And I will continue to include Finn in any future stories in this series...its the only way I know how to honor Cory's life and talent.


The Cleveland house was starting to be crazier than usual. Xander assured him it was normal for this time of year; being Thanksgiving break and all. All Puck knew was that he was glad he had plans to escape to Lima.

The madness started when Andrew locked himself in the kitchen, via a barrier spell, no one was allowed inside that particular room until Thanksgiving Day. So everyone was stuck eating take out or instant ramen. He wasn't sure he wanted to know where the kids had been keeping all those electric kettles.

When Willow arrived she'd offered to cook for everyone, but the little kitchenette in Puck's attic apartment was just not equipped to feed their regular number. So feeding everyone, plus the guests that were trickling in was a big no. She did however manage to corner him and ask him what his plans for Hanukkah were. He'd replied that he was going back to Lima to spend Hanukkah and Christmas with his family and his boyfriend. So he was booked. She had given him a huge and approving smile...and then gave him a hug and while the red-head was smokin' he wasn't exactly comfortable hugging someone he'd just met.

Thank god for Xander. If his boss hadn't distracted Willow with the help of Dawn, who was awesome by the way, he never would have managed to make his escape. He had plans to meet up with his friends for a reunion and at some point he was going to have an early Thanksgiving dinner with Artie and his parents before they hopped a plane to visit relatives out west or whatever. And then he was going to watch New Directions perform at Sectionals. So his Thanksgiving was booked and he had to get moving.


He ended up backstage in the auditorium in time to hear Quinn sing a line. He grinned and revealed himself by joining in on the song. This had been their plan, to meet at the school, for old times’ sake. Quinn grasped his hand as she sang with him...Mike and Santana's voices joined them from the seats. Mike really had gotten better. And then Mercedes was there; hugging Santana and Mike. And there was Finn, hugging Quinn, putting his hand on Puck's shoulder. Half of them on the stage while the other three making their way to the stage as they sang and serenaded one another. It felt good, it had been too long, and for a second he really missed being in high school. Missed the days they'd never get back.

But...if they were still in high school...he might not have Artie. And Artie meant more to him in the now. All of them...well most of them being home for the holidays would have to be enough.

Quinn smiled at them all, her words echoing his thoughts. “Home for the Holidays; just like we promised.”

Finn's eyes started to tear up. “Guys I-”

Puck cut him off right then. “Dude if you start crying I'm gonna kick your ass.” Then he grinned. “Group hug!” It didn't feel quite right without Rachel or Kurt, but it would have to do. Finn met his eyes sadly, but then smiled that little half smirk and nodded. Which in Finn silent speak meant that he'd keep the thing with Artie quiet until Puck was ready to share. Finn was such a dork.


Dinner at Breadstix was business as usual. Mike talked about his fancy dance school, and Mercedes confirmed that she loved living in LA. Santana was doing okay at college in Louisville, and Quinn was kept busy at Harvard. Puck told a few stories that he could without revealing things he shouldn't. His friends weren't in the know, so they didn't get to hear about things like Connor practically running circles around the baby slayers. One story in particular that he told was the first time he ended up at the Cleveland House, that the girls had sabotaged the pool filter in order to hire him to clean the pool. Quinn had smirked at that. Though they all seemed shocked that he'd been hired to help look after a house full of teenage girls. He could understand their concerns...but he wasn't that guy anymore. Only Finn got that.

So he made a toast, to them, to most of them keeping the promise that they'd see each other at Thanksgiving. Talk about Rachel and Kurt was kept to a minimum, Finn still making sad eyes about the break up.

And then...Finn gave them his best puppy eyes and said; “I have a favor to ask.”

Well shit.


Artie's dad let him in with a smile. “He just turned in. Do you need anything Noah?”

Puck smiled back and shook his head. “No Mr. A, I'm good. Just had dinner with Finn and the others, mind if I turn in?”

“You know the way. Good night Noah...try to keep things light, tomorrow is still a school day.”

“Yes sir.” He didn't think his body even knew how to blush anymore, but evidently he'd been wrong if the heat on his cheeks was anything to go by. Puck made his way to Artie's room, duffel over his shoulder, and guitar in hand. He lightly knocked on the bedroom door.


He grinned and opened it. “Hey babe.”

Artie blinked and set aside the book he'd been reading. “Didn't think you'd be here until tomorrow.”

He closed the door behind him and set his bag and guitar down. “Got away early in the chaos.”


“Willow and Dawn got there early and Andrew has barricaded himself in the kitchen so no one can sneak any food out before Thanksgiving.”

Artie gaped for a moment in disbelief. “Wow. So that's why Xander put that bathroom to the side of the pantry.”

“Yeah, Andy has everything he needs; he can hole up in there for days and make sure he gets the feast put together without anyone running off with the yams.”

Artie grinned and scooted over. “You gonna come to bed or what?”

“Yeah...and just so you know I'll be at McKinley tomorrow for Glee.”


“Finn asked a favor when we were out to dinner, made those puppy eyes and we all caved.”

“So will you cave if I make puppy eyes?”

“Art, you don't have to make puppy eyes, you've got me where you want me.”

“Not till you're in bed with me I don't.”

Puck laughed and started stripping as he made his way to the bed. “I'm on my way, gimme a minute.”


Okay, so Finn's favor wasn't going to be so bad.

“Standing before you are legends.”

Though the guy was laying it on kind of thick, and Artie's cheering wasn't helping.

“Any one of them could be president some day.”

Puck had to agree with Artie's muttered, “I don't know about that.” He certainly wasn't president material.

“And luckily they've agreed to help us.”

Puck rolled his eyes. “We're here to hang with the new kids and see if some of our sheer awesomeness will rub off on you guys. And don't worry, it will.”

Finn picked up a clipboard. “When you hear your name, pair up. Puck, you're with your brother.”

Puck nodded and stepped forward, though he automatically held his fist out for Artie to bump as he passed him. It was the first contact they'd had since they'd gotten to the school that morning. He moved on to sit besides Jake, offering the same fist for his little brother, it warmed his heart that Jake accepted.


Gangnam Style...Finn was lucky he had someone who could actually move in Glee Club. If they'd tried to pull off Gangnam Style off last year...well there was just no way Finn would ever be able to move like that...just...never. But Ryder had some moves and knew how to show them off.

But...Jake wasn't even really trying. He was dancing badly...fake dancing badly even, like worse than Finn and that wasn't possible. It was something he'd definitely have to ask the kid about.

All too soon club time was over and everyone was going on their way walking to their classes. Artie rolled up to him with a grin and Puck couldn't resist. He braced his hands on the arm rests of Artie's chair and leaned in for a kiss...he'd meant for it to be quick, but Artie's gloved hands held him in place for a moment longer. Kissing Artie was something he'd never tire of.

Someone clearing their throat startled them and Puck practically landed in Artie's lap, thankful that he'd locked the wheels in place. Jake was standing to the side watching them with an amused expression. Puck started to get up, but Artie held him in place, almost protectively...possessively.

Puck sighed and looked up at his little brother. “Is this going to be a problem?”

Jake grinned and shook his head. “No, just would have liked to know I've been hanging out with my future brother in law.”

Puck couldn't help it, his jaw dropped. Artie however found the whole thing hilarious.


“So you wanna tell me why you were faking?”

Jake frowned. “Faking what?”

“The bad dance moves. There's not a Puckerman on earth that dances that bad.”

His little brother sighed. “I promised Ryder I wouldn't go for everything.”


“I kinda got the I'm bowing out on the dancing.”

“Ah. Okay, that makes more sense. That's pretty cool of you too, honorable. A lot better than me in high school.”

“Oh yeah, what did you do?”

“Knocked up my best friend's girl friend...who is coming toward us like a shark to prey.”

Jake glanced at Quinn as she glided toward them. “I guess the thing with Artie is new? Are you guys even out yet?”

“Got together back in June, only a few people know.”

He nodded. “Got it.”

And then Quinn was in their faces, and for some reason she had a bone to pick with Jake. “Back off of Marley.”

Jake blinked. “Excuse me?”

And Puck couldn't really blame him, what had brought this on? “Easy Quinn, let’s not let Loopy Quinn out on the masses.”

Her cold Ice Queen eyes landed on him. “He's messing with her head, pressuring her to have sex with him.”

Jake's eyes turned hot in anger. “Who told you that?”

“Hey, Quinn, Jake's not me...hell I'm not like that anymore.”

She continued to give them a cold hard gaze, looking down her nose at them. “Puckerman’s don't change. Once a womanizer, always a womanizer, and if he keeps distracting her they're going to lose sectionals, no matter what Finn says.”

Jake was all out glaring at her, though it did nothing to melt her ice. “Look, you don't know me. I'd never do anything to hurt Marley, and I'm not putting any pressure on her.”

She moved closer to them, her voice low. “I don't believe you.” And then she was brushing past them.

He rolled his eyes and yelled after her. “You're overreacting!”


After school he took Artie home, glad he'd borrowed the van again, and got them there in time for a quick dinner with the Abrams before they headed out to catch their evening flight. The only reason they'd even considered going out of town for Thanksgiving this year was because Puck was going to be there for Artie. Despite how independent Artie was his parents didn't like leaving him home alone for days at a time. And this way he'd be able to help Artie with his leg exercises, to keep the muscles from atrophying...and to help with showers and other fun things.

Speaking of fun things, after the rents had left they'd taken a quick, but fun, shower. And now they were in Artie's bed, with Artie in Puck's lap, facing him, more or less straddling him. And Puck couldn't stop kissing Artie, even with the smaller boy's hands constantly fisting their cocks as they slid together.

It had been too long and Artie was already trembling with need as Puck moved his hips and swallowed Artie's scream when he came. All it took for him to come was one more tug on his cock from Artie's soft hands.

Artie broke away from the kiss, gasping for air. “Damn.”

“You're welcome.”


Puck grinned and gently pressed their foreheads together. “Bed? Or another round?”

“Bed. Sleep. We can have a round in the morning.”

Puck laughed and settled Artie beside him on the bed before reaching for the damp cloth they'd brought in with them. Carefully he wiped them clean and tossed it to the floor before snuggling down beside him. Artie shut off the lamp and they went to sleep.

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