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In the Moment

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hermione the Vampire Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sometimes, WHEN you ask the question, affects the answer you get.

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Harry Potter > General(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR131745172,3411 Jul 131 Jul 13Yes
In the Moment

Neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Harry Potter are my property. They are being used solely for my (and I hope, your) amusement.

Most dialogue is lifted from 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban', chapter fifteen.

Just a scene that suddenly came to me today and I had to get it down. I'm planning it as just a one-shot, but if anyone wants to use this as a beginning, you are welcome to it.

"There's still the appeal!" Hermione glanced at Ron, who had a slightly flushed and hostile look on his face. "Don't give up yet, we're working on it!"

Hermione didn't think it would do much good, though; the Ministry didn't seem likely to hear the appeal, and if they did, they'd likely come to the same prejudiced conclusion. Hagrid wasn't a pureblood, best she could tell, while the Malfoys were, and moneyed to boot. Speaking of Malfoy...

Draco and his thugs, Crabbe and Goyle, were walking along ahead of them, and kept glancing over their shoulders at Harry, Ron, and herself, who were talking and walking with Hagrid. They were laughing, which Hermione thought was particularly insensitive, and typical of them, at Hagrid's grief. Not that she was surprised; it was Draco's own accusation that had led to Buckbeak's death sentence.

"S'no good, Ron," Hagrid said, in what passed for a quieter tone in his voice. It was still louder than most of the students, but then, Hagrid was quite a bit larger than most of the students. Actually, all of the students. Most of the teachers, too. Well, really, Hagrid was bigger than just about every sentient being she'd ever met, except that troll that Harry and Ron had saved her from, First Year. "That Committee's in Lucius Malfoy's pocket. I'm jus' gonna make sure the rest o' Beaky's time is the happiest he's ever had. I owe him that..."

Hagrid, it seemed, couldn't take it anymore; he lifted his handkerchief - really, more of a tablecloth - to his face and turned to rush back toward his cabin, away from the castle and the students he'd been escorting there. "Look at him blubber!"

Hermione turned, seeing Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle just inside the castle doorway. Draco continued, "Have you ever seen anything quite as pathetic? And he's supposed to be our teacher!"

Just then, another voice, a woman's voice, whispered, "Are you ready to be strong?"

Harry and Ron both lunged toward Draco, but as she mumbled a quick "yes", Hermione saw them seem to fade into slow-motion. She rushed past both of them, and with an open hand, slapped Draco across the face. His head whipped around, and he sprawled to the ground, skidding across the stone floor of the castle as he fell, his wand tumbling out of its holster and clattering across the floor.

He looked up at her from the stone floor, a huge red welt already forming on his cheek and jaw, and she snarled, "Don't you dare call Hagrid pathetic, you foul - you evil -"

"Hermione!" Ron interrupted, seizing the hand that she was pointing at Draco with, as he tried to scramble back to his feet.

"Get off, Ron!" Hermione shook her arm, and Ron stumbled back a couple steps as he lost his grip. She reached for her wand, and Crabbe and Goyle backed away, trying to help Draco to his feet at the same time.

"C'mon," Malfoy ordered them, scooping up his wand as they hurried down the passageway toward the Slytherin dungeon.

"Hermione!" Ron said, and she shook her head slightly at the scene before them.

She turned to Harry, whose face looked about as shocked as Ron's, and snarled, "Harry, you'd better beat him in the Quidditch final! You just better had, beacuse I can't stand it if Slytherin wins!"

"We're due in Charms," Ron said, still staring at Hermione's arm. "We'd better go."

The boys hurried up the stairs toward the Charms classroom, but Hermione had other things on her mind. She hadn't really knocked Malfoy off his feet by slapping him in the face, had she? And where had that voice come from? Well, maybe some research was in order. She intentionally fell behind the boys, and took advantage of the moment when Harry opened the classroom door and stepped through it, to let them lose sight of her completely. Then she fumbled down her collar for the Time-Turner, and headed for the Library.

The End

You have reached the end of "In the Moment". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking