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Willow and the Luck of the Draw

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Summary: Every thousand years the demon lords of the netherwords get together and give out fantastic prizes. Willow finds herself with a prize that is out of this world.

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Chapter Twenty Two

Willow smiled at Tara, “You probably only have another week of being pregnant.”

Tara grumbled as she shifted how she was lying on the infirmary cot, “It’s only been three days and I already look like I’m hiding a cantaloupe.”

Nynaeve smiled, “From what I can tell you and the twins are perfectly healthy. You’ll want to eat well and drink lots of fluids over the next week. Even if most of the energy seems to be coming from magic, some of it is probably still coming from you considering how hungry you‘ve been the last three days.”

“Can I get out of here then?”

“Yes, but go eat something.” Nynaeve was just glad that Tara was one of her better patients.

Willow offered her hand to Tara, “Let’s go find you something delicious to eat.”

Tara smiled as she thought about the roast chicken they had passed on the way to the infirmary for her daily checkup. “A couple of roast chickens sound good.”

“That sounds like a plan.”


Warren jumped as he felt a lash across his/her backside. “God damn it, stop doing that.”

Aginor smirked at his half naked lab assistant. Fred had given Warren a pair of pink shorts that were made out of fishnet to wear. He was glad that Fred didn’t hate him that much because about the only thing the shorts had going for them was that they had pockets. Sure there was no way that he would touch the girl knowing that she had once been a man but it wasn‘t an unpleasant view, “Then pay attention.”

Warren scowled around the lab, “You try being stuffed in your ex-girlfriend’s body after they ripped her soul out.”

Aginor smiled slightly, “I have to admit that our new employers have a delicious sense of humor.”

“Being stuck here doesn’t bother you?”

While being trapped bothered Aginor somewhat, it could have been much worse. He knew that he was a monster and the people he worked for knew it. He had tested the defenses and found them over the top and rather vicious which meant that he probably wasn’t going to be able to escape anytime soon. Even if he could escape he wasn’t sure that he wanted to. With the Great Lord dead or gone he was willing to work for anyone that made a creditable offer of immortality. His new employers had the ability to recreate people based off a sample of blood which gave him opportunities to have a control and run tests that he never would have been able to before. Sure he didn’t get to hear people scream as he altered them but that was always more Semirhage’s gig anyways. “The reality is that we’re stuck here. We can make this place more livable by creating interesting monsters and solving genetic problems or at least I can. You can stop whining and do your part in making the tools I need to do my work.”

Warren scowled, “And if I don’t?”

“They said I can’t kill you.” He cheerfully stated, “I can however break your bones, rip your fingernails out, shave your head and do various other non permanent things to you in order to motivate you into doing your job.”

Warren grumbled, “I hate you.”

Aginor laughed, “I don’t care. Do your work and I won’t torture you or be lazy and I get to have fun. Either way I win.”

Warren shivered at the insane look in the man’s eyes. He decided that working on the tools the other man wanted was better than having the crazy bastard torture him.


Andrew stared at the stack of DVDs that his assistant handed him, “What are these?”

“Dawn thought you might like to do some editing and make a reality show out of the footage.”

“What type of reality show?”

“She didn’t say. She just said that the girl that looked like Amy was actually Warren.”

Andrew stared at the DVDs. “Thanks.” He rushed off to look through the DVDs to see if he could make something out of them.


Simone Doffler grumbled as she approached the entrance to the Deeper Well, “I hate forests.” She had killed a score of giant eyeballs, giant frogs and several monstrous creatures that she wasn’t actually sure what they were just getting to the location her source had given her for the Deeper Well.

Severin shrugged, “It shouldn’t be much further.”

Buffy stepped out of the shadows of the entrance holding Valhalla. “You both should have stayed home.”

Simone pointed her gun at Buffy, “You think you can stop us?”

Buffy laughed, “Yes but I’m not going to have to.”

A blade nymph stepped out from behind a tree. “I have a problem with you coming into my home and causing problems.”

Simone shot the naked duel sword wielding girl in the stomach.

The blade nymph laughed as the bullet dropped to the ground without hurting her, “I’m sorry, you’re going to have to do better than that.”

Severin smirked, “Lots of power to absorb.”

Simone pulled the trigger a couple more times then stared at the creature in shock because she was still standing there without any injuries or pain to show for it. She turned and shot Buffy. She glared as the bullet merely bounced off Buffy‘s skin without any sign of pain, injury or even discomfort. “What the hell?”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “Guns don‘t solve everything.”

The blade nymph smiled coldly at Simone, “I’m immune to ranged weapons. If you want to kill me you‘re going to do so up close and personal.”

Severin smirked as he stepped forward ready to drain the creature‘s powers, “That I can do.”

Simone pulled out her sword and took two steps before she saw the girl with the blades move in a blur toward her. She watched in horror as Severin’s head exploded as the girl cut through it with her sword. She tried to get her sword up in time but she had barely moved her arm when she felt a line of fire on her arm and watched in horror as her arm and weapon fell to the ground. She screamed in pain as the girl’s other blade cut her other arm off just above her elbow before she could even take a single step. She was in shock by the time her legs slid out from under her thanks to the girl’s first sword striking her a second time.

The blade nymph laughed as the man fell to the ground mostly headless. She looked at Simone with a sneer on her face, “Where is your fire now! Crawl over and pick up your gun with your teeth and shoot me or bite me. Give me an excuse to kick your teeth in.”

The witch that was hiding in the tree floated down, walked over and used a healing spell to close Simone’s partially cauterized stumps so that she wouldn’t bleed to death. “You wouldn’t be laughing now if it wasn’t for my protection spell that stopped her bullets.”

The blade nymph smiled at the witch, “Sorry honey, I just get carried away.”

“That’s fine.”

Buffy sighed as she looked at the dead young man, “Are we good?”

The blade nymph smiled at Buffy, “We’re good, happy hunting.”

“Do I want to know what you’re going to do with them?”

The witch shook her head, “Other than that she won’t be a problem anymore, probably not. We‘ll burn his body so that he doesn‘t come back to bother us.”

Buffy had given Simone plenty of chances to make something of her life or even to just quit the fight but Simone had wanted to use her abilities to terrorize and kill people. There might have been a time when she cared about trying to save the girl’s soul but she was long past that point. “Have fun.” She walked into the Deeper Well carrying Valhalla. She had an old one to butcher.

Simone screamed and flailed around, “I’ll kill you. I‘ll kill you all.”

The witch shook her head, “Considering we’re going to feed you to some of our pets after draining your abilities, I don’t think you’ll do anything of the sort.”

Simone glared at the witch, “If you kill me I’ll haunt you.”

The witch looked at Simone like she was particularly stupid, “I’m a witch. You’re not going to be haunting anything you dumb bitch.”

The blade nymph smirked as she wiped her swords on Simone‘s clothes before making them vanish back into their extra dimensional holding space, “Now who is getting carried away?”

“Sorry, other people’s blood makes me horny.”

The blade nymph grinned as she grabbed the slayer by her wisp of pink hair and started dragging her back to camp. “Grab her limbs and her sword it might be worth selling to some adventurer.”

The witch grinned as she thought about her pet monsters, “Meat for the fire.” She picked up the non magic sword and used it to dismember the man’s corpse just in case he had some regeneration ability. She would send some satyrs back with bags to collect and burn the magic eater’s corpse once she got back to camp.


Dawn pouted, “The timing sucks. I was hoping to be able to watch Tara give birth.”

Cordelia held out a piece of paper with a portal stone symbol on it, “You’re the one that wanted me to give you a symbol to use with the portal stones. It’s not my fault that the vision is time sensitive.”

“I know, I just wasn’t expecting you to give it to me now.”

Cordelia smirked, “Do you want it or not?”

“I want it. What’s the mission?”

“Some treasure seekers are going to be exploring Shadar Logoth and will free Mordeth because they don’t know better.” Cordelia handed her a piece of paper.

Dawn got a flash of a vision of a colossal army of shadowspawn attacking an army of men as she touched the symbol. “What the hell was that?”

“I needed to make sure that you got to the right place at the right time.”

Dawn shook her head to clear it, “Would a gem tree work to destroy the city?”

“You’ll want to plant it in the day. Don’t eat the dark apples from there. They’re even worse than the dark apples from the Blight. Don’t eat more than three of the ‘good’ apples from there or you won’t like the result. Don’t let the others have more than one of them or you won’t like the result. Bring the rest of the apples back with you because I think we can use them to cleanse the magic in some of the other dark apples. Oh and another thing you‘ll need to be the one that activates the portal stone.”

“I’m not a channeler.”

Cordelia shrugged, “You’re the Key and Illyria’s daughter. You can work the symbols.”

“Who do I take?”

“For the best results you’ll take nine other people and ten elf bodies with a box, Rowan, Azi, Lara, Kari and Elisara al’Thor to grow the tree and keep it from being tainted, Nynaeve for her ability to deal with injuries and Egwene for her ability to deal with problems on a grand scale. You’ll also want Tuon and Mat along for the ride. Any more and getting back takes longer, less and you won’t be able to win the war you‘ll have to fight. You’ll also want to take ter’angreal that make you invisible to shadowspawn. Don‘t take them off or there will be hell to pay.”

“War?” Dawn asked nervously.

“You’ll understand when you get there.”

“Why do I have the feeling that you’re not telling me everything?”

Cordelia snorted, “Because I’m not. This is how it has to work if you want it to work at all.” Sometimes she hated being able to see possible future paths. Nothing was certain but she could see possible futures.

Dawn nodded, “Do we have a limit on weapons?”

“Don’t take anything you can’t carry with you, you’re going to need to move fast for the first part of your quest.”

“Thanks.” Dawn headed into her bedroom to start packing.

Cordelia sighed, ’Don’t thank me, this is going to be messy and long.’


Harry wasn’t happy with the idea of Egwene heading off to another world without him. It wasn’t that he didn’t think she could take care of herself or anything it was just that he was going to miss her. “Be brave.”

Egwene smiled as she hugged Harry, “I’ll be back before you know it.”

Harry glared at Cordelia, “She had better be okay.”

Cordelia looked over the group that was going. “Egwene will be fine.” She knew she couldn’t say the same about everyone going but some things had to happen.


Willow hugged Kari, “Take care of your siblings.”

Kari smiled, “I will.”

Cordelia looked at Dawn, “You’re going to need to fly north from the portal stone, you’ve got plenty of time to get to Shadar Logoth but you’ll need to hurry or all is lost with the battle.”

Dawn scowled, “Cryptic much?”

“Occupational hazard.”

Mat wasn’t thrilled with the idea of going back to Shadar Logoth even if it wasn’t this world’s Shadar Logoth it still scared him. “Let’s do this.”

“May the gods be with you and whatever you do for the love of all that’s holy don’t take your anti shadowspawn ter’angreal off.”

Egwene opened a gateway near the Jehannah portal stone, “Let’s go people.”

Cordelia watched the group walk through the gateway. She waited until the gateway closed behind them. “She’s going to be really angry when she makes it back.”

Willow asked, “Why?”

“Because their arrival is going to scramble the portal stones on that world for a good while.”

Harry glared at Cordelia, “How long?”

“Ten years, give or take.”

Harry was having trouble controlling his temper as he asked, “You’re telling me that it will take them ten years to get back?”

“From their point of view yes. From ours it should only take them a couple of days…”

Willow rubbed her face, “Why send her.”

“I got a vision that showed me a path that would create an interesting world.”

“Why only them?”

“Because that was the only way it was going to work… any less treesingers and the tree gets corrupted, Shadar Logoth is scary evil. If Rand went things would go wrong on an epic scale that would threaten the very existence of this world and all of the others. You couldn’t go for the same reasons. Without Nynaeve to act as the adult things wouldn’t work. Tuon needs to see, to understand. Mat needs to be there or the rest die.”

“And the elves?” Willow asked.

“Because they’ll need someone to take over when they leave.”

Harry sighed, “I’m not sure I like you much right now.”

“Yeah, I don’t really like myself much either.”

Willow sighed, “Nothing for it right now.”


King Aemon al Caar al Thorin was not looking forward to paying the butcher’s bill when the Trollocs came across the river. They had fought for two days against the overwhelming might of the Shadow. He could feel the dice rolling in his head. He suddenly had this feeling that he was supposed to withdraw. He wasn’t sure why but he knew that something was going to happen to turn the tide of battle but he needed his people on the west side of the river. He shouted, “Tell the archers to cover the retreat. Line back up on the west side of the river. We‘ll need the people when we play cat and mouse later.”

His second in command stared at him for two seconds then ran to start issuing orders. Had anyone else given those orders he would have said they had gone crazy but his king had a talent at battle that left little room for doubt.


Elisara adjusted her bracelet that kept her off the shadowspawn’s radar. “Does everyone have their anti shadowspawn ter’angreal on?”

Tuon adjusted her own bracelet. “Yes.”

Mat grinned as he adjusted his bracelet and foxhead medallion, “Yes.”

Nynaeve grumbled as she made sure that all of her various ter’angreal were where they were supposed to be, “How did I let you talk me into this crazy mission?”

Dawn smirked, “Because I’m just that awesome.”

Egwene said, “I think it was because you wanted to keep us safe.”

Nynaeve looked at Azi, Lara and Rowan al’Thor, “I was actually more worried about the little ones.”

Kari finished checking on her younger siblings to make sure that they had their stuff together. “We’re good and thanks for the concern.”

Dawn touched the symbol, focused on the battle she saw in the vision and poured her magic into the portal stone.

Elisara twitched slightly as the whole world bled green for a couple of seconds. She looked around after they reappeared next to a portal stone in much better shape than the stone they used to get there if you ignored the crackling green energy traveling over the portal stone. “Is it supposed to do that?”

Dawn winced, “Probably not.” Judging by the fact that she didn’t feel all that great she was guessing that whatever she did to get everyone here took a lot of energy.

Rowan looked at the well maintained road, “I think it worked the road is different.”

Mat nodded, “I have the feeling that we’re supposed to head north.”

Memory appeared with a flash of dark flames, “North it is.”

Mat smiled slightly, “Try to stay out of bow range.”

Tuon watched as the raven flew off. “That is a strange bird.”

Dawn nodded, “Yes, he reminds me of something from one of my world’s myths.”

Mat tried to ignore the fact that he could see normally out of his right eye but his left was showing the scene from his raven’s point of view. It was almost as bad as the colors he used to see when he thought about Rand or Perrin. He twitched as Memory jumped into the Dream World and shifted miles north at a jump before jumping back to the normal world and flying for a little bit then shifting back into the Dream World. He closed his left eye. “Much better.”

Dawn looked at Mat, “Something the matter?”

Memory sent a mental message to Mat, ‘Hey Boss Man you’re going to want to look at this.’

He opened his left eye, “Bloody hell.” He quickly lost count of the numbers in the massive army of shadowspawn marching toward a river. The sky was almost covered in ravens over the shadowspawn army. He felt his blood run cold as impossibly he knew where and more importantly when they were. “Blood and bloody ashes. We need a gateway.”

Nynaeve shook her head, “I can’t make one yet.”

Egwene noticed the desperation in Mat’s voice. “Where?”

“The Tarendrelle River…” He stopped himself from saying they had moved through time. He didn’t want to confuse the issue.

Egwene looked at Dawn, “Can you make a portal there?”

Dawn shook her head, “I’m tapped out on portals right now.”

“We’ll leave the elf girls here.”

The box spoke through the first elf girl, “I’ll manage until you come get me.”

“Good.” Egwene reached out with her magic and pulled the rest of the group into the Dream World. “Give me a location.”

Mat sent a thought to Memory, ’Jump to the Dream World so we can find the battle.’ “See if you can jump to Memory.”

Egwene reached out and pulled the group to the bridge where Memory was standing. “How bad?”

Memory lifted a wing and pointed, “You don’t want to know.”

“Yes I do.”

“Five hundred and ninety seven thousand Trollocs, ninety nine thousand seven hundred Trolloc archers, seven thousand Fade commanders, five hundred darkfriends, nineteen Dreadlords and the Man in Black himself. That doesn’t include the thousands and thousands of ravens they have spying.”

Egwene sighed, “You’re right I didn’t want to know.”

Nynaeve really didn’t want to leave anyone behind because there were likely to be nightmares spawning like crazy soon. “Kari, once we jump out I want you to toss up a shield against arrows. I’ll try to kill Ishamael while Egwene kills as many Trollocs as possible. Elisara if you‘d be so kind as to link with me.”

“Of course.” Elisara reached out and linked with Nynaeve so that she would add her considerable Power to Nynaeve’s amazing Power.

Mat asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“You and Elisara get to kill anything that comes near.”

Egwene nodded, “Let’s do this.”


Ishamael frowned as he watched the enemy make a controlled withdrawal that slaughtered thousands of Trollocs as they rushed forward to take advantage of what they thought was a full out retreat. It didn’t make sense for them to give up the bridge unless they knew something he didn’t. Had it been any other group he would have thought they broke but not the Band of the Red Hand. They were up to something, he just wasn’t sure what. His ravens hadn’t seen anything that would give the army a reason to give up the bridge, a few thousand civilians coming to fight didn’t bother him. He was just about to order the Trollocs to rush the bridge when a group appeared out of thin air on the bridge. His Power heightened senses could tell that it was a pack of children. He wasn’t sure how they had appeared out of thin air, the oldest looking must have dropped an illusion or something. He snorted when the oldest looked right at him at least until he felt an impossibly strong shield shatter his connection to the Power. He tried to break it but he couldn’t which should have been impossible. They obviously had a sa’angreal. “Kill them!”

Egwene reached out through her two angreal and pulled as much Power as she could safely handle and then wove a sweeping arc of balefire at Ishamael and his Dreadlords that was as large around as a person‘s wrist.

Nynaeve felt the shield she had on Ishamael vanish as he was burned from the Pattern. She turned her attention to the Trolloc army and started weaving large death gates at the army. She spared a thin thread of Power to amplify her voice, “Carai an Caldazar! Carai an Ellisande! Al Ellisande!” The translation echoed in her mind, “For the honor of the Red Eagle! For the Honor of the Rose of the Sun! The Rose of the Sun!”

One of the female Dreadlords froze as she stared at the blazing sun that was the group on the bridge. She knew the thought was stupid when it jumped to her head but she couldn’t help hoping that the Great Lord had mercy because the Light had surely sent a damned champion to kill them.

Egwene split her weaves as she reined fire down on the army and poured enough Power into a weave to make her voice heard loudly enough to shatter Trolloc eardrums across the battlefield. “Tai'shar Manetheren!” She was just glad that most of the sound was directed away from her and the soldiers behind them.

Elisara stepped forward and held her purple blade up and concentrated on it. “I need control of the link.” The purple glow swept over the bridge causing a couple of Trollocs that had managed to get on the bridge to burst into purple flames.

Nynaeve passed control back to Elisara, “Done.”

Elisara pulled deeply from her and Nynaeve’s angreals, summoned forth her rage and pulled Power as deeply as she could from her sa’angreal sword then pointed it at the army of ravens over the shadowspawn. “Die!” Her sword erupted with dozens of balls of lightning that flew into the army of ravens flying overhead, each ball of lightning exploded into dozens of lightning strikes that ripped through hundreds of birds each. She continued tossing balls of lightning into the sky until the remains of the army of ravens broke.

Kari muttered something she had heard Xander say when he had blinded himself with a light spell, “Fuck that’s bright.” She was just glad that she didn’t have to see to keep her shield up.

Lara covered Rowan’s ears and glared at her sister, “Language.”

Rowan scowled at his big sister.

Azi held his purple crystal weapon up and hoped that none of the shadowspawn got close enough that he had to use it.

Dawn was fairly sure that if there was ever a time for swearing the middle of a battle was just fine. She was just glad that the others had the energy to fight because she still felt drained which sort of made sense if this was where and more importantly when she thought. Traveling back in time two thousand years would do that to you. She was so going to shout at Cordelia when they got back.

Egwene reached out and tossed massive moving gateways at the enemy army. She was glad that she had the ter’angreal to disguise her weaves otherwise she wouldn’t have been as free with the weaves she was tossing around.

Tuon stared in horror at what used to be the largest army she had ever seen was cut to ribbons in less than a minute. She hadn’t really understood before that moment that her people were doomed if they ever attacked Egwene’s group. This battle drove the message across loud and clear.

King Aemon al Caar al Thorin stared at the destruction the small group had done to the army of Shadowspawn from his position in the army. Part of him couldn’t believe it, another part truly believed that the Creator himself had just reached down and twisted the dice in his favor because there was no way this should have been possible otherwise. “Praised be the Light!”

Nynaeve frowned as she looked over the remains of the shadowspawn army, “We should volunteer to help the wounded.”

Kari stared at the destruction they had wrought and at the fleeing remains of the horde of shadowspawn, “Should we go after them?”

Mat shook his head, “I think we destroyed enough of them for now. Let them regroup a touch then we‘ll sneak in at night and cut some throats.” He was glad that they had the anti shadowspawn ter’angreal as it made it rather easy to sneak up on shadowspawn and kill them in their sleep as they were invisible to shadowspawn. It wasn’t the most honorable thing in the world but the shadowspawn had no honor so he didn’t feel bad about cheating as much as he could.

Dawn sighed as a group of soldiers cautiously approached, “Time to face the natives.” She briefly considered saying ‘Take us to your leader.’ but figured they were going to anyways.

The lead soldier said, “Thank you for the assistance the king would like to personally thank you.”

“Lead the way.”


King Aemon al Caar al Thorin looked over the group standing in his tent that had single-handedly saved countless lives which probably included his own if he was honest as he didn‘t think that they would have won. Only two of them looked old enough to really be in battle while the two identical girls still looked a touch too young to be on a battlefield. The rest looked like children. “I am King Aemon al Caar al Thorin. I want to say thank you for your help. Your names?”

Nynaeve stared at the king for a few seconds, “I’m el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran.”

Dawn smiled, “I’m Dawn Summers.”

Egwene bowed to the king, “I’m Egwene al’Vere.” She gestured toward the group, “Rowan al’Thor is the little boy.”

Rowan frowned slightly he was seven he wasn’t a little boy any more but he didn’t want to say anything in front of the obviously important person so he held his tongue.

“Azi and Lara al’Thor are the next youngest, then Kari and Elisara al’Thor.” She gestured to Tuon, “Tuon.”

Tuon managed not to glare at Egwene for leaving her titles off.

Mat bowed, “Matrim Cauthon.”

King Aemon looked at Nynaeve with a frown, “You don’t claim the title of Aes Sedai?”

Nynaeve shook her head, “I don’t though I will admit that I can channel.”

“Where do you hail from?”

Nynaeve sighed, “That is a strange tale.”

King Aemon smiled as he thought about the destroyed Trolloc army, “It has been a strange day.”

“A friend had a foretelling and another friend sent us here via the portal stone on the Jehannah road.”


Dawn sighed, “Does the name Shanaine mean anything to you?”

The king nodded, “Yes, it’s one of my cities. There is a portal stone on the road near there. I remember it well enough.”

Nynaeve stared at Dawn, “What’s going on?”

Dawn sighed, “Unless I miss my guess we’re in Manetheren during the Trolloc Wars.”

“I gathered that…” She trailed off as the rest of what Dawn said sunk in.

“As for where we’re from. In the other world there is a town at the quarry road and the road that runs north south. Most of us are from there.” She shrugged, “Other than Tuon and I.”

Tuon shrugged, “I was born across the sea.”

The king had heard legends of the lands across the sea but other than some Sea Folk tales he didn’t know much about them. “I appreciate the help though I have to wonder how you managed so much with the Power.”

Egwene smiled, “We’re probably some of the strongest channelers you’ll ever meet.”

“I see. I hate to ask considering everything that you’ve already done but any help with the wounded that you can provide would be appreciated.”

Egwene admitted, “I don’t have much if any talent in healing.”

Nynaeve nodded, “I’ll see to it. If you want to have someone show me where the wounded are.”

The king gestured for one of his guards, “Show her to the wounded.” He looked over at the rest of the group, “If you need a place to sleep while we rest for the rest of the night we can find space for you.”

Nynaeve left with the guard. She was just glad that she didn’t get tired anymore because she expected to be healing people through the night.

Dawn smiled, “We brought a tent.”

“In that case I’ll let you rest. We’ll be resting for a day to let the men recover.” He wasn’t sure what they would do after that but he expected that they would be chasing down the remains of the Trolloc army either that or marching back to the capital for re-supply.

Mat nodded, “We’ll be fine if someone can show a place to put our tent up.”

The king gestured for a guard, “Find them a place in the noble’s section where they can put their tent up.”

Dawn yawned, “Thanks.” She was looking forward to collecting her elves and figuring out what to do about being stuck in the past. No wonder Cordelia had just about screamed at them to not take their bracelets off. It might not matter for Tuon or the children but the rest of them would draw attention without the bracelets. She was glad that they had packed a wizarding tent because she was looking forward to a shower before they got into a discussion about what they were going to do now that they were trapped in the past.


Egwene looked away from the redheaded elf girls sitting quietly against the wall of the living room in the wizarding tent. It was still a bit weird knowing that they weren’t really people. The magic box could make them talk and eat but there wasn’t anyone home when you looked at their eyes. It hadn’t taken her more than a couple of minutes to fetch them from the portal stone once she had a minute alone to do so. She wondered if kicking Cordelia in the shins when they got back would be too childish. She had checked on the stone when she picked the girls up and gotten nothing other than a small shock when she channeled into the portal stone. They were most likely going to have to wait until the green energy faded before they could use the portal stones again. She wasn’t sure how long that would take. Judging by the fact that Cordelia had suggested they take the elves she must have known that it would take at least nine months before they could leave. She was betting that it would take longer than that though. She wasn’t sure how she felt about being stuck in another world for years. “At least we have the tent and a good supply of food.”

Dawn smiled slightly as she stirred the hot chocolate on the stove, “I think this is my favorite way to camp.”

Kari stepped out of one of the bedroom doors and closed it softly, “Rowan is sleeping, Tuon is trying, it might take a bit though, Lara and Azi are reading.”

Elisara said, “I wasn’t expecting to have to test my sword this soon.”

“It was bloody amazing.”

Dawn muttered, “I’m not all that happy with bringing the children into battle.”

Egwene sighed, “If I had been thinking clearly I would have left them with the elf girls.”

Elisara yawned as she sprawled out of the couch, “This way they’ll know what we’re facing.”

“I’m not sure that’s actually a good thing.”

“It gives us a reason to train harder.”

Dawn said, “You’re crazier about training than most of the slayers, I don’t think you need a reason to train.”

Egwene asked, “Do we have a plan?”

“We make it through the next couple of days then we go north and destroy the evil in Shadar Logoth and work on a way home.”

“What if we can’t find a way home anytime soon?”

“Then we work on gathering resources for when we can go home. Eventually we’ll get home, it’s just a matter of time.” Dawn smiled, “Until then we should let Kari and Elisara get some sleep.”

Kari yawned, “I’m fine I wasn’t channeling that much.”

Elisara yawned, “I could sleep for a few hours.”

Mat exited the bathroom with a towel around his waist, “So we have a plan?”

Dawn smiled, “Somewhat, we rest then help the army then head north and destroy Shadar Logoth. After that… hell if I know.”

Kari smiled as she looked at Mat, “Plans…”

Mat shook his head, “Right, so I should probably send Memory north to scout Shadar Logoth just to make sure we shouldn’t be rushing up there.”

Egwene said, “That’s a good idea. I’m going to do inventory and see what we have to work with now that we know we’re going to be here a while.”

Elisara snickered, “Mat should probably get dressed if we want Kari to be at all rational.”

Kari pouted, “Does he have to?”

Mat laughed, “Good point.”

Kari stuck her tongue out at Elisara as Mat left to get dressed.

Elisara snickered at her twin, “Promises, promises.”

Egwene walked over to the packs so that she could start sorting.


Faith stepped out of the shadows and stared at an ichor covered Buffy as she chained a large demonic arm to a branch of the Sunnydale gem tree, “Are you all right?”

Buffy smiled grimly, “Don’t worry it’s not my blood.”

Faith looked around at the various severed body parts she was guessing were from at least one rather large demon. “I might not be the smartest bulb in the box but even I know that you bleed red blood.”

Buffy pulled the chain tight, “Probably.” She wasn’t actually sure if her blood was still red or it was some other color now that she was a goddess.

“Do I want to know who or rather what that was?” Faith looked around at the collection of bits that Buffy was chaining to the tree.

“It’s less a who and more a collection of demons. A couple of the demons guarding the Well didn’t want to let me leave with my prize.”

“I thought the plan was to leave the Old One’s there?” Faith frowned.

“The larger pieces are from Maloker, he was the Old One responsible for vampires.”

Faith’s frown turned into a smirk as she thought about destroying the creature responsible for vampires, “I can see where you might want to make sure he stays dead.”

“I chopped him up with Valhalla.”

“And the demons guarding the Deeper Well?”

“Some of them wanted Maloker to rest in peace, I wanted him in pieces.” She gestured to the smaller pieces of demon scattered around, “They attacked me, I practiced some aggressive negotiations to solve the discussion.”

Faith sighed as she realized that she probably had to schedule Buffy for some time with a therapist. “Was the tip about Simone right?”

Buffy nodded, “She and Severin won’t be a problem anymore. We should contract some of the forest monsters to guard the Deeper Well, some of them are downright scary.”

“I’m sorry…”

“The monsters got her, nothing to be sorry about.”

Faith nodded, “Still.”

“We can’t save everyone some people are just insane.” She gestured to a pile of chains and the smaller pieces of demon, “Give a girl a hand?”

Faith smiled, “Right because chaining severed limbs to trees is perfectly sane.”

“Sanity is overrated.”

“True.” Faith laughed as she got to work helping Buffy. It would be interesting to see what type of apples the Old One produced.


Hermione smiled as she drank her fourth meal in her new body. Her new brother or sister was next to her having a meal of his/her own. She wasn’t willing to put forth the effort to look over and see which form he was currently in. His body had swapped a few times into a nymph over the last couple of hours. It had also swapped into a satyr form which probably wasn’t nearly as creepy for him as her satyr form was for her. She wasn’t all that thrilled with having something between her legs that shouldn’t be there and not having toes was just weird. She was hoping that they would get better control over their alternate forms as they grew. If not then she was going to have to look into figuring out a way to control it with magic. She was really hoping that they wouldn’t be babies for that long. Even if it was fun sucking on Tara’s tits she wanted to be able to move.

Tara sent a thought to Hermione, ‘Having fun?’

‘I’m hungry. I’m looking forward to being able to move around on my own again.’

‘You’ll get there. Probably within a couple of days.’ Tara rubbed Hermione’s back.

‘I hope so.’


Mat grimaced as he slipped through the Trolloc camp past the cook fires and toward the command tent. He should have protested when Dawn suggested splitting up and sneaking around the various enemy camps to cause problems. He had a fancloth suit and a bracelet that made him invisible to the shadowspawn. All that sounded great, the problem was that he had forgotten how much Trollocs stank. He had luckily managed to convince the twins not to go out into the night by suggesting that they guard the army just in case a couple groups of shadowspawn decided to attack again. They were almost as bad as Oliver had been for getting into trouble. At least they were quite capable of getting themselves out of trouble. Nynaeve was still working on healing injured soldiers which meant that it was just him, Dawn and Egwene running around the night making things difficult for the enemy. He ducked behind a tent as he saw a couple of darkfriends walk around the corner. He had never really understood why people sided with the Dark One. They had to know that he wouldn’t actually give them any rewards once he won and even if he did it wouldn‘t be the type of world you would want to live in.

The man on the left looked around then asked the man he was walking with, “Did you hear something?”

“No, it’s probably just one of the Trollocs moving around or a rat.”


Mat pulled his knife and waited until the two men got a bit closer then he stepped out from behind the tent. He tossed his knife at the man on the right then drove his spear through the left person’s ribcage into his heart. He smiled slightly when he noticed that his knife had hit the darkfriend right in the throat. He pulled his spear out and dragged the men into the shadows and wiped spear blade off on the first man’s clothes. He figured a Trolloc would find them and toss them into a soup cauldron before too long. He wasn’t overly concerned with the greedy idiots sounding the alarm. If they did that it meant they would get less food. He pulled his knife out of the man’s throat and wiped it off on the dead man’s clothes before putting it back in its sheath. He carefully looked around just to make sure no one heard the confrontation or at least that no one was upset about it. Other than a couple of lazy Trolloc guards he didn’t see anything of note. He continued on his way toward the commander’s tent. He stopped as he saw a man dressed in dark clothes walk by. He could see an aura around the man that showed he could channel. He flipped his spear around and stepped out behind the man and hit him on the temple with the butt of his spear. He caught the man as he collapsed. He pulled him into the shadows and cut the man’s jacket up to make strips to tie the man up. ’I’ve got a pick up for you Thought.’

The raven appeared in a flash of black flames and landed on the unconscious dreadlord. “Express delivery.”

Mat watched the raven vanish. He wasn’t sure why his ravens were so strange but they were certainly useful. He smirked as he continued toward the commander’s tent. He was hopeful that he could capture a couple more Dreadlords before he decided to do something to cause widespread fear in the enemy.


Egwene snuck through the camp she had picked to terrorize. She was just glad that someone had packed their fancloth outfits into the wizard tent because it made it a lot easier to avoid being seen by the couple of humans walking around with the shadowspawn. She smiled as she slipped into the command tent and saw two Dreadlords. She remembered shivering in fear when she used to hear stories about the Trolloc Wars and the Dreadlords. The female Dreadlord was no more powerful than Moiraine which while strong for her time wasn’t all that impressive for this time period or at least that’s what the White Tower believed. She was looking forward to visiting the White Tower to check on a couple of long held myths but that could wait until they were done with their primary objective. The male was tall dark and handsome or at least he would have been without the sneer on his face that she suspected was permanent. She moved to the corner with the most shadows.

The man scowled at the woman, “They can’t be everywhere.”

The woman shook her head, “You couldn’t sense how much of the Power they were tossing around. We should be running as fast as we can.”

“They can’t possibly still have enough energy to fight tonight. We should hit the army while it’s resting.”

Egwene reached out with the Power and slammed shields into place on the Dreadlords. She wove two gags out of Air and stuffed them in the Dreadlord’s mouths then wrapped the two Dreadlords in flows of Air and pulled them over to her. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her binder. She was just happy that she had brought it on the off chance that she got to capture a couple of Black Ajah members if the mirror worlds were close enough to her own. Capturing a couple of powerful Dreadlords sounded a lot more fun. She set the binder on the ground then stuffed the woman’s arm into the binder, placed her ring against the indentation and channeled into the binder to bind the Dreadlord to her. “Don’t scream, don’t attack me, don’t call for help or attack anyone unless I tell you to.” She pulled the woman’s arm out of the binder then stuffed the man’s arm into it and repeated the process. “No screaming, no calling for help and no attacking anyone unless I tell you to, no killing yourself, no channeling without my permission.” She placed the binder back in her belt pouch and looked at the two Dreadlords. “One more thing no lying to me and answer any question I ask promptly.” She removed the gags of Air.

The female asked after a couple of seconds of gasping. “What did you do?”

“Bound you like the criminals you are. How many more Dreadlords are in your camp?”

The female didn’t look happy as the binding forced her to answer, “None.”

“How many escaped other than you?” Egwene asked.

The man grumbled, “Two or three. Your white fire took out most of the command structure.”

“Excellent. Now, I’d rather keep you alive but that depends on how willing you are to behave.”

“You’re not going to kill us?”

Egwene lied smoothly, “Not unless I have to.”

The female asked, “What do we have to do?”

“I’m going to send you someplace safe then I’m going to level the camp. Then we’ll talk about what you can do for me to earn your keep. Before I do that are there human prisoners at the camp?”

“Yes, they are near the Fade’s camp so the Trollocs don’t get too greedy.”

“I guess I need to free them before I level the camp. Is there anything useful or important in your command tent?”

The man twitch before he answered, “Angreal and ter’angreal in the chest.”

“Any traps on the chest?”

“A ward that causes it to explode if you‘re not me.” He smirked slightly.

“Anything else of value?”

The girl said, “Some gold coin that we collected from the people the Trollocs captured.”

“Right. Don‘t talk unless someone asks a question.” Egwene used a thread of Air to cut the girl’s sleeves off so that she could use them as blindfolds. She didn’t want the Dreadlords to be able to see where they were going. She wove an illusion over the two Dreadlords so that no one would see her haul them into her tent. She reached out and pulled them into the World of Dreams then jumped with them to just in front of where her tent was then stepped back into the real world with them. She smirked slightly as she hauled them into the tent and let the illusion vanish.

Kari leveled her spear at the two people that just appeared in the middle of the tent’s living room. “That’s creepy.”

Egwene laughed, “Keep an eye on these two, cut their throats at the first sign that something isn’t working with the binding.”

Kari asked, “They’re Dreadlords right?”


“In that case consider it done. You should leave their blindfolds on just to make the wait more fun for them.”

The female twitched but couldn’t actually protest which was probably just as well.

“Sorry to drop them off and run but I want to get back and reap bloody havoc.”

Kari smiled, “Good luck I’ll keep these two tied up.”

“Obey her orders and don’t leave the building unless you’re told to by her or me.” Egwene walked back out the door then shifted to the Dream World.


Dawn scowled as she looked at the group of Trollocs. She so needed to talk to Hermione about a gun with unlimited ammo and a magical silencer though she suspected that given the sheer amount of Trollocs left it would take a while to walk around shooting them all in the head. She smiled slightly as she listened to a couple of worried darkfriends wishing that they had ended up in one of the groups with Dreadlords or other prisoners in it because the Trollocs were looking at them like they were food without the Dreadlords around to scare them into behaving. She smirked as she realized that there weren’t any magic users to cause her problems or to worry about kidnapping. She headed for the section of the camp that contained the Fades. She pulled a small wand out of her pocket and pointed it at the collection of tents. She started running as she poured mana into the wand to unleash a stream of fire on the tents. It might not kill a great deal of the creatures but it would cause them trouble.


Egwene stepped out of the World of Dreams back into the command tent and looked over the couple of chests. She reached out and touched the chest which caused the ward to unravel thanks to her medallion. She smiled when she found a couple of strange looking items that were probably the ter’angreal the Dreadlords had mentioned. She used a shirt and tossed them in her expanded loot bag. She tossed the bags of gold from the second chest into her loot bag then started looking around the rest of the command center. “Apparently being evil does pay.” She was still fairly sure that being a hero that got to steal from criminals was even more rewarding. She would have to ask what the ter’angreal did once she got the chance to have a sit down chat with the Dreadlords. She finished tossing anything that looked valuable or out of place into her loot bag, picked a couple of changes of clothes out for the Dreadlords then left the command center.

She snuck toward the Fade’s section of camp and scowled when she spotted the crappy ‘cage’ that held maybe five hundred bedraggled people. The cage was less a cage and more a fence with a couple of Fades around it making sure that none of the Trollocs watching over the prisoners got too greedy. She reached out with the Power and formed a shield over the prison then opened a gateway on the other side and sent it zooming away from her. The exit point was five hundred feet above the command center which meant that any darkfriends that were scooped up by the gateway would also likely die when they slammed into the ground. She opened a gateway to the river inside the shield. Hopefully they would take the hint and run through the gateway. She wanted to laugh as the prisoners actually started running for the gateway almost before it was done forming. She shouldn’t have been surprised because just about anywhere was better than staying in a Trolloc food pen. She turned her attention to the rest of the camp and started sending more gateways to destroy as many shadowspawn as she could. She smirked as several Trollocs fell over dead without any apparently injury. One of her gateways must have caught the Fade they were tied to. She lit a group of darkfriends on fire as they charged at her with a group of Trollocs following them. Maybe they weren’t darkfriends but they weren’t running from the Trollocs which made her ninety nine percent sure they were expendable. She laughed as she pulled in more Power and continued laying waste to the Trolloc army. She was hoping that Mat was having as much fun as she was.


Mat stabbed the Fade through the heart with his spear then ripped it out and swung it around to cut the next Fade’s head off that came near him all while ignoring the fire the male Dreadlord was tossing at him. He blocked another wild slash from a third Fade before cutting off the creature’s head. He pulled his dagger out and tossed it at the Dreadlord’s leg. “Stop that!”

The Dreadlord screamed as a dagger embedded itself in his leg and the Source vanished as if it never existed. The Source vanishing was less important than trying to remove the dagger from his leg which felt like it was on fire. He stopped screaming long enough to shout, “What the hell are you?” He couldn’t see his opponent well, just a vague outline when the human shaped creature moved.

“Just a gambler.” Mat stepped forward and kicked the man in the crotch then brought the butt of his spear down on the man’s head hard enough to send the man unconscious. He frowned as he watched the man crumple, “Might have to have someone heal that.” He sent a mental shout to Thought, “I’ve got another pick up.” He glanced down at the dead Fades then wiped his spear off on their clothing. He briefly wondered why they weren’t twitching on the ground like they normally did.

Thought appeared with a burst of black flames, “You’ve been busy boss.”

Mat smiled at the raven, “Someone has to.” He would have rather been back at the tent drinking hot cider with the twins but he wasn’t going to let a bunch of Trollocs run around his homeland even if it wasn’t his world. He remembered dying to these bastards in his memories, he wanted revenge more than he wanted a nice hot cider.

Thought hopped over to the man sprawled on the ground and pulled him into the World of Dreams.

Mat sighed as he realized that he had forgotten to take his dagger out of the man’s leg. He pulled out another dagger and worked his way toward the command post.


Dawn smirked slightly as she looked around at the group of shadowspawn that were looking around for whatever or whoever was attacking them. They might not be able to see her but they knew that something was out there which is just what she wanted. She had burned through most of her mana pool fairly quickly which meant that she only had a small amount left for some minor tricks at least until it regenerated. Still with the way the Trollocs were waving around weapons it should be fairly easy to cause problems even with the small amount of mana she had left. She used a tiny bit of mana to poke a Trolloc with a drawn bow in the eye so that he let go of the bow string. She had to work to stop herself from laughing as the arrow flew into a second group of Trollocs and hit one of them in the ass. She enjoyed the shouting for a couple of seconds then used a touch of magic to adjust one of the Trolloc archer’s bows so it was aimed toward the opposing group’s Fade then she stabbed him in the eye which caused him to release his arrow which sank into the Fade’s chest. She walked away as the Fades ordered their Trollocs to kill the other side. A couple more small fires in strategic locations and she expected the group to fracture which would leave them vulnerable to Manetheren’s army cutting them apart.


Elisara looked away from the two unconscious female Dreadlords that Mat had just brought back. “What’s the plan?”

Mat shrugged, “The plan is we help out for the next several days as needed then we head up north to take care of Shadar Logoth. After that we help out until we can get back home. Beyond that I personally want to see as many of the cities of the world as I can.”

Dawn laughed, “I want to collect as many books as I can.”

Egwene laughed, “You’re as bad as Hermione.”

“Nowhere close, but I know that Giles would love to have a better library and this might be our only chance to acquire some of these books.”

“Even with the army destroyed there are more Trolloc armies out there. I think we’re going to be fighting Trollocs for a while. There are a lot of Dreadlords running around that we can probably catch.”

Elisara shrugged, “Honestly, we can probably get some information out of the ones we captured about where the rest are hiding.”

Dawn scowled, “Unless they’re hiding up in the Blight. I really don’t want to go up there and have things fall apart. I do like Egwene’s idea about capturing the Dreadlords. I just don’t want things to get screwed up if we cause too many problems.”

Kari asked, “How could we screw things up back home?”

“We’re in the past and the Dark One was in every world including our old world. Let’s not do something that gives him warning or anything.”

Kari gulped, “That’s a good point.”

Dawn smirked, “I have a couple of ideas but I‘m going to need some help finding what I need to make my plan work.”

Egwene asked, “What do you need?”

“I need a stasis box.”

Egwene started laughing, “Is that all? Someone packed the food in one. Why do you need one?”

“I was thinking about stuffing the various Dreadlords into one so that we could keep them for later use.”

Mat shook his head, “That’s horrible.”

Kari smirked, “Amusing though.”

Elisara sighed, “Let’s just get through the next couple of days helping the army then see where we’re at. We have five Dreadlords to question over the next couple of days.”

Egwene said, “That sounds like a plan.”

Kari yawned, “I’m going to get some sleep, unlike some of you I actually need it.”

Elisara shrugged, “That’s probably a good idea. See you in the morning.”

Mat said, “I think I’m going to have Thought do a bit of reconnaissance.”

Egwene looked at the five prisoners, “I guess that means I get to question the prisoners.”


Tara watched Hermione and Xander run around the yard. “They grow up so fast.”

Willow laughed, “They’re growing about a year a day or so.”

“At least Hermione has gotten used to her satyr form.” She watched the ‘five year old’ Hermione miss a turn and take a tumble and get right back up to chase Xander, “Mostly.”

Willow laughed, “I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it.”

Tara asked, “How is Harry dealing with her having a boy form?”

“He’s already talking about having her impregnate the next batch of elves once she gets old enough. He said he loves her nymph form so I don‘t think he‘s going to run screaming just because she can turn into a male creature.”

Tara relaxed slightly, “That’s good.”

Willow grinned, “Ginny seems to like all of your daughter’s forms.”

Tara rolled her eyes, “Too much information. I‘m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m a mother.”

Willow laughed, “I think Buffy is way more shocked to be a father than you are to be a mother.”

Tara laughed, “Considering she somehow managed to knock Satsu up despite a certain lack of equipment…” She frowned, “We’re going to need to look into how she managed to do that. I don’t need to be popping out babies every couple of weeks.”

Willow chuckled, “That could be interesting.”

“It could just as easily happen to you.”

Willow winced, “I used a protection spell with Xander… I guess we should probably look into it at little more.”

“That might be a good idea.” Tara smiled as she saw Harry approaching. “I guess we can ask him.”

Willow laughed, “Pass.”

Hermione giggled as she spotted Harry, “Save me.”

Xander laughed as he chased his sister. “This is fun.”

Harry laughed as he watched the children play. “Always.”

Hermione changed directions and ran toward him then jumped at Harry and changed into her nymph form in midair.

Harry caught Hermione and swung her around and up so that she was sitting on his shoulders so that he had one hand free to conjure snowballs while the other held Hermione‘s legs.

Xander skidded to a stop as Harry conjured a large snowball and tossed it at him. “Crap, no fair.” He laughed as he reversed direction and ran away from Harry and Hermione. “Help, help I‘m being oppressed.”

Tara looked between the children, “Should we help?”

Willow laughed as she conjured a snowball of her own and tossed it at Harry. “You should just stay neutral.”

“I’ll go get some lemonade.”

Harry conjured a shield, “This can’t end well.”

Hermione conjured two snow balls and started tossing them at her brother.

Xander laughed as he hid behind Willow. “Hah!” He swapped into his nymph form and hugged Willow’s leg. “You wouldn’t hit a poor defenseless girl would…” He coughed as a snowball hit ‘him’ right in the face. He wiped the snow off his face, “…you?

Hermione laughed, “Yes.”

Xander mock glared at Hermione, “This means war. A little help Willow?”

Willow put one knee on the ground so that Xander could climb on for a piggyback ride. “Let’s get them.”

Hermione frowned, “Retreat?”

Harry laughed as he conjured a couple more snowballs, “Never.”


Queen Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan stared at the collection of girls that her husband had brought back. She was regarded as one of the strongest Aes Sedai alive and the girls made her feel weak. The oldest had a potential strength nearly double her own. The twins had almost as much strength in the Power as she had and their potential was greater even than Nynaeve’s great strength and yet the twins’ strength was nothing compared to the young lady. Egwene‘s strength was nothing short of impossible. She might be able to match her if she was pulling deeply on a sa’angreal which scared her as such strength should have been impossible. Even in the previous age such strength should have been impossible and yet she was standing in front of her and she could feel her strength plain as day. “Are people stronger in the Power in your world?”

Nynaeve shook her head, “No, we’re just the exception rather than the rule.”

Eldrene smiled slightly, “I want to thank you for saving the army and for healing so many of our soldiers over the last couple of days.”

“It was our pleasure.”

Eldrene asked, “Where are you heading now?” She was hoping that she could convince them to stay for a while and help defend her lands. If the Tower was going to deny them help then she was going to need to look elsewhere for people to counter the Dreadlords.

Nynaeve sighed, “As much as we would like to stay, we have business destroying the evil in Aridhol. After that I’m not sure. Our method of arrival locked the portal stones so we can’t use them to leave for a while.”

“My husband mentioned that your story was hard to believe and that he wouldn‘t have believed it if he hadn‘t seen you destroy the army. Aridhol is cursed, the whole city was corrupted by hate.”

“That’s why we’re going up there. We might have a way to destroy the evil or at least make sure that it stays contained.”

“Do you need an escort?”

Nynaeve considered, “I would hate to deprive your husband of troops and the less people we take to that cursed place the better but I wouldn’t refuse a couple of soldiers if you insist.”

Eldrene looked at the younger members of the group, “You’re taking the children into Aridhol?”

“I would rather not but a foretelling said that we would need them for the plan to work. They have the ability to grow plants by singing.”

“I had wondered if that was a legend or not. If you need a place to stay after you complete your mission, I have several properties that lack owners because of the recent battles. For saving my husband and his army I would see you rewarded with lands and titles if that is your wish.” She was hoping that the promise of lands would convince them to stay. Anyone that could take out an army of Trollocs was someone she wanted on her side in the war.

Nynaeve was hoping they wouldn’t be here long enough to need such things but Dawn had said they might be here at least a couple of years. Part of her thought that it would be good practice for managing Malkier. It would also give them a base while they were here. “We would do our best to care for any lands you wished to give us Your Majesty.”

“There will be a feast tomorrow to celebrate our win against the Trolloc army. Will you stay for the feast?”

Nynaeve looked at Egwene, “I have no objection to delaying our trip for a day.”



Xander snickered, “They’re really cute.”

Hermione turned away from the mirror where she was looking at her new tits and scowled at Xander, “I hate you.”

Xander held up his hands, “I didn’t do it.”

“You have a perfectly male satyr form, a perfectly female nymph form and a normal Xander form, how the hell did I get a broken satyr form?”

“Because you’re a girl? How should I know sis? I‘m not exactly the expert around here?”

She poked at her breasts, “Ginny is going to be happy…”

Xander chuckled, “You have Anna’s abilities you can probably change so that you look like a normal satyr if you work at it.”

She sighed, “I guess I should be happy I have alternate forms.”

He snickered, “If we get you a kilt then you could just be a really cute satyr girl.”

“I’m hexing you if I end up with facial hair.”

He gulped, “Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. You look rather girlie in this form so that might not happen…”

She wondered if she was going to have to look up hair removal spells for her face, she hoped not because Xander was right, other than the fact that she was a male satyr from the waist down she looked female from the waist up, even more so now. “I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.”

Xander smiled, “You’ll still be my sister/brother either way.”

“I will stab you.”

“Shutting up now.”



Kari looked around the streets of Manetheren, “I can see why this place was mentioned in the legends.”

Mat chuckled, “I never thought I would get to see it with my own eyes.”

Kari whispered, “It almost makes you want to rebuild it in our world doesn’t it?”

Mat considered the idea for a couple of seconds, “We should see if we can talk Dawn into taking some pictures of the buildings.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard. I think it was already on her list of things to do.”

“Between looking at old cities and trying to acquire books I think we’ll be here a good long while.”

Kari laughed as she grabbed his arm, “I can think of worse places to be.”

“True enough.”

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