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Willow and the Luck of the Draw

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Summary: Every thousand years the demon lords of the netherwords get together and give out fantastic prizes. Willow finds herself with a prize that is out of this world.

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Harry grinned as he looked away from Hermione and Ginny’s table and over at the hundred gorgeous mostly naked red haired girls standing at attention in the plaza of the Five Towers. He had spent the last six months helping organize various attacks on the Blight in the various mirror worlds they were exploring while Ginny had spent a fair number of years training with the girls that were lined up and ready for their first trip into a demon world. It was nice to see Ginny and Luna back to their adult selves even if a little tinkering meant that they were taller than they had been the last time around. He glanced at Luna and her sisters’ table, Ginny and Luna’s sisters had grown up into very pretty women. He glanced back at the company of naked girls. All of the girls had belts and most had a lot of ter’angreal jewelry of one type or another. Having the Talent tree meant that there were a lot more item crafters running around than ever before. Most everyone that could channel took the basics in item crafting if for no other reason than emergencies. The girls were lined up in five rows of twenty. He had gathered the best of the best from the collection of new warriors that had seen fighting against the Trolloc hordes. While Trollocs weren’t as scary as some demons they were a good starting point to test their troops against. “You have been selected because the various captains think you’re the best of the best of the new recruits.” While all of the girls were damn good at a lot of things including fighting, they were all here because they had aced their stealth tests which was the type of unit he wanted.

All one hundred girls shouted, “Yes Sir!”

Harry smiled, “Every one of you also wanted the chance to prove that you’re the best of the best.”

“Yes Sir!”

“I believe each of you has a summonable war mount, is that correct?” He in fact knew they all had ter’angreal mount tattoos as that had been one of the requirements to get picked for the mission. The other requirement was that they had agreed to risk going to a demon wasteland in order to gather power.

“Yes Sir!”

Harry looked over the group then looked over at Hermione and Ginny who were standing behind a table piled with stacks of glittery clothes.

Hermione grinned, “If we pull this mission off then we’ll be hailed as heroes.” She snickered as the girls went suspiciously quiet, “I’ll buy every girl a year’s supply of chocolate.”

One hundred voices called out, “Our Lady Witch!”

Harry rolled his eyes, “You’ll get loot and plunder!”

Various cries of “Loot!”, “Plunder!” and “Booty!” could be heard from the girls.

Harry said, “In a single file line starting with Sally, please head over to Luna’s table for your anti scrying tattoos. One you’re done their head over to Hermione’s table so that we can give you your armored clothes.”

The company shouted, “Yes Sir!”

Harry smiled, “Once you get your clothes, line back up and put them on. Then we head out where we‘ll suffer through a briefing by a watcher about the types of demons we‘ll find at our location and the demons that we‘re allowed to hunt. I‘ve been informed that we‘re not allowed to break any of his bones if he gets annoying.” He wasn’t all that happy about that rule, he was fairly sure that if every time Andrew got annoying they inflicted pain on him he would eventually stop being annoying.

Sally raised her hand.

“Yes Sally?”

“Does he know this?”

Harry laughed, “I don’t think so.”

“Excellent sir.”

“I hate the fact that I have to say this because you’re all fine looking girls but get your clothes and get suited up.” He waved Sally to go.

The company shouted, “Yes Sir!”

Sally grinned as she headed to the line so that she could get tattooed on her back with the anti scrying wards that they were going to need to stay hidden while raiding the demon worlds. After that she would be picking up her magical clothes and boots. She was looking forward to proving herself and getting a call sign. While Sally was a perfectly decent name she wanted a name that she picked. Sometimes it worked that way and sometimes someone else picked your call sign. Her older sister’s call sign was Spanks, she was hoping for something better because she sure as hell didn‘t want to be the girl that the company spanked after a successful mission like her sister. The fact that her sister enjoyed it just meant that there was something wrong with her sister’s head. After what felt like hours but was probably only minutes of Luna working on her back she headed over to grab her clothes. She accepted the bundle of clothes Hermione handed her then moved back to her place in the plaza to put her clothes on. She smirked slightly at the transparent underwear as she slipped them on. They were charmed to absorb sweat, water and various other substances so that they were always clean. The boots according to the pamphlet that Hermione had given her when she signed up were enchanted with a striding weave that allowed you to travel faster. Every article of clothing was enchanted in some way beyond just being fancloth. It was nice that the army took care of their own. While they probably weren’t quite as generous with the foot soldiers as they were the elite units, she doubted that their foot soldiers were as badly supplied as the horror stories from some of the other nation’s soldiers on her last campaign against the Trollocs.

Ginny handed the next girl her clothes as she wondered how many of the girls would be coming back from this crazy mission. She understood the reasoning for the mission but it was hard to send the girls into battle against demons knowing that they might not be strong or durable enough to survive. They had picked up a fair number of abilities from the trees so she was hoping they were fast enough to survive but accidents happened and their enemies got lucky now and then. She was looking forward to seeing what type of demons their group brought back. She knew that Mat and Alune were running another group of demon hunters. It was also just the start of their crusade against demons. The idea was build their people up then to copy or breed the best of the elite groups they had put together hoping that the next group would be even stronger. They were going to need an elite army when the demons lords came for Buffy’s world. They were planning to stack the deck as much as possible in their favor for when that time came.


Sally was very glad for her enchanted veil as it filtered the nasty air in the demon dimension and for her goggles that kept the crap out of her eyes. She looked over the other half of her company that wasn’t going with her. They had only spent nine minutes and forty seconds in this hell dimension and she was sick of it already. The only saving grace as far as she was concerned was that it moved faster than Earth which meant they could spent a lot of time looting everything to the ground and they wouldn’t lose much time on the other side. “Our time is almost up, everyone should have their portkeys set. Remember to stun the creatures then transport them. Remember that we might not be able to stun them so if something shows up that’s moving, kill it and hang it from the tree.” She looked at the freshly grown tree. They had decided that they would process everything in the demon dimension because of the different flow of time and because of the difficulty in keeping a portal open between the dimensions. “We should still get something even if we drain them when they‘re dead. That said we get more if they‘re merely stunned.” She looked over at Harry, “Anything else to add?”

Harry shook his head, “It’s your operation, I’m just here to help defend the tree.”

Sally nodded, “In that case, let‘s bag some demons!”

Harry chuckled slightly as fifty of the girls vanished into the alien mist to hunt down some demons. Cordelia had said that they would get benefits from this demon world but she hadn’t said if it would be in abilities, experience or treasure. He’d take any of the three as long as all of his girls came back alive. If they didn‘t come back alive he had their blood on file and planned to drag their souls back with him so that Willow could put them back in a body so that they could get it right the next time.



Dawn smiled as she stopped to watch a pair of scantily clad half naked Accepted walk by with stars on their foreheads. “There is something very satisfying about this world.”

Willow watched another two mostly naked girls making out on one of the cafeteria’s tables while she waited for Dawn to keep walking toward the Amyrlin‘s office. “I think you hit those two with more sparkles than you really needed to.”

Dawn chuckled as she started walking again. While she would love to stay and watch the fun, she didn’t want to be late for her meeting with the Amyrlin and Lara. “All things considered, it’s probably a combination of my power and Kari’s power mixing in weird ways.”

Willow nodded, “Speaking of projects how is the former Blight coming?”

Dawn shrugged, “It’s only been like two months since the last time you checked in and a year since we finished extracting dark power from this mirror world’s Blight. That said I think you’ll be impressed with what we’ve done.”

Willow smiled, “Good because we’re going to need a lot of food for what we’re planning.”


Lara smiled at Willow and Dawn as they walked through the door, “I’m glad you could make it.”

Willow stepped into the Amyrlin’s office with Dawn and looked over the gathered people. Sereille Bagand was standing behind her desk looking down at the large enchanted half globe that they were using as a map. Lara was leaning against the wall while Alune was standing in front of the Amyrlin’s desk with Mat. “Now that we’re all here, you can explain how things are going.”

Mat said, “Our forces have been successful in gaining a foothold on twenty seven different mirror worlds.”

Willow stared at Mat. “I know I left for a couple of weeks to check on Violet and her munchkin but I’m impressed. How large of a force are we talking about on each world?”

“We send in a team of five to scout based off of Cordelia’s projections, if the world looks like it needs our attention we send in between a hundred and five hundred advanced elf troops to secure a base of operations. Most of the bases are in the Mountains of Mist because of how remote the place is. From there the team checks the White Tower for Black Ajah and we bind the Black Ajah into service if we find any. We also send mind readers around to check on the various nobles. Generally speaking each team is there long enough to grab the easily grabbed Black Ajah members as well as do a lot of damage to their network. The teams will also on occasion loot the Children of the Light’s stores to the ground.”

Willow laughed, “I’m guessing it helps pay for the missions?”

“More than pay for the missions actually but mostly we do it because they’re corrupt in a lot of worlds and the less coin they have the less ability they have to cause problems. We have been cleaning the Ways on each world as well which helps with the corruption.”

Sereille Bagand smiled slightly, “They have also been recruiting channelers which has worked out well for us. We‘ve got over five thousand new novices which is completely insane but we’re reorganizing things and Manetheren has sent a fair number of teachers.”

Mat shrugged, “We recruited for our own schools first.” They had limited their personal recruiting mostly to people from the Two Rivers with a couple other powerful channelers tossed in for spice.

Willow asked, “Any problems?”

“Other than one world where I had to bring in ten thousand of our troops and burn Amadicia to the ground, we didn’t find anything that the teams couldn’t handle.”

Willow stared, “You had to what?” She knew that she had been spending a lot of time in the capital of the Crystal Kingdom with Buffy and Egwene as well as visiting with Violet but she hadn’t expected to be that out of touch.

“Burn it to the ground, it was a darkfriend controlled country and was a major problem on that world that was reducing our ability to scout for channelers. We got nearly five hundred Black Ajah from that world alone.” He wasn’t going to mention that they had bound a hundred and twenty twisted Red Sisters that were almost as bad as the Black Ajah, or at least not in front of the Amyrlin. They had recruited a thousand female channelers and four hundred male channelers on that world which wasn’t that bad for a couple of weeks work wandering around cities visiting random taverns. Of course the fact that he was lucky and could see the potential in people helped.

Willow asked, “How the hell did that happen?”

Mat looked over at Alune, “Do you want to take this one?”

Alune scowled, “There wasn’t a Children of the Light and no one else bothered to deal with darkfriends during the War of the Hundred years. They festered and eventually they all decided that they would claim a country. It didn’t feel all that solid but the people didn’t fall over dead or anything when we brought them back.”

Lara smirked, “On the upside, we’ve been able to increase the quality of Talent Apples using the Black Ajah as lab rats.” She hadn’t seen a problem with having their tree absorb their talents. They had picked up a couple handfuls of strange Talents that way so she was rather happy all things considered. It also meant that Willow would have a large pool of Power to use to increase their friends’ ability to use the magic of this world. Sure it was mean and vicious but it wasn’t like they were innocent.

Sereille Bagand sighed, “Now what?”

Dawn shrugged, “Now we continue turning the old Blight into a land of gardens and farms so that we can feed the armies we’re breeding.”

Willow nodded, “Then we go to war.” She could feel the remains of the Dark One lessoning as the weeks went by so she knew that they were having an effect she just wasn’t sure that it was going fast enough for her comfort. They were throwing everything they had at purifying as much as they could of the dark god’s essence so that they could add to their ranks. While she hadn’t been keeping track of the Talent apples she knew that the general plan involved repeatedly feeding several of the Black Ajah members an apple then feeding them to the tree a couple of times to boost the Talent apples to the max then they would give them to the clan and the clan members that weren’t gods would go through the process to strengthen their ability to insane levels then they would drink in the purified essence of the Dark One and become a god or goddess. After that it was just a matter of figuring out ways to boost their magic by feeding on other demon worlds like their advanced companies had been doing for a couple of months. They had slightly less than a year before everything came to a head and she wasn’t willing to fail at protecting her old world if she could help it. She was also planning to have the various gods pair off and have children so that they had a larger fighting force when it finally came time for the confrontation that Cordelia said was coming. She just hoped it would be enough.


Cordelia smiled slightly as she looked over the collection of apples being produced by the gem tree. She ignored the muffled screams of the thousand lumpy demon gremlins they had staked near the tree. Maybe it was attempted genocide but the creatures ate human children when they could get them and people when they couldn’t and they didn’t want to stop nor would they even if given the chance. She knew that some of the apples would work better for certain people and that it was going to take her a while to sort things out but every apple that the troops absorbed brought them one step closer to being able to stand toe to toe with the gods that were coming for them.

Every demon world they purified with the gem trees added to their ability to create worlds with interesting properties. For example, the last world they had attacked had yielded apples that granted people a limited ability to reduce or increase an area’s gravity. The more power a person put into it the longer the field lasted and the larger the field was, minutes, hours, days or in Bodewhin’s case they weren’t sure because she had reversed the gravity in one spot weeks ago and it was still screwed up. They were leaving it alone as a test to see how long the gravity was weird there. Personally she figured it would take years before the gravity changed back and it was likely that if Bodewhin set the gravity when she created a pocket world the gravity would be how she set it forever. Other worlds had granted various abilities such as the ability to see heat or feel the flow of magic in a world.

For the most part the average demons granted a slight increase in a warrior’s attributes, it normally wasn’t noticeable if you drained just one but if you drained a thousand or ten thousand then the boosts really started to add up especially when you realized that a lot of demons had at least some magic abilities even if they couldn’t do much with it, that tiny pool of power was collected and passed on to the warriors of Harry’s platoon which increased their abilities which increased their ability to survive against stronger and stronger enemies. When you realized that each of Harry’s Cider Girls could turn into a Hermione form Satyr then you realized that each of the girls could be a mother or a father as needed. They were also feeding clones to the trees to get apples to give to the other Cider Girls hence the name, it was a slow process and really only helped shore each other‘s ability up a little bit but so far they had managed to survive every demon world they had attacked with only one causality or would have been causality without divine healing. One of the girls had prayed to Nynaeve and Nynaeve had reached across the worlds and restored the injured girl that had been a couple of breaths from dead to full health or at least that is what it had seemed like to the girls. In reality it had just been an invocation that had worked like it was supposed to. To say the Cider Girls believed in their gods was to say water was wet. She was just happy that the girls didn’t believe that they needed to convert other people, they had just responded, “But then there would be more people for them to worry about.” She could understand and appreciate the reasoning there. She was just hoping that everything they were doing was enough.


Faith laughed as she looked down at hers and Perrin’s creation with pride. “I shall name thee Excalibur.”

Egwene stared at the blade then around at the collection of empty magic apples of various types, “How many god apples did it use?”

Faile looked around while Perrin was recovering his strength, “I see one that is still sparkling.”

Buffy gulped, “We had twenty five here… you’re all insane.”

Faith laughed as she picked up her newly forged sword that was glowing with holy fire, “Eat your heart out Valhalla.”

Buffy snorted, “As if, I bathed my weapon in the blood of an old one and it drank of its power.”

Faith smirked, “There are probably other old ones that we could feed to the trees or our weapons.”

“I’ve got a better idea, let’s hit the Senior Partners.”

Faile asked, “Who?”

“Large powerful demons, sort of like the Forsaken only worse.”

“Ah… great.”

Faith smirked as she thought about Angel’s fight against them and how many problems they had caused over the years. “We’ll need more weapons and we’ll need to call in some of the groups but I think it’s something that would be workable. If we can gather enough power and stay off the radar then we should be able to hit the worst of the Powers That Be Stupid after we hit evil for a while.”

Buffy grinned as she thought about all the shit they had put her and Angel through over the years. “We can ask Cordelia which ones are worth saving.”

“If we do it right this will free humanity up to decide things for themselves.”

“Other creatures will just step in.”

“I know but they’ll probably be more cautious for a couple of hundred years.”


Perrin smiled slightly as he looked at his forge, “If we’re going to make more weapons then I think we should gather all of the gods.”

Faith grinned, “I’ll round everyone up.”


Illyria smiled coldly as she, Fred and Dawn chained the monstrous and misshapen Wolf to the large tree in the Sunnydale forest with heartstone chains. It had taken Harry’s girls weeks to cut through enough of the Senior Partners’ forces that they had managed to lure the Wolf of Wolfram and Hart into a place where they could beat him unconscious for his previous insults and drag him through the realm while the rest of her friends and their armies slaughtered and captured thousands of demons. Alice and Katrina had managed to beat Hart almost to death before dragging him kicking and screaming to the tree where they had tied him to the tree with chains that Egwene created. Illyria walked away from the tree until she had rejoined the rest of the group who were a hundred feet away from the tree. She looked at the thrashing Hart and the unconscious Wolf, “I promised I would destroy you and we will.”

Cordelia looked at Willow, “Destroy anything that comes to stop us.”

Willow smiled, “On it.”

Illyria looked over at the collection of a hundred elves, “Sing.”

The elves joined Lara as she raised her voice in song. She could feel the magic flow from the chained greater demons into the tree. She continued singing until the demons withered away and vanished leaving nothing behind.

Willow stared at the large basketball sized apple glowing with red light. There were also a dozen smaller red apples and twenty green apples with a large green apple hanging in the lowest branches. “Interesting.” She raised her hand and closed a portal that was trying to form near the apples, “No.”

Illyria smiled coldly at where the demons used to be, “You’re dust beneath my feet.”

Dawn looked at the apples, “Which one are you going to claim?”

Illyria considered, “Take the largest red. I wish to do more violence.”

Dawn used magic to summon the largest green apple to her then tossed it to Illyria. ”In case you get hungry.”

Illyria collected the green apple then smiled as she opened a portal back to the Wolfram and Hart’s old realm and stepped through to continue the fight. She wanted to make sure that Spike was still alive.

Dawn looked over at Alice and Katrina, “Do you mind if I grab the largest red apple?”

“Go for it.”

Dawn levitated the red apple down and over to her. She looked over at Cordelia, “Is it safe?”

Cordelia smirked and took five rather large steps back, “More or less.”

Willow laughed as all of the elves jumped back five to ten feet. She took a couple of steps back as well.

“A couple more steps then she can use it.”

Dawn waited until everyone stepped back some more then she reached out and drank in the energy and felt herself growing and changing. She stretched and frowned as she looked down at the group from what seemed like a good bit away. “Oh, crap.”

Alice stared up at the massive dragon. If she had to guess she would put Dawn at two hundred feet at the shoulders. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Katrina stared up at Dawn, “That’s really neat… what do you bet the smaller apples will turn us into smaller things?”

Alice grinned, “It’s worth a try.”

Willow laughed as she summoned the rest of the apples from the tree to pass out.

Dawn rumbled, “How do I…” She concentrated and changed back to her human form. “That’s cool.”

Cordelia laughed as she examined the apples, “These should be fun, Rand needs one, Perrin needs one, Harry really needs two other than that have fun.”

Willow asked, “What?”

“They’re shape changing apples, anyone that eats one will end up having the ability to change into a monster. If you make a clone of the person then feed it to the gem tree then that apple will be stuck giving people the form that was already imprinted.”

Willow grinned, “That could be fun.”

Dawn grinned, “I want to see if I can fly once we get out of here.”

“Right, because that’s what everyone needs a massive dragon flying around scaring people.”

Cordelia smirked, “Rand will get the ability to turn into a dragon, I know big shock there. Willow will turn into a cat and Mat a fox.” She looked at Alice, “You would turn into rather large bear or maybe a rabbit.”

Alice frowned, “A rabbit?”

“It could be worse.”

Willow drained the magic out of one of the red apples and changed into a large six and a half foot at the shoulders white tiger with glowing purple flames for stripes. “Rurr?”

Cordelia laughed, “I never said what type of cat.”

Alice asked, “What about the green ones?”

“It’s a physical increase, mostly size and strength.”

Dawn grinned, “I think Mom is right. I want to do some violence and test out my dragon form.” She opened a portal back to the demon dimension.

Willow laughed as she watched Dawn go through the portal which sounded strange in her cat form. She shifted back and looked at Lara, “Thoughts?”

Lara grinned, “I’m just thinking about making copies of everyone and getting everyone’s forms… mostly I’m thinking that we should process as many demons as we can…”

Willow she gestured toward the apples and floated them over to Cordelia’s bag, “Get these where they have to go. As much as I’d like to crack some heads, I need to stay and protect the tree.”

Cordelia finished stuffing the apples in her bag, “No problem. I’ll also start on the list of higher powers that aren’t worth their salt.”

Alice smiled at Willow, “We’ll crack some heads for you.”

“Yes.” Katrina grinned as she stepped through Dawn’s portal.


Ginny stared at Harry flying around the plaza of the Five Towers, he looked like a phoenix with glowing purple flames surrounding him. “You’re a bloody phoenix!”

Hermione laughed, “What did you expect, a stag?”

Ginny shrugged, “A little bit actually.”

“Yeah, he’s practically immortal and he brings hope to thousands.”

“When you put it like that, I guess I can understand.”

Harry flew around Ginny one last time then landed and changed back. “The girls are going to squeal so much.”

Hermione laughed, “Skip the girls, I’m going to enjoy getting that form.”

Harry laughed, “You’re welcome to it if you help me create a hundred clones so that we can give the girls their new forms.”

Hermione grinned, “I helped Perrin give his and Faile’s girls wolf and falcon forms so it shouldn’t be that hard.”

Ginny said, “I’m looking forward to getting a copy of Dawn’s dragon form, even if it’s not nearly as large as her form.”

Harry laughed, “I think everyone is. I think she wants to see about populating one of the worlds with shape changing dragons now.”

“That’s a great idea, can you imagine the horror on the enemies's faces when they realize that there are thirty thousand dragons charging them that are highly resistant or immune to magic and able to breath dragon fire?”

Hermione laughed, “I expect enemy morale to be a problem.”

Harry nodded, “True enough.”


Xander looked over the company of girls he and Faith were in charge of. “Who are you?”

The two hundred naked girls slapped themselves on the ass with a smirk then shouted, “We are the XF Dirty Girls! We fight, we fuck and we cut the enemies’ fucking throats while they sleep!”

Faith shouted, “Hell yeah!”

Xander had to work not to laugh, the girls had been around Faith way too much, “What’s the mission?”

The girls enthusiastically shouted, “To fuck the Cider Girl’s until they’re seeing stars Sir!”

Xander looked over at the hundred red haired girls standing on conjured mats on the other side of the plaza. “Charge!” He laughed as their girls charged Harry’s girls.

Faith laughed, “I wonder how much this would sell for back home?”

Xander glanced over at where Andrew was filming the charge, “No idea but I’m sure we could ask.”

Faith grinned, “Either way, they need a couple of days off from raiding.”

“We’ve got one more big push then we bless them with divine children and stick them in a pocket world for a couple of weeks. Acquiring the fast pregnancy ability from a Cordelia clone was the best idea ever.” He was rather happy that the same ability shortened the time that the offspring stayed children, between that ability and their divine blood they were expecting five to be the new twenty which meant that they could have a whole nation of divine warriors in a couple of weeks on the outside.

Faith chuckled, “They should be screaming to come back to killing demons after that.”

Xander smiled, “I’m fairly sure that Slayer sparkles cause them to have an increased sex drive.”

“Greater strength, stamina and reaction times is worth it. Combine that with Elisara’s sparkles and dream training and you’re looking at the best army ever.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the girls can do as phoenixes as well as tigers and dragons.”

Faith snickered as she heard one girl say, ‘No biting.’

Xander grinned, “Any ideas what we’re going to do when we get bored of destroying demons?”

“Retire on a tropical island somewhere?”

“I hear the elves have done a great job with Mars and Venus. The other worlds they’ve colonized ended up rather interesting as well.”

Faith snorted, “You just like their sailing ship spacecraft.”

“What’s not to love they look neat and they offer the best view for just tooling around.”

“True. We should probably go cheer the girls on.”

Xander grinned, “That sounds like a good idea.”


Illyria smirked as she tossed another of the Aelfinn through her portal into the outside world where her team was processing the creatures for power. They weren’t worth much individually but they were worth some added together. She also wanted their storerooms of magical items so that her item makers could duplicate the useful items before the battle in three weeks. The best part of the plan as far as she was concerned was that Dawn and Kari had managed to figure out how to use Dawn’s magic to alter the ter’angreal that kept shadowspawn from seeing you into something that kept other demonic creatures from seeing you. It had required a lot of power, a gallon of demon blood and a ritual but after that they had figured out how to make the new cloaking items. Sadly or not it took a special item for each type of demon they wanted to hide from. It had helped a great deal on some of the bug demon worlds where there were billions of the demons. It helped very nicely against the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn as well though she needed two different types of cloaking item. Maybe the next mirror world she would take the cloaking items off so they knew what was coming for them but she was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t see a point in giving up an advantage other than to hear them scream in terror as she cut the demons down.


Willow stared at the globe that was showing Earth, there were millions of demons in thousands of different locations doing their best to destroy the humans. The demons had avoided massing in huge groups after China had nuked a massive gathering of them. Say what you will about demon fortitude but most of the demons couldn’t survive a nuke. The fact that there was video footage of several of the larger demons, probably the demon commanders, walking away from being nuked bothered her more than she wanted to admit. She was planning on sending Buffy and Illyria after those particular demons hoping that Faith’s blade and Valhalla could hurt them. Alice and Katrina also had blades that should be able to hurt the Demon Lords that were in other locations but at the end of the day they weren’t actually sure they had the ability to hurt the Demon Lords that were leading the opposing army. Several large cities had already fallen thanks to the demons sending large groups in to rip buildings down and destroy humanity. It had come as a shock to figure out that the Judge had actually just been a foot soldier type of demon in other realms. Sure they had taken out a weakened Judge with a rocket launcher but the fully powered Judge type demons were apparently quite able to shrug off tank rounds. She was expecting a lot of damage to her army but she was also hoping that they would be able to pick up a bunch of new abilities. She was personally hoping that the Judges made apples that would allow people to burn demons like Cordelia or something similar.

She smiled as she looked over her hundred commanders, most of them were girls but there were the occasional guy thanks to Harry, Xander, Giles, Mat, Perrin, Rand and Lan fathering children with the girls or with their wives. She had been a bit surprised that Faile had actually volunteered Perrin to father children when she learned that all he actually had to do was touch the girl and will her pregnant. As long as the girl wanted to get pregnant she would. She viewed it as his duty to create the next generation of strong warriors. They had hit the demon worlds as hard as they could for apples then they had taken the best of the best of the girls and turned them into goddesses then they had gotten the girls pregnant and sent them off to a pocket world. The divine children were given a basic twenty first century education with demon hunting classes and sent to hunt demons in groups of their own, the group had taken the best of those and bred them together to get the best of the best. Mat had selected the best of those to be his commanders. Then they had unleashed death and destruction on the demon worlds as they made one final attempt to gather power for this fight. It looked like it was going to be bloody and brutal. While the Demon Lords might be a problem she wasn’t expecting the demons to win against her forces as she could field a million gods against their army of lesser though still impressive demons. The problem wasn’t in winning, the problem was in winning before the demons destroyed civilization and turned the world into a hellhole. “Destroy the demons, portkey the remains of any powerful demons or interesting demons to the trees we have hidden around the world, we shall feast on the blood of our enemies and grow stronger!”

Faith shouted, “Death to the demons!”

Buffy looked over the gathering and briefly wondered what the Powers That Be would have thought of their army if they hadn’t killed and drained most of them for being useless bastards. The sad part is that they weren’t actually useless bastards, most of their attention had been focused on keeping the truly horrible demons off of Earth, might have been nice if someone had told her that before they started killing them. She was looking forward to finishing off the demon horde and getting back to Satsu and her children. She was just glad that the demons were finally getting what they deserved. She was planning to clean one of the mirror worlds up and set up shop there so she had a place that she could hide out in. It was either that or talk Bodewhin into creating a pocket world for her. With the arches and portals it wasn’t hard to link the realms together in their empire. She knew that some of the others had plans to expand or travel to other worlds and explore but she wanted a couple of years of peace before she started looking for another fight.

Dawn opened several portals to the various fronts. “Go!”

Willow smiled slightly as she watched her army head through the various portals to fight the demon army ravaging the Earth. She was looking forward to a few quiet years after this whole mess where she could raise her daughters in piece and quiet.


Xander smirked at his young daughter, “And the rest as they say is history.”

Joyce looked up at Xander with a pout, “You always stop the stories at the best part.”

“Fine, fine. We of course crushed the demon army and we celebrated for a hundred and one days and everyone lived happily ever after.”

Joyce shouted, “Mom!”

Faith laughed as she walked into the living room from the kitchen, “What?”

“Dad is leaving out the best parts in the story.”

“You mean the part where I cut up the enemy Demon Lords with my sword? Or the part where your ‘Uncle’ Spike grew into a titan and stepped on several demons?”

Xander snickered, “Or where one large demon hit him in the nuts.”

Joyce giggled, “Exactly.”

Xander shrugged, “You’ve heard the stories before and it’s almost time for Faith and I to head over to Dawn’s. Maybe another day we can talk about Egwene lighting a whole army of demons on fire or about how Willow eventually figured out how to give everyone even more magic. You’ve heard the stories before Joyce. Mat and Alune had an epic romance and they‘re still running around demon worlds collecting weird and unusual powers for their army. Perrin and Faile are taking care of the Crystal Kingdom most of the time these days. Rand is running around being the Dragon and trying to organize a world council.”

“I know but it’s not like I’m going to get to fight demons for years and years and years…”

Xander laughed, “That’s good thing. That war lasted a year and just about destroyed most of Europe and Asia. I much prefer being able to send in the Dirty Girls and have them take care of the problem.”

Joyce giggled, “Will you tell me more stories tomorrow about the Dirty Girls?”

Xander grinned, “And the next day and the day after that then you‘ll probably hear even more when you‘re older.”

She pouted, “See, he’s doing it again.”

Faith laughed as she thought of her dirty girls, “You can ask for stories when we drop you off at the babysitter.”

Joyce rolled her eyes, “It’s not fair that you’re going to a party and I can’t go. Alice‘s girl gets to go.”

Faith wasn’t going to take her daughter to an orgy, “She’s older and Alice is a bit demented.”

Joyce asked, “What’s demented mean?”

Xander snickered, “Crazy.”

“Can I go next year?”

Faith rolled her eyes and gave the same answer she had given for a while, “We’ll talk about it.”


The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Willow and the Luck of the Draw". This story is complete.

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