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Willow and the Luck of the Draw

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Summary: Every thousand years the demon lords of the netherwords get together and give out fantastic prizes. Willow finds herself with a prize that is out of this world.

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Chapter Six

“Mommy?” A dark haired young boy asked hesitantly.

Egwene felt her heart wrench as she heard the desperate hope in the littlest of the five children that Min had brought by the inn for a visit. She knew that the Egwene al’Thor that had raised them wasn’t her but at the same time they were of her blood. She held out her hands and he ran toward her. It felt a bit weird that he was almost as tall as she was considering that he was only five almost six. She blamed Rand’s blood for that. It reminded her that she should ask Harry if he knew of a way for her to grow taller so that her children didn‘t tower over her. She patted the boy on the back, “We’ll figure it out Rowan.” She was glad that she had memorized the children’s names. The oldest two were identical twins, she wasn’t quite sure how to tell Kari and Elisara apart yet. The younger set of twins weren’t identical though they looked a bit alike other than their haircuts. Azi kept his hair short and Lara kept hers long.

Kari al’Thor watched her brother. It felt weird knowing that the girl in front of her was a version of her mother that had walked a different path. Min had explained it but it still felt like something out of a story.

Azi got tired of waiting for Rowan to finish hugging the lady that was what mom might have been so he walked up and hugged both of them. He wasn’t exactly sure how everything worked, he just knew that for some reason the creator had given him a version of his mother and father back. “Welcome back.”

Lara knew that the girl wasn’t her mother but at the same point she felt like family. You always needed more family after all.

Elisara looked at Min, “This is going to take some work.”

Min reached out and ruffled the younger girl’s hair, “Just think of the siblings/cousins that you’ll have.”

Elisara giggled slightly, “True… it makes it hurt a bit less losing mom and dad but only a little.”

“I know. I think everyone in town will be trying to sort things out for a while.”

“Probably.” She was looking forward to starting training to learn to channel as it would take her mind off her troubles or at least give her other troubles to explore.

Min could tell that Elisara wasn’t quite at the hugging stage, “Let’s get some hot cider for everyone.”

Elisara smiled as she headed toward the kitchen to talk to her grandmother‘s alternate.


Buffy stared at the copy of the ancient map that Giles had spread out on the inn’s table next to a current map of the political borders of Andor, “Do you think we can pull it off?”

Giles smiled, “Normally I would say no but Willow has access to some frighteningly powerful magic users and just about everyone thinks Aridhol is haunted or worse. It‘s been abandoned for over two thousand years. With a bit of misdirection and some spells to cloak the borders while we send crews to create walls around the country I think we have a decent chance to claim it.” It was a bit daunting that it was not only possible but fairly easy for magic on this world to pull rock from the ground and transport it via gateways to the borders where they could then fuse the rock into a large wall.

Leah smiled as she traced the area on the map that they wanted to claim, “We’ll need a new name for the kingdom because the old name has a nasty history not to mention that we might as well claim everything north of the river Haevin and south of Saldaea.” She tapped a patch of hills on the map, “East to the Black Hills and probably west to the Mountains of Mist.” She moved her finger over and tapped the map where the map showed a mountain range. That gives us a wide swath of land to either farm or otherwise develop.”

Buffy glanced at the maps, “Lady Buffy has a nice ring to it.”

Giles tried not to snort, “I like the sound of Lady Anne better but to each their own.” He had liked Joyce well enough but her taste in names was suspect.

“Is there anything I can do to help make this a reality?” She figured if she didn’t help at the start then she probably wouldn’t get a title of nobility like she wanted.

“I think Hermione said that she could use some help mapping out where to put the walls.”

“Great tromping through woods for days on end.”

Leah snickered, “I doubt it. She wanted to test out her flying carpet.”

“Flying carpet?” Buffy wasn’t sure she liked the idea of flying around on a carpet.



Elayne scowled as she tried to focus on channeling and found herself unable. “Stupid pregnancy.” She was so looking forward to being able to channel in three weeks after the twins were out.

Violet chuckled as she looked at Elayne. She was just glad that Elayne had finally admitted that sitting on a nice comfortable cushion wasn’t weakness it was common sense. She was also happy that Eldrin and a couple of the Asha’men had finished the stone building they were keeping all of the ter’angreal in. It was nicer than standing around in the cool spring air looking things over while trying not to freeze. “I’m just glad that my type of witch doesn’t have issues with using magic while we’re pregnant.”

Hermione grinned, “We just have to find you a smart intelligent magic user that you’re not related to.”

Violet shrugged, “We’ve got time.”

Elayne looked over at where Aviendha was examining the flying carpet made out of fancloth. “Anything?”

“A faint echo but other than that, nothing.” Aviendha suspected the echo had more to do with the fancloth than it did the magic that made the length of cloth fly. She liked the idea of having a nearly invisible transportation device that she could use to spy on people. She handed the flying cloth back to Violet.

Violet rolled the flying ‘carpet’ up and set it on the table. She turned to look at Elayne, “If you’re done looking at all of the fun trinkets that you can’t play with we could use your help discussing the laws of the kingdom that we want to set up.”

“Fine, it’s not like I can channel right now anyways.” Elayne glanced at Violet, “Can you help me out of my chair?”

Violet chuckled as she held out her hands to help Elayne out of her chair.


Bodewhin looked away from the group of the male channelers that were fishing in one of the Waterwood‘s ponds. She wasn’t actually sure there were any fish in that particular pond but that didn’t seem to bother the boys. It was more than a bit disconcerting to see Logain doing something so very commonplace. Even though she knew the source was clean and that Logain wasn’t the monster some of the people had claimed part of her still thought of him as a false dragon. Most of the rest of the boys in the group were young men that she had known or at least known of her whole life. She glanced at Eldrin, Nynaeve and Egwene then looked over at where Moiraine, Verin, Alivia and Aviendha where standing next to a ten foot tall crystal arch, “I‘m not sure about this.”

Willow reached out and rubbed Bodewhin’s shoulders, “Relax, you’re the one that figured out how to create the pocket worlds. You‘ll do fine.”

Bodewhin shook her head, “Not completely, Rand helped with the theory. I‘m less worried about that and more worried about being the leader of a circle where we‘re using angreal to boost our power to an insane degree.” She really wanted Rand to sit down and write out what he remembered about the Age of Legends and the names and uses of all of the talents that he could remember.

Nynaeve said, “Just focus on the task at hand.”

“I’ll try to remind myself that I‘ve already created one pocket world so this should be easy enough.” She had a new appreciation for the men that created the Ways. It had taken everything she could pull through her new angreal to create her first pocket world and it was tiny compared to the Ways. She wondered if they had made them alive so that they could grow on their own when new doors were added. It frustrated her that she wasn’t completely sure if they had taken over a mirror world or created a world out of whole cloth and they were just that much better than she was. As much as it hurt her pride she suspected that it was the latter option. She knew that she would probably get better with practice and growth in the Power but she wasn‘t sure how much better she would get. It might also be a function of men having a greater talent for punching holes in the pattern to create pocket worlds. Regardless, she was actually rather happy about her small little pocket world.

Nynaeve looked at Bodewhin, “What is it like?” She had heard that she had managed to make a pocket world but hadn’t gotten the chance to ask her about it yet.

“It’s sort of small, only a hundred foot cube. I tested the height by tossing a rock at the ceiling.” She wasn’t going to mention that she had had to use the power to hit the ceiling.

Willow snickered, “It bounced off an invisible barrier. The walls are composed of mist.”

Egwene asked, “Mist?” She had discussed theory with Bodewhin and Rand but then she had gotten busy making the framework for the towers and hadn‘t checked back. That would explain the massive burst of the Power yesterday.

Bodewhin nodded, “Yeah, you can step through the mist and step out the other side. You can even stick your arm into the mist and see your hand come out of the opposite wall.”

Egwene frowned, “What is the floor made out of?”

“A smooth black stone that isn’t slick even though it probably should be. I’m planning on bringing in some dirt and starting a garden. There is probably enough sunlight for it.”

“How do you get there?”

“Through a door a little like the twisted doors the Finn use. Willow helped me with that part. I suspect that you could also get there using something like a gateway but I haven’t been able to figure out how yet.”

Egwene would have to experiment later to see if there was a way to get out of the pocket world other than the door, “That’s still rather impressive.”

“Thanks, but again not all the credit goes to me, it took Willow, Rand and I days to figure it all out.” She looked over at the arch they were planning to tie to the new world.

Egwene frowned, “You weren’t gone that long…”

“We spent most of that on a mirror world where time was faster. I’m hoping to push the time factor on the larger world past the one of our minutes to ten on my personal world.”

Nynaeve sighed, “I still think this is crazy plan but we don’t exactly have the time to raise a whole new crop of channelers if we don’t cheat.”

Bodewhin giggled, “It’s only cheating when the other side does it.”

Egwene rolled her eyes, “It’s times like this that I’m reminded that she’s Mat’s sister.”

Nynaeve laughed, “True.”

“I know I should feel offended on behalf of my brother but he is a bit of a gambler.”

Egwene snickered at the a bit part of that statement.

Eldrin spoke up, “Do we need to do anything special?”

Egwene shook her head, “Not particularly, Verin showed you how to use your armband angreal, correct?”

Eldrin adjusted her armband. It was weird how the thing changed sizes. Her armband would have fit around Nynaeve’s arm as easily as it fit around her smaller arm. “Yes.”

“Then concentrate on that and Bodewhin will do the rest.” Egwene glanced over at the men, “We should probably collect everyone and get the project started.”

Bodewhin tried not to giggle as she headed over toward the group of women gathered to help her make their plans a reality, “Let’s do this.”


Siuan was not having a good week. First it was the hundred and sixty sisters going missing then it was the massive hours long torrent of power that every sister, novice and accepted had felt. Either one of those events would have caused panic but both together had various sisters running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The fact that a group of thirteen sisters were claiming that the male half of the source was now cleansed only added to the fire. The fact that two of the sisters claiming that were red only added to the problems in the tower. The red were already screaming about their missing forty members as they had lost more than any other. The hall was less than happy about Moiraine having some means to transport people to other locations instantaneously. Mostly they were unhappy that she hadn’t shared that information. The hall probably would have tried summoning her to question her if they knew where she could be found. She doubted that Moiraine would show up anytime soon to explain how she had transported the sisters to Shadar Logoth of all places.

She didn’t expect things to calm down any time soon. The hall wanted to send another group to investigate the massive spike of power that everyone had felt despite the fact that they had thirteen witnesses to testify to the events in question. Even with the massive amount of power that had been used any useable residue would probably be gone by the time a second group got there. She looked up as she heard her door open. The fact that her Keeper of the Chronicles was clutching a scroll case hard enough that her knuckles were white didn‘t fill her with confidence. “More bad news?”

Leane Sharif walked in and closed the door behind her. “Is there any other kind lately?”

“How is the investigation going?”

Leane sighed, “Slowly but we’ve got more problems than we thought.” She handed the scroll case to Siuan, “This was on my pillow next to me when I woke up.”

“Someone snuck into your quarters to give you a message?”

“They got past the wards I set on the door without disturbing them.”

Siuan felt a shiver of fear run down her spine as she considered the implication that someone could sneak past wards without any sign of tampering. She suspected that at least half the sisters in the tower had warded their chambers over the last week. “That’s disturbing.”

“Not nearly as disturbing as what it says. It’s a list of the people that vanished with the exception of Verin Mathwin, they’re Black Ajah.”

Siuan felt her stomach lurch, “What!”

“There is also a list of which of their warders are darkfriends and which weren’t.”

Siuan twitched, “Have you questioned the warders on the list?”

“We’re in the process of doing that. That’s not the worst part though.”

“You’re telling me that a hundred and sixty members of the Black Ajah vanishing isn’t the worst bit?”

“Correct…” She handed Siuan the scroll, “The names of the one hundred and sixty missing sisters are crossed out. It’s the sixty unaccounted for black sisters that I’m more worried about.”

Siuan opened the scroll and pulled out the sheets of paper carefully. She looked over the lists on the first couple of pages. The writing was in a tidy if unfamiliar hand. Each name was clearly written. Printed next to each name was the sister’s cover Ajah followed by the word Black. Each of the missing sisters had their name crossed out with a single neat line. Even though she was expecting it, she still felt a punch to the gut when she saw her Mistress of Novices’ name on the list. She stopped when she got to the last of the crossed out names. “Elaida a’Roihan.”

Leane shrugged, “It doesn’t say she’s black, just a bitch which is true.”

“It’s crossed out though. Last I heard she was in Caemlyn.”

“Yet another thing to investigate.” It was rather low on her list of priorities as she didn’t particularly care for Elaida.

“Have you informed the hall?”

Leane shook her head, “Not yet, we’re trying to check on the validity of the list.”

“Any luck with that?”

“Some, we managed to trick one of the warders into confessing by implying that his Aes Sedai gave him up. We’re trying to question the rest as quietly as we can. No matter what happens it’s going to be a mess. Several went missing the day their Aes Sedai did though there is evidence that they left on foot. Likely they didn’t want to stick around to be questioned.”

Siuan scowled as she looked through the pages that had names that weren’t crossed off. “We’ll just have to keep watch for the other sixty.”

“It’s just frustrating. We’ve found some evidence in their belongings that the list is accurate…”

Siuan sighed, “Keep at it. Hopefully we can get enough evidence to share with the hall shortly.” She wondered if Moiraine had known about this mess when she visited to drop the other mess in her lap. “Have you already made a copy of the list?”


“See if you can ask a few discreet questions about where the missing sisters are.”

“I’m already working on it.”



Cadsuane Melaidhrin frowned as she stared north. “Curious.” The first massive surge of power up north had gotten her attention. She had been in the process of putting things in order so that she could leave when she had felt another much smaller though still huge surge of the Power from closer. Even with her ter’angreal and her abilities the people using the Power where far enough away that they would have to be using a massive amount of it in order for her to feel it from this far away. She look a last look at her rose garden and decided that the servants could deal with it well enough until she got back. She set off north in search of answers.


Bodewhin tried to ignore the combination of tiredness and the rush of power she felt as she wove the threads she needed to finish creating the new pocket world. Most of the threads were spirit but she used each of the other four elements to create the world. She used every scrap of power she could she could draw from the sixteen other people and poured it into the creation of her world. When she thought she couldn’t make it larger she wrapped the last weave of spirit around the frame they were using as the entrance to her new world and tied it there permanently. She shivered as she stopped channeling the torrent of power into her creation. She relaxed and dropped the amount she was drawing to nothing then dropped the source after a couple of seconds to let people get used to not channeling anything. “Done.”

Nynaeve was proud of Bodewhin for being able to weave the flows as well as she had. She wondered if all of the practice she got making heartstone at the camp had helped with her concentration and ability. “You did well.”

Logain smiled slightly as he looked at Bodewhin, “I don’t think the tower could have duplicated that if they used every sa’angreal and angreal they have.”

Moiraine touched her angreal. The bracelet she had gotten from the Finn was almost a sa’angreal. “I’ll admit to some curiosity as to the world that she created.”

Willow looked toward the ten foot tall arch, “There’s only one way to find out.”

“I’ll go.” Saml walked through the arch. He looked around as he found himself in a sunlit area. The floor was smooth black stone as far as he could see. He could make out a large misty wall on the far side of the pocket world. He was guessing that the pocket world was at least a couple of square miles. He stepped away from the arch and turned around to stare at the massive wall of mist that stretched to either side of him. “Interesting.” He turned and walked back out of the arch.

Willow smiled at the young man as he exited, “How’s it look?”

“There is a giant wall of mist and a black stone floor that stretches a couple of miles. Then another mist wall off in the distance.”

Bodewhin giggled, “It sounds like it worked. How long were you in there?”

Saml frowned as he thought about it, “Maybe a slow count of twenty.”

From Egwene’s point of view it looked like he had just walked in then walked right out. They would have to do a couple more tests before they were sure but a twenty to one difference in time would be extremely useful. “It looked like you walked in then out from our point of view.”

Moiraine smiled slightly, “I suggest we take a quick tour then everyone can get some rest while we run some tests on it.” She looked at Egwene, “If the tests prove it’s stable then we can start moving dirt in.”

Egwene smiled at Bodewhin, “You did amazing.”

Bodewhin giggled, “It was fun.”

Willow glanced at the arch, “Let’s go exploring.”


Hermione was impressed with Egwene’s crew. Bodewhin, Eldrin, Aviendha, Saml and Damer had worked together in a link to dig a massive three hundred foot deep bowl shaped hole in the ground. There were also five massive two hundred foot deep shafts in the bowl set at the points of a star. They had used a lot of the dirt to dam up some of the streams that fed this section of the Mire. They had sent the rest of the dirt through the gate over the last week. They had people on the other side arranging the dirt and rock as best they could. Egwene was down in one of the holes fusing the metal base to the massive stone slab they were using as the base. After she finished that they were going to use a combination of the Power and her magic to get the iron framework that would help support the tower assembled. They had already built each of the sections of crisscrossing flooring that Xander’s plan called for at every third floor. The idea was to assemble everything, fuse it together then turn the iron into heartstone.

She was just glad that Egwene could use the Power to mine metal otherwise they might have broken the bank trying to get enough iron to make the framework for all five towers. As it was she was going to have to toss spells on the iron to strengthen it while they were putting it in place otherwise it would likely collapse under its own weight. Xander was rather anxious to start building, not that she could blame him as he had spent the last couple of weeks working on the design for the project. She was looking forward to finally having actual rooms that were hers. The inn was nice enough but she wanted a place to call home. She flew down into the pit when she heard Egwene whistling for her. “Are we ready?”

Egwene glared at the fused walls of stone that kept the dirt out. While she didn‘t expect them to break, she would be happier when she was out of the bottom of the pit. “I’m past ready to get out of this death trap. This is the last base, now it’s just a matter of welding the rest of the pieces in place.”

Hermione lowered the carpet to a foot off the stone ground, “Step aboard. I‘ll weld if you want to move the iron floors into place.”

Even through she had ridden the flying ‘carpet’ before Egwene still half expected it to collapse or to tip and toss her if she wasn‘t careful. She stepped onto the carpet then promptly sat down. Harry might ride the things standing up like he didn’t have a care in the world but he could also teleport if he fell. “Ready.”

Hermione flew back out of the shaft so that Egwene could grab the first floor piece. She was hoping that they would be done in another week at the latest. They would probably finish the framework on the five towers today then it was up to Egwene to get a group together to wrap power wrought glass around the framework. Then it would probably be up to her, Xander and Harry to finish the inside in a timely manor with transmutation and Xander’s knowledge of construction.


Dawn looked across the small inn room at Willow, it was late and everyone else should have been asleep but she still whispered, “Are you still awake?” They had ended up doubling up as Xander was crashing at the construction site most nights. With how crowded the town was it seemed silly to take up more space than they had to.

“Yes. I don‘t really sleep anymore, I just sort of drift.”

“Ah, right… When are you going after the Eye of the World?”

Willow sighed, “I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about possible ways to deal with it for a while now. I’m hoping that we have another eight years before the Forsaken break out but there is always a chance that something changed from what people remember. If the eye is still around when the Forsaken get out then at least some of them will come for it.”

Dawn frowned, “Isn’t there a chance that they won’t break out at all now that there is no dark one around.”

“I can still feel the blight like a wound on the land. There is still dark magic working against the seals. They’ll break and the Forsaken will come to dance. I realized something the other day when I was talking to Rand. We might have a serious problem when they finally do break out.”

Dawn frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Rand said that the amount of the True Power they could draw was only limited by the Dark One. If the Dark One isn’t here to limit it then they could potentially draw enough power to level mountains or us.”

Dawn sighed, “That sounds rather grim. I was hoping that we actually had the upper hand for once. You‘re supposed to be a goddess can‘t you do something similar.”

“I’ve been working on that, I might be able to drink in the liquid saidin in the eye and convert it into power that my followers could use, it wouldn’t be nearly as massive as the reserve of dark power that’s left up north.”

Dawn considered, “It’s still something.”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to at least visit the Eye of the World and see.”

“That’s the spirit.”

“Do you want to come see it?”

Dawn smiled brightly, “Yes.”

Willow reached out with her magic and teleported with Dawn to the Eye of the World.

Dawn looked around at the beautiful garden of wild flowers, “It’s as beautiful as I imagined.” She jumped a bit when a massive man made out of plants stepped out of the trees.

“Thank you.” Someshta looked at Dawn, “You glow, I don’t think I’ve seen one of your kind before.” He turned to look at Willow, “It’s time for my job to be done isn’t it?”

Willow noted that he sounded both relieved and a touch sad, “I’m afraid so.”

“I shall show you to the eye though I would rather not go down there.”

Willow smiled slightly, “Thank you.”

Dawn stared as plants grew out of the Nym’s footprints. She kept half expecting one of the Forsaken to jump out at them on their walk to the eye.

It took more than a few minutes of walking through the garden then down a lot of stairs through a very pretty chamber with crystals on it before they got to the chamber that contained the Eye of the World. Willow could feel the magic pooled in the well. She reached out with her senses and ‘tasted’ the magic. It felt like fire and ice. She wasn’t exactly sure how those things quite went together but that was what it tasted or felt like. She reached out with her magic and drank in some of the liquid magic. It felt like life and power and pure magic. “Delicious.”

Dawn stared at the liquid magic in the well, “I think you’re the only one I know that would describe magic as tasty.”

Willow smiled, “Probably.”

“Do you think you can use it to make a source of power that others could draw on?”

“I think so, it might take awhile. If you want me to send you home first I can.”

Dawn shook her head, “No thanks, I’ll go talk to Someshta for a while.”

“Can you ask him if he wants this place moved out of the blight?”

“You can do that?”

“Considering how much power there is here, teleporting the place somewhere else isn’t going to be a problem.”

“I’ll leave you to your fun.”

Willow smiled as she walked over and knelt by the pool of liquid saidin, “Thanks.” She reached out and pulled a thread of magic into herself and worked on changing it into something she could use to give her followers a neutral power source like a nicer version of the Dark One‘s True Power. She wasn‘t sure if it would work but even if it didn‘t it would give her more power and empty the Eye of the World in a productive manor rather than wasting it.


Mat turned to look at Rand and Min when they walked over to where he was sitting drinking his cup of cider. “I would have expected you to be outside Nynaeve’s house pacing.”

Min snickered, “He was but his worry was leaking through the bond and driving Elayne crazy so he got sent to have a drink and relax.”

Rand drank his cider rather than say something he shouldn’t.

Mat asked, “How long until you head back to the farm?”

“Nynaeve wants Elayne to stay close for a couple of days. After that we’ll probably spend some time in the pocket world growing trees then I want to head back to the farm and help my dad out. I want to work on growing more apple trees.” He looked at Min, “My plans are sort of up in the air though depending on what the girls want to do.”

Min chuckled, “The children want to head back to the farm so I don’t have a problem with that.”

Rand smiled then turned back to look at Mat, “What about you?”

“Between helping my parents around the farm and getting to know my ‘niece’ I’ll be busy for a while. I also want to work on organizing a local militia with the people that came back soldiers. I don’t want to have to fight but I want to be ready for trouble.” He wasn’t sure if it was going to be trolloc trouble, Whitecloak trouble or Queen’s Guard trouble but he had a feeling that at some point trouble would come a calling.

Min smiled slightly, “I plan to talk one of the boys or girls with earth moving skill into expanding the farmhouse so that we can put in a couple more rooms and a library.”

Rand smiled, “I’ll talk to my father about it.” He didn’t think his father would object to expanding the farm a bit considering there were going to be more people staying there.

Mat nodded, “I think there will be a lot of new farms going in.”


Willow wasn’t sure how long it had taken to drain the pool of liquid saidin but she was happy with the result. She had a reservoir of power that she could parcel out to her followers that might allow them to do some interesting things. It should even slowly refill as the power trickled back to her. They would still be better off using saidar or saidin in most cases but at least she could give her friends a third option if she could figure out how to make a link with people. She wondered if someone had an instruction manual on being a goddess that they were hiding because it would have been useful. She probably needed to talk Rand into letting her look at his memories of drawing on the True Power to see if she could figure it out based on that. She might need to figure out how to make a door to Harry’s world just to collect a pensieve. “That was a trip.”

Dawn snickered, “Your hair was actually green for a bit there.”

Willow turned and stared at Dawn who she hadn‘t heard come in, “That’s a first, it must be this place and the fact that I was basing my new well off of this place and the magic coming off of Someshta.”

Dawn smiled, “He said that as long as he could still collect visitors from where he needed to then he would be happy not to have to combat the blight every day as it meant that he could visit steddings or tend to plants outside his garden without it falling to the blight.”

Willow smiled slightly as she reached out with her power and wrapped it around Someshta’s garden and teleported it to a nice place close to the empty stedding in the Two Rivers area of the Mountains of Mist. Once they moved the Black Ajah out of the stedding and into the pocket world they could start growing more trees and make the place a place of meditation and retreat. That and they wanted a place where Ogier guests would feel comfortable. She also wanted to see if Nynaeve could heal the tainted scar on Someshta’s face before attempting to fix it herself. “Are you ready to head back or are you going to stay here for a while longer?”

“We can find this place again now right?”

“We can.”

“Then I think I’ll make my farewells for now. We’ve been here a week.” She had been eating fruit and nuts for a week and wanted some actual food again.

“That took longer than I thought.”

Dawn chuckled, “Just a bit. I sent the gang a message with a whisper spell so that they wouldn’t worry but I still want some snuggle time with Xander.”

She sighed, “It’s going to be a long couple of years until the girls grow up enough to enjoy that type of thing.”

Dawn snickered, “You could always stick them in the pocket world to train.”

“We’ll see.” She reached into the well and picked up the chest that contained the Dragon Banner and the Horn of Valere. “Let‘s go say goodbye to Someshta then we can stash this somewhere safe and far away from Elayne.”

Dawn laughed, “She means well.”

“She does but there are some things that there should only be one of per world.”


Violet looked at Willow and Dawn then over at the cluster of plants she was planning to use to create shells for the souls Willow had collected, “What do you want your test subjects to look like?”

Willow chuckled, “Twenty year old tall athletic red haired girls with purple eyes and decent sized breasts. What do you want in exchange?”

Violet chuckled slightly, “Harry said that Egwene mentioned wanting to be taller. I don’t know any safe spells to increase height on a permanent basis.”

“Changing a growing person’s max height is easy enough. Fixing it after they’ve stopped growing isn’t.”

Dawn snickered, “So that’s why you never offered to make Buffy taller.”

“That and I didn’t want her taller than me.”

Violet focused on the shape she wanted the humans to take then cast her spell on the first plant. She smiled as a small Waterwood tree changed into a naked tall busty athletic girl with shoulder length red hair and purple eyes. “There you go.”

Willow reviewed the collection of souls she had from the various Amayar channelers that she had collected when they committed mass suicide. She smiled slightly as she reached out and placed the soul of two of the men into the girl.

The girl looked around frantically, “What’s going on?” She looked down and realized that she had breasts, “What’s going on? Why am I a girl? Who are you, where am I? Why doesn‘t my arm move? Why is there another voice in my head.”

Violet noticed that half of the questions seemed to come from a girl with a soft voice and half from a deep voice that didn’t work well with the female vocal cords she had.

“Welcome to your next life. I’ll be your goddess for this life please walk through the arch and enjoy our hospitality as you try to sort things out.” She pointed to the arch she had moved for just this purpose. She watched the girl walk through the arch in a bit of a daze. In all likelihood the souls would separate on the girl’s eventual death but the souls should alter the magical genetics of the shell body so that the talents would be passed to the children or at least that was the hope.”

Violet frowned, “I think there might be a flaw in this process, she didn’t seem quite sane.”

“Dawn mentioned that the old god had put a male soul in a female body. I’m trying to see if I can unlink what side of the source people channel from what sex they are which is why I stuck two male souls into the girl.”

“Ouch.” Violet winced.

“I figure there might be some adjustment. We should be able to bind her to not kill herself yet. I’ve got thirty three more souls, let’s try another twelve bodies and see what mashing together souls does to the genetics.”

Violet laughed, “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship as long as you don’t go insane and try to kill us all.”

“I wasn’t planning on it. Though I was hoping to talk Harry into knocking a bunch of them up with magic, do you think Hermione would let him?”

“As long as it’s for science or arcane lore in this case she’ll probably cast the spells herself.”

Willow smiled, “Excellent.”

Violet pointed at the next plant and transformed it into another tall athletic yet busty redhead with dark purple eyes. “I figured I should make them a touch different.”

Willow reached out and placed two souls into the girl. She was looking forward to seeing how the genetics worked out. She repeated her goddess spiel and pointed the confused ex-man to the arch where Verin and Dawn would be ready to bind them. She wasn’t sure how Harry’s genetics would interact with things but it was worth a test case. At the very least wizarding magic normally survived at least one generation with a non magical. She wondered if Giles’s aunts knew any good fertility spells. She would have to ask them. “Give the next one purple hair, I want to see what happens if I place three souls in her.”

“I’m guessing insanity, but we can always see.” She created a tall, athletic and busty person with long purple hair that hung down to the girls bottom. “Can we call her Twilight Sparkle?”

Willow shook her head, “Nah but if her child ends up working out we can call her Sparkle if it‘s a girl.”

“Fair enough.”

Willow reached out and stuffed two male souls and one female soul in the shell then sent her on her way. She watched the girl sort of stumble toward the arch then fall through it. “I might have to go back to two souls. She looked a little unstable.”

Violet nodded, “Hopefully it doesn’t cause any problems for any children she has.”

“On second thought we probably need at least one more to confirm that it’s a crazy idea.”

Violet snickered as she transfigured another plant into a human shell.


Egwene smiled a she looked at Elayne’s twins. They looked really cute bundled up in baskets. “How does it feel to be able to channel again?”

“I keep finding excuses to channel.” Elayne smiled.

Egwene chuckled, “Now that you can channel I was hoping that you would complete Eldrin’s project for her.”

“Which project?”

“The bridge south of Deven Ride. I saw a traveler coming from the south in my dreams.”

“That shouldn’t take that long, I just didn’t actually get to it before I stopped being able to channel. Her basic idea was to have a key that you could put into the base of the bridge that would turn the bridge on or off by stretching a large flow of air across the river. We‘re planning to use the same idea for Taren Ferry now that Bodewhin bought most of them out.”

“That makes a certain amount of sense.” Egwene liked the idea of a bridge they could close against trouble more than a bridge that they couldn’t.

“It shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes. If you want to come watch the twins I’ll take care of both of them.”

Egwene reached down and picked up the twins’ baskets, “Sure, I need to check on some things in Deven Ride anyways.”


Cadsuane ran her hand over the stone part of the bridge that stretched across the river. There were no seams in the stone and it looked well crafted. She looked at the wide bridge that seemed to be made of hardened air with a trace of something else to give it a little color so that people knew where the bridge was. She had expected to have to swim her horse across the river or something equally annoying, she hadn’t expected to find a bridge of this quality or design. She tested the bridge with a stick to make sure that it was solid. “Curious.” She mounted her horse and road across. She didn’t want to test what would happen if she actually touched the bridge while wearing her ter’angreal that caused weaves to unravel. She spotted a couple of young men on the other side of the river that were fishing at the water’s edge.

The man smiled at Cadsuane when she approached, “We almost never get visitors from the south. Especially not distinguished looking ladies such as yourself. Welcome to the Two Rivers, Deven Ride is a couple of miles up the road. Please enjoy your stay.”

Cadsuane smiled slightly at the young men. It never hurt to be polite. “How long has the bridge been here?” She would have thought that she would have at least heard rumors of such a strange bridge.

“Lady Elayne finished it two hours ago. If you had been here an hour ago you would have seen children running back and forth on it.”

The other young man spoke up, “Most of them headed back with the cart about twenty minutes ago.”

Cadsuane smiled, “Where can I find this Lady Elayne?”

“She lives in Emond’s field, she might be at the inn still. Look for the girl with reddish gold hair, she‘s hard to miss.”

“Thank you.” Cadsuane gave the young men a smile then headed north along the path.

The young man smiled, “Good luck.”


Cadsuane stared in shock as she entered the village and found something that should have been impossible. There in the middle of the village green was a massive chora tree. It looked like it had been there for centuries. There was something very weird going on in this area of the world. First enough of the Power had been used that she had felt it from her estate, then the strange bridge that had been created with the power and now an impossible tree in the middle of a backwater village. She tapped her horse’s sides and headed toward the tree.

Egwene smiled as Cadsuane Sedai approached. “It gives nice shade doesn’t it?”

Cadsuane stared at the nine year old girl sitting in the shade of the chora tree with two baby baskets next to her. She barely noticed that the girl’s dark brown hair or her speech patterns fit the area. The girl’s dress was a dark green that was slowly shifting to light blue as she watched. The girl had more potential than should be possible. It took her a couple of seconds to gather her thoughts. “How long has the tree been here and where did you get your dress?”

“A couple of weeks, a friend planted it. I got the dress from a friend.”

Her eyes narrowed, “It grew that large in a couple of weeks?”

Egwene shrugged, “It actually grew that large within minutes from what I heard. So what brings you to Deven Ride? We don‘t exactly get many of your kind here.”

“My kind?”

“You’re wearing a fancy dress and riding a horse so you’re either a lady or an Aes Sedai and there isn’t much call for either of those in a village out in the middle of nowhere.”

Cadsuane chuckled, “Do I look like an Aes Sedai?”

“I guess not, Aes Sedai don’t have grey hair, I mean you would have to be older than dirt to have that much grey hair as an Aes Sedai.” Egwene smiled sweetly at Cadsuane.

Cadsuane frowned as she realized that the girl obviously knew more than she was telling. “Where are you parents?”

“Not that it’s any of your business but they’re in Emond’s field.”

“They let you come down here by yourself?”

Egwene laughed, “Who said I was by myself?”

Harry chuckled as he walked up with Elayne, “You like poking the large fluffy tiger don’t you?”

Egwene giggled, “I was bored.”

Cadsuane looked Elayne over and realized that she was also stronger than her in the power by a fair margin though nothing like the girl leaning against the tree. The woman’s silk dress was shifting from light green to dark green. She glanced at the young woman’s hands and noticed that she didn’t wear a serpent ring but the young man next to her moved like someone that had been in battle. It was curious to say the least. “Are you the Lady Elayne?”

Elayne smiled slightly, “I am. How can I help you Aes Sedai?”

Cadsuane glanced between Egwene and Elayne, “Are you an Aes Sedai?”

Egwene smirked, “I don’t think they let nine year olds be Aes Sedai.”

Elayne chuckled, “That doesn’t sound like much fun.” She looked at Harry, “If I’m an Aes Sedai does that make you my warder?”

Harry snorted, “Not a chance, I’d much rather be Egwene’s warder.”

Cadsuane scowled, “Yes or no?”

Elayne yawned, “I’m not an Aes Sedai and I have no wish to be one. There, does that help?”

Cadsuane frowned, “Where did you get your training?”

“Here and there.” She turned to look at Egwene, “We should probably get going.”

Egwene pouted as she played up the young girl angle, “But I was just getting comfortable.”

Harry chuckled as he pulled his flying carpet out of his expanded belt pouch and unfolded it. “Good day Aes Sedai.”

Egwene picked up the twins and stepped onto the flying carpet and settled herself with the twins in the middle. She turned to look at Cadsuane and smirked, “It was nice meeting you.”

Cadsuane stared at the fancloth flying carpet, “Where did you get that?”

Elayne took a seat next to Egwene, “We know some people that make them.”

Harry stepped onto the carpet. “Everyone settled?”

Egwene hugged the twins’ baskets to her, “Yep.”

He concentrated on the carpet and they flew off to the north.

Cadsuane scowled as she tried to remember the last time anyone had ignored her that thoroughly. She glanced toward the inn and decided to ask a couple of questions of the locals before heading north to try to get more answers.


“What’s the meaning of this?” Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan stared in shock as her weaves unraveled as they touched the young boy that had been searching her chamber when she returned from talking with the queen.

Mat smirked at Elaida, “I was just looking for evidence of any wrong doing on your part.”

“How? What?” She asked confusedly. Weaves weren’t supposed to just unravel like that.

“A little help here Nynaeve.” He wanted her taken care of before she tried tossing things at him.

Nynaeve poked her head out of Elaida’s study, slammed a shield on the Aes Sedai, wrapped her in flows of air and stuffed a gag of air in her mouth. “Done.” She stepped out into the room.

That should be impossible as far as Elaida was concerned. She couldn’t sense the ability to channel in the girl despite being able to see the shield and the flows of air that held her.

Mat walked over and secured the door on the off chance that a wandering guard noticed the open door and was insanely brave or stupid enough to check the red sister’s quarters.

Nynaeve scowled, “I still think we should just put a knife in her.” Elaida had ordered Siuan’s warder killed when there had been no need. They could have wrapped him in air and hauled him to a cell. She had caused a world of grief for a lot of people when she had taken over the White Tower in the other timeline. Maybe things would have been different in this future without the Black Ajah around to instigate things but why take the chance. Besides, Elaida had foretelling which was an extremely rare talent. If her future children had it then that would be a strong indicator that talents were genetic rather than random.

Mat shrugged, “I’m only here because Thom wanted this dealt with and couldn’t come himself.” He wanted her dealt with because she was a rabid man hating bitch that might eventually raise an army to cause his friends problems. He didn’t trust most Aes Sedai at the best of times, he didn’t trust Elaida as far as he could toss Perrin with his left hand.

Elaida’s eyes widened and she started frantically thrashing against her bonds. The only Thom that she knew had no reason not to slit her throat or worse.

Mat smirked as he went back to searching through her stuff, “I see she remembers.” He had already taken her stash of coin and a couple of strange trinkets that he was going to ask Aviendha about. “Can you keep her held for another five minutes?”

Nynaeve nodded, “Easily.”

“Good, I want to look through her collection of papers to see if she has any letters of credit before we leave.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Nynaeve knew they could use an illusion to look like Elaida.


Moiraine smiled as Cadsuane stalked into the inn in Emond‘s Field, “You look a little frazzled.”

Cadsuane stopped and stared at Moiraine. She stalked over to where she was sitting near the fire, “Is this your doing?”

Moiraine smiled slightly, “Is what my doing?” She was probably taking a bit too much enjoyment out of Cadsuane’s discomfort but such was life.

“The trees, the wilders that don’t seem worried about offending an Aes Sedai. The stone buildings that are going up around town, the strange fabric to name a few.”

Moiraine gestured toward the chair opposite her, “The trees were grown by one of the local children with a talent for singing. It’s a rather amazing talent. Not all of the girls that can channel here are truly wilders. I wouldn’t consider Elayne a wilder though the others have more claim to the title.”

Cadsuane sat across from Moiraine, “Why haven’t you sent them off to the tower?”

“They see little point in going to the tower for training they don’t think they need. Especially not when it means that the tower would then have a great deal of control over their lives for the next several years at the very least. The older girls have been teaching the younger girls.”

“There are girls here far stronger than I am. They‘ll need actual training.”

“The girls are confident that they can provide adequate training for the younger girls.”

“The young woman Elayne, the tower hasn’t seen that type of strength in a thousand years or more. The young girl I saw in the other town, she had more potential than has probably been seen since the breaking.”

Moiraine chuckled, “I don’t think the world has ever seen anyone as strong as some of the girls here. Egwene al’Vere has amazing strength in all five powers and a couple of talents the tower has forgotten about. You‘ll find a number of powerful people tucked away in the Two Rivers. That said, I don‘t think you‘ll have much luck convincing them to go to the tower. There is no law in Andor that says girls have to go to the tower.”

“I can’t see the tower not trying to bully the town into sending the girls.”

Moiraine snorted, “Several of the people in this town could level the White Tower without breathing hard.”

“Is that why you’re here?”

Moiraine smiled slightly, “That’s one of the reasons, another is the inn has very good food.”

Cadsuane frowned, “What can you tell me about the massive amount of channeling that’s been going on lately?”

“Probably a lot, that doesn’t mean I’m going to.”

Cadsuane glared at her, “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“More than I should.” Moiraine smiled as Marin brought over two bowls of soup. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Moiraine watched the woman leave then turned back to Cadsuane, “You might not like the answers you find if you stay.”

“I like a good mystery…” She trailed off when she felt a fair amount of the power being drawn toward town. “That’s quite a bit of power being used for training.”

Moiraine sighed as she realized that she had forgotten to tell Eldrin not to work at the forge today, “Eat your soup, she‘ll likely still be working when you get done.” She started eating her soup. She wasn’t looking forward to Cadsuane’s complaining when she found out what Eldrin was up to.


Dawn was enjoying spending time watching Faith and Perrin work. Faith was working on a horse shoe as practice while Perrin worked on forging a throwing knife for Min. Eldrin was practicing her magic by keeping the metal just the right temp so that they didn’t have to stop. She was going to need to ask Willow about further training in magic at some point if she wanted to keep up with the interesting and wacky world they were in. Either that or she was going to have to pick up a trade skill. She smiled as Faith finished her horseshoe, “That actually looks like a horseshoe this time.”

Faith laughed as she dropped the horse shoe into the water to cool. “Bite me.”

Dawn smirked, “I’m not Spike or Willow.”

Faith snorted, “I wonder how he’s doing.”

Dawn shrugged, “I sent him to Jara’copan to explore. There is supposed to be a couple of valuable things buried in the ruins.”

“What’s he been doing for food?”

“We bought him a goat. They can keep each other company.”

Faith snickered, “Hopefully he’ll find something useful.” She sighed as she spotted a lady in a nice dress approaching. “This can’t be good.”

Cadsuane frowned at Faith then over at Eldrin who was maintaining a weave of fire while the boy created a knife. “What are you doing?”

Faith rolled her eyes, “He’s making a throwing dagger for a friend of ours. What’s it to you?”

“I was talking to the girl weaving fire to help make the weapon.”

Eldrin didn‘t bother to look at the women talking, “I’m helping keep the metal hot so that it goes faster.”

“You’re using the Power to make a weapon.” She was rather startled by the amount of potential the girl had.

“I need practice maintaining concentration and this is more useful than practicing weaves in the air.”

“You know that making weapons with the power is forbidden by Aes Sedai law correct?”

Eldrin snorted, “Good thing I’m not an Aes Sedai then.”

Faith smiled slightly at Cadsuane, “Do you have a reason to be here or do you just like annoying people?”

“I was curious about what she was working on.”

Perrin looked up at the Aes Sedai. “I think we’re done for the day Eldrin if you want to head off.”

Eldrin let go of her weave of fire and the source. “Sure, Adora wanted some more fabric so I’ll go help with that.” She ducked past Cadsuane and headed off toward the building they were using as a workshop for making dresses.

Perrin dropped the dagger in a bucket of water then looked over at Cadsuane, “Was there something you wanted other than harassing my friend’s sister?”

Cadsuane snorted, “I wasn’t harassing her, I was just saying that some people wouldn’t take well to her using the power to make weapons.”

Dawn snorted, “I know you believe that but you might want to have a care and not bother the girls.”

Perrin used his tongs to grab the knife out of the bucket so he didn‘t get his gloves wet. “Message delivered, now if you excuse me I want to show Min her knife so I can see what changes to make for the final version.“ Perrin grabbed the reasonably cool knife so that he could take it to show Min. “I’ll be back later if you want to practice more Faith.”

Faith smiled slightly, “I’d like that.” She slipped past Cadsuane and headed toward the inn. She had to meet up with Buffy for drinks.

Dawn followed Perrin out of the smithy so that she didn’t have to listen to the Aes Sedai.

Cadsuane frowned slightly as everyone left. “I’ll have to ask Moiraine about the boy’s gold eyes.”


Elayne scowled as Cadsuane barged in past the two men set to guard the ter’angreal workroom. “I guess that will teach me to lock the door when there are nosy snoops around.”

Cadsuane glanced around at the various strange looking objects she could see laid out on workbenches. “Interesting.”

Jonneth Dowtry scowled at Cadsuane, “Sorry Lady Elayne, she just barged past us.”

Elayne shrugged, “That’s fine Jonneth, do me a favor though and go get Moiraine Aes Sedai.”

“I can do that.” Jonneth nodded then ducked out of the room.

Cadsuane looked around, “Quite the collection of odds and ends.”

Elayne smiled slightly as she set the bracelet on the table that she had been working on. “I like to collect things.”

“Some of these are items of the power aren’t they?”

“A lot of them are either ter’angreal or going to be.”

“Going to be?”

“Yes. I can make certain types of ter’angreal. The bridge you crossed over is actually a ter‘angreal that makes a bridge of air that can be turned off or on with a key.”

The girl didn‘t seem to be lying but she wasn’t sure how long it had been since anyone created a ter’angreal. “Where did you learn?”

“A couple of years ago I ran into a ter’angreal and it got me thinking about how it was made. From there I branched out to other types.”

Moiraine entered, “I’d forgotten how nosey you are.” She had already been on her way when Jonneth had told her that Cadsuane was causing problems.

Cadsuane turned to stare at Moiraine, “So it’s true?”

“That she can make ter’angreal? She can make some ter’angreal.”

“I had thought the talent lost.”

Moiraine shrugged, “As had I until I encountered Elayne.”

“Can you make angreals?”

“Sadly that’s a different process. If you’ve got enough coin I can probably hook you up.”

Cadsuane frowned, “You found angreal in your travels?”

Moiraine said, “They have a couple of people that can make the seeds that you can then turn into angreal.”

Cadsuane stared at Moiraine, “No wonder you’re here.”

Moiraine shrugged, “Among other reasons. How are the bracelets coming?”

Elayne pointed toward a group of thirteen silver bracelets. “I’m still working on the design. Those link people together and allow part of everyone’s talents to be shared by their circle. For example if Egwene and Nynaeve put two of the bracelets on then Egwene’s healing weaves would work better.”

“While interesting I don’t see the point, you could just pass the lead to the one with the talent.”

“True but the bracelets allow everyone to channel though at a reduced level of power rather than an increased level of power like a proper link.” She pointed to the bracelet with a gold circle on it. “That one is the leader and they have a slightly boosted amount of power though not as much as a true circle.”

Cadsuane looked at the bracelets, “I can see where that would be useful especially for some of the rarer talents like making ter’angreal.”

Elayne smiled slightly, “Exactly. One of the other benefits is that you can‘t channel an unsafe amount of the Power while linked with someone which means that they‘re also a perfect tool to help train people.”

“That would be useful though at some point everyone needs to understand where their limits are. What else have you created?”

“If you want I’ll give you the tour.” She gestured around the workroom.

“That would be nice.”

Moiraine was hoping that she could get Cadsuane onboard as a teacher for some of the girls as they really did need some more qualified teachers.


Xander stared at the lake that surrounded the five power wrought glass towers, “I can’t believe that we’re actually done.”

Hermione snorted, “Only with the basics and a couple of things on this tower.”

“Ventilation, waterlines, sewage and heating are important systems.”

“Interior walls might be nice.”

Xander shook his head, “Entirely overrated.”

“I’d rather have some privacy when I visit the loo.”

He glanced down at the large glass sky bridges in the form of a pentagram. “At least the ring tubes are done as are the tubes that make everything look like a pentagram from above.” They had placed the first ring and connecting tubes on the bottom of the lake. It would likely give an incredible view once they stocked the lake with fish and the water cleared up a touch. The next ring had been placed at the water level so that they could use it as a dock. It had a solid sheet of power wrought glass over the whole pentagram. They were planning to put a number of gardens and fountains in the middle area. The platform was also the main access point for the towers.

“Sometimes I think Willow takes the whole pagan thing a bit too far.”

Xander snickered, “Well she is a pagan goddess.”

“You’ve lived a strange life.”

“I guess I have. What are you planning to do once we get everything working?”

She sighed, “Way too much customization once people start claiming areas.”

Xander frowned, “We’re getting paid for this right?”

“We better be.” She looked out toward the next tower. “Shall we head to the next one?”

“We still have a few hours of daylight.”

“Let’s get started then.” She grabbed Xander’s hand then apparated them to the next tower.

“Thanks, I wasn’t looking forward to more steps.” He wished they could have put in an elevator but it hadn’t been practical.


Violet smiled as she looked around the pocket world. They were estimating the place to be about five miles a side with a ceiling at around two thousand feet which left quite a bit of room for living space and gardens. They had set the place up in five districts, each with its own chora tree in the center. One district was reserved for the Black Ajah members that were cooperating with their goal to create an army of channelers by breeding the Ayyad men with the various black sisters. Another slightly less nice area was reserved for the black sisters that didn’t want to help with that part of the project. She would have voted to kill them and have Willow crunch their souls together into more purple eyed girls except for the fact that they were still useful for testing Elayne’s ter’angreal and turning angreal seeds into angreals every couple of months. The middle district was set up for the Ayyad they had recruited. It was also what Harry was calling the red light district as they handled the record keeping for what male fathered what child. While they had convinced the Ayyad with them that they didn’t need to kill the men anymore the current generation of men wasn‘t good for much else. A couple of the Asha’men they had were working hard to train as many of the men as they could. Another district was set aside for the purple eyed girls. The last section was being used to train the people they were recruiting from other lands. The basic idea was to make sure everyone had basic training in the Power as well as a trade skill that would be needed to build their kingdom into something great. She was rather proud of their little experiment.

Harry smiled as he saw his daydreaming sister, “Penny for your thoughts?”

Violet looked over at Harry, “I’m just trying to figure out where to find enough teachers for the various schools we’ll need for the next generation.”

Harry chuckled slightly, “Being a teacher wouldn’t be so bad. Lots of beautiful girls with skimpy outfits sounds good to me.”

“We could do that for a few years before we get bored of it.”

“I bet we could talk Hermione into teaching for a while as well. At least long enough to train our replacements.”

Violet smirked, “Considering the offer of immortality, I’m not really opposed to spending some time getting things set up here.”

Harry smirked, “We should recruit Connor as a weapons instructor and a sperm donor. At least some of his abilities have to be genetic.”

Violet laughed, “We should probably look into seeing if we can get Spike a non demonic body.”

Harry laughed, “Yeah, that whole bursting into flames thing in sunlight as a bad thing.”

“Let’s go talk to Willow and Spike about it.” She started walking toward the arch that took them back to the outside world.


Dawn smiled at the bedraggled looking Spike as he walked into the inn, “Did you bring me anything?”

Spike snorted as he walked over to flop down in a chair next to Dawn, “You send me to that snake infested hellhole with a bloody temperamental goat for food and now you’re asking if I brought you anything?”


Buffy snickered, “You’re supposed to say welcome back first when he’s coming back with shinnies.”

Spike smiled slightly at Buffy, “I found a bloody sharp sword and some armor that has seen better days. A ceremonial dagger and a handful of gems that would probably sell for a pocketful of coins each. Some are probably worth more than a pocketful of coins.” He pulled a silver and gold pendant out that was studded with sapphires. “Don’t say I never did anything for you.”

Dawn smiled brightly as she accepted the necklace, “Thank you.”

Buffy pouted, “Did you bring me anything?”

Spike chuckled as he fished out a gold ring with a large dark ruby set in it. “Here.”

Buffy caught the ring and looked it over, “It’s pretty.”

“You’re welcome, now have I mentioned how much I hate snake pits lately?”

Dawn and Buffy found themselves snickering while Spike told them about his epic battles with snakes in the ruins as well as almost being buried alive when he was digging some treasure out.


Elayne stared at the loom in amusement, “I don’t think you got it quite right.”

Bodewhin giggled as she looked at the shimmery piece of sheer fabric her ter‘angreal loom had spun out when she channeled into it. “It mostly worked which is rather amazing considering I only have part of your talent thanks to the bracelets.”

Willow snickered as she forcefully scrapped a knife across the fabric without cutting or damaging the fabric, “On the upside it’s ridiculously hard to cut.” She put the knife back in her belt sheath.

Elayne blushed, “It’s also extremely sheer.”

Bodewhin reached down and placed her hand on the fabric and watched as it changed color where she was touching the fabric. “We could almost use this stuff for armor.”

Willow could see the point. If they used a gel type of padding they could probably get away with using the material as armor. She could picture slayers using the stuff as the inside layer of the fancloth suits if they ever got the fancloth ter’angreal to work right. “This stuff would work nicely on the inside of a fancloth suit. It wouldn’t stop blunt force trauma but it would stop you from getting cut.”

Elayne frowned at the loom, “I think we should work on some easier things for a while.”

Bodewhin resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at Elayne only because she didn‘t want to lose access to the bracelet that gave her the talent required to make the ter‘angreal. “I’m just happy that it worked better than my first attempt.”

Willow snickered, “It makes a strong netlike material that changes color. It‘s still useful even if not what you wanted.” She wasn’t going to mention that she was already thinking about making fishnet clothes out of the material for some of her purple eyed girls.

“At least my dream ring doesn’t cause nightmares…”

Elayne blushed, “Your ring is almost worse.” Her one experience with wearing the ring that Bodewhin had created had produced a dream starring Rand, Min and Aviendha that had caused her to wake up drenched in sweat.

Willow chuckled, “Speaking of experiments, how are you doing duplicating Nynaeve’s ter’angreal set?”

“I’m getting closer. I managed to figure out how to duplicate the ring that detects channeling before getting distracted by Xander’s horse carving. Then Egwene asked for several sleepwalkers and dream rings so that she could train a couple of people.”

Willow smiled slightly, “I should probably sign up for those lessons. If you figure out how to duplicate the horse ter‘angreal let me know, I know a couple of the girls would love a horse they can summon when they need one. If you can figure out horses, you might be able to figure out how to make one for pets as well.”

Bodewhin nodded, “That reminds me, I should ask Egwene what the dream world is like in the pocket world.”

Elayne smiled, “In that case, I think I’ll get back to work trying to figure out more of the ter’angreals.”

Bodewhin looked at Willow then at the awkwardly sized loom, “Do you think you can help me haul this over to the other workshop?”


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