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Summary: Halloween was only the beginning... Now Xander must Reclaim a galaxy lost to darkness.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Action
Games > Sci-Fi > Halo
ZaionFR1837,87974016,0323 Jul 1313 Jul 13No


Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate, or Halo. This is a work of fiction written for fun not for profit.


The bridge was busy with UNSC Naval personnel preparing systems as Fleet Admiral Alexander John Mendez gazed at the starfield currently projected on the holographic screen before him. It was a familiar sight, one he had grown accustomed to over the few short years that it had taken to reach this point.

It was also a sight that he may not see again for a long while.

His attention was momentarily diverted as an armored figured entered the bridge. Clad in pitch black armor edged in gold, Arbiter Thel’Vadam was a sight to behold. Once believed to be the only sangheili in existence, Thel’Vadam had been alone in a hostile universe and yet he chose to make it his own. He was one of Alex’s staunchest allies, and had proven invaluable both on and off the field of battle since the Reclamation began.

“The Prophets once spoke of a Great Journey,” the Arbiter spoke, “but it was mere lies to bind us to their will. This before us, this is the true journey, to explore the stars, to seek those who came before us.”

Thel’Vadam turned to look directly at Alex, going from philosophical to professional.

“The new SPARTANs are settled in. The Huragok assigned to Alpha Company are all accounted for and all gear has been triple checked and locked down. Reclaiming Hope is preparing the cryo systems now.”

Alex nodded as his hand slid across a control panel attached to his chair.

“Reforming Shield has already informed me that all Science division personnel are accounted for and all projects are locked down. I’m just waiting for the final reports from Offensive Bias and Cortana before giving the order.” He said as he entered commands.

A moment later a female figure appeared floating before him, projected light made solid by advanced Forerunner hardware.

“Admiral, all ships of the Fleet report ready for Slipspace.” Cortana said, her familiar voice a soothing refrain to her oldest friend.

Alex nodded in acknowledgment.

“Ready Status Confirmed, Cortana. Stand-by for Slipspace on my command.”

Cortana nodded before vanishing. Only her projection had disappeared, for the AI Alex trusted more than any other remained linked into the network and ready to carry his commands to the rest of the fleet.

“Reclaimer.” A smooth voice spoke as a floating machine entered the bridge. “All non-essential personnel are ready for cryo sleep. All weapon systems and defensive systems are operational. UNSC Infinity is ready for Slipspace.”

Again Alex nodded as he acknowledged the report from Offensive Bias. Offensive Bias was one of three Forerunner Ancilla who had proven so critical to Alex’s success during the early years of the Reclamation, and were still some of his most loyal and critical subordinates.

“Thank you Offensive Bias.”

Alex remained quiet in contemplation for a few moments before standing and straightening his uniform. He would ordinarily have preferred to be wearing his MJOLNIR armor, but his role as Admiral demanded appropriate attire in this situation. This would be a speech recorded for posterity; just like his first address to humanity, his first address to the training cadre at Corbulo Academy, and his first address to the Goa’uld System Lord Apophis. He had to look the part, no matter how much he felt like he should still be an NCO.

“Roland.” He spoke, addressing the command AI for the UNSC Infinity, “Open channel to entire fleet, all battlegroups.”

“Channel open, Admiral.” The glowing yellow AI replied as his projection appeared over a podium to Alex’s right. The command AI had the appearance of a World War II era pilot, highly incongruous with the advanced technology of the ship it now commanded.

Alex took a moment to gather his thoughts before beginning.

“This is Fleet Admiral Mendez, to all UNSC personnel and citizens. We’ve had a hard road getting here. Enemies both foreign and domestic have attempted to destroy or control us. We started with only a handful of people with a dream and the drive to see it through, and in these few short years all of you answered the call; the call to battle, the call to destiny, the call to make our people great. Together we have forged the UNSC into more than just an ideal. And now, together we stand strong, we stand proud, and we stand free.

“The war against the Goa’uld continues, but our forces stand ready to defend the gates. The Replicators have been defeated, their technology used to enhance our own. And now, we brave few, each man and woman among us a volunteer, prepare to enter the black void between the galaxies. We are taking perhaps the greatest leap mankind has ever undertaken. When I give the command, Battlegroup Requiem will enter Slipspace. It will be a long journey to reach our destination, longer than any of you have ever experienced. Once there, we hope to find the truth of our ancestors, of those who came before.

“No matter what the future brings, I am proud of each and every one of you.”

Alex took a breath before finishing his speech, paraphrasing the poem Forward Unto Dawn.

“From Earth, for Earth. Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. Together We Rise, Together We Will Prevail. Forward Unto Dawn. Godspeed.”

Turning his gaze to Roland he spoke.

“Prepare the fleet for entry into Slipspace.”

Roland nodded and began transmitting commands. As Alex turned and walked towards the cryo pod assigned to him he could hear Roland and Cortana’s voices echoing over the communications channel.

“The Admiral has called for Slipspace jump. All UNSC personnel enter cryo.”

As Alex climbed into his cryo pod his mind drifted, back to beginning of it all. Back to the year when everything changed.

The year when Buffy, the Chosen One, the Vampire Slayer entered his life.

The year when he lost his best friend.

The year when he discovered that he had the strength to face the darkness.

The year when he met the woman who would drive him to heights unimagined.

The year that Requiem became more than just a dream.

The year...Alexander Lavelle Harris took up the mantle of Reclaimer.
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