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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Neo Sineya Council". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A re-imagining of the End of Angel. He gets help from an unexpected source in Angel's fight against the Demon Army of the Black Thorn.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversjakedamanFR18919,4571147,4734 Jul 1322 Jul 13Yes

....And Dragons!

Disclaimer :
BTVS and Angel belong to the Great, Munificent Joss Whedon! I do not them or Stargate, Dukes of Hazzard, or Highlander. Nor do I own M.A.S.H. I'm not doing this for money, fame, or fortune (more's the pity) but I am doing this for the recognition of my peers, peons, and loyal subjects.

Please do the 4 R's: Read, Rate, Review, Recommend.

Up on the roof Angel was quietly surveying the Air Force team and the Immortals (and wasn't that a doozy!) readying themselves to defend against the rest of the demon horde as Buffy scampered up the fire escape. He jumps hearing his son, out of the blue, remark, "So that's Buffy. Wow, I think she's faster than Faith, Dad!" So quiet was the teen, Angel never heard his son approach.

Angel glared at him, distractedly taking the small gem from the silent stranger. "I thought I told you to go home, Conner."

"Well you did. And I did." Conner laughed. "You know, I've never seen you look quite this…what's the word…mangled."

"Funny. You're avoiding the question. Why are you here?" Angel inquired.

"After checking on my other family I realized where I belong." Conner confessed. "And besides, I noticed Gunn behind the dumpster. You weren't exactly protecting him. So I stepped in."

“Gunn!” He yelped moving to check on his injured friend.

Stopping Angel with just a hand on his chest Conner reassured him, “It's okay Dad. The Dukes and Father Mulcahy were able to save him. He's doing fine.”
“Thank God!” Angel declared, “Cordy would probably come back from the dead if Gunn had died. Um... and who are the Dukes and Father Mulcahy?”

“Wouldn't be surprised.” Conner retorted with a small wistful smile. Shaking off the memories he explained, “The Dukes are from Georgia and Daisy, one of the cousins, was called when all the Slayers were activated. Father Mulcahy is an old family friend of theirs. Seems he and their Uncle Jesse met in Vietnam.”

"Oh. Uh. How long have you been…" Angel started, stopped then finished gratefully, "It doesn't even matter. Just glad you're okay. And thanks." hugging his son softly.

“No Problem Dad.” Conner reassured him quietly.

Letting go of his son Angel paused looking at the gem in his healed hand.

Conner smiled asking him, “Um, How are you feeling?”

“Huh?” Angel asked. Looking down at himself he noticed all his wounds had healed, “I feel pretty good actually.” He noticed the gem in the palm of his hand once again. Realization dawning, he gasped, “A Gem of Amarra! How...?”

“Who cares ya great poof!” Spike snorted, “Just swallow it down like I did ya git!” he instructed.

“Huh?” Angel asked again staring at his GrandChilde.

Leaning over to Conner Spike stage-whispered to the teen, “Little slow on the uptake ain't he?”

Chuckling, Conner handed Angel his sword. "Go do what you do best Father, go save the world."

"Okay, you guys ready to finish this?" Buffy called pointing towards the incoming Dragon. "We got a dragon to Slay!"

Daisy, Bo, and Luke quietly exited the hotel, slipping behind the Air Force team and the Immortals to the building the mages occupied. Daisy boosted her cousins up to the fire-escape the same way Buffy had boosted Angel.

Blowing a lock of her dark hair out of her face she joked, “Oof! Bo! You need to go easy on Mabel's pie's cuz!”

“Ha. Ha.” came the sarcastic retort as he levered up the fire-escape.

Luke snickered to his cousins, “Just be glad we were able to convince Uncle Jesse to stay with the Padre and Gunn.”

Daisy exclaimed wide-eyed, “Oh Lordy no. Anything but that!” she finished, jumping up to the fire-escape, swinging lithely onto the first balcony. Chuckling, the cousins made their way quickly to the top.

Jack called out, “Okay Lady's! Everybody behind the barricade!” So ordering he spun on his heel, moving behind said barricade that had made earlier in the day.

“Hey!” Kennedy yelled. Defiantly she demanded, “Who died and made you God?”

Without turning he said over his shoulder in his best 'or else' voice, “You will if you don't get your skinny behind over here young lady!”

No-one was more surprised than Kennedy when she followed him to the barricade. The other Slayers shared an incredulous glance then hurried to join them at Kennedy's bellow, “Slayers! Form up and get over here! Rona, Michelle! Get Lady Blue!”

Vi came around the barricade right behind Kennedy. She stopped, stared, and started to drool at the sight greeting her. She whispered, “He's so beautiful...”

Kennedy looked sharply at Vi then followed her line of sight. She 'ah'd' in understanding, her eyes alighting on the strange looking, but really big honking gun. Vi stumbled towards it as if in a trance. She falter to a stop by a deep rumbling, “I am sorry Slayer, but that weapon is classified and only I am allowed to wield it.”

Vi tore her eyes away from the most beautiful weapon she had ever seen to snap at the source of the voice that would deny her the... pleasure... of such a BIG gun. Her gaze met a mans ribs just below his chest and she looked up, and up, and up. Mouth agape in shock she almost fell backwards by the view.

Swallowing to wet her suddenly dry mouth she husked, “Oh my. Heellloooo salty goodness.” finishing up with a VERY lascivious lick of her lips.

Teal'c stoically raised his right eyebrow at the young woman's antics. Sam, whom had just re-joined the team from double checking the last of the connections to their little surprise for the enemy, snickered. Turning to look at her his right eyebrow went down while the left one rose, his expression asking, “Et tu?”

Kennedy pinched Vi in the ribs growling, “Down girl! We've got a war to win.”

Vi jumped blushing and hurried to the other side of the barricade casting one last longing, lip biting look at the big honking gun. Kennedy couldn't help herself, she rolled her eyes. The girl was so exasperating when it came to something bright and shiny. She commented to Teal'c, “Girl needs to get out more, ya know big guy?”

Teal'c rumbled stoically, “Indeed.”

While Vi was coveting Teal'c's converted blaster (and... other things) Gunn angrily slammed the hotel service door open. He stopped just outside, his eyes searching for their target. Jesse and Father Mulcahy stumbled slightly running into him. He didn't even budge. Opening his mouth to yell for his boss Gunn was interrupted by an older guy asking him a question, whose outfit and stance just screamed 'I'm-military' along with 'I'm-in-charge'.

“What?” Gunn asked slightly put off not having really heard the military man.

“I said, 'do-you-know-how-to-shoot'?” The older man asked him slowly, using hand gestures to mimic shooting.

“Don't like guns.” Gunn retorted. Hefting his axe he stated, “This'll do.”

The older guy looked at the axe with a critical eye, nodded, and suggested, “If you haven't, you should dip it in Holy Water and have the Padre bless it for you.”
“Done and done.” Gunn informed him.

He was about to ask where Angel was but the old guy glanced sharply up the ally and observed, “Force-field is about to drop.” Swinging back to Gunn the old guy informed him, “Well, we've cooked up some surprises so please wait till I give the signal.”

“And what's the signal?” Gunn bemusedly asked.

The older guy smirked as he turned back to his team, “Oh don't worry, you'll know it when you see it.” he informed Gunn.

Gunn watched the last of the Slayers jump, skid, and run past the trundling barricade. As the last few hopped up onto the barricade there came the sound of clanging cymbals. A deep thrum joined in and the force-field glowed brighter.

Father Mulcahy watched as his long-time friend Jesse Duke took stock of their first-aid kit one more time. Sighing, shaking his head he whispered, “Jesse, I don't like it.”

Without glancing up Jesse responded in longtime familiarity, “Don't like it either Francis. But we'all gots to do what needs doin'.”

“No Jesse,” Father Mulcahy clarified, “I'm talking about young Gunn. It's too soon for him to be up and about. He needs time to adjust to his new... condition.”

Having finished his examination of the kit Jesse peered up at the young man who seemed to fairly vibrate with energy and rage. Placing his hand on his friends shoulder to get his attention he reminded his friend, “Francis. It's just like the 'Nam. I saw many a young'un break in the field while others got stronger.” nodding his head and their attention to Gunn he added, “Young Conner's blood changed him into a vampire-o-sorts. Boy still has his soul as you were able to test him.”

“I know Jesse...” Father Mulcahy began but Jesse, with firm gentleness, interrupted him.

“Francis! That young man is a Warrior. This battle will not break him.” Jesse asserted. Gathering his friends attention once again he stated, “He'll make it through or he won't. Ain't up to us old men.” Turning, his countenance forward he announced, “It's up to him... and God.”

“Slayer.” the dark man whispered, “I've something to help you with the dragon.”

Handing her a round amulet with stylized rays of sunlight spaced around the edge. He told her, “It is said Hephaestus was commissioned by Apollo the god of the sun to craft these so he could take mortals with him on his daily rounds.”

“So, Apollo needed something to protect his girlfriends while taking them cruising?” Buffy quirked an eyebrow, donning the amulet, “Neat! Thanks Wesley.” she gushed turning away from his shocked expression.

Angel and Spike's heads snapped up as Wesley pulled his cowl back. Spike sputtered, “Cor!” he smacked the former Watcher on the arm crying out, “I knew you had a plan! Knew there was no way that sodding idjit could get the best of you!”

Angel stood stock-still as Spike looked back, “You owe me twenty quid Angel. Tolj'ya he'd make it.”

“No you didn't and we never made a bet.” Angel informed Spike as he stepped up to Wesley. Gazes locked, taking each others measure he nodded, stating, “It really is you. Good to have you back Wesley.”

“Good to be... here.” Wesley smirked.

Giles called out from the finished mystic circle, “Wesley, you wanker, get your arse over here!” in his best 'head-master' voice.

“Oh yes! At once Mr. Giles! Right away Mr. Giles.” he responded, sarcasm full on. “Ponce.” he muttered.

“I heard that!”

“You were meant to!”

Everyone, the demon army included, paused and fell silent as the dragon above screamed out it's rage. Hovering on her wings spread to their full thirty foot span, scales glistening from reflected fire, its long prehensile tail whipped in agitation. She didn't like this cold world. It was no where hot enough for its kind and the geas that were laid upon it were... uncomfortable.

Seeing it's mystically programmed targets below she pulled her flat, wide head back. Her sinuous neck formed an S-shaped arc as she breathed in to stoke her internal flame. Thrusting her snout forward, she stretched her neck straight, head-ridges streamlined away to the back to let loose a blast of dragon-fire as she sought to immolate the tiny beings.

They dared! She roared again in pure frustration. The two males and the tiny female weathered her fire like it was nothing more than a hot wind. A mystical shield protected the Mages from her righteous wrath, her fire flowing around and over them like a wave breaking upon the shore.

Screaming one last time she dove for the top of the strange structure her targets stood upon. She'd had enough and fully intended to devour them all.

Buffy watched as the dragon began its attack run. She gauged distances, angles, and lines of sight. Grabbing Angel and Spike each by the hand she pulled them into a run at an angle away from the incoming dragon.

“Buffy? What are ya doin' girl?” Spike yelled out.

Angel glanced back at the incoming beast, noticing its change in trajectory to follow them. Looking ahead he saw the two towering Air Conditioning units sitting like behemoth pillars of old. Grasping the plan he yelled out to his GrandChilde, “Spike! Never-mind! When I give the signal dive to the front left!”

Spike opened his mouth in rebuttal just as they passed the twin units. The dragon 'whumped' down on the surface of the roof sliding forward, mouth gaping open to expel its fiery breath when Angel yelled, “Now! Dive, dive, dive!”

Even as he dove to the right side and in front of the right-hand A/C unit Spike couldn't help but to grumble, “I heard ya the first time ya bloody ponce.” as he dove to in front of the left-hand A/C unit.

The dragon slid forward shedding kinetic energy as it roared fire at Buffy. But the Slayer wasn't there anymore. She performed a perfect forward somersault pulling the hammer into her body. Landing she bounced back up into the sky easily clearing fifteen feet into the air over the dragons head. Buffy threw the Troll Hammer up over head performing a long, lazy back flip.

Spike and Angel rose from the graveled roof as Buffy finished her flip and dropped like a rock with the Hammer above her head onto the dragon. Just as she was about to land on the dragon's neck, right behind its head, Buffy brought the Hammer down, yelling, "It's Hammer Time!"

Eyes wide the two Vampires-with-a-soul jumped ten feet in the air towards the dragon. The shock-wave from its head being driven onto the roof blasted out beneath them scattering rocks and assorted detritus. As they touched down the dragons head bounced up from the impact its eyes already glazing in shock and pain. Angel bounced forward hopping up and slicing the dragons exposed neck, cutting open its trachea. Spike, following his lead didn't jump as he Landed. Instead he rolled forward on his shoulder opting to cut lower down and as deep as he could, his sword almost getting stuck deep in the dragon's neck.

Buffy, barely holding onto the Troll Hammer, had grabbed one of the spiny ridges protruding from the dragon's head. Flattening out she rode its boneless collapse swinging one handed from the protuberance. Its head crashing onto the weakened section of the roof caused an area about twenty feet in diameter to bow into the building. A hole in the center of the impact zone formed dropping the dragon's head through the roof. Pulling her self down she used the momentum to swing towards the front of its head. Letting go she described a shallow arc allowing her to clear the edge and skid onto the roof between the two Vampires.

Spike looked from his GrandSire and the woman he loved to the dragon and back. Stepping to the edge of the hole Spike thrust out his right hand, extending a middle-fingered salute, and gloated, “YA! You got Sucker-Punched ya bloody Bitch!”

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