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Code Ragnarok: The Black Widow Company

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Summary: She was in the wrong Universe. But even the wrong war was still a war.... and anyone who knew her knew what that meant. A Code Ragnarok spinoff story.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversRich + 1 otherFR184987,540213725,1264 Jul 1311 Nov 14Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Stomachaches by HMaxMarius

AN: So Rich came to me with this idea for the Black Widows and in discussing it, I realized that the Code Ragnarok universe, and particularly 'Battlefront' had grown HUGE! In thinking about it, I should have had a few of the longer stories in 'Battlefront' spun off as stand alones earlier, but I'm fairly new to this series thing and was also never expecting CR to grow the way it did. So I am now expanding CR by encouraging people with longer multi-chapter stories to consider writing them as stand alone pieces. If they list me as a co-author, I'll add a chapter similar to this one that will fit their story so I can link the story to the series page. (Apparently this does not work like I thought it did. Manually adding these stories for now.) However, beyond this little addition, this story is Rich's story and all credit belongs to him! So enjoy, I know I will! -hmm

Disclaimer: Buffy, Stargate, and Mechwarrior all belong to their respective creators. The authors of this story make no profits from spreading our love of these properties through creative writing.


Jack O'Neill turned away from the SGC's secondary embarkation room. The one in which a ring platform had been installed and the designated coordinates for all teleport, transporter, transmat or whatever the hell people were calling their matter transmission technology/spells. He had been present to see teams off and the DAEDALUS had just completed the scheduled pick-up for people moving from the mountain to the front lines.

“Sir?” Chief Master Sergeant Harriman appeared at his right elbow holding a clipboard with a stack of papers on it.
A very thick stack of papers.

“YAAA,” the General jumped. “Walter, is one of those forms the requisition for the bell I mentioned last week?”

“No Sir.” With a droll delivery and absolutely no change in his expression, the Sergeant still managed to ooze disdain at the thought of giving his General any more warning of his arrival than absolutely necessary. After-all, if the forms were not signed by the appropriate officer then the base could not run.

“Why not?” Jack wave a hand imperiously in the air as he assumed an aloof air, flashing back to the time he impersonated the Goa'uld that Hathor tried to implant in him at that false SGC.

“Sir,” Walter sighed, granting a small victory to his commander. “Cats are not listed on the base T O & E, therefore neither cat bells nor their associated collars, even puma sized, are recognized equipment under Pentagon acquisition rules.”

O'Neill let his head drop, adopting a hangdog expression and doing an appreciable impersonation of Buffy Summer's patented pout. Reaching out his hands, he took the clipboard and pen the Saegeant offered and began the process of quickly scanning the pages and initialing all the 'auto penned' signatures.

His thoughts wandered back to the discussion he had with Natasha Kerensky about how the Clans handled their organizations. There was something to be said for high tech military societies dominated by leaders who attained their positions through individual combat. Namely a distinct minimization of paperwork.

Walter cleared his throat, breaking his daydream of lining up the Pentagon bureaucrats in front of one of Youngblood's mechs and hopping in the cockpit. Glancing down at the clipboard, Jack went back to work.

This happened four more times before the Sergeant relented, taking the clipboard back and handing him his briefing packets for SG 27, the new team he was sending Kerensky.

“Oh, and Sir.” Walter's voice caused Jack to flinch before looking over his shoulder. “DAEDALUS beamed down a package for you from General Hammond and Watcher Brainerd has requested a briefing with you at 16:00 hours.”

General Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill's stomach immediately began churning and gurgling, reminding him exactly what George always packed in those boxes.
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