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GR81, Please respond.

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Summary: Response to MarcusRowland's Challenge 3255: Universal Slayer

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Chapter Seventeen

"GR81, m'proper identity is GR62. Any other is not mission essential."

GR81 took stock of the situation. She had sufficient nutrient to maintain a high level of expenditure for a significant amount of time, but her coolant reserves were critically low. GR62 had been maintaining active sentry profile so was probably low on all resources, but she still most likely had a larger supply. In addition, she had not been hit by the EMP, so her augmentation was still in working order.

GR62 raised her machinegun to her shoulder and fired. 81 dive rolled towards her, the initial burst screaming over her head and ricocheting off the airfield. The damaged GR had drawn her pistol during the dive, and fired three quick shots at 62's monocle as she slid to a stop. The first and third missed, the second scored a direct hit shattering the display unit.

62 froze briefly as her implanted computer reconfigured her data display to audio cues. 81 took that opportunity so lash out with a vicious low sidekick. Her armored boot connecting with the inside of 62's left thigh.

The armor was thicker there to protect the cable runs and the femoral artery, so it had less flex or give. That meant the shock of the impact was transmitted directly to the reinforced skeleton forcing 62 to perform and involuntary side split.

62 jerked and fell. As soon as she hit the ground she had her own blades deployed and slashed at 81's extended leg. 81 had been expecting something like this, and kicked off with her coiled leg sending her sliding away from 62.

To use the blades 62 had had to drop her machinegun. To pick it up now would encourage 81 to take a shot with her still drawn pistol. 62's tactical planner debated the odds. Then vetoed the recover weapon strategy. She drew her pistol instead, eyes locked with 81's.


"So that rogue UniSol is Buffy?"

"It has to be, Riley. I mean who else could piss off the military so much?"

"Very true Xan."

The rattle of a machinegun sounded, then three rapid pistol shots. All the humans dove for the ground as the ricochets whistled past.

"Well somebody's still fighting. That was wicked close."

"Can you find out who Faith? Strike team!"

"Yes Xander-Human?"

"Make sure nobody gets near here. No killing. And please no hurting or damaging unless they attack you or they're military."


"So, Faith?"

"Of course."

The Slayer took off and dove through the wall of fire separating the groups.


62 and 81 were shooting and dodging. Neither could get an accurate shot off. Now both were taking cover behind larger chunks of wreckage. 81 took the opportunity to perform a coolant flush, while 62 activated her augmentation and hurled a quarter of a HMMWV at 81's hiding place.

The fragment of AV-24 and GR81 were knocked skidding across the concrete by the impact. 81 scuttled away as soon as the slide stopped, just as another piece of military transport crashed down next to her.

"Yo B! You there?"

GR62 turned to see her new opponent. She was dressed in black with a nomex balaclava over her head and carried a large hammer.

"You're not B, so you must be Kendra. Can't say I'm diggin' th'G.I.Psycho look."

"This unit is designated GR62. You are a member of the Council of Protection. You are a valid target."


"Surrender and your death will b'quick."

"Sure thing robitch...Right after you're scrap," Faith sidearmed the hammer straight at GR62. The UniSol raised her right arm to block the primitive weapon and found herself on her back 10 meters away, with the armor on the blocking arm shattered. "Oops, I guess I kinda slipped. You okay over there?" The Slayer calmly walked over and lifted the hammer where it had dropped to the ground.

GR62 kipped up and pulled off the damaged armor panels so they wouldn't impair her motion. She had lost her pistol due to the hammerstrike, so she extended her blades again, "Target has damaged Defense-Dynamics Intellectual Property. Target will now b'disposed of."

"Yeah right. I took out one of your buddies with a Coke machine. Gimme yer best shot."

GR81 had finally completed the coolant flush and regained her feet. A glimpse at the mechanical telltale under the skin on her left wrist, showed that she was down to at most three more flushes, and quite possibly only one. She headed towards the voices, quick releasing her broken arm and leg armor as she went.

"GR62, prepare to be terminated."

"B!?! It is you! What th'hell did they do to you?" Faith stripped off her balaclava and a shudder ran through GR81 as the face triggered memories.

"Unit is not designated B. Unit is designated GR81 and Unit is t'be considered valid target."

"Incorrect, Unit known as Kendra. This Unit is designated Buffy Summers. My name is Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

"No matter. Incorrect operational designation will b'come depreciated after target is eliminated."

GR81's vision blurred for a second, then focused back in, "Uh that you? Aren't you supposed to be in like prison? And how did you get so old? Kendra? What's going on?"

"B! Walsh dug up your's and island-slayer's bodies and did an ADAM on them. You've snapped out of it, she hasn't."

"Quick, concise, and full of nicknames. Yeah you're Faith. How do we snap her out of it?"

"I have no idea. I was kinda hopin' you knew."

"Beat her senseless and worry about it later?"

"Sounds good to me!"

Buffy sprinted to Kendra's right, while Faith headed straight in. The still powered and augmented Slayer easily blocked Faith's punch and tried for a disemboweling strike with her right hand blade. Buffy stopped it by catching the slice on her reinforced gauntlet, and launched an elbow to the side of Kendra's face. The impact spun were head to the right in time for her to get smacked in the stomach by Faith's hammer.

"Faith! Is that my troll hammer?"

"Sure is. Hope ya don't mind me borrowing it?"

"No way, looks good on you!"

"Thanks B!"

Kendra had folded from the impact and it felt as though her armor's breastplate had been cracked. If the hammer-wielder had been able to get a full wind-up, the GR was sure that the plate would have been completely smashed.

"What are th'weakpoints B?"

Buffy thought for a second and realized she knew, "Faith this really freaky! It's like I have another set of memories in here!"

"We'll do this is your life later! First how do I keep this whacko from turning us t'goo?"

"Target GR81 self-designated 'Buffy' is accessing classified tactical data. D'is is not allowed," Kendra backhanded Faith, knocking her to the ground and turned on Buffy.

As Kendra came in for a slice, Buffy sidestepped and grabbing her incoming arm, drove the blade into the ground where it shattered. The redirected force slammed Buffy's knuckles into the ground as well where the blow shattered the concrete.

"Faith, my hand isn't broken and it should be!"

"So now your Jaime Summers?"

"Funny! See me laughing? No? That's because this is not my laughing face!"

"Unit self designated Buffy. Accessing classified tactical materials and data is a Federal offense. Cease and desist and allow yourself t'be eliminated."

"The Island-Terminatrix is starting t'annoy me B!"

"Annoy you? She's trying to kill me!"

Buffy and Kendra went into a flurry of punches, kicks, and blocks. Occasionally Faith would get an opportunity to swing the hammer into the stilled controlled GR unit, generally sending her sprawling. But the resilience of the UniSol augmentation allowed Kendra to get back on her feet with little to no difficulty.

Finally a set of memories clicked into focus in Buffy's mind, "Faith! Take out the pack! Left side bottom!"

"T'the moon Alice!" Faith sidestepped and golf swung up and into the lower left corner, rupturing the fuel cell's integrity and venting the hydrogen cylinder. As Kendra was lifted off the ground by the impact some of the regulating circuitry sparked. The blast destroyed the pack sending the force through the blowout panels, and knocked Faith unconsciousness. Kendra landed on the ground and staggered to her feet, venting an enormous blast of coolant to put out her burning uniform.

The two GRs circled each other warily, looking for an opening. Both were battered. Kendra's internal systems were not responding properly due to the sudden surge as the power management system fried while Buffy's were still completely useless.

"You want to call this a draw?" Buffy asked matter of factly.

"You are m'target. You will b'eliminated." Triggering what was left of her reserve powe,r Kendra launched into an augmented dash. The rush caught Buffy by surprise and soon the pair were grappling and rolling across the battered field.

"The word...isn''s...Slayed!" Buffy said as she methodically punched Kendra in the face. " You...know...Slayer?"

Kendra got her knees up to her chest and kicked Buffy off. The blond Slayer flipped in mid-air and landed in a crouch.

"Not bad, now come and get me."

Kendra launched one of her rushes again, but this time Buffy was ready for it and grabbing Kendra's arm pivoted, guiding her into the wreckage of a truck.

Letting go, Buffy wagged her finger at the GR," Fool me once? Shame on you...Fool me twice? Get dropped kicked in the teeth," then put words to action, connecting with the heels of both boots to Kendra's chin.

The other Slayer-GR did a complete back-flip and landed face first on the ground. Buffy vented coolant and collapsed next to her. A minute later Faith limped over.

"You could've have mentioned the possible wicked ass explosion y'know."


"Yeah B. It's good t'see you too," Faith casually rapped Kendra on the head with the hammer as she started to stir. "Down girl..."

BNN News Feed

This is Dawn Summers with a breaking BNN exclusive. Vice-President George Haviland has been implicated in illegal human experimentation and manipulation. These experiments were formed using the corpses of dead soldiers and civilians without the knowledge of permission of the families. In many case the corpses were literally dug up from there final resting places. The so-called 'training exercise' occurred when one of these Universal Soldiers malfunctioned and escaped from the test facility causing several fatalities and the complete destruction of a large portion of the Fairfax Virginia plant.

As the control technologies developed by Defense-Dynamics are the same as the ones utilized on their weaponized HSTs, all production of the latter has been halted. The SEC has now also suspended trading in DefDyn stock until a full audit has been completed. It is rumored that the Vice-President was receiving a deferred payment from DefDyn, and several of his statements on various SEC rulings are now under suspicion...

"So that's the end of Haviland?"

"Yeah right Riley, he'll probably skate. He's got tons of money and tons of connections."

"You're still to young to be a cynic Dawn...You're not even forty yet."

"Four more months General, and is it wrong that my older sister is now younger than me?"

"I think she'd give it up in a heartbeat, the youth I mean."

"Yeah, at least we know why Will's spell failed. She'd already been dug up."

"No body, no resurrection?"

"Something like that. How are you two doing?"

"Really well, she's stopped having nightmares and spends her days trying to help snap Kendra out of it. She's making progress too."

"Three Slayers, two of them cybernetically enhanced."

"Deeper Throat told me that I may be getting a Monster Hunting unit again. Xander and his crew said yes."

"Did Buffy?"

"What do you think? I asked her and all she said was 'Slayers gotta Slay...'."


Whoop! This one was FUN!

Thank you MarcusRowland for such a great Challenge!

Some notes. This was written in the style of a movie script with all camera angles and scene changes eliminated. With those added back in, it comes out to being close to 87 pages in Final Draft. At a minute a page it is feature length. Of course not all the questions were answered. This was written like a script, so backstory is the first thing that gets cut.

I like unusual crossovers and odd frames of reference, in this case in some ways, this was more a Riley and Dawn story as much as a Buffy one. I wasn't planning on that, but it turned out okay.

Strike team was supposed to be a group of people, but I loved the idea of it being a nickname for a real badass. Blame Sunhawk for the inspiration with his review.

I had fun and I probably won't do a sequel so if anybody else wants to, go ahead!


The End

You have reached the end of "GR81, Please respond.". This story is complete.

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