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Ship of the Line: Xander Muyo

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Summary: No one has brought forth the single most powerful warship ever. Ryo Ohki! Sit back, hang on and prepare to cringe violently as the women of Sunnydale start their hunt for the elusive Xander-shaped boyfriend.

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No Need for a Holy Man!

A/N: As indicated in chapter one, the associated characters/shows are property of their individual creators. With that said, Ethan's spell is from a transcript of the episode 'Halloween' found on ''. English translations of the Latin are available there. The 'Ummum Igigi' is a wholly original creation of mine based out of a Sumerian translation found at . If you aren't the type to read reviews on a story you're reading, Genuka took a look at the translations there and called me 'Evil'. =D

The default language for the Tenchi Characters will be English. This is because: 1) I don't trust any of the English to Japanese phonetic translators for more than a couple words. 2) It's not similar enough to English that you can throw it out there phonetically and have people gin out what you're saying (unlike say... French ;) )

Finally, 54 reviews on my first chapter!!! Woah! I really hope everyone likes the mess I'm making below! Warning, do NOT expect to see the Tenchi Harem appear full blown. Everything in due time my friends.

No Need for a Holy Man!

With a chuckle, Loki looked upon his handiwork. One small push, sending a child past the ropes, knocked over the mannequin wearing the heavy gray robes. As it struck the floor, the head bounced free, its fiberglass casing cracking open like an egg as the stand that held the display in place broke and pierced through the cloth of the costume's cloak. A flashed glint of gold marked the landing place of the onyx three-point jeweled amulet and its chain as it curled around the slowly spinning pair of pince-nez sunglasses that had been on the mannequin's nose.

The crash brought Ethan running, his thoughts focused on how he would not get that extra oomph of chaos from being unable to rent the damaged costume moreso than the financial damage done. Scooping up the necklace and the sunglasses that had fallen from the now broken display dummy, the shopkeeper absently slipped the two small pieces in his pocket as he hustled the damaged display off the floor. The busy crush of last minute costume shoppers quickly drawing him back out to the floor.

“That two-faced poof of a cousin may claim chaos, but mischief is all mine.” Smirking, Loki went off to plant a couple lifted trinkets on a pair of unsuspecting love-birds.


Ms. Summers forced a smile as her turn came up at the registration table. Showing her ticket, she signed the guest register and was handed her name tag and a black marker. She had to suppress a chuckle because the tag had a large blank space below the 'Hello My Name Is' with Joyce Summers: Joyce's Fine Arts and Gallery neatly printed along the bottom. Taking the hint, she printed 'Empress Funaho of Jurai' in large block letters before handing back the marker. She slipped the tag in its holder and clipped it to the lapel of her outer robe. One last bit of registering for the evening's costume contest and she was finally free to seek out the cash bar she had mentioned to Xander.

Ten minutes later, mimosa in hand, she was handing out business cards and chatting with the Sunnydale elite about the perils of single motherhood and the indignities of international travel. A far different social circle from the highly ritualized meeting she had attended the previous evening. Jenny Calendar took both her role as the Damkianna and the sacred mission of the Ummum Igigi very seriously.

Joyce could not help but agree. Even if she was not allowed to reveal the organization to her daughter for fear that the Watcher's Council might learn of their existence. Buffy, the Slayer, would have her full support, even if that meant pretending that she had no idea about her elder girl's calling and the things that went bump in the night. The Damkianna had worked her way close to the group surrounding the Slayer and Watcher and her reports to the sisterhood and to the Ummum of the Slayer were very encouraging. She sincerely hoped that the day would soon come when the sisterhood had the confidence necessary to allow the Ummum Igigi's revelation to her daughter.

So far, Rupert Giles was proving to be the kind of watcher the sisterhood only saw once a century. Unfortunately, those types usually either died quickly or found themselves relegated to research roles far away from the active slayer. But on the rare occasion's when they did survive and work with the Chosen, those girls often outperformed and outlived the vast majority of their predecessors. Perhaps, if things continued, he might be one of those rare watchers who was initiated into the outer secrets of the Ummum Igigi. Jenny certainly seemed to think so, independent of her growing attraction to the man.


Jenny Calendar ne Jana Kalderash, Damkianna of the Ummum Igigi took in the delicious sight of her assignment slash co-worker slash (hopefully) boyfriend in the robes of a shinto priest as he organized groups of kids to match up with Sunnydale High students for the trick-or-treating festivities. Oh yes, English was definitely one of the good ones. She figured that out long before she let herself begin to fall for him. Her clan would not be happy with the match, just as they were not happy with her double cover and service to the sisterhood.

Of course, her clan did not have a choice regarding her service to the Ummum Igigi. As the direct female descendant of the mother of a slayer her membership in the shadow organization was assured. Her dedication to serving the Chosen had led her to initiation as one of the High Priestesses of the order. Against that, her other skills; with magic, computers and teaching, were icing that only served to guarantee her selection as Damkianna to the Ummum of the Slayer.

She was assigned to be Joyce's rock. The eyes and ears that the mother of the Chosen required. It was her job to prepare the Ummum for the dangers, to help her over the pitfalls and to support her upon the day that the inevitable happened. The sisterhood existed to support the Slayer and it did that best by educating and protecting her family.

She looked again at the Watcher who just might be good enough for her, her family and her sisterhood. Licking her lips she sauntered across the gymnasium. “So Yosho, busy day at the shrine I see.”

His eyes snapped over to meet hers before traveling down and back up, taking in her Galaxy Police costume, the name Kiyone emblazoned above her left breast. “Ah...” His attempt at a reply was disrupted by the arrival of the Slayerettes.

“Hey G... uh Honorable Grandpa.” Giles shuddered at Xander greeting as the young man took a quick look around the gym. “Ms. Kiyone. So who got the Mihoshi costume?”

Jenny shrugged. “No idea. No one has come through here this evening wearing one. I actually thought I'd picked out the other Kiyone costume, not Mihoshi's partner. Oh well.”

“There you miscreants are!” Principal Snyder's voice sliced across the room. Buffy and Willow flinched visibly while Xander merely turned and leveled a blank stare in the troll's general direction. His eyes swept the group, landing on Dawn in her Ryo-Ohki outfit.

He started to open his mouth when Jenny was suddenly beside his over-large ear. “One word from you about her and I'll have you up on abuse charges so fast that not even the Mayor will be able to save you,” she hissed.

Snyder blanched and stumbled before attempting a recovery. “All right you lot, I've got your groups over here. You don't talk to them, you don't do anything to corrupt them. You take them out and bring them back safe. That's it.”

Xander nudged Dawn toward the nearest group while Buffy and Willow each split off to their own collection of tiny monsters.


The Cordettes swirled about like moons orbiting a planet. At their center Cordelia strode like a goddess across the face of the universe. At the entrance of the Bronze, the bouncer nodded, opening the door for the ladies, letting loud dance music escape into the evening. With a brilliant smile she led her sycophants toward the club.


In the back room of the costume shop Ethan knelt before a bust of Janus. Pressing his palms together, the spiked ball he held trapped between them pierced the skin of his hands. Dabbing a finger from each hand into the blood of the opposite palm, he painted the blood above each of his eyes.

Bowing, the High Priest invoked his god. “The world that denies thee thou inhabit. The peace that ignores thee, thou corrupt. Chaos. I remain, as ever, thy faithful degenerate son.”

Unseen by the shopkeeper, his god smiled. Janus could see how this night was originally intended to go, and though that plan pleased him, even greater change was coming. The presence of the key, the changes in the costumes chosen, even the supposedly secret interference of his old friend Loki, all of these things were now positioned to set the world upon a wholly new course. One with no clear threads from which to guide the champions of light or dark.

“Janus, evoco vestram animam,” Ethan intoned. “Exaudi meam causam. Carpe noctem pro consilio vestro. Veni, appare et nobis monstra quod est infinita potestas.”

Great peals of laughter rang across the heavens.

“Persona se corpum et sanguium commutandum est. Vestra sancta praesentia concrescet viscera. Janus! Sume noctem!”

As the wave of energy flashed outward, the prophecies of the Powers and the Partners were shattered. The power that fueled their ancient battle broken. New players on the field of good and evil formed. Players with no interest in balance. Players in the game to win.

“Chaos indeed!” The god of change, doorways and chaos shouted.

Meanwhile, in the back room of the costume shop, the wave of energy spreading outward from the bust encountered the first objects tied to the spell. A pair of pince-nez sunglasses and a tri-pointed, jeweled necklace in Ethan Rayne's pocket.


Kagato awakened to find himself in a dingy storeroom, blinking away the vestiges of a massive headache. Reaching out, he touched the workbench on which was sitting a bust with two faces. A moments concentration and his hand phased through the wooden surface as his body shifted out of alignment with three of the standard four dimensions.

Out of phase he could feel the deep thrum of a mystical energy source nearby. Tapping it, he used the power to expand his senses and nearly dropped it in shock. How had they gotten here without him sensing them? He could feel five, no six members of the Jurai royal family within mere miles of him. The Jurai royal family that continued to hold a grudge against him for the raid he directed on their home planet.

Quickly he changed his focus, looking above for the SOJA, finding it maintaining a stationary orbit directly overhead. Like himself, out of phase with the rest of local space. Relaxing, now that his escape route was secure, the criminal scientist focused his attention again on his immediate environs.

A smirk soon twitched at the corners of his mouth, slowly growing into an evil smile. Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki were both here as well. Reaching out, he twisted his connection to the space pirate, sending her to attack the strongest of the Jurai signatures.

Just as he was about to transport up to the SOJA he detected one final consciousness. How had she escaped? Washu was supposed to be imprisoned on his ship, yet she was less than a mile from him here on the surface. Within mere yards of Ryoko. This could not stand! He could sense his mind-slave rapidly moving away from his former mentor. A teleport flash, a quick grab and he would have her re-secured in her crystal cell long before she could hook up with her daughter and break his control.


Jenny was driving through the neighborhoods, checking up on the various groups while passing out water, band aids and the other necessities that cropped up when dealing with rambunctious children. Grateful high school students waving in her wake, she was returning to the school when the wave of Ethan Rayne's spell hit...

“Detective First Class Kiyone, my orders were specifically to get you here as quickly as possible. I am unable to submit to your command override without Detective First Class Mihoshi's authorization code.”

Kiyone screamed incoherently, all the while staring out the window at the rapidly approaching body of water. “Damn it Yukinojyo! Mihoshi's not here! Now RELEASE THESE CONTROLS AND LET ME LAND US BEFORE WE CRASH!”

“I'm sorry Detective Kiyone, I cannot do that.”

Staring at the water of Sunnydale Harbor, wavelets reflecting the moonlight in random flickers, it might have been beautiful, even romantic, except for the fact that it was getting closer and closer and closer. A whimper escaped from her clenched lips. “Mommy.”

“Override authorization accepted.”


“Detective First Class Kiyone, we are about to crash.” The AI of the YUKINOJYO pointed out. “You have control.”

“AAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!” In a mad panic the Galaxy Police officer's hands began flying over the controls, turning their suicidal plunge into a barely controlled splat.

Its primary personality interface shaking like an insane gerbil had gotten loose inside the casing, YUKINOJYO's control panels began arcing and sparking. “Any landing you can walk away from.” The ship AI commented.

Sprawled in the pilot's chair, her body one massive ache from the forces exerted in the landing Kiyone growled her response. “Can it Yukinojyo. You're not the one who has to walk. When I find that partner of mine I'm going to kill her. Sending her ship for me without telling me she had changed the override code... Again!”

Yukinojyo interrupted her rant. “Detective Kiyone, I am afraid I am flooding. I estimate two hours to effect repairs.”

Kiyone jumped as the panel next to her let loose a very large spark. “Okay, how can I help?”

“You cannot,” The ship replied. “I will be fully flooded in 15 minutes. I'm afraid if you do not abandon ship now, you will not be able to.”

“I'll just grab my bag...”

“Your quarters are already submerged.”

Kiyone wanted to cry. Unfortunately she didn't have time for that. Popping the overhead hatch she climbed up onto the hull extracted the emergency raft and closed the hatch behind her. Inflating the raft she climbed in and waited for YUKINOJYO to settle beneath the water, which the ship proceeded to do swiftly, taking the raft, caught on a protruding antenna, with it.

Thirty minutes later, a soaking wet Galaxy Police Detective First Class Kiyone Makibi climbed a rickety wooden ladder up the side of one of the waterfront docks. Her coughing, sputtering and sniffling were in no way associated with crying. Nope, no way, no shape, no how.

Mihoshi just better not let herself be found anytime soon.


Funaho found herself in a room full of humans and strange aliens. All seemed quiet for a brief moment before one of the humans' face morphed into that of an alien and he began attacking the people around him. Soon some of the other aliens were also attacking, while others began defending the helpless from them.

Shepherding a group into one of the corners she erected the defensive shields her husband had taught her. Heavily steeped in the symbiotic relationship the Royal Family had with the great trees of Jurai, her shield manifested as a swirling field of small wooden logs.

One of the ridge-faced aliens attempted to force his way through the field, only to explode into dust when one of the logs rammed through his chest.

Defenses in place Funaho paused to center herself and take stock of her situation. In the process of looking inside herself she found something odd. Puzzled by what she had glimpsed, she partitioned a portion of her consciousness off to maintain the shield before delving even deeper into her own psyche.


Ryo-Ohki looked around in a panic. She could feel her sister Ryoko nearby but she wasn't anywhere in sight. “Miya?”

Something horrendous, with way too many large teeth came running out of the darkness toward her. With a loud screech, she shifted from her human form to her cabbit form and bolted for the nearest bushes.

Ryoko was out there. Ryoko would protect her. “MIYA!!!!”


Yosho looked up at the architecture surrounding him. He was clearly in a school. His grandson Tenchi's school? Perhaps. For some reason he could not quite recall if he had ever visited Tenchi's school. He knew Nobuyuki had visited the school in town. The puzzle distracted him for a moment, but his training quickly pushed it aside. In its place he now sensed powerful waves of darkness emanating from beneath the building. Not a portal, but a weak spot between the dimensions.

What fool would build a school atop such a place? The raw emotions of teenaged students would only serve to weaken the bonds keeping the rift sealed. This placed should be topped by a shrine where the prayers of the masses would serve to strengthen the bindings.

Focused on the weakness of the bindings of the rift beneath him he nearly missed the approach of the most dangerous adversary he had ever faced.


Sasami was running. She could not ever remember running so fast in her 708 years. Okay 8, but suspended animation should count for something! She had never run like this, the things of this horrible world chasing her. Things with fur and teeth and nasty claws.

She was with someone when the attacks began. Someone familiar and yet a stranger. But at the first attack she ran and had not stopped yet.

Up ahead she saw a flicker of movement. In the reflection of a distant flash of light she stopped cold. Evil glowing green eyes, flowing platinum hair, red tights with knee-length red leather boots with a pearl-like jewel set just behind the toes. A white, deep V front chengosam with red trim cinched at the waist by a wide black belt. Red opera gloves with pearl-like jewel set on the back of each hand. Leather jacket, right half slate, left half tan with long tails depending from a gold button at mid-back. “Ryoko.” The name escaped the young Jurian Princess' lips in a harsh whisper.

A flash of light bore down on her from the direction of the figure, skimming past one of the furry, toothed things as it dived to flatten itself on the ground. Sasami felt pain sear through her body, she saw bright light and then blackness. She never felt her body fly backwards through a fence, landing in a smoking heap at the base of a tree.


Having already once had her world turned on its ear through falling in love with an alien and becoming First Wife to the Emperor of Jurai; learning that Juraians were humans from Earth taken long ago by the Chosin Tsunami to protect and assist her search for the Kami; finally learning to embrace the powers of the Juraian nobility. Finding within her mind a completely whole and separate personality unrelated to anything she had experienced before left Funaho more bemused than anything else.

Looking into the warded off portion of her mind she could see a woman looking much like herself but for the blond hair, pacing what appeared to be some kind of waiting room while muttering invectives under her breath. Stepping through the wall, she confronted the stranger. “Who are you and what are you doing in my mind?”

“YOUR MIND?” The strange woman wearing her appearance spun on Funaho. “You're the one hijacking MY body!”

She stepped back as if slapped. “What?! I am Funaho, First wife of the Emperor of Jurai!”

“My name is Joyce Summers and I was dressed as you for a costume party.”

Funaho stepped forward, grabbing the other woman's hands. “Show me.”


Ryoko glided through the night like death herself. Flickering ahead to the limits of her sight as she followed the trail leading to the most powerful of the Jurai. Blasting energy bolts from her hands at anything that dared confront her, and sometimes at things that moved merely because it was fun. Kagato commanded her to slay Yosho. Kagato, who held the reins of her power. She was his to wield. A weapon. His hand.

She could feel Yosho's presence in the building before her. He was near a pulsing center of dark power. Grimacing, the Space Pirate considered what the Prince of Jurai might be doing with such power. Her only answer was that he was planning to channel it against her.

Sticking her face through a wall she watched Yosho circle a room filled with books, clapping his hands and intoning chants between the claps.

She wasn't going to let him use that power to attack her.

With a defiant scream, she leaped through the wall, ignited her energy sword and charged the old man.



Tenchi heard the fearful cry echoing from beyond the bushes as a brown-gray blur rocketed past him and out of sight beneath the greenery. Of course, he did not have time to look for whatever made the noise because the thing that had scared it now turned its attention to him.

Discretion and valor being related points on the chart of courage, the young man found himself rapidly advancing in a direction chosen by the furry thing that had bared gleaming teeth and claws at him while growling. Namely the inverse direction of the creature's line of approach.

“DEMONS!!! GRANDPA! HELP!” He cried out, running as fast as he could.


Screams erupted from within the structure before her as a wave of dizziness swept over Princess Ayeka. Stumbling, she bumped lightly against a blonde Galaxy Police officer whose arms windmilled wildly as she flattened a young woman in a horridly uncomfortable looking fuchsia dress.

“Oh, I'm sooo sorry,” the officer apologized to the flattened confection.

“Obtenez votre gros cul hors de moi!” The girl on the ground snapped over the singularly clumsy GXP officer's voluminous apologies.

Ayeka's eyes narrowed. “Officer...” she stated in her most imperious and questioning voice.

Looking over her shoulder, the uniformed girl's apologies fell silent as her eyes widened. Leaping so fast as to seem as if she teleported from prone to upright at attention, she wobbled precariously while snapping off a sharp salute. “Princess Ayeka! Galaxy Police Detective First Class Mihoshi Kuramitsu!”

“Hmmph,” Ayeka sniffed. “Well, are you going to help up the lady you flattened?”

Mihoshi's eye's widened even further as she spun to assist the other woman. Apologies again beginning an effusive flow from her mouth.

Ignoring the blond's continuing prattle, the other girl brushed what loose debris she could from the deeply pink material as she turned to address the Princess. “Mon nom est Dame Aura. Merci de me sauver de ce lourdaud!”

“Officer Mihoshi, do you understand what she is saying?”

“I'm sorry Princess Ayeka.” The blond tilted her head. “Perhaps she is from some barbaric backwater...”

The girl in question's skin suddenly colored to match her dress. “BARBARIC! Mon Dieu! You speak the degenerate language of that insufferable island! Ils m'appellent le barbare!”

Spinning she shoved her finger into the GXP Officer's face. “Et ces vêtements! Que faites-vous? Une prostituée???”

“As Princess Ayeka of Jurai I order you to calm down.”

“Order Moi!” Aura squeaked and spun to poke Ayeka. “I am daughter of important Nobleman in Court of Louis. Quelle revendication noble vous avez dans vos vêtements de la chambre à coucher? J'ai rien entendu de ce Jurai!”

A sudden wave of nausea washed over the Princess, staggering her. “Sasami!” She could feel her sister in pain nearby. She had to find her. “Officer Mihoshi, I require your assistance to locate my sister.”

“Of course, Lady Ayeka,” Mihoshi beamed.

The two of them began to briskly move down the street, away from the Bronze. Sniffing in disdain, Lady Aura turned toward the entrance to the rather drab building. “Bon débarras.”

Before her eyes something with an impossible number of teeth stepped from the smoky darkness behind the open doorway. Eyes like saucers, the french noblewoman spun on her heels and sprinted after the two strange women. “ATTENDS-MOI!”


Funaho blinked. She was a fictional construct, yet her abilities were real. Joyce had shown her what led to her choice of costume and what she knew of their current predicament. The other woman had shared something else as well. Something about this night was somehow connected to Joyce's daughter, who and what she was, something that scared the other woman and yet she had to hide that fear in hopes of supporting and saving her.

“Joyce, can you show me what it is you fear about your daughter?”

“I do not fear Buffy. I fear for Buffy. The waiting room dissolved around them into a suburban home as a policeman knocked on the door and asked about Joyce's daughter and a fire at her high school gymnasium...


Washu tensed as she felt a presence behind her.

One moment she had been studying formulas for a new scientific theory with her most brilliant student and partner. The next, she was standing on the residential streets of a small town. A hand came down on her shoulder and she spun in place. “Kagato!”

“Washu,” he nodded.

She waved her arms to encompass the mayhem surrounding them. “What is going on here?”

“I do not know.” He grabbed her arm. “We should get back to the SOJA so we can study this phenomena.”

Flinching at the strength of his grip, she still concurred. In a flash, Kagato had teleported the two of them to the ship, slapping the control to lock Washu back in her crystalline cage before she could act to escape it again.


At the last moment, Yosho sensed Ryoko's attack, spinning and parrying her thrust with Tenchi, his own energy sword, after whom his grandson had been named. Spinning beneath the attack he used her momentum to toss the Pirate across the room. A loud crunch announcing the destruction of the wooden banister blocking her path.

A feral grin graced Ryoko's face exposing her elongated canine teeth. “You have moves old man.” She flickered out, reappearing immediately before him. “So do I.”

Yosho threw himself backwards, arcing into a near impossible flip that ducked beneath her swinging blade and sent him sliding through the double doors into the hallway beyond. Again, she was on him in a heartbeat as his sword flashed upward to parry her down-swinging death stroke.

As her sword grounded into the concrete floor, the Juraian Prince used the parrying motion to launch himself up into a spin-kick, connecting with the back of her right leg, collapsing it from beneath her and laying Ryoko out prone, three feet above the floor.

“Damn.” Yosho growled as the pirate began laughing at him.

“You've got spirit for a geezer.” She sat up, still hovering in the air. “I'm gonna enjoy this!”

Her right hand began to glow as she cocked it back in a baseball wind-up. Eyes widening, Yosho dove for the nearest doorway as she unleashed a hail of energy bolts in his direction. Sweeping Tenchi in a wild arc, he deflected several from hitting him before the door cut him off from her sight.

Finding himself in a stairwell he briefly considered whether to go up or down. A quick mental coin toss and down won.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” Ryoko's head popped through the door as he hit the first landing. “Don't run from me gramps! It'll make me grumpy.”

Smiling, Yosho leaped down the next flight of steps, bounced a kick turn off the far wall and disappeared into the pitch blackness of an open doorway, immediately stilling his breathing and dousing his sword. Pulling a coin from his pocket he flung it as far down the corridor outside the door as he could.

“I've got you now,” Ryoko hissed. “There's no escape for you.”

As the pirate stalked past the open doorway Yosho lashed out, activating Tenchi at the last moment. The strike timed perfectly to catch the back of her hand, severing the power-gem located there.

Time seemed to crawl as the severed gem appeared to float slowly through the air, arcing up between the combatants. Then it froze momentarily before shooting like a laser down to the hilt of Yosho's energy sword and attaching itself there. Ryoko's cat-like yowl of shock and pain broke his surprised trance as he felt the wave of increased energy wash back from his sword.

“That's one,” he stated. “Only two more to go.”


Tsunami rushed to Sasami's side. Smoke still curling from the grievous injuries inflicted by the energy sphere. The pull of the prophecy that Tsunami would be born of Sasami now irresistible. For the young Princess to live, Tsunami, first of the Juraian Royal Trees, Chousin and co-creator with her sisters Washu and Tokimi, and co-seeker with them of Kami would have to release her existence and merge with the child.

There was no choice here. Sasami was her future. It was ordained that she could not find Kami alone. Only together would they be able to recognize the one spirit above all. If Sasami died, then that would be lost to her, perhaps forever.

Embracing the child, Tsunami subsumed herself to the girl's pain, lifting it and healing the damage, even as she herself faded from existence, merging and becoming one with the Princess. Her consciousness locking itself away against the day the young girl would become mature enough to manifest her powers.


Standing to one side, Funaho watched as a devastated Joyce was approached by an attractive young woman. “Joyce Summers?”

Sitting on the front steps of her hauntingly near empty house in the LA suburbs, she raised her tear-stained cheeks to face the woman standing in her depressingly vacant driveway. Her eldest was in a mental institution and her husband had abandoned them for his secrefloozie, leaving herself and her youngest both bawling their eyes out, neither understanding why they were not good enough for him to stay.

“My name is Jenny Calendar. I see that this is a bad time but I would really like to speak with you about your daughter.”

Scrubbing the tears and runny makeup from her cheeks with her shirt-sleeves, the older woman stood and held out her hand. “Are you one of Dawn's teachers?”

“Dawn?” Jenny looked momentarily puzzled. “Ah, no. I'm actually here to talk to you about Buffy.”


Tenchi ran towards the girls with the strange shield defending them from the demons, the thing with the teeth and claws still chasing him. “HELP! PLEASE!”

The three girls all turned to face him as the thing chasing the boy let out a vicious yowl. In an instant a hole snapped open in the swirling wood shield and Tenchi dove through. A pained yelp came from behind him as the the hole closed, the creature running into the barrier and being flung far off into the night.
Still on his hands and knees, panting heavily, the boy looked up at the three women before him. “T-thank you.” His breath continued to come in great heaves.

The girl in the uniform clumsily knelt down beside him. “Are you okay?”

Tenchi rolled over on his back and tried to sit up, thought better of it and lay back on the cool pavement for a moment more. “I think so. Maybe.” His heartbeat finally began to slow and his breathing became less violent and ragged.

“Humph,” The tall, dark-haired girl in the robes sniffed. “Officer Mihoshi, we must find my sister.”

Reaching out, the blonde took Tenchi's wrist in her hand. A look of pained concentration on her face as she shifted her finger's around looking for his pulse. “Maybe he can lead us to her Princess Ayeka. Oooo, why can't I find a pulse? Hey, whoever you are. Are you alive?”

If he weren't still recovering from running for his life, Tenchi might have snorted in laughter. Instead, he gently reached across with his other hand, grabbing her arm and holding it still while he rotated his wrist so her fingers were over the vein on the bottom instead of the back of his hand. “My name is Tenchi Masaki.”

A long moment of silence dragged out.

“So Officer Mihoshi, are you going to ask him if he's seen my sister?”

Slack jawed, Mihoshi stared up at the Princess.

“You are a Galaxy Police Detective.” Ayeka pointed out.

“I am? OH! I am!” Mihoshi became positively giddy before turning a stern face on the young man. “So, what do you know about the location of Princess Sasami of Jurai?”

“N-nothing.?.?” Tenchi did not like the sudden hard look of the blond's demeanor.

“A likely story.” Mihoshi drew her sidearm and pointed it at him. “Tell us where you've taken her, fiend!”

“TAKEN!” Tenchi's eyes grew wide as he stared down the barrel of Mihoshi's pistol. “I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE! MUCH LESS WHO SHE IS!”

“Well, she's, uh,” Mihoshi blinked. “Princess Ayeka, could you describe your sister?”

Ayeka's eyes shot open wide. “WHAT! You don't know what Princess Sasami of Jurai looks like?”

The blond's tanned skin became much darker as she suffered from a full body blush while responding in a very small voice. “Uh, no.”

The Princess's face reddened into a slow burn. Taking a calming breath, she focused her control, slowly stopping the flow of steam that was pouring off of her. “Princess Sasami is my younger sister. She's still a child, only seven hundred and eight. Her hair is bright teal, worn in long tails and she stands about three and a half feet tall.”

“S-seven hundred and eight?” Tenchi blinked as he levered himself to a sitting position. “And she's a child?”

Ayeka raised her nose and looked away from the boy on the ground. “Jurian's live a very long time.”

Tenchi shook his head. “I'm sorry, I haven't seen her, but I'll help you look if the Detective will stop pointing her gun at me.”

“Huh?” Mihoshi looked down at the pistol in her hand.

“Xander! Cordelia! Have either of you seen B...”

A loud crack shattered the night and a bright flash illuminated the darkness as Officer Mihoshi had spun toward the noise and fired, hitting the approaching man in the arm.

“Owwww.” The man moaned from where he had dived to the ground.

“Officer Mihoshi,” Ayeka turned to face the blond. “Perhaps you should holster your weapon?”

“But what if he's a threat?”

Tenchi blinked. “Shouldn't you have figured that out before you shot him?”

Mihoshi looked at the man, then Tenchi, then Ayeka, then the man, then the girl in the wine colored confection, then the man, then Tenchi. Bursting into tears she collapsed to the ground. “I'm a HORRIBLE Detective!” She wailed into the night.

Tenchi reached out and gently took the pistol from her hands and held it out to Ayeka.

“What?” The Princess looked at the gun.

Tenchi shrugged. “I can't read the markings. Does it have a safety?”

Ayeka's eyes narrowed before she pointed to a small lever. “Push that all the way down.”

Slipping the safed weapon into his jacket pocket, he turned to the man laying on the ground outside the shield. “Hey, you okay?”

“Harmony SHOT me! What do you think Xander? And knowing how much you dislike me, why aren't you grinning like a loon at that fact?”

Tenchi's brow furrowed in puzzlement. “Her name is Mihoshi, and I'm Tenchi. I'm afraid I don't know any Xander. Who are you again?”

The man groaned. “So whatever is going on tonight has gotten you too. I'm Angel and we've got to find Buffy and put a stop to whatever has turned everyone into their Halloween costumes.”

“Ahem. Not before we find my sister.” Ayeka stamped her foot. “She's first!”


Her sister/Captain was out there fighting. Ryo-Ohki could feel her off in the distance, her emotions flooding the link the two shared. Scampering down the street, using the bushes in the yards for cover from the wild creatures running about, the cabbit would occasionally pause, sitting up on her hind legs and sniffing the air, her nose and whiskers twitching as she tried to sense everything around her.

Catching a wiff of her mother and Kagato, she sneezed. “Miyaaaaa,” Ryo-Ohki squeaked, charging off again in search of Ryoko. She was getting closer. Once the two of them were together then everything would be fine. Ryoko would protect her and she would protect Ryoko.

Up ahead, she could feel traces of her sister's energy. Turning, she ran toward the sound of a child crying. Ryo-Ohki skidded to a stop in front of the whimpering, teal haired girl leaning against a large tree. “Miya?”

The girl wiped tears from her eyes and looked at the cabbit sitting there with its head cocked to one side. A piece of Ryoko's energy was threaded through the girl, but she wasn't Ryo-Ohki's sister. Twitching her nose, she turned to continue after the main thread.

“Don't go,” the girl snuffled. “Please.”

Ryoko was out there. The tugging of their connection pulled her a further step away, then she looked back into the tear-filled pink eyes of the girl. Ryo-Ohki's heart melted. Ryoko was strong. Ryoko could take care of herself. This girl needed her.

“Miya!” She hopped into the girl's lap and nuzzled her chest. “Miyaa. RRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

The girl began to giggle between her sniffles. “I'm Sasami.”

“Miyaaahaahah.” Ryo-Ohki answered. “Miya miya miyaaa.”

Sasami picked her up, rubbing their noses together. “I think you're cute too!”

“Miya!” The cabbit wriggled free and clambered up to sit on Sasami's shoulder, one paw clinging lightly to the near braid of hair. Noise coming down the street drew her attention. “Miya?”

“...alors ces barbares insultaient ma langue. Je veux dire une prostituée et une femme en lingerie ! Sérieusement ! Ensuite cette chose avec la manière trop de dents a sauté et j'ai décidé qu'il était plus sûr d'être avec ces païens que seul...” Attached to the voice, a girl came into sight dressed in something pink colored and shaped like a bell. A boy and a man, both with very pained expressions walking on either side of her.

Wait, the man didn't seem quite right to her senses.

Two more girls followed the first three around the corner one blonde in a uniform and the other in Royal Robes with dark hair.

“SASAMI!” The tall, dark haired girl shouted as soon as she came into sight.

“Ayeka!” The girl jumped to her feet, Ryo-Ohki nearly falling off, but managing to stay in place.


“My sister! Hang on!” Sasami took off running to greet her sister.

Sister. Ryo-Ohki thought again about Ryoko. Maybe these nice people would help keep her safe while she found her own sister. Besides, the boy seemed kind of cute, for a human.

The two Jurian Princesses met in the middle of the street, Sasami leaping into Ayeka's arms.

“Can we find Buffy now?” The not-man growled.


“Kinbaku Yasha Kurisutarugarasu!” Yosho screamed out, having separated Ryoko from the last of her power gems. Energy coursed through the dank air surrounding them, flowing inward, toward the Space Pirate. Already, he could see the effects of the she-demon's separation from the gems as she began to visibly age and wither before his eyes. With a snap, the very air around her solidified into clear crystal, trapping the beast permanently.

Retreating from the cavern, Yosho traced his finger over the last power gem to attach to the hilt of his energy sword. At the entrance below the school, he summoned the power of the gems and used them to seal the tunnel, leaving his sword jammed to the hilt in the stone as a lock. Only someone of the Juraian Royal Bloodline would be able to even touch the sword.

The barest glimmerings of predawn twilight found him seated at the large table in the school library, contemplating how to more permanently secure the rift beneath him as Janus finally released his grip on the night.


Through the eastern windows of building Funaho could see the predawn twilight beginning. In her mental landscape she reached out and clutched Joyce into a hug. “So Joyce, are you ready to be strong?”

Buffy's mother looked up into the eyes of the spirit that had possessed her for the night. “I don't have a choice. She's my daughter.”

Funaho smiled. “Everyone has a choice. Personally, I think you've made a wise one. The spell will be ending soon, but I don't believe I'll be leaving you alone Joyce Summers, Empress of Jurai. All that I am, you are. All that I can be, you shall be. Protect what we love. Love that which is ours.”

Joyce smiled as the rising sun sent its rays through the window to wash across her face.


The Lady sensed the approaching end of the spell. With the coming dawn, her potential and herself would be relegated to mere memories of the bodies they were inhabiting. Bodies that she had discovered were just animated corpses inhabited by parasitic demons. She studied their history of debauchery and destruction with disgust. All done for the sake of hedonistic pleasure. The only thing noble about them being the strange love the two had for each other.

Their continued domination by the demons would not stand.

With a flick of her mental energy, she captured the demon within herself and crushed it before doing the same for the one within her chosen champion. Using her powers she re-animated their bodies, freeing them of the decayed state the demons had maintained.

To the wonder of the surviving parts of their personalities, Spike and Drusilla died and were reborn in the fires of the rising sun as Z and the Lady Tokimi basked in the warm glowing light.


Hair matted in place, salt stains encrusting the myriad wrinkles of her uniform, squelching sounds continuing to come from her left boot, exhausted, frustrated and openly crying, Galaxy Police Detective Kiyone Misaki collapsed to her knees in the parking lot of Sunnydale High School. As the sun rose, she fell over into unconsciousness, no longer caring where she was or who she was seeking.

Oblivion was blessed and she embraced it.


Under the light of the new dawn, Janus looked down on his creation.

With a sharp nod to himself, he noted how the energies of the hellmouth had fueled the spell over and above his own input. Things that should be fading away were not. The Key had steered power to those it considered protectors. Personalities that should have returned to dominance now merged with those who possessed them. Change and chaos were neither good nor evil, they merely were. Of course, thanks to the 'balance' enforced by the agreement between the Powers and the Partners, evil had maintained far too free a hand here for far too long.

Out of the raw potential provided by Ethan Rayne's spell and the costumes; far beyond even the insane abilities of some of the others affected this night, the sheer power of the hellmouth had brought forth into this reality three new goddesses, the Chousin. All four of his eyes twinkling Janus decided that it was well and truly time that reality was shaken up and that this change...

...this change was good.

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