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Spartan Ascendance

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Summary: The Slayer sent her White Knight to hell to save her vampire lover sparking great changes. An old warrior returns after living a full life to put his past to rest and to continue his mission.

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Chapter 2 - Faith Recon

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Van Helsing, Hellsing, Stargate, Halo or any possible future licensed content used in this story. They are owned by people far more fortunate and creative than I am. This was written for enjoyment and no profit was made.

Summary: The Slayer sent her White Knight to hell to save her vampire lover sparking great changes. An old warrior returns after living a full life to put his past to rest and to continue his mission.


Location: Sunnydale, Earth

In the supposedly quiet little town of Sunnydale, crime never seemed to be a factor at night. One would never suspect how much corruption from evil forces were in control over a little part of California. People disappearing from the area had become the norm for everyone. If one looked close enough to the shadows of the town. They would have seen the dark underbelly where mythical predators lurked about.

A flash of light prior to a vampire bursting to dust broke up the silence of the night. It was the first first night the native predators of Sunnydale found themselves as prey for an even more dangerous beast. Slayers over the millennia were had become a known quantity to the forces of darkness. The demon that ran upon witnessing the final death of its buddy would spread the fear of a new hunter that could strike unseen.

It was the first time in over a century in Alexander’s life since he was in his original hometown. The experience was not a pleasant time for the aged warrior. The sights seen since reaching the town after dark left a bitter taste in his mouth. Alex’s vague memories of his previous life had soon sharpened back to crystal clarity of a life that had its good points and bad. Even after everything the spartan had went through though, he was unwilling yet to face his former friends.

“I still think you should have taken the armor.” A petulant female voice broke up the monotony for the only spartan alive. No one else around could have heard the voice due to the audio transceiver embedded under the skin behind the ear.

Alex rolled his eyes as he stood on a roof that gave him a clear view of Willy’s Bar. The spartan had been observing the seedy establishment since a little after sundown. Inside the bar resided a target that Alex did not really want to see but had to confront eventually. As a result, he held back from barging in right away and it had become a game of waiting for his prey to come out. After several hours of taking pot shots at passing vampires the man of action was soon running out of patience.

“And I told you Cortana that I have no intention to get into a situation that would require the armor. Are you getting bored up there? You were the one that decided to stay behind tonight.”

Up on the ship, a reborn avatar was glaring at the two forerunner monitors operating nearby. While she would never admit she was jealous that she was not the only A.I. in her spartan’s life. Cortana was grateful when her partner told the light bulbs that she was in charge while he was away. The fact Alex named his ship in memory of her left the blue female avatar inordinately pleased.

“Yeah well I wanted to get more acclimated to this dimension. Seeing the earth with such antiquated technology disturbs me in a way. Plus I’m still not ready to believe you about the supernatural being real.”

Cortana once again focused on exploring the system of an alien probe they found in the system. The hot looking avatar found it very interesting that an alien race shared the same name as the viking gods of earth. Investigating alien hardware while leaving said aliens none the wiser was a nice distraction for her. She was still mad at her spartan from his keeping such a huge secret from her. Calling her partner Alex now just felt wrong to Cortana, Alex would always be John to her.

On earth Alex sighed as he checked the weapons he had with him. The warrior had eliminated several vampires and a pair of demons during his stakeout. Having not seen a bratty bottle blonde slayer flouncing around town, Alex assumed she was off visiting her father again that summer.

“Did you access the internet and try and find any hints of another slayer in the news?”

Alex shivered when he thought of his friend and the internet at the same time. When he introduced Cortana to the world wide web, the psychotic A.I. had started laughing maniacally while claiming she controlled all the information of humanity and was now god. After she had calmed down Cortana explained that she felt it was had been an appropriate response to her new discovery. Alex was still blaming Hollywood for the disturbing behavior.

“No chief. After an extensive internet search against the information about slayers you gave me I could not find anything. I still find it hard to believe that pint sized bottle blonde cheerleader you had me research could ever be able to go toe to toe with a spartan.”

When Cortana continued to rant about how a girl that looked barely one hundred pounds soaking wet could not possibly fight a first year marine cadet, Alex just ignored her. He frowned in thought while guessing that the Watcher’s Council was not networked like most of the organizations on earth. The setback would delay his search a bit for Kendra’s successor. When Hellsing’s made a direct suggestion about helping the next slayer, the man hinted it was important to find her as soon as he could.

“Okay,” Alex grunted in annoyance. “This path is not leading anywhere. Time for a different approach.”

Alex jumped off the roof of the building he stood on. The reinforced ceramic coating on the spartan’s bones prevented his legs from being broken from the fall. The well trained soldier landed with an unnatural grace before he started walking towards the bar.

“You told me you weren’t planning to get into a fight?” Cortana complained after guessing what was about to happen. She recognized the tone Alex had used.

“It won’t be much of a fight,” Alex growled in a low tone that was reminiscent of his time as the Master Chief.

Since retiring from active service Alex had learned to relax a bit in civilian society. However, old training and habits would never be forgotten as his mind and body changed into fight mode. His muscles were coiled and at the ready to strike. The world around him became fractions slower as his mind processed the situation. He became the demon that sent enemy troops running in fear.

Alex soon kicked open the door to the bar with a single blow that caused the wooden door to shatter. The shrapnel from the destroyed door pierced a vampire that was about to leave and quickly dusted the blood sucker. It was a sure way to get everyone’s attention. The spartan then stepped inside and located the target along with a familiar leech he had been hoping to avoid for a while yet. To Alex’s muted surprise the creature was extremely drunk off his ass.

“I’m not happy to see you vampire.” Alex growled.

Several vampires and demons made to rush Alex who pulled his upgraded M6 hard light pistol. In response, a number of rounds were fired as fast as a machine gun into the group. The result of hard light ammunition on demons caused the targets to either dust or dissolve to the floor. The few demons that had not wanted to fight stared in shock at having witnessed what looked like bullets made of sunlight kill with ease.

Movement out of the corner of Alex’s eyes revealed the bartender Willy was trying to make an escape. Holstering his pistol, Alex reached behind him for two knives. With pinpoint accuracy one knife embedded itself into the counter and pined Willy’s right shirt sleeve to the wood. The other knife went into the wall just to the left of Willy’s face. They firmly stopped the slimy bastard in his tracks. The snitch had felt the displaced air as the knife had passed by his face face was lucky the knife hadn’t drawn blood.

“Stay put asshole,” Alex growled before moving to the drunken vampire with a soul. “The rest of you get out of here!”.

It took hardly no time for the more peaceful demons to clear out of bar. That soon left a bartender that had pissed himself and pathetic monster that couldn’t even stay standing to deal with. Alex grabbed Angel by the shoulder while almost crushing the bone under the spartan’s enhanced strength. Intending to make a point to be passed on to the others later, Alex then tossed the vampire through the air. The souled leech quickly landed on a table that collapsed from the impact. The pain was quickly sobering the drunk vampire.

“I’ve waited a long time for this Deadboy,” Alex advanced once again as Angel worked to clear his head and try to identify his attacker.

“Harris?” The vampire wasn’t sure. Only the boy ever called him Deadboy. Now before him was a man too much taller bulkier and older to be the boy that was sacrificed a month ago.

“Surprise.” Alex responded in a bored voice. “It seemed someone took offense at your girlfriend just sending me to hell. Now I’m back and after being gone for over a hundred years for me, I’m still extremely pissed.”

Alex kneeled down glaring at the leech. He remembered everything the creature had done after it seduced a naive girl and lost it’s soul. What the warrior saw was something pathetic. The creature was too drunk to be any kind of threat even to his pre spartan self.

“Come here to kill me Xander? Did you find and kill Buffy too before you came for me? She regretted what she did to you after it happened. It should have been me that got sent to hell after what my demon did.”

Alex studied the creature that seemed expectant of a stake in the heart. At that moment it seemed obvious that the vampire felt a soul searing guilt at what happened that night and was drinking to forget. From the smell and filthy look told Alex far more than he wanted to know about the creature he was determined to hate. The spartan began to reconsider the notion about time really does heal old wounds. The aged warrior sighed in disgust at how soft he had gotten in retirement.

“Alexander Harris is dead and I’m not here to kill you tonight overbite.” Grabbing the vampire by the throat, Alex picked Angel up and slammed him on top of the bar near where Willy was still being held by the combat knives. “While I would love to slowly dismember you and piss on your ashes I got bigger fish to fry. I want all you both know on the slayer called since the jamaican girl’s death.”

Alex pulled another combat knife out of a sheath and held it up which caused Willy’s eyes to widen. While the drunk and neutered master vampire had no idea about who the next slayer was, the slimy bartender did. The minute expressions on the man’s face easily gave the man up.

“What do you know Willy.” Alex growled as he suddenly slammed the tip of the knife into the counter between bartender’s fingers without cutting him. The man’s pants soon filled with shit to go along with the piss.

“All I know is she is somewhere on the east coast and is being hunted by some big master vampire named Kakistos! I swear that's all I know!” Alex glared down at the rat like man, his eyes having seen horrors no one should witness burned with an unnatural blue. “Al...also the Watchers don’t like the new slayer and are planning to sell her out to get killed. They are hoping to get another slayer like the previous one. The Watchers think the new girl is even worse than blondie is here. Please don’t kill me!” The snitch squealed in pure terror at the end.

Alex relaxed his glare as he pulled his knife out of the bar. Then as quick as a flash the spartan threw the knife through the bar’s entrance and into the night. The combat blade soon after found itself embedded into the skull of a demon that was trying to listen in and killed it.

“I’ll be seeing you both around soon,” Alex turned after leaving that promise and threat hanging in the air to put the two on edge. He strode out into the night and disappeared through a slipspace teleportation portal that closed up behind him. When Angel came out soon after, he could find no trace of the wronged Scooby.

Location: Cortana’s Might - Mars Orbit

Cortana’s avatar coalesced in front of Alex once he came out of the portal onto the bridge. She only stared at her spartan with great amusement.

“What?” Alex asked after a few moments.

“Just found what you did very funny considering I remember a certain spartan hating attention. The fan girls loved that dangerous mystery soldier routine you had when you refused to go anywhere without armor. You busting into a public venue and acting like a bad ass will likely get you a lot more attention sooner than planned.”

Cortana thought back to an award ceremony where girls were throwing their underwear at the Master Chief as items of gratitude for all he’d done.She would have loved to have seen John’s reaction then. Unfortunately it happened at a time her spartan never went unarmored.

“Well you remember what Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson used to say, always leave the enemy guessing.” Alex smiled a little at the remembrance of one of the few people he could call a friend.

Cortana gave the spartan a sour look. “He said that in reference of the female gender John. Not about the enemy.”

“There’s a difference?” Alex looked at her in a dumbfounded look that sent the A.I. shrieking in frustration. She never noticed the corners of Alex’s lips quirking up in amusement.

“You know what caveman? I think when Miss Right comes along for you I’ll just tell her to crash a ship into your thick titanium skull to knock you out. Then she could drag you home before having hot and wild sex when she claims you. You are completely blind to the opposite sex unless they are shooting at you it seems.”

Alex was undeterred at Cortana’s rant as he leaned down and pecking his holographic partner on the cheek. Her new hard light emitters allowed her to “feel” Alex’s touch and it surprised the fourth generation A.I.

“Yes dear. Now as you were listening in on what happened down there. Did it give you any hints on getting a more accurate fix on our target?” Alex had wandered over to the holo table on the bridge while leaving his partner stunned at his actions. The fact he left her speechless for a few moments was like a lifetime to the artificial woman.

Cortana broke herself out of her shock and turned and glared while pointing at Alex as she struggled with the words she wanted to say. “You...You...CAVEMAN! You act deliberately obtuse just to frustrate the hell out of me then you go and pull something like that! I am so getting back at you mister.”

“Thats nice.” He smirked. “Now Cortana, lost slayer?”

Two forerunner monitors and a number of Huragok looked up when they heard a loud screech pierce the normally quiet ship’s tranquility. Upon guessing the sound was that of stressed metal, they soon set off in search for any potential damage..


Location: Boston, Earth

After a few hours of searching, Cortana had narrowed down the location to Boston for Alex to search. Alex found it very disturbing when he read that Kakistos was known to be the head of a criminal empire. When he searched among the properties known to be owned by Kakistos, he was surprised to find a black op’s team huddled around a fallen figure. It was not a stretch for the warrior to come to the conclusion that the group was part of the Watcher’s Council sent to deal with the slayer.

Alex’s armored form burst from the shadows into the armed group. Early twenty-first century weapons stood no chance against twenty-sixth century armor and hard light shields. With controlled and smooth movements from years of use, Alex effectively knocked out every member of the team except one. The leader of the group soon found himself pinned to a brick wall in the alley with an armored fist.

When Alex looked to see what the wet works team stood around, the spartan’s growl turned deadly as his fist squeezed harder at the man’s throat. At their feet was a dark haired teenage girl who had been knocked out. Closer inspection showed several bruises that marred her pretty face. The scene stirred up memories of fighting against human insurrectionists that raped female citizens when he was John-117. It absolutely did not endear the team to the professional soldier.

“Beating up little girls? A bit pathetic if you ask me. Just what the hell were you going to do with her?”

The British man knew fear when he looked into Alex’s golden face shield and only saw his own reflection in it. Their weapons were useless against the creature and didn’t know what demon it was. The killer felt he could only hope he could bargain for his life.

“What does it matter to you demon?” The team leader responded with more bravado than he felt. “She’s a slayer. You can have her if you want as it would save my bosses from getting too many unwanted questions.”

Alex was disgusted with how easily the man was wanting to give up the defenseless girl on the ground. It proved to the spartan that the Watchers were nothing but greedy old men who had no business in the fight against evil. The former Master Chief found it interesting that once again his enemies believe him to be a demon. Alex guessed the man believed by offering up the slayer would save him.

“I’ll take the girl you piece of shit. Don’t suppose one of your little group was the girl’s Watcher were they?” Alex debated whether to kill all the men there that intended harm on the young girl. Alex hadn’t killed another human being since the start of the Covenant War. He wasn’t thrilled to have to resort to doing so again. However, Alex knew that it would be a necessity to do sometimes.

“No the bitch betrayed us by ignoring orders. She was already captured earlier by Kakistos to be used as bait for the slayer over at an abandoned office building north of here. There is probably not much left of her...ack!” Alex was furious and soon a snap of bone signalled that the spartan’s superior strength broke the man’s neck like a twig.

“You ok Chief?” Cortana’s somber voice asked after a moment of silence.

Alex looked over the other members of the wet work team that laid unconscious before coming to a decision. She knew how much John had disliked killing another human even back when he fought insurrectionists.

“Bring the Pelican down. I want her somewhere safe until I can retrieve her Watcher,” Alex spoke as he shot each of the Council’s team in the heart with his pistol to send a message to the Council. Moving over to the slayer, he gently picked her up in his arms. She was tiny compared to the size of Alex in his armor.

The Pelican arrived as Alex made his way to the cloaked craft and placed the girl inside. While giving the dark haired slayer a quick examination to make sure she wasn’t more seriously wounded, Alex found a tranquilizer dart stuck in her butt. The small object was soon crushed in an armored fist.

“I just completed a quick scan. She has a very high metabolism but the sedative will keep her out for several hours. I could find no internal damage.” Cortana reported.

The spartan nodded more to himself than to Cortana as he retrieved a pillow and blanket and tucked the slayer in on the bench. Cortana observed Alex through a camera on the drop ship and marveled at how gentle he was with the young woman. She smiled to herself thinking her partner would make a great father one day.

With the slayer secured Alex grabbed an assault rifle before heading further into the city of Boston. On the way, he noticed his partner was trying to be cute. Cortana had added to the HUD of his armor the mission goal of not blowing up the city even by accident. She knew he wasn’t in the mood to restrain the amount of destruction he could cause..

“So what's the plan this time Chief?” Cortana stood vigil on the bridge of the ship. She refused to let her spartan go into battle without her watching his back.

“I thought I would knock on the front door.” Alex smirked underneath his helmet as he checked his rifle.

“Subtle John.” Alex could picture her annoyed face.

Glass crashed everywhere when the seven foot two armored spartan crashed through a paint covered bay window. The evening sun shined through the room and cooked the exposed vampires where they stood as Alex began to make his way deeper into the building. Due to the lack of body heat the spartan was forced to rely on motion sensors to find any hidden vampires. He counted himself lucky the building wasn’t a huge skyscraper and only had a second floor and basement. The creatures that were hidden behind cover could find no safety from the high tech weapons being employed against them.

“Didn’t you say you were going to go through the front door you big lug?

“I did. I just didn’t specify that I was intending to make one.” Alex had came in the way he did to utilize the setting sun. The other side where the front door had been would have been bathed in shadows that would not have helped.

After clearing the first floor of any hostiles Alex moved up the stairs to the second floor and detected a large number inside. Reaching into his pack behind his back for a grenade he felt something out of place. Looking down at his hand he knew instantly what it was.

“Cortana I though I asked for plasma grenades when I armored up on the ship.”

“You did but we both know those things were too powerful for twenty first century structures. What you hold there is a solar flash grenade. A chemical mixture that upon detonation emit intense light rays on the same spectrum as the sun. Not sure what it will do, it could destroy the vampires or badly burn them.”

Alex smirked and tossed a few of the grenades in to try them out. He did not believe in something being overkill. When the grenades went off the room held nothing but dust and flames. Some items inside that had low burning points had caught on fire from the intense light.

“Just what would happen if a human was exposed to those grenades Cortana?” Alex asked while sure he wasn’t going to like the answer.

“Direct exposure to the light would probably cause a sunburn as bad as second degree burn damage.” Alex winced at the response knowing how bad it would be for those without high pain tolerances. “But don’t worry. You are perfectly safe within your armor John.”

Giving a final glance at his surroundings to make sure the area was cleared, Alex punched through an elevator door and peeled it back to reveal an elevator shaft. The spartan jumped down and fell through the elevator car at the bottom.

“I don’t think this elevator is up to code,” he joked before slamming a armored boot into another elevator door. That one soon fell to the floor in a crumpled mess.

“You are just getting too lazy to use the stairs John.” Cortana quipped back.

Inside the basement Alex found the ugliest vampire that almost made his old buddy the Arbiter look handsome. Behind the thing Alex would forever refer as goatpire, was a black vampire in an impeccable suit and a nude woman who looked pretty battered.

“I’m here for the woman fellas. I got some business with that Watcher.”

Kakistos stared at the creature that was as big as he was. Much like the Watcher’s team he mistakened the enhanced human in a high tech suit of armor as a demon. The goatpire’s arrogance about being unbeatable and curiosity over the newcomer caused the aged demon to lower his guard.

“I’m afraid I can’t allow that stranger. This one will bring her slayer to me.” Kakistos pointed a cloven arm at the woman chained from the ceiling. “Perhaps once the girl comes for her I will give the woman to you if you join me.”

Alex had walked closer while seemingly unthreatening. “Call me Spartan, and that is not going to work since I already have the girl in a safe place.” Alex grabbed the handle of a plasma sword clipped to his hip and smoothly stabbed Kakistos in the chest. The old master vampire found himself soon going up in flames sparked by the intense heat of the plasma sword.

The black vampire had been edging to toward the sewer entrance nearby. He had not been as dumb to assume that the minions upstairs had just let an unknown through to see the boss. The soundproofing the master vampire had installed on it’s basement lair had hidden the chaos and fighting that had went on upstairs.

Just as he was about to pull up the hatch to jump inside he heard the spartan's voice speak directly behind himself. “And where do you think your going vampire?”

The black vampire known as Mr. Trick felt a sharp pain in his chest. When the leech looked down he saw an armored fist and arm sticking through him. “Thats just not right man.” The vampire soon fell to the ground in dust.

Alex turned his attention to the only other creature alive in the building. With a deft swing of the plasma sword, he cut the chains holding the woman’s arms to the ceiling before cradling her nude body in his arms. He guessed the woman to be in her mid forties and was still a looker.

“Cortana bring the Pelican to the roof of the building,” Alex sent his order as he moved up the stairs to reach the roof. Thinking about the number of dust piles left behind, he silently wished all of his battles had been as easy.

Once upon reaching the roof, a hole seemingly opened up in thin air revealing the inside of the advanced vehicle. It was then that the woman started to wake in his arms.

“Who are you?” Diana was unsure whether to be scared or not.

The field Watcher was sure though that anything was better than where she had been since she last passed out from being beaten. Her falling into unconsciousness had saved her from being raped by the disgusting creatures. When looking at her rescuer she didn’t feel any malice coming from the strangely armored man.

“You're safe now miss.” Alex sat Diana on the bench across from where her slayer slept.

Upon seeing her adopted daughter safe and seemingly asleep, she got up unsteadily and managed to make it over to the younger girl. “Oh Faith sweetie. I’m so glad you're alright.”

Diana soon felt a soft warm blanket wrapped around her naked body causing her to look at her rescuer in surprise. In her joy at seeing Faith alive and okay, she had forgotten her state of undress.

“I was lucky. I found some of your fellow Watchers after they had sedated her. Her bruises from their hits have healed since then. They were planning to help sacrifice your slayer in order to get a new one closer to the Council’s liking.”

Diana stared in surprise at the huge armored being. “I don’t know how to thank you properly whoever you are.”

Diana watched rapt attention as Alex reached up and removed his helmet and revealed his face. The female watcher found herself blushing at seeing the face of her rescuer. While pale but in a healthy way unlike a vampire, Diana Dormer found the face to be very attractive.

“My name’s Alexander Spartan and you don’t need to thank me. I’m a soldier and a soldier should never be thanked for doing what's expected.”

As the cloaked Pelican drop ship started to make it’s way back to the ship, Cortana could only shake her head in amusement. Watching with a camera she was witnessing another woman falling for her Spartan and he didn’t even seem to realize it. She knew that man was going to drive her in to rampancy again one day.


Location: Cortana’s Might - Mars Orbit

Faith started to stir from sleep’s welcoming embrace as she felt warm and safe. She stretched much like a kitten who just woken from her nap and froze immediately. The queen size bed was much larger than her twin size mattress she had at her adopted mother’s apartment.

Carefully cracking open her eyes she scanned the seemingly basic bedroom for any threats. Her eyes soon landed on the form of Diana who was lounging in a reclining chair in the bedroom in a robe. Her hair was still wet from her recent bath and had been studying a tablet while waiting for Faith to wake. Faith’s eyes widen and quickly rubbed her eyes before looking again and realized she wasn’t seeing things. The tablet Diana was using looked like it was projecting holograms like in a science fiction movie.

“Mom?” Faith called out hesitantly. Diana had only recently made the adoption official and the word was still a bit new in reference to Diana.

“Faith?” Diana looked up in surprise before setting the tablet down and going over to her daughter’s bed. Soon both were embraced in a hug.

“How’d you get away?” Faith asked the woman that took her in. Last thing the young slayer knew was hearing that Diana had been captured by Kakistos.

“A new friend rescued me after saving you from a Council team.” Faith frowned not remembering anything about a team. Last thing the girl recalled was something pinching her ass and then darkness.

“I got video footage of what happened if you're both interested.” Cortana’s voice spoke up from nowhere.

“Ghost!?” Faith asked her adopted mother in surprise. Diana could only smile in response at the normally tough as nails girl holding onto her like a security blanket. Since coming onto the ship Diana had cleaned Faith up a bit when Alex laid her on the bed. With the dark makeup gone, the young girl did not look nearly as tough as she tried to act.

“I’m not ghost.” Cortana’s blue form came together sitting at the end of the bed. “My name is Cortana and I’m a fully functional artificial intelligence.”

“She’s a good friend of the man that rescued us sweetie.” Diana explained.

Faith was full of questions but found herself drawn to watching the video on a monitor in her room. On it she watched the armored being she remembered in her dream of late coming to her rescue. She felt something unknown inside when she witnessed the being carrying her gently and tucking her in on a strange aircraft. The dark haired slayer wanted to cry in happiness when she witnessed her new mother get rescued for a horrible monster and brought them to his ship.

Glancing at an equally teary eyed Diana, Faith couldn’t help but tease her new mom. “Gee mom you moved fast. I only asked for a Daddy last week.”

Diana Dormer blushed to the roots of her hair while Cortana busted out laughing. The former UNSC A.I. knew she was going to love the new girl. Her advance computing was already allowing her to calculate dozens of different ways to tease her spartan with Faith’s help

In Alex’s room, he was just finishing with the removal of his armor with the help of a couple of Huragok. The spartan then suddenly stiffened and shivered as if someone walked over his grave. Looking around he wondered just what Cortana was up to. It was a common indicator from his subconscious to know that his partner was plotting something that would not end well for him.

End Chapter

Author’s Note: I’m amazed and appreciate everyone that reviewed on the previous chapter. The large number of responses definitely motivated me to write more. I’m not one to hold chapters ransom for reviews but they do help me keep writing a story. Constructive suggestions are always welcome as it helps make the story better.

To those that responded upset at my bashing of Buffy. There will always be those that love and hate a specific character. I personally enjoy watching Buffy but my like and dislike changes like the tides. Watching reruns do influence my opinion. I had written the last chapter on a whim and at the time my opinion of Buffy was at a low point. I could have just as easily been in the mood to write her as an awesome hero who swooped her White Knight of his feet instead of sleeping with her vampire lover.

In writing Fan Fiction, we’re allowed to consider the unused scenarios and ask what if this happened instead. If someone can’t accept it when things deviate from the norm, they should just stick their head in the sand and hum real loud.

Next up, Alex visits the land of tea, tweed, and Rupert Giles. The Watchers pissed off the wrong spartan when they tried to have Faith killed. The Queen best hope she has a country left to rule when he leaves.
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