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Spartan Ascendance

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Summary: The Slayer sent her White Knight to hell to save her vampire lover sparking great changes. An old warrior returns after living a full life to put his past to rest and to continue his mission.

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Chapter 1 - Prologue

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Van Helsing, Hellsing, Stargate, Halo or any possible future licensed content used in this story. They are owned by people far more fortunate and creative than I am. This was written for enjoyment and no profit was made.

Summary: The Slayer sent her White Knight to hell to save her vampire lover sparking great changes. An old warrior returns after living a full life to put his past to rest and to continue his mission.


Location: Sunnydale, Earth

Xander stood in fear as he gazed into the room beyond and saw Angelus standing over Buffy. From where he stood, he could see the blonde slayer was in pain. The young hunter had just gotten Giles out of the manor to safety and only at Giles’ prompting had returned to help Buffy. It was one of Xander’s worst fears witnessing one of his friends about to die after he lost his brother in all but blood.

Xander mentally berated himself about telling Buffy that Willow was going to try the soul curse spell again. Knowledge on human body language the soldier memories Xander had told him the girl was hesitating in all her actions. The young man moved quickly to try and help the blonde slayer as he heard Angelus starting to gloat.

“That’s everything huh? No weapons, no friends, no hope.” Angelus taunted.

Before he could continue, both combatants were surprised when Angelus was suddenly knocked off his feet. Xander had tackled the master vampire to the ground and started to wail on the vampire’s face with his uncasted fist. Each punch caused the vampire a great burning pain that seemed odd to the leech.

“She’s not alone, and I promised to be here when you finally got dusted Deadboy.” Xander growled.

Once Angelus came out of the shock of what happened he knocked Xander off with deep contempt for the young man. That such a normal human managed to get the jump on him irritated the vampire to no end.

“You just won’t give up will you boy. You’ve lost and soon everyone will be getting new real estate in hell.”

Feeling something wet on his face, Angelus wiped at the blood leaking from the new wounds. He was surprised when his injuries weren’t starting to heal quicker. Looking over at Xander found the young man grinning while he held brass knuckles. A certain detail caught the master vampire’s attention when he could see engraved crosses on the metal.

“Not so pretty now are you overbite. I may not have got the strength but I had this blessed especially for you.”

Angelus snarled and picked up Xander by the neck and raised the hunter into the air. The vampire was mentally kicking himself at underestimating the normal scooby once again. While the boy didn’t have the skill or experience of some of the hunters that were legends, Xander was just as stubborn and adaptive as they were.

“Once I’m done with the bitch I will personally ensure that you die very painfully and slowly Harris. It has been a very long time since anyone has pissed me off as much as you have. What did you hope to gain by this last minute heroics? Do you really think Buffy would ever run to you even if you managed to take me down?”

Not giving it a second thought, Angelus gave a mighty punch to Xander’s rib cage breaking several ribs and puncturing a lung before tossing the injured boy aside. With a final sneer he turned back to Buffy who had been frozen in surprise while watching the exchange. The infatuated girl hadn’t even tried to make an attack while the vampire was distracted.

“Well my dear. Now that we won’t be again rudely interrupted. I believe its time I finish this and kill you.”

The blonde slayer hurriedly grabbed her fallen sword nearby as the leech advanced towards her. She was silently wondering to herself if her best female friend had failed again at casting the spell after nothing had happened so far.

Then suddenly, Angelus froze in horror as he felt a familiar feeling inside him. His body tensed as light flashed in the vampire’s eyes signalling to Buffy that something had changed. Angel’s soul once again found itself inside the vampire and halted his movements.

“Buffy...?” Angel shuddered as the memories of what happened upsetted his restored conscience.

“Angel!” Buffy gasped and rushed over and hugged her returned paramour.

Both silently cried at being together again. The happy moment was not to last however, as Xander gave a painful moan as he tried to pick himself up. The young man was finding great difficulty breathing and needed immediate medical help.

Unknown to the trio, beings on higher planes of existence had been watching the confrontation. The Powers That Be were happy with how events had taken place with them quietly influencing the slayer. Simple suggestions implanted into the naive girl’s mind made it easy for them to get their desired results. The low level celestial beings saw the current moment as an opportunity to remove a pest to their plans.

The vampire and slayer looked over at the young man near Acathla where a portal straight to hell was slowly getting bigger. Buffy thought about what the balance demon Whistler had said earlier about what she would have to do if the portal was opened. The slayer looked down at the lover in her arms and realized she couldn’t send Angel to hell no more than she could have dusted Angelus before.

“Buffy we got to close that portal somehow.” Angel said with worry. He was given another chance and didn’t want to lose it so soon.

The blonde felt encouraged by unheard words whispered to her when she had a fleeting thought of sacrificing someone else to close the portal. Buffy quickly cut Angel’s arm and coated the blade in the vampire’s blood before going over to Xander. The young man had managed to painfully sit up and was coughing up blood.

“I’m sorry Xander.” She sighed in regret at what she was about to do. “But I just can’t lose him again.”

Xander looked up at her in confusion as she hauled him up to his feet. The slayer spun Xander to face the portal as she was unable to look into her best male friend’s eyes. Resolute with her decision, she then stabbed her first friend in Sunnydale in the back both literally and figuratively. Xander turned and looked at Buffy in betrayal while barely believing what she had just done to him.

“Goodbye Xander. Angel can help me better than you can. This way you can still help and save the world in the end.” Her words to the man she just betrayed tried to explain while trying to also justify her actions to herself.

While continuing to avoid looking at Xander’s face, Buffy pushed him into the portal knowing it would take him directly to hell. The slayer knew she had effectively damned Xander’s soul to eternal torment. The sword with Angel’s blood and Xander’s body was enough to satisfy the requirements to effectively close the portal.

None present noticed the portal had changed colors from a rust colored orange to a deep green just prior to closing. Angel was greatly distracted at witnessing the girl he loved sacrificing a friend in order to save him from hell. Buffy meanwhile was content to just try and forget everything. The blonde slayer knew she would have to think up a story for the others. She knew the others wouldn’t understand why she made her decision.

The Powers That Be nodded in satisfaction at getting rid of the annoyance that tended to ruin their plans. They felt the removal of the one whose destiny they could not control would ensure their continued influence over their champions. The mortal and immortal group soon left the mansion and intended to put events behind them. While Buffy felt like she had made the correct choice, her boyfriend though was conflicted at what happened.


Location: Unknown Space

The pain of being wounded and the emotional pain of dozens of different emotions passed through the mind of Earth’s greatest warrior. With the pain came the memories of battles and wars gone by from a life he could still remember. A life where instead of fighting aliens, he fought monsters found in horror stories. One of the most agonizing pains came from being betrayed by a former friend and crush before being tossed into a portal where the energies tore his body apart.

When his body was destroyed and his soul was about to enter the fires of hell was when things changed. The poor soul felt a tug upon itself when the portal seemed to change directions and a sense of peace prevailed. When he opened new eyes, the warrior found himself in a bed not his own. In a body that was close to what he looked like at a young age but not quite. The reborn man found himself a family that loved him instead of just tolerating him. It was a life that was wholly different from the life he just lost.

Alexander “John” Spartan woke with a start in his quarters on his personal ship, Cortana’s Might, in a heavy sweat. The one hundred and twenty-three year old war veteran barely looked a day past sixty due to the physical enhancements he endured as a teenager along with long periods in cryosleep.

While trying to remove past demons from his mind, he moved toward the bathroom and began to splash water on his face at the sink. While looking at one of two faces he would recognize in a mirror. He recalled a life where he was abducted from his family and enlisted as a toddler to defend humanity. That was when Alex found a new and larger family where he could belong to and not feel useless. A life that defined who he was ever since.

He was Alexander “John” Spartan and had been a Spartan-II commando, the “Master Chief” as he was publicly known as. The battle hardened warrior was the only one left of his family of super soldiers. The rest had either died in battle or from other hazards. Alex was an old soldier who was lost in a galaxy that no longer needed beings like him.

Following the events of the Covenant War and then proceeding Promethean War against Forerunner remnants that had been in stasis for so long. The galaxy had finally found an era of peace after such a long period of war. While there would always be skirmishes against known and newly discovered races, Humanity had taken its place as a dominant race in the galaxy.

When Alex had asked to retire, his bosses had arranged for the legendary warrior a new identity that would allow him to disappear into anonymity. Given his choice of ship when he mentioned wanting to explore the galaxy. Alex chose an old retired Infinity Class ship that he upgraded with knowledge gained during his battles only he and his old partner knew about the true technical details about.

Unwilling to take another human A.I. again after losing Cortana. Alex eventually picked up two Forerunner A.I.’s to remotely control his ship along with a couple Huragok. The artificial organic supercomputers that the Forerunners used to maintain their technology and civilization had eventually reproduced enough over the years to make a very effective crew.

With the knowledge of advanced technology, the old ship was transformed into the most powerful vessel in the galaxy that was not an actual Forerunner vessel. The abilities of the two Contender Class A.I.’s who were able to remotely control ships with the aid of a complement of Huragok allowed Alex control his personal battle group. With the advance technology and multiple vessels, he had become a dangerous predator in space. Alex sometimes wondered if his old partner would have been surprised at him moving up from being a ground pounder to commanding a number of ships.

With a sigh Alex, turned off the water and grabbed a towel to dry his face. Since his “rebirth”, he had gone from an above average height human to a towering man of six foot ten of solid muscle. His once brown eyes had gone blue after the surgeries to turn him into a super soldier. He doubted any of his supposed friends from his old life would recognize him now even if he wasn’t a lot older. He looked more like a John-117 than an Alexander Harris

“Hello Xander.” A voice spoke up behind the former Spartan that Alex hadn’t recognized.

Old instincts kicked in and grabbed one of the thousand weapons he hid around his ship in case of an emergency. With quick and smooth motions the defender of humanity raised a pistol in preparations for a fight. In front of Alex stood a man in leather pants with a turtleneck sweater and leather jacket. The man had dark but wise eyes along with dark hair that went to his shoulders. To finish of his appearance was a wide brimmed fedora with the entire ensemble being nearly blinding white.

Intending to neutralize a possible threat, Alex moved with lightning fast speed to grab and make the man eat deck plating. This didn’t happen due to the man only disappeared and appeared behind Alex.

“Easy soldier, I came here meaning no harm and have an offer to help you.” Alex studied the man that somehow boarded his ship without any alarm going off. “Allow me to introduce myself. I know you have heard of me before. I have gone by many names but the one you're most familiar with. I was Abraham Van Hellsing at one time. Another of my most notable names is the Archangel Gabriel.”

The name tickled the back of Alex’s mind at the more vague memories of a life long gone. The old warrior remembered reading about a Abraham Van Hellsing that started an organization in England to fight the monsters of the night in his old world. However instincts and knowledge from his new life were warring with what he knew of the supernatural. Alex knew that there was no evidence of vampires or demons in his current dimension.

“Hard to believe I know.” Hellsing continued at seeing Alex’s face which showed the Spartan knew something about the white being. “Betrayal will always make it harder for someone to trust another. The slayer was wrong for what she did to you along with her bosses.”

“How do you know about all that? There are times when I wonder if everything had just been a dream when I was a small boy.” Alex growled in his deep graveled voice at the intruder. It made the aged warrior nervous as he never mentioned his previous life before to anyone.

“I know about it cause I was watching that day. When I heard that Acathla was in play and that scum Angelus was walking the Earth uncontrolled once more, I turned my attention onto you. You were young and stupid back then kid but you had heart and drive to do what had to be done. I couldn’t have been any prouder of you than if you had been my descendant.”

While keeping the gun trained on the knowledgeable man in front of him, Alex activated a nearby comm to call one of the light bulbs. He never bothered to name them after dealing with enough rampant forerunner monitors in his life. It helped Alex by keeping emotionally distant.

“Monitors, run an internal scan. Are there any intruders aboard?” Alex kept a suspicious eye on the seemingly unthreatening being.

“No master.” One of the monitors replied after a few moments. “Sensors show no anomalies inside or beyond the ship. Is anything wrong?”

“No.” Alex shut off the comm and refocused fully on the guy in front of him. “Say I believe everything you just said and you're not just a figment of my imagination after being in solitude for so long. How can you help me?”

“What was known by only a few people in my mortal life was of my job before that. I served god as her left hand among the Archangels. That was before being sent to earth to fight the dark creatures that were gaining strength on earth.”

Hellsing kept his movements slow and non threatening as he looked around Alex’s quarters.

“After the death of Christ I wandered the earth fighting the darkness and gave the leaders of mankind a nudge once and awhile till I received an injury that made me lose my memory. At that point I began to work for an organization in the Roman Catholic Church before their current incarnation known as the Iscariot. Their change in policy made me go to Britain where the crown asked me to develop a defense force against the dark creatures after I bound Dracula to my service.”

Hellsing enjoyed telling someone a little about his history once in awhile. It annoyed the archangel at how exaggerated his legend had become over the years. Alex meanwhile was starting to lower his guard. Events had sounded familiar to things he read about before. Gabriel’s holy aura was also helping the alert warrior to relax.

“But that is the past and not the matter I came here for. While the Slayer willingly violated her calling and sent an innocent to hell to save the vampire, she was not completely responsible for her actions. The beings that control the slayer line and destiney also played a part in what happened to you. They hated you after you made them seem like idiots when you broke one of their prophecies.”

“The thought of ruining their day makes me feel all fuzzy inside.” Alex growled as he was starting to trust the self proclaimed Archangel. Its very difficult to avoid believing in higher powers when fighting in a war.

“There was supposed to be two possible outcomes from that fight. One was the vampire was to be dusted prior to the events but the slayer’s free will kept choosing to not do that. The second was that the vampire was to be sacrificed into hell. I know that those higher idiots were planning a petition to bring the vampire back from hell at a later date. Those bastards however got it into their heads that they could violate policy and bypass judgement before a soul could be sent to hell.”

Alex followed Hellsing to the living room area of his quarters where both sat facing each other but the gun held steady incase the old monster hunter made a move. Abraham looked on in approval as the skills Alex picked up in his new life was the only thing that kept him from trying to bring the younger man back sooner.

“Living tissue would never have survived going through that portal. To a vampire it would have felt like a tickling breeze due to them not being alive. Its why you gained a new body when you got here and took over the body of your alternate self in this dimension. I wasn’t able to reverse what happened but I was able to send you somewhere besides hell. After all this time I’m here to help bring you back.”

“How can I go back without a body to return to?” Alex asked in confusion. He honestly wasn’t sure if he wanted to go back even if he could.

“Due to the injustice that happened, I am allowed to bring you back as you are. Unfortunately I can’t return you to the physical age that you left at. Aside from that you would be able to keep everything else that you gained here.”

Hellsing watched as the young man debated with himself on the pros and cons of returning but was finding his old world lacking in the end. Alex didn’t know the whole truth that he was still needed in his old world.

“Regardless of what happened Xander. Humanity there could still use your help. I can think of several lives there you could change just by being there like Kendra’s replacement. You didn’t think there would be another after her did you?” He asked in amusement at Alex realizing he had thought that. “Also mankind is just starting to travel through the stars. They could use a guide to help them as they have many enemies in the other dimension.”

Alex stood up and moved to a window and looked out at the cosmos beyond as he pondered in thought. His current situation left a lot to be desired. After that thought if he was being truly honest with himself, Alex was absolutely bored. For a man of action a life of leisure and being lazy was hell on earth.

Glancing over at an alcove in the room that housed his last issued version of his Mjolnir armor the UNSC gave him. Memories of his friends from Willow Rosenberg to his fellow spartans and finally Cortana flashed through his mind. Alex wished for their advice on such an important decision. Cortana if such a thing could be true, was the better half of his soul. She would urge and hassle him to accept to help as she would have been just as bored as he was. The female A.I. who some might argue was as certifiably psychotic as he was was always up for another adventure.

Alex turned back to facing Hellsing as the man was starting to smile. The angel seemed to guess already what Alex was going to say.

“Alright I’m game. What do I have to do?” Alex set the safety to his pistol back on for the first time since he realized he wasn’t alone.

“Nothing at all young man. I wish you luck and also have a message from the creator. You won’t be alone much longer. “

Just then alarms signalled throughout the ship as the panicked voices of the two forerunner monitors came through the comm system.

“Master unknown slipspace rupture opening ahead and is pulling us in and we can’t stop it!”

Those were the last words Alex heard as he felt himself lose his footing and hit the floor while he blacked out. Around the unconscious warrior the ship and everything in it was translocated across dimensions and found itself in orbit of mars.


Location: Mars, Sol System

“CHIEF! JOHN! Wake up!” Alex groaned slightly as he slowly opened his eyes and found a familiar beautiful blue face staring back at him.

“Cortana?!” Alex asked in awe and surprise at seeing a face he hadn’t seen in years.

Cortana stared in wonder at her best friend and partner. The ship’s interior forerunner hard light emitters gave the A.I. a physical body she can manipulate the world around her. At that moment she was kneeling beside Alex and held him in her arms

“Hey caveman! Mind explaining how I am now here after I have memories of dying?”

Alex smiled as Cortana brushed a hand through his short hair that instead of having flecks of gray was now solidly brown again. Many lines the old warrior had gained from age were gone as well. The end result left him looking to be to be a young man of around thirty years of age.

“God I’ve missed you Cortana.” He further surprised his A.I. companion with tears of joy.

Location: Boston, Earth

In the middle of sleep the new slayer Faith was in the throes of a slayer vision. Unlike what she had grown used to however, this one was far different than previous ones since gaining her powers. Where before were emotions of fear and terror was instead the feelings of warmth and safety. It was a large difference to the visions sent by the Powers That Be.

In the dreams Faith found herself standing beside a giant among men that protected her and fought beside her. The man shined with an unnatural light that banished the shadows from her mind and destroyed the chains that tied her to the PTB. It was decided by higher authorities that Kendra Young was to be the last traditional slayer.

In the waking world Faiths watcher checked in on her young charge and found the young girl to be crying with a smile of joy on her face. Diana Dormer wondered what future her adopted daughter would soon face that could make her so happy. Faith’s smile made her look so much younger and innocent.

Location: London, Earth

Underneath the Hellsing manor, a being that was the worst monster on earth and one of the greatest weapons against other monsters sat in his chambers. The being with blood red eyes sensed a power that he had not felt in ages. At first the creature could not tell who it was that was affecting reality around him but eventually he realized who it was.

“Just what are you up to Abraham?” the monster known as Alucard sat pondering what his old friend was up to.

The fact he felt familiar Hellsing magic mixed in with divine magic gave away the fact it was his old friend. Alucard long suspected the patriarch to the Hellsing line would return to God’s ranks among the Archangels upon a final mortal death.

Picking up a wine glass that held blood from a table, he soon took a sip and debated the merits of alerting his master to this new event. The Nosferatu had been training young Integra Hellsing in how to run the Hellsing organization and fight the monsters that plague the world. After an exhausting day of training she was likely sleeping like a baby.

Alucard wasn't sure if Integra’s ancestor was doing anything that would affect her and left the matter alone until he learned more. It did metaphorically warm an old monster’s heart to know his friend slash enemy was still interfering with things.

Walter Dornez, the trusted retainer and butler for the Hellsing organization looked up in amusement when the manor was filled with the echoing of Alucard’s laughter. He wondered what got the old bastard so highly amused. The aged manservant of Hellsing made a note to tell his boss how therapeutic it was to shoot the immortal creature to relieve stress.

Location: Colorado Springs, Earth

“Carter! What are you doing here still? The general ordered us to take a break after what happened on Thor’s ship and the replicator mess in the pacific.”

Colonel Jack O’Neill looked on with annoyance as the female scientist on his team was busy staring at her computer monitor.

“Sorry sir, but some pictures from our long range telescopes picked up some strange images earlier while we were away. I’m not sure but there seemed to be some strange flash of light near the location of mars. None of the telescopes however were focused enough to tell what it was. A few speculated it might be a hyperspace window from a ship maybe but I don’t think so.

The beautiful blonde chewed on her lower lip in thought as she studied the images before her. Not long after she squeaked in surprise and annoyance when the image disappeared from her monitor and ruined her thought process. When Sam looked up she saw the rest of her team standing in her lab with her commanding officer holding up the power cord he unplugged smugly.

Jack kept his grin while his second in command started to make a low growl. The former special forces soldier was beginning to wonder if being her superior officer would save him from being killed when she started sending glares to kill.

The archaeologist and jaffa only looked on in amusement at their teammates. However as a safety precaution they remained close to the door in case retreat was necessary.

End Chapter

Author’s Note: This was a plot bunny bouncing in my head I felt I had to get typed out. If there is enough interest in this story being continued I will see to adding more.
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