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And We're Off

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Summary: Post-Chosen, Willow and Xander have been invited to teach at Hogwarts. The two best friends on a new mission to teach teenage witches and wizards the finer points of Defence Against the Dark Arts.

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Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. I wish they were but it just
hasn't come true. JK Rowling and Joss Whedon still own them.

And We're Off… (15/?)

Summary: Quickie Recap: Neville is Xander's cousin. Willow and Xander
have gotten really close again. Harry tired to raise Sirius from the dead under
the encouragement of the First Evil. Then after being influenced by the First,
the students attacked each other. Well, that all I can think of that's

Spoilers: Harry Potter books 1-5, Buffy 1-7 and maybe a couple of
Angel referencesup to season 5.

Parings: Willow/Tonks

Rated: PG-13, still not sure yet, may get higher. It's only 13 for my
tendency for having people curse and drink a lot.

Chapter Notes: Sorry this took so very long but hey life sucks and I
wasn’t getting paid to do this so… but I kept coming back to it every so often
so I knew I’d keep writing it.

Chapter 15: The Path to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

They interviewed several students from each house. Alan Fisher, a prefect
from Hufflepuff told the professors that Cedric’s ghost told them Harry had
killed him and he needed to be stopped. Cedric urged the house slowly over the
past month to take revenge. “He kept egging us on.” He said trying to keep his
dignity by not crying no matter how ashamed he felt.

Nearly the same thing happened in Ravenclaw except they were confronted by
Rowena Ravenclaw herself. She told them that they were the smartest and were
the only hope to fight against Voldemort and the rest of the houses were gonna
be a threat to them.

Gryffindor story was already known. Harry was providing his house with the
information he thought he had weaseled out of the First. Information that said
that all of Slytherins were working for Voldemort and that they were up to

Slytherin had the same story as Ravenclaw. Salazar Slytherin appeared to
them and told them…well in actuality the truth: the other houses were turning
against them. Draco confessed everything immediately. Xander could see how
shaken he was. It’s was perfectly normal considering this was the second evil
creature he personally encountered this year, who was also pretending to be a
friend. Xander gave him a pat on the shoulder and told him not to worry. “Just
be careful who you talk too.”

From the interviews Xander went up to Dumbledore’s office to confer with the
other teachers who just were informed about “the First”. Dumbledore was
speaking to the heads of the houses to get them prepared to explain the
existence of the First to the students. All the students were restricted to the
dorms for now, except for those that were in the infirmary. Dumbledore would be
informing those students. They needed to make sure everyone would told by
someone they trusted.

Harry, however, would get to miss out on the fun, he was gonna get some special
attention from Willow and Xander. Xander saw him sitting outside Dumbledore’s
office with Finch guarding him. There was now a strict rule for the moment:
Harry will not under any circumstances be alone. Xander had been invited into
the meeting with Dumbledore but wanted to wait outside with Harry. He relieved
Finch and sat down on the other side of the bench. The teen showed no emotion,
just stared into space. Xander couldn’t be sure if it was because of the shock
of seeing the First’s true form or that he had gotten caught.

Not much later the teachers filed out of Dumbledore’s office. Only
Dumbledore and Willow remained once the others left. In his time at the school,
Xander had not seen the Headmaster as disappointed as he was now looking over
at Harry. “I’m concerned,” was all Dumbledore said.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Harry insisted.

Dumbledore looked at Willow and they exchanged a silent conversation,
literally. Xander was of course invited to listen in. It was then, Xander
notice that Willow was holding something, pensive, he thought it was called.

Willow and Xander escorted Harry up to their suite, they would need to do
this in private and a place Willow felt comfortable. Harry sat down
uncomfortably on the couch while Willow had left the room to change. Snoopy
jump up next to him and she was annoyed the boy wouldn’t play with her. Xander
was straightening up the living room, he wasn’t sure why but maybe it had to do
with the concern he had for what Willow was planning to do.

Willow returned in her flannel pajamas. “Get comfortable,” she told Harry,
“I’m not sure how long this is gonna take.” She placed the pensive in the
center of the coffee table, then grabbed a pillow, put in down on the floor
across from Harry and sat down. Xander just sat on the chair.

“What are you going to show me?” Harry finally asked, contempt in his voice.

“You need to understand-”

“Understand what? I didn’t do anything wrong, we just talked. It was to

“Don’t interrupt me.” Willow snapped at him. “You need to understand you’re
not indestructible. I think this whole ‘boy who lived’ thing has gone to your
head. I know what it’s like, to have all this power, having something that
makes you different but I know what it could led too. And I know you never want
to go there.”

Harry went silent again. He didn’t want to believe it.

“Alright,” Willow took a deep breath, “I’m going to ask you please to keep
this information to yourself. I know you have a problem with that, but I hoping
after this, it will finally take.” Willow breathed again and reached out and
took both Harry’s hand and Xander’s. Xander took Harry’s other hand to complete
the circle. Xander was there at as the safety net, incase Willow got lost. A
moment later it began…

Harry fell into a haze. His head was spinning and he felt like he was being
pulled… but he couldn’t tell where, he tried to fight but the force was too
strong. When it stopped, things became clearer and he was able to look around.
He was in a hospital room, in bed and people were talking to him. This wasn’t
like his past pensive experiences. He had never had an active role in them
before, even in his own. He looked down at his hands and realized he was not
himself. After a while it dawned on him that he was in Willow’s body and her
friends were setting up to do a spell.

He could feel everything she was, like he was a guest in her body. He could
feel her fear and resolve and attempted to fight it. It wasn’t easy, every time
he pulled away, he’d get pushed back in harder. He finally gave in stopped
fighting and let the memory control him. As the spell continued he felt the
rush of power that entered her, he wasn’t prepared for the power and strength
it had but it made him smile.

The scene changed, so did the year. Now he felt sad and depressed, mourning…
he couldn’t believe… a guy. He was everything…. And now another spell. What was
he in? Was this a bathroom? ‘Have my will be done..” It was scary and scarier
that he didn’t feel quite up for it… he was drunk… well she was drunk…

The rest seemed to go quickly… being asked to become a vengeance daemon…
running from monsters in business suits and doing a spell with another
girl…again with the girl… Tara…passing though the nether realm… a wash a
pleasure washed over him…then he was in a shop the mood completely different…
fighting with another blond girl while doing a spell… he felt his heart jump
twice when the troll appeared…then something ominous... letting a young girl
find a book… then intense pain, fear and anger…

Tara… his love… she was hurt… he knows who did it… He felt the dark magic
piercing through him… he was taking on a god… Buffy saved him… then he was
saving her by going inside her head… that was the first time Harry felt like he
was being pulled away.. he couldn’t tell what was going on in her head... just
that he was there… must be a privacy thing… he was ripped away to another
place…the first person feeling was back again… he was taking on the ‘goddess’
again… this time he was winning…

Next came the resurrection, he could feel the power within him rising… he
felt like he could do anything… He had raised the slayer from the dead…he was
confusing his feelings for Willows… then there was fighting… fighting with
someone who’s emotion told him was her father, Giles… then with Tara… that
wouldn’t do… she wouldn’t remember after the spell… then he was in a musical?…
Buffy was singing… what had he done… Tara can’t leave me… another spell… she’s
gone… Amy… Rack… feeling worn out and empty… drained… and going back for more…
Dawn!... I need help!... I need to get past this… I need to get past the magic…

The turmoil faded into peace and harmony… and he finally got a break from
the topsy tervy journey… He was kissing Tara… everything was right again… then
it all broke down… everything happened so fast…WARREN… Rack… he killed
them…Buffy…Giles?… He felt a great surge… he could do anything…He couldn’t
believe the things he was doing… couldn’t believe the rage…He had to end it
all… he knew he would have… he knew it… but something held him back…someone…

Harry was snapped back into reality with a jolt. Their hands fell from apart
and the sat in the circle in silence. Xander got up and paced the room while
Willow rubbed her head. Harry just sat there in shock… there was nothing he
thought he could say. All the images and feeling were fresh in his head. “There
is one more,” Willow finally said, “I just needed to come up for air first.”

Xander came back quickly and they started the circle again. “Are you ready,
Harry?” He nodded.

Once again he was thrown into the haze again… this time he was trying to
locate the First…

Harry had started to cry and Willow and Xander did what they could to
comfort him. Willow held him and Xander brought him some hot chocolate. Snoopy
however did the better job. Harry pet the dog on his lap and sipped his hot
chocolate, Willow had to excuse herself. Xander had seen her tear up, she only
had a few minutes before it took its toll on her, she needed to regroup. Xander
sat back down in the chair. It was almost two in the morning and Harry was far
from alright. He assumed Willow would agree that keeping him here for the night
would be the best course of action. The teen looked so tired.

Willow had been in the bathroom for a long time now and Xander went to go
check on her. He heard sobs coming from inside. He looked back at Harry,
remembering the new rule they had instituted. Maybe he was to trusting, but he
didn’t think Harry was going anywhere.

He opened the door slowly. Willow was sitting on the closed toilet seat
sobbing into her hands. Xander closed the door but not all the way and
immediately went to his knees in front of her. She lifted her head and looked
at him. They looked into each others eyes and she smiled. Xander dried her tear
and held her in his arms, just like on the cliff. “I love you.” She said as she
started to regain her control.

“I know.” He said squeezing her harder.

“I suppose it’s time to go back to my dorm.” Harry said when he’s teachers
came out of the bathroom.

“Actually, no.” Willow said, now able to smile. “We’re not just gonna send
you back after something like this, please we haven’t even talked yet.”

“Yeah, I mean you must have some questions too.” Xander added.

Harry thought for a second, no one really asked that before.

“You can ask anything you want.” Willow smiled. “Well, within reason.”

Harry nodded and remembered something odd from the pensive. “You’re

They fell asleep, Willow in Xander’s arms and Harry on the other side of the
couch with Snoopy still in his arms. They had talked late into the night and no
one was awake enough to move. Harry opened his eyes, he knew it was still the
middle of the night, but he felt that he was being watched. He saw the form of his
mother sitting on the coffee table in front of him. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew
it was the First.

“Harry.” It’s smiled at him and leaned forward hovering Its hand over his

“Go away…” Harry whispered.

“Harry?” surprised and hurt.

“Go away.” He repeated again, closing his eyes and going back to sleep.

Far away from Hogwarts the First appeared in the form of Catharine
Pettigrew-Madison. “It’s about time.” Voldemort hissed. “We’ve been waiting all

“I don’t answer to you,” the First shot back; he then turned to Voldemort’s
companion. “You’re old friends are continuing to be quite a nuance.”

“Tell me about it.” Amy rolled her eyes. Amy had become the most influential
and the most controversial of all the Deatheaters. On one hand she had the
power and voice to speak for the First with the strength and magic to back it
up but on the other hand she was a half blood. Sure Tom Riddle was too but no
one liked to speak of that. Amy found it funny how in the wizarding world she
was penalized for having a good father instead of a psychopathic mother.
Voldemort merrily thought of her as a nuisance he would have to put up with for
‘the First’s sake’

“What happens now?” Voldemort finally asked.

“We wait,” was all the First told him.

“Wait!” he replied outraged. “Wait for what?”

“Until it’s time.”

“This is unacceptable.”

“You know who you’re arguing with?” Amy smirked.

“Shut up!” he snapped at her. Amy just stuck her tongue out at him.

“Amy, manners,” The First reminded her, “and you, don’t forget who’s in
charge here, your just one of my tools, my weapons. You will do what I say.”
Before giving him a chance to respond the First spoke again. “But know this…the
prophecy must come to pass, there is no stopping it. You and the boy will have
to face each other and only one will remain.”

“So what do I do?”

“Nothing. All we can do now is wait… and break his spirit.”

An evil grin passed over Amy face. “I think I know exactly how to do that.”

Xander was excited, gitty even. It was almost Christmas and that meant it
would be his first real teaching break in since he started. It was that plus a
couple of fringe benefits, they are as followed: 1. Dawn would be coming for a
visit, two: he was invited to a Christmas party at Neville’s grandmother’s
house, and three: he was sure he’d get lots of presents this year since his
Uncle had brought him back into the family. He maybe an adult now but he still
was a present whore.

There was only three days until the majority of the students would be going
home and so far everything was looking bright. Xander was happy things were
getting back to normal between him and Willow. She stepped back from her
revenge plot against Amy and remembered her job. She was here to teach, to
teach the teenagers not to get into the same trouble she did. Amy would
eventually need to be taken out of power but they didn't need to go after her,
not yet. Also Willow finally realized that she could not make it personal. Amy
blamed her for being stronger, for being loved and not having to pay for her
actions, but those were all Amy's reasons. Willow did not have to make them
personal. So he and Willow were doing find, except for anytime she mentioned
her girlfriends name, however, Willow knew nothing about it.

Xander believed Harry was doing better too. He still had to check in several
times a day with Dumbledore, McGonagall, Willow or himself but Harry was
returning back to the teen he remembered from the beginning of the school year.
At least they didn’t have to hire him a babysitter.

Xander left lunch early to take a walk, the morning had been boring it was
just about putting him to sleep. It was the midterms for the first and second
years and that’s all he had to do all day except for "gym". He was
thinking of canceling it out of the spirit of the holidays but he doubted
Willow would let that happen. He didn't know how long he had been walking and
was shocked when he heard the bell rang. He laughed, when he realized even as a
teacher he still didn't want to go to class.

He got there as Willow was handing out the test. "Nice of you to join
us professor Harris." she handed him the rest of the tests to pass out.
"All I want you to do is to try your hardest and you'll do just

Xander was right to think that this class would be as boring as the others.
Out of boredom he sat down at the desk and started to organize it. Willow sure
was messy, he joke to himself. When Willow stuck her tong out unexpectedly he
realized he must have broadcasted it to her. He looked down at the teachers plan
and opened it. The 5, 6, and 7th year test were inside and Xander, for fun,
thought he would take them. He sat down and started working. He breezed though
the 5 and 6th but got stuck on the 7th, he thought he knew the answer but he
wasn't sure. Instead of going for the answer sheet Willow had made he went to
the text book and notes.

Xander was taken aback; the answers were actually what he thought they were.
And when he saw the notes he remembered learning about it back in Sunnydale and
even remembered Willow teaching the spells in the class.
"Confidence." the voice of McGonagall rang in his head. It was what
she said to him during his transmogrifying lessons. "You are quite
powerful, you know what you need to do, you just need to believe you can do it.

Xander smiled and kept that smile on for most of the day especially when
what happened next, happened.

With only a few minutes of class left, the doors at the back of the
classroom flew opened and a seventeen year old girl bounded threw and ran right
up to the teachers.

"Dawn?" Willow screeched loudly as the girl leaped at her for a
hug. "Oh my goddess, your three days early!" She said as they hugged.
Xander was on his feet going towards them and Dawn turned to give him a hug.
Dawn commented on the "coolness" of the school and Willow and Xander
were so distracted they didn’t notice that they had distracted the entire


Dawn walk though the halls of the school. She forgot that showing up early
would mean that Willow and Xander would still have to work. They would have two
weeks off coming up and she'd make the best of them. Three Days here with them
working would be better then three days in Bath watching Giles searching
through his apartment looking for lost books.

She had no problem getting around the school. She knew her way around. When
she had written to Xander she always asked for diagrams and maps. Of course
like a good older brother figure he did. So deciding to get out of their hair
during the next classes she decided to see if there was anything interesting
going anywhere else. She was interested to see what high school was like here.
Soon, listening for noises, Dawn found her way to another hall full of

Dawn stalked the first classroom she heard that was in-service. She lingered
outside trying to get a feel for the room before strolling inside. She listened
intently to the teacher taught her class, however Dawn’s eavesdropping was cut
short when she realized the teacher inside was addressing her.


“I hope she was okay with us ditching her this afternoon.” Willow said
trying not to feel guilty.

“She’s fine, Willow.” Xander said unenthusiastically. He was bored and
starving. Getting to the dinning hall was almost as important as Dawn being
there. “She’s probably having a good time.”

“How did you know?”

“Well she would have come back if she wasn’t.” Xander retorted.

They entered the Great Hall and scanned the room full of students for Dawn.
They didn’t have to search hard because after a moment Dawn stood up on one of
the benches to get their attention. Theirs and the rest of the room’s.

Willow was surprised. She wasn’t sure why but she expected Dawn to somehow
meet up with Harry Potter and his friends or even Neville but instead she was
sitting, well standing at the Slytherin table with Draco Malfoy.

“Dawnie, I hate to drag you from your new found buds here,” Xander said as
he strolled over to her, “We already reserved a seat for you up there with us.”

Dawn jump off the bench. “Sweet.” She turned to Draco and gave a smile. “Not
like you won’t be here tomorrow.” Dawn let Xander escort her up to the table.
Willow was already there.

As they ate, Dawn made herself the center of attention at the teachers
table. Speaking loudly and excited, also gushing over all the food. Dumbledore
was delighted when she asked the teachers questions. To everyone’s surprise
Snape was particularly non-offensive this evening, boarding on civil. Xander
was greatly disturbed that he had only made one rude comment about having a
child at the table. When Buffy had visited he referred to it as “one more child
at the table”, had he and Willow finally prove themselves as adults? He
wondered how long that would last.


After dinner they went back the suite. Dawn had just left her bags in the
living room and she started to unpack the presents she had for them. “So you
never told us why you showed up early.” Willow asked her.

“Yeah you even got to miss school.” Xander added. Dawn stopped and sat down
on the couch between them. “What’s up, Dawnie?”

“No it’s just I thought Buffy would have told you,” Dawn smiled. “I’m not
going back to Cleveland with Giles at the end of break, I’m moving to Italy to
live with Buffy.”

“So you’re gonna be close by?” Willow gave her a big hug.

“Yep, after visiting you guys she realized that she missed me as scary as it
is.” Xander seemed pleased as well. “I’m just worried about Giles, I think he’s
gonna miss us.”

“Yeah no kidding all he has back at home is Faith and Andrew.” Xander joked.

“And Kennedy.” Dawn added, which got Willows head to shoot straight up. “I
thought you knew she came back.” Dawn was confused.

“No.” Willow got up and went over to the desk. Dawn and Xander shared a
look. “When?”

“End of September.” She said cautiously. Willow nodded and then went off to
her room. Dawn let out a long sigh.

“Don’t worry about it.” Xander told her, Xander clearly was not worried
about Willow at all with this revelation. Probably cause she was already with
someone knew. They sat silently for a minute until Xander found something to change
the subject. “So do you even speak Italian?”


Even with the visitor, the week went entirely on schedule. Xander was mildly
concerned that Dawn was spent most of her time hanging out with the students,
especially Draco Malfoy. That just confused Xander because he happened to like
the kid. Willow noted that the only reason Xander was concerned was because he
looked like Spike. Xander laughed and Willow also reminded him that it would be
good for Draco’s Muggle appreciation lessons.

Now it was Friday and Willow was closing up the classroom. Giles, who
recently arrived, hanging out behind her desk looking over the lesson plans.
“I’ve been doing this job since September, if you’re going to tell me I’m doing
it wrong, you’re too late.”

“I’d never.” Giles said leaving the lesson plans alone. Willow smiled and
asked him to help her bring books and papers up to the office. “This place is
just as I remember it, of what I do remember anyway.”

“Now that’s a story I want to hear. Why we’re you here?” She asked as they
entered the office.

“Oh… well it was a long story. It had to do with Voldemort.”

“Of course, he’s always involved in everything isn’t he?”

“Yes it seems so.” He paused then went on, “Anyway, Voldemort made a vague
threat about all the impure wizards in the world and the ministry received a
tip that he was going to try to convert the younger wizards and witches in the
Watcher Council over to the death eaters.”

“That’s a good plan. They aren’t properly trained and could be a lot easier
to lead to the dark side.”

“Yes, so we were rounded up and sent here so we could be taught and be safe.
There wasn’t very many of us, thirty or so and just for the summer. I was one
of the oldest at eighteen and some were as young as ten.”

“It must have been fun. All summer? I wished teacher’s week could have
lasted longer.”

“Yes, well…” Giles seemed like he was choosing his words carefully, “they
weren’t prepared for us to be here, the older ones of us mostly we already had
the most training. They even brought in some of the older students to help keep
us in check, it ended up backfiring.” He said with amusement in his voice, now
taking a good look at the pictures in their office.

“Backfiring?” Willow questioned as she straightened up the office. “Get into

Giles stopped looking at the pictures and looked over at her. “Quite a lot,
actually. I believe the rule of no playing Quidditch while high, was put on the
books because of us.”

“You got stoned and tried to ride a broom?”

“It was supposed to be a proper match, Watcher’s versus the real student
players. It actually evened it up quite a bit. We didn’t know how to play; they
weren’t used flying under the influence…”

“Alright this is too disturbing.” Willow told him which made him laugh. “I’m
supposed to be like a daughter to you, you’re not supposed to tell me about
these things.”

“I left most of it out-“

“If the word ‘orgy’ comes out of your mouth, we’re not speaking for the rest
of weekend.” Willow interrupted and Giles choked a little. Willow was done
getting everything in order in the office and led him out as she turned off the
lights. She sighed happily knowing she won’t have to be back in the room for
two full weeks.

She and Giles walked around the grounds it was Monday morning and all the
students that were going to leave the school had already left. They would have
two days before traveling to the Longbottom Manor for Christmas Eve. Giles
wanted to fill that time in the library, looking for rare text lost in the
explosion and also as Willow was discovering he was trying to refresh his
memories of his younger days.

“So you didn’t Kennedy came back?” Giles finally asked.

“Nope… did she come back for-“

“I think so. When we told where you were… she didn’t want to get in the

“Good. It was too late anyway. It’s not like we were really that good for
each other either.” Willow smiled. “Plus I met someone new.”

“Good.” Giles said, stopping them and giving her a good fatherly hug.


If was a few hours ago that Willow left Giles in the library to annoy Irma Pince
about books in the redistricted section. Now Giles was being kicked out, so
that she could go home for the holidays and Giles found himself walking alone.
He was quiet enjoying himself actually, walking around remembering old friends.
He was actually so lost in thought he didn’t notice one of those old ‘friends’
baring down on him.

“Ripper.” Giles look up into the face of Severus Snape.

Giles followed Severus down to his office. They had things to discus, it had
been almost twenty years. They had met: Ethan Rayne, Severus and himself struck
up a friendship when Giles got sorted into Slytherin for the summer. That
friendship just a few years later would give Giles a place to run to when he
had had enough of his destiny. It’s hard to really have a conversation when you
share some of the same dark secrets. “You’ve done well, changed for the better
I gather.”

“I had a destiny to fulfill.” Giles took a seat across from him. “You’ve
changed too. We all have to, eventually.”


“Have you heard from Ethan?”

“The last time I saw him he was being taken into custody of the American
Military after turning me into a demon but something tells me he few and clear
from them now.”

“So he hasn’t changed either.”

“No, just a lot more focused. He got beat up by the slayer a few times.” He
added humorously. “If I run into him again, I’ll give you a call. He deserves a
double thrashing by now.”

“Good.” There was a lot of silence, for people who at one point were
friends; they had nothing to say now. Severus was once apart of the group of
deviants Giles took up with in his youth but before they lost Randall. At first
Giles had thought he woke up from the haze magic they were lost in, but years
later he found out that he just went darker into the world of the deatheaters.

“Here you’ve been giving my…”

“Children?” he supplied with a raised eyebrow.

Giles cocked his head in agreement, “…a hard time.”

“I treat them no differently then I would anyone else.”

Giles let out a big laugh. “Good.”

He’d never say that having them around has made the school interesting again
or that he now found them an asset that he couldn’t imagine them not being
here. “I will admit that they are less of a nuance now then when they first

“Yes, they had to grow on me too.” There was now quiet again, they had never
been people to have excess conversation. “I worry about them.”

In his mind he would tell Ripper how he found them to be heroes or that he
admired what they had become at such a long age something to make him proud of
them… but that wasn’t his way. “They handle themselves well.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“I know but from what I’ve seen they’ll be fine.” Snape turned away and
Giles stood up and Snape forced himself to turn back.

“When the time comes… don’t hurt them.” Giles threatened.

Snape stared blankly at him, how would he have known? The old man must have
told him, but really it didn’t matter. Giles gaze was intense and he knew what
he was waiting for. Snape open his mouth and he spoke only two words: “I promise.”


End Chapter 15

The End?

You have reached the end of "And We're Off" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Sep 05.

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