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And We're Off

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Summary: Post-Chosen, Willow and Xander have been invited to teach at Hogwarts. The two best friends on a new mission to teach teenage witches and wizards the finer points of Defence Against the Dark Arts.

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And We're Off

Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. I wish they were but they just
haven't come true. JK Rowling and Joss Whedon still own them.

And We're Off… (title may change)

Summary: Post- Chosen, Willow and Xander have been invited to
teach at Hogwarts. The two best friends one a new mission to teach teenage
witches and wizards the finer points of Defence Against the Dark Arts.
Xander discovers something important about his past. (won't be for a while
and i don't want to give it away)

Spoilers: Harry Potter books 1-5, Buffy 1-7 and maybe a couple
of Angel references (sorry just happens).

Parings: Willow/?, Xander/? (I'm not sure yet, I got some ideas,
but open to suggestions)

Rated: PG-13, still not sure yet may get higher only 13 for my
tendency for having people cruse and drink a lot.

Comments: My first written down crossover. Only decided to post
it cause I think I came up with something new. Also I have events but
no over all plot, if anyone gets any ideas please feel free to email me
with them (


Willow took her keys out of her bag as she approached the door to her
apartment. She sighed as she put the key in the door. She just went to
a job interview a failed miserably at it. She had only had one semester
left of classes when Sunnydale went under. UCLA had already started taking
in Sunnydale's refugee students but Willow had stayed to long in Sunnydale
to graduate with the rest of her class. They let her take the summer courses
so she could finish her semester so she could graduate. She did, just
barely, and was immediately whisked off to Cleveland to help with the
new Hellmouth. They had gotten word that it started acting up, so the
scoobies where going to pick up from LA and go permanently to Cleveland.
She didn't want to go back to school she didn't feel like it anymore.
She had more important hellmouthy things to keep her busy.

Everything was going well for a while. She and Kennedy had decided not
to move into the big house with Buffy, Dawn, Giles and any other Slayer
they needed to take in. Xander and Andrew had moved in there too. Willow
and Kennedy where there all the time, for meetings and training but they
found it nice to be able to go back home and be away from everything else.
Yes it was all going great but those things don't last. She had only been
living with Kennedy a month and things began to get sour.

There would always be Willow's concern over Kennedy's well being. She
was a Slayer, even though there were more now, she was still in danger
of a short life. Willow could not bare losing someone else and become
nervous. Willow would sit up worried when Kennedy would go out to slay,
and would try to convice her not to go which annoyed Kennedy greatly.
Willow decided that to ease her worrying she would go along on patrol.
This ended with Willow almost getting herself killed. After that they
did nothing but fight.

One day, Willow got home and all of Kennedy's stuff was gone and there
was a note pinned to the fridge. Kennedy wrote she couldn't take it anymore
and went to go train slayer down in Florida. She paid the rent through
the next month (Kennedy was the sol-payee on the rent) and wished Willow
well. Willow was only pissed and ripped the note into pieces and trashed
the living room. After a week Willow was better and was now on a mission
to start her life. She would learn to live on her own, she vowed it.

It wasn't two days after her vow that she was grateful Xander had asked
her if he could move in. Apparently, Andrew had taken to going into Xander
hitting on Xander to try to cheer him up but Xander had had enough of
it and wanted to get away from him. The group in the house had offered
to throw Andrew out but Xander thought it would be more fun to move in
with Willow anyway.

And it was going well. Xander was always fixing things and making her
smile, and she was there to take a care of him when his memories of Anya
began to take over him. There only problem now was the month was rapidly
coming to an end and they needed money to pay for them to live. Hence
the series of job interviews.

"Hey, Wills." Xander called as he heard her come in.

"Hey." She said grumpily going over to the couch and plopping
down on it.

Xander walked out of the kitchen took in the sight of her and frown.

"Yep." She said grabbing the remote for the TV. He sat down
next her and put her arms around her shoulders. "Same old thing.
Not enough school to work there. I mean I practically rebuilt and programmed
the Buffy-bot. I don't have enough experience with engineering to work
there!" she mocked.

"It'll be okay, Will." Xander assured her. "I'm still
got some money left over from FEMA. And I'm sure Giles will help us out.
And we'll find jobs, of course the only thing I was good at and liked
I can't do anymore…" he faded out.

"Yeah but I wanted to be able to do this on my own for once."
She sighed. He was in agreement. They sat there and watch whatever was
on TV. Brain cells needed to be killed.

"Damn it, this sucks!" Xander said after a few minutes. He
changed the channel. "Oh, Next Gen!" He smiled turned to her
"Do you mind?"

"No," Willow smiled, "Deanna's hot, bring it on. I'm up
for a little girl watching."

"Plus the plot, Wills, there's always a plot too." He joked.


Xander screeched when the owl flew in the window and perched on the coffee

"Oh my goddess." Willow muttered in disbelief.

"Will, what's going on? Why aren't you freak out?" Xander asked
backing away. He saw what looked like a letter attached to it's leg.

"It's an owl." Willow said in awe reaching forward to untie
it. "It's how the Wizarding world communicates, they don't have phones,
for the most part." She smiled and pet the bird as she took the letter.
"They coven used them."

Xander nodded his head, still in shock, which was pointless because she
couldn't see him. "What is it?"

"A letter. This bird looks parched can you get him a bowel of water."
Xander went right to the kitchen, he didn't like birds and he's do anything
to get away from us. "Wow, it's addressed to both of us." She
called to him.

He was now begin to relax, "Who's it from?"

Willow turned it over, "Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry,"
She read on intensely as Xander returned with the water, "of Britain."

"What do they want?" He ask and he cautious gave the bird the
water, then jump back. He moved around the couch to read over Willows

Willow looked shocked as she read. "They want us to teach!"

End chapter one.

endnotes: please send feedback, R&R whatever need to know if i should
continue. Also looking for a beta. I'll be posting the second chapter
with this too.
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