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The Revanchist

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Summary: Protected from the Jedi’s attempts to mind wipe him by the force, Revan slowly plans to destroy both factions. In a darkened sector of space a fleet of ships await the return of their leader, 'The Revanchist'.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR181557,46503512,63016 Jul 1314 Oct 14No

Chapter 6

Revan took a close look at the increased presence of guards when they reentered Chuundar’s hut. Zaalbar stood off the side looking very confused. He growled low in his throat wondering what Chuundar had been telling him.

“You brought trouble to my world outsider. Chakwell told me of the fight with those called Sith,” Chuundar said in what was supposed to be an intimidating voice. “You have endangered my people, for that you must pay,” he stated.

“Zaalbar, what has this Hutt spawn been telling you?” Revan inquired, ignoring the threat from Chuundar and focusing on his brother, hoping whatever had been said hadn’t poisoned the Wookiee’s mind against them. He doubted it would go over well with Mission, and not only did he respect the Wookiee, he believed he would be very useful against not only Malak, but anything else they may encounter.

“Chuundar has said many things, some of it sounds like reason, but I don’t know what to truly think about it,” Zaalbar answered slowly.

“Don’t listen to the gizak brain Big Z,” Mission shouted, not liking what her friend had said. “Whatever he has said is a big fat lie,” she spat before letting out a yelp as one of the guards pressed his blaster against her back.

It was all Canderous needed to turn and ram his fist into the guard’s face. He smirked as he heard the satisfying sound of the man’s nose breaking. Before anything else could happen the door to the hut burst open and Freyyr stormed inside. Zaalbar looked shocked to see his father enter as Chuundar had told him he had been killed years ago.

“Father, what a surprise,” Chuundar growled for once sounding truly angered. “So you failed to complete the task I asked. You betrayed my trust,” he spat as he stood up.

“Father,” Zaalbar said quietly, quickly realizing that his brother had lied about him being killed, which meant he probably lied about everything else he had told him.

“You left us little choice but to comply with your request, but we made no deal,” Revan replied as he folded his arms across his chest. “Hence once we learned who Freyyr was we decided against killing him. He is the rightful chief of this village and he has not sold out his people to slavers,” he continued.

“Stand down Chuundar I have returned to reclaim my rightful place as chief,” Freyyr demanded with a roar. “I have Bacca’s blade and I challenge you,” he added.

Chuundar glared at Freyyr before laughing at his father’s challenge. He was confident in his guards and his Czerka allies. Pulling his sword he jumped at Freyyr who quickly parried the attack, from there chaos erupted as the guards attacked the others. Mission remembered Jak’s order and quickly moved to Carth’s side and began to do her best to protect his flank. Carth pulled his blasters and opened fire as did Canderous who threw Zaalbar’s bowcaster to the Wookiee first.

The Wookiee caught it with a roar and used it to kill one of the guards as he tried to attack Freyyr from behind.

Revan, Bastila and Jolee each pulled their lightsabers and waded into the fight. Canderous pulled his own blaster cannon and took cover before unleashing a hail of fire. It felled two of the Czerka guards as they tried to rush him.

Revan cut down a rather tall Wookiee before he was attacked by a Czerka guard with a vibro blade. It should have been an easy fight, but the guard was clearly skilled with a blade which helped him deflect Revan’s attacks. He was pushed back somewhat before he decided to change tactics. He ducked another swing and then swiped at the man’s knees. The man screamed and fell to the floor as his knees buckled. Revan put him out of his misery with a quick strike to this chest. Bastila’s double bladed lightsaber suddenly came over him and cut down another of Chuundar’s guards, he quickly moved forward as Zaalbar dropped his bowcaster and grabbed a sword and moved to help his father battle Chuundar who seemed to be winning. Bastila winced as a guard almost managed to wound her in the side with his blaster, the only reason it missed was Revan pushing her out of the way. She watched as he turned and flung his lightsaber straight into the man’s chest, it then returned to him as he recalled it through the force.

Carth ducked as a few more guards entered the hut before unleashing another wave of fire from his blasters. Mission’s and Canderous own blaster fire joined his ,felling four of the new guards while the last three managed to get out of the way. One charged Canderous who dropped his blaster cannon and pulled a long knife from his belt. He grinned savagely as he met the charge and began to exchange blows with the guard. The other two exchanged blaster fire with Mission and Carth, Zaalbar roared in rage as he protected Freyyr from Chuundar’s attack as his father slipped and fell. He pushed his brother backwards as his father regained his footing and moved to help. Chuundar grunted as he tried to hold off two separate attacks. Seeing most of his guards were taken down he began to panic somewhat. Howling as he was caught in the leg by his brother’s blade he used his anger to push back. Jolee spun in a wild arc and cut down two more Wookiee guards. He wondered just what this Chuundar had done to convince them to join him when he was selling out his own people.

Revan let out a curse as he was struck in the shoulder by a blade from his right, he turned to see another coming right at him and he knew he would not be able to deflect it in time. In a flash of force speed, Bastila was suddenly in front of him deflecting the strike before swinging her blade sideways and cutting both men down. He couldn’t help but chuckle as she saved his life once more. She glanced at him and he noted something in her eyes that pulled at him but it was quickly hidden as she looked away. He heard a roar and turned to see Zaalbar and Freyyr break through Chuundar’s defense and stab him in the chest from both sides. The traitorous Wookiee let out a final roar before he collapsed dead. The three remaining guards hesitated as they saw their leader fall, that was all that was needed for Canderous and Carth to finish them off.

Revan sat down as he fingered his wound, he was surprised when Bastila quickly moved to his side to clean it out and bandage it. Canderous moved to cover the door and Carth moved to help him. They peeked out of the windows, but noted the rest of the village seemed quiet. Neither veteran liked that, it seemed wrong to them for it to be so quiet when their chief had just been killed.

“I’m sorry I doubted you my son,” Freyyr’s guilt ridden voice was the first thing to break the silence that had descended. “I should have listened, but I didn’t want to think ill of my first born,” he admitted knowing it was a weak excuse.

“I understand father,” Zaalbar responded as he looked down at his brother’s corpse. He felt both sorrow and righteousness at finally having ended his brother’s madness, he felt justified and redeemed in the eyes of his people.

“Your friends are people of their word,” Freyyr observed, moving on to less emotional and hurtful topics. “They didn’t have to help me. They could have just killed me, but they listened and agreed to aide me,” he told him.

“They are good people father and I owe a life debt to this one,” Zaalbar replied, indicating Revan who just nodded at them. “He saved me once already, now he has not only saved my father, but my village,” he added.

“And we are willing to help you reclaim your village fully from the slavers of the Czerka corporation,” Revan said as he stood back up as Bastila finished bandaging his wounded shoulder. “If it is one thing I think we can all agree on, it is a hatred of slavers,” he stated.

“And what do you ask of us in return?” Freyyr inquired as he considered the request and his son’s friends in turn.

“Nothing,” Revan answered much to the surprise of Bastila and Canderous. “I don’t ask for anything, once your village is free you may continue the fight to remove Czerka on your own,” he continued.

“Then why offer to help us?” Freyyr asked not as trusting of outsiders as he used to be, but more willing to trust these as his son had vouched for them.

“I hate slavers in all forms and you are my friend’s father, it is the right thing to do. Not only to help Zaalbar, but to help bring balance back to your planet,” Revan answered knowing he was throwing Bastila off guard, which worked to his advantage in gaining her trust.

“Very well we accept,” Freyyr agreed before leaving the hut and yelling something in his native language.

The others watched as the entire village soon appeared before the newly returned chief, whatever he was saying seemed to be rallying them into a frenzy. Zaalbar moved to his father’s side and roared something. The Wookiees began to grab weapons where ever they could. Bastila watched, feeling like she should be stopping this, but Revan’s words as well as what she had seen Chuundar and his Czerka allies do made her hesitant to step in. This fight was going to happen no matter what she tried, she knew that and in one sense she could understand the urge to reclaim their planet. She asked herself how she would feel if her planet was subjugated, then the memory of being in the hands of the Black Vulkars came back to her and she felt a spike of anger surge through her.

The roaring cries of a host of Wookiees broke through her thoughts and she turned to watch the host turn and head out of the village towards the Czerka base near the landing pad. She felt Revan’s hand on her lower back and she looked up to catch his concerned look, unsure what to say or do she instead followed the others as they followed the Wookiees. Revan watched her go and smiled inwardly while blocking any of his feelings travel ling down the bond, whether she knew it or not she was slowly beginning to follow him. All he needed was to keep going slowly and without knowing it she would become his ally, maybe if he was lucky much more than that.


(Dantoonie, Jedi Academy)

Master Vandar shivered as he felt a vision of complete darkness overcome him, yet as he adjusted to the darkness he saw a white blinding light of in the distance and getting stronger. After a few minutes the vision ended with the light eclipsing his entire vision, opening his eyes and blinking wildly he wondered just what the vision meant. Did it mean the Sith were going to win the war? Or was it pointing at a brief darkness eclipsing the galaxy only for the Jedi to return and defeat them? Whatever it meant, he felt a great change was on the horizon and he had no idea if the Jedi would survive as they were. Had they made a mistake somewhere in this war, maybe something related to Bastila and her allies mission or was it their choice about Revan? Too many questions he thought, letting out a sigh the small Jedi Master closed his eyes and wondered what to do about this latest vision.


(Outer Rim)

Meetra Surik gritted her teeth as she struggled up the rocky outcrop she had been climbing to reach what she hoped would be a decent base camp. Being exiled in her mind wasn’t a fun experience. Worse was being cut off from the force thanks to what happened over Malachor V, the battle may have won the Republic the war against the Mandalorians, but the cost she had paid had been high.

And she had not been the only one to pay a price; Revan had paid the price in the blood of his friends and allies. So many had followed him out of loyalty and she knew each death had hit him hard, war had changed them all and not one of them had come through the war as they had been before it. Finally reaching the outcrop she dropped her pack and looked out over the silent mountainside. It was peaceful here, but she missed the more boisterous noise of the core systems. More and more she felt the urge to return home, she’d almost believe it was the force trying to tell her this, but she knew that was impossible.

Looking up into the sky she decided maybe it was time to head home, the Jedi had no right to exile her permanently. She was no threat to them, not anymore. She wanted to find Revan and see how he and the others fared, and she wanted to see her other friends beside Revan as she was tired of the silence. ‘Frack it, time to head home and damn the Jedi if they don’t like it,’ she said silently to herself as she turned and began to make camp.
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