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The Revanchist

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Summary: Protected from the Jedi’s attempts to mind wipe him by the force, Revan slowly plans to destroy both factions. In a darkened sector of space a fleet of ships await the return of their leader, 'The Revanchist'.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR181557,46503512,63616 Jul 1314 Oct 14No

Chapter One

The Revanchist

Author: Razial
Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I don’t own Star Wars or any of the connected media or the Knights of the Old Republic series. They belong to Disney and whoever owns the rights to the games and comics.

Pairing: Revan/Bastila, Zayne/Jarael

DS/Greyish Revan LS/Greyish Bastila

Notes: This is a complete AU of the Knights of the old republic 1 and 2 story line and starts on Kashyyk with a new twist on how things could have gone. It also includes characters and story lines from the Knight of the Old Republic comic series.

Summary: Protected from the Jedi’s attempts to mind wipe him by the force, Revan slowly plans to destroy both factions. In a darkened sector of space a fleet of ships await the return of their leader, The Revanchist.

Chapter 1


Revan looked out across the darkened forest that surrounded the landing platform as he sensed the presence of three Sith nearby, He wasn’t surprised they were here. Malak wasn’t a complete fool and he’d be on the lookout for them on every world where there was a star map. Glancing at his companions, which included Bastila Shan, Juhani, Mission Vao, Zaalbar, Canderous Ordo, Carth Onasi and the droid T3-M4, he wondered if they realized their mission may already be known to their enemies, out of all his companions only one was of real interest to him. That was the Jedi Padawan Bastila Shan, the woman who had saved his life when Malak had betrayed him. He had been dying after his flagship had been hit and Bastila, for reasons beyond him, had chosen to save his life. By doing so she had created a powerful force bond between them, their lives were now intertwined more deeply than even lovers could be.

She then brought him to Dantoonie where the Jedi academy was, it was there they had tried to commit what he considered one of the greatest crimes ever. They had tried to destroy his mind, wipe out his entire personality so they could implant a new one loyal to them. The force had protected him by stopping them from effectively killing him. He had played along with their plans no matter how much it had angered him. He had played the weak new personality they believed to have created within him. After some basic training they had sent him to guard Bastila while she helped firm up the front lines against the Sith. Their small convoy had been ambushed and destroyed. Their ship was boarded and they were forced to evacuate over Taris. Bastila had been captured by a swoop gang, while he and Carth landed in the main upper city. From there they had begun their search for the missing Padawan. They gained the help of Mission and the others as they went along each helping in their own way. In fact it was simple to say without them all none of them would have gotten off Taris before Malak bombed it into rubble, just as he had with Telos IV. Telos should have been a warning that Malak was planning to betray him, but he’d ignored it as he planned the next major step of his campaign against the Republic and Jedi. That had been a mistake he had paid for dearly, but he intended to pay back Malak for his betrayal.

After quite a few adventures on Taris they had finally located Bastila and after a rather enjoyable swoop race and a quick battle he had freed her. He remembered seeing Bastila in the cage the Black Vulkars had stuck her in and the rather flimsy garments they had put her in had immediately gained his attention. Perhaps the bond had begun to grow deeper by then, or maybe he had looked upon her without his anger at the Jedi Order getting in the way. Either way he had been taken by her looks and her rather feisty attitude after she had been rescued made her even more attractive to him. He had kept the truth about still being himself from her as best he could, even now he wasn’t sure if she knew or not. If she did then he had no clue why she was keeping it to herself. After getting of Taris they had returned to Dantoonie, not that he had much choice in the matter. Had he resisted he would have given himself away, and the last thing he wanted to do was give the Jedi another chance at trying to destroy him.

“I sense great darkness in the forest,” Bastila said, snapping him out of his thoughts of how he had come to be here. “I also sense a lot of resentment and anger,” she added glancing at him.

Every time Bastila looked at the man beside her it took all of her training not to give away the fact his entire life was a lie, that every action he took was based on things he had never learned or believed in. And yet there was that flicker every now and then in the bond they shared, it wasn’t something she had yet identified, but she kept herself on guard just in case the new personality the Jedi had placed within Revan didn’t hold. She still felt somewhat guilty for bringing Revan to them, they told her his mind was too damaged to be healed and thus they had inputted a new one. It was something that felt wrong to her deep in her core, and it wasn’t something she believed Revan would have wished for himself, enemy or not. Better to have died as he was, as he had been born than to become some blank slate easily programmed to do what the Jedi wanted. She frowned as she felt her inner voice chastise her for such thoughts, she was just a Padawan and had no right to question the Jedi Masters of the council.

“You haven’t been keeping up with galactic affairs have you?” Revan asked calmly. “This world has been conquered if you will and enslaved by the Czerka Corporation, they have made slaves of the Wookies,” he spat. If there was one thing he hated, it was the idea of one person enslaving another enough to believe they had the power to sell that person to another. During both wars he had freed thousands of slaves, most joined him wanting to pay him back for their sudden freedom. They became some of his most loyal followers. It made him wonder if any of them had survived along with his other loyal followers once Malak had taken over. He had put a secret plan into effect with those who he trusted the most to flee should Malak betray him. They had a planned rendezvous spot chosen in a mostly uninhabited part of the galaxy. He just didn’t know if any of them had made it there, or if they would still be there waiting for him. But he intended to find out soon enough, with or without his companions.

“How do you know that?” Bastila inquired with a raised eyebrow forgetting herself for a minute.

“I actually pay attention to things that don’t include Jedi or the force,” Revan shot back. “There are more important things in life than most Jedi would believe, were they as noble as they like to project themselves they would fall on this planet and wipe Czerka out,” he growled as he continued.

Bastila frowned as that sounded almost like something Revan would say and not Jaks Toulon, the personality the Jedi had created from his shattered mind. ‘Was it possible some small measure of Revan had survived the process, or was it more likely his mind had not been as damaged as the Masters had believed? But if that was true, then wouldn’t the Masters have detected it?’ she asked herself.

“Hey Jaks it’s not her fault, the Jedi do kind of take themselves seriously,” Carth put in with a smile, when Bastila turned to frown at him for disrupting her thoughts on Jaks’s odd behavior just now. “They more than likely pass that on to their students,” he added.

“Yeah just think back to your training with them,” Mission added helpfully. “They were all doom and gloom, and all they seemed to care about was the war and not what was happening outside of it,” she stated, while Zaalbar let out a mighty roar of anger as what Jaks had revealed had made him aware his brother’s evil had doomed his planet. It more than likely meant his father was dead he realized, unsure what to do he remained silent as a couple of Czerka guards approached them.

Revan almost snorted at what Mission had said. His supposed retraining or what the Jedi would have him believe to be his actual training as a Jedi had been a sham. He had played along as the newbie who knew nothing about the force, he had called them Master and bowed and everything they expected out of a new recruit even if it sickened him. Oh how he had wanted to teach them their mistakes, for daring to think they could wipe his mind and remove him so easily. Make them regret thinking they could use him as some mindless puppet. The force had protected him and that meant he still had a destiny to complete.

“Don’t worry Bastila, he’s only teasing you,” Mission whispered as she noted Bastila was still frowning at Jaks. “Don’t take it personally,” she added.

“Welcome to Kashyyk, before you can enter you must pay the local landing fee,” one of the guards said in greeting and each of the crew of the Ebon Hawk could see the greed in the man’s eyes. “And please keep your pet on a tight leash,” he added in warning.

Mission shouted in anger as Zaalbar let out a growl of rage at being addressed as anyone’s pet, but before anyone else could say anything the man was lifted up and flung flying backwards. Bastila instantly turned to look at Jaks and she knew it had not been her who had done that. Glancing at Juhani showed she hadn’t done it either although from the expression on her face she wished she had.

“Have a care of how you speak to my friends,” Revan growled out as he eyed the fallen man who was helped up by his fellow guard while the three others aimed their weapons at him and his companions. “I don’t take disrespect lightly, especially from slavers,” he added in disgust as he looked the guards over.

“What the force are you doing?” Bastila demanded in surprise at the way Revan was acting, it was far more like whom he really was than the supposed new personality she had come to know in the last month or two.

“Taking a stand,” Revan responded with a quick glance at Bastila whose hand had strayed to her lightsaber. “Slavers are the lowest scum in the galaxy,” he added as the guard came back with his own weapon now raised.

“You must forgive my colleague. He is still pretty new to the Order and our way of doing things,” Bastila said quickly, turning to face the guards and indicating the others to put their weapons away. “The Jedi have no position on your organization,” she assured them.

The guards glared at Revan who glared back for a few moments before having a whispered conversation. Bastila could kick Revan/Jaks for his outburst. She was still worried it might mean something more, but it wasn’t like she could just ask him if he was still really Revan and not Jaks.

“Fine, we’ll forget this outburst but the landing fee is now doubled,” the guard stated. Revan’s hand twitched towards his own lightsaber, but Bastila sensed his intent and quickly agreed, without the guards seeing anything she ran her hand gently over Revan’s.

It had the desired effect she had hoped for, any intent for violence Revan had vanished as he felt her light touch, and he turned to her in surprise as she gave him a small glare which told him she had known what he had almost done. Giving her a sheepish smile, he watched as she paid the guards the money in silence even though he still wanted to cut them down. He hated slavers and always had, having to work with them to achieve his goals while he was the Dark Lord had been a bitter pill for him and most of his loyal followers to take. But if it was one thing he had learned, it was sometimes you had to work with unpleasant people to get things done. Once Bastila had paid the landing fee they moved on. T3 was left to guard the ship with Juhani while the others moved on.

Bastila pulled Revan aside and indicated the others to go ahead, Revan was a little surprised by the Padawans forwardness.

“What was that back there?” Bastila demanded to know. She didn’t say his name as his new one still felt foreign to her, and right now she was unsure just who she was addressing.

“As I said I was taking a stand against evil just as bad as any Sith,” Revan responded with a simple shrug. “Just because I joined the Jedi that doesn’t mean I don’t have a mind of my own Bastila,” he told her, trying to be careful not to give himself away. “Slavers should be removed from the galaxy,” he stated coldly.

“That is not up to us to decide,” Bastila argued with a frown. “Jedi are supposed to be above such thoughts, we don’t get involved in politics or galactic affairs outside the Republic,” she continued. “It is outside our mandate,” she stated, making Revan angry. Bastila felt the surge of anger through the bond they shared, she stepped away from him but it quickly faded.

“Do you even listen to what you are saying?” Revan growled in response, unable to help himself. “Outside our mandate?” Revan continued. “Jedi are supposed to be keepers of the peace and a force for justice, yet they blindly ignore things like slavery just because it is outside of the Republic who also ignore it because it is convenient,” he spat, shocking Bastila with his anger at the subject. “Just like they ignored the Mandalorian invasion right up to the point I...” suddenly trailing off as he realized what he had been about to say.

Bastila frowned at the slip and she felt a sudden drop in temperature as Revan stared at her. The bond flared between them but the images she could see in her mind went to quickly for her to see clearly.

“I…I don’t know why I said that,” Revan said, thinking quickly to cover his slip up. He wasn’t ready for Bastila to know he was still himself. “I...,” he trailed off hoping to convince her he was suffering some sort of memory slip.

Bastila stared at Revan in confusion, unsure if Revan had genuinely slipped up in their heated debate, or he had a brief surge of memory from his former life. The bond was silent now, which meant he had to be suppressing it, frowning she stared into Revan’s eyes and tried to see within the man she had faced off against onboard his flagship. But she had to remind herself at that time he’d had on his famous mask. The mask he had worn ever since finding it on Cathar and which now lay safely hidden in her quarters on the Ebon Hawk. She had taken it from Revan as she fought to save his life. Instead of throwing it away she had felt the need to keep it safe. Why she didn’t know, but she felt the force would reveal its hand in time. ‘Did she dare try and see if this was indeed Revan standing before her?’ she asked herself. If the new personality the Jedi had installed within him had worked, he wouldn’t just be shocked to be called by another name but he would then seek answers as to why she had done it. For now she chose to leave it as is, but she would keep a closer eye on him from now on and on the bond.

“It is okay Jaks, people say things in anger they don’t mean” Bastila said finally. “I get it, you feel strongly about this subject, but right now we can’t do anything about it,” she pointed out, watching Revan’s eyes closely. “We are on an important mission, nothing can get in the way of that,” she told him.

Revan was watching Bastila’s eyes just as she watched his, watching for signs of deceit that she knew he was faking being the puppet the Jedi council had hoped to create. Neither got any of the answers they wanted, finally Revan turned and headed for their other companions.

Bastila watched him go for a few seconds before following, she had an uneasy feeling the council had failed in their plans. But if they had and Revan still existed, then that meant they had lied to her about the damage to his mind. Her mind fought itself over what to believe. One part of her thought she should inform the council about her suspicions, but that was quickly shot down by another side of her. There was no real proof, but considering the way he had acted before it was possible he would slip up again if her fears about him were true.

“So do we know where this star map thingy is?” Mission inquired as they headed towards the nearby village passing the Czerka station without going inside.

“The vision Jaks and I shared showed it deep in the forest, it is surrounded by darkness,” Bastila answered. “Even darker than it is now,” she added.

“The Shadowlands,” Revan said calmly, knowing exactly where the star map was located. “It is the only place it could be,” he continued before coming to a halt. Granted he didn’t need the star maps to know where the Star Forge was, he knew already, but he needed time to gain Bastila’s and the others loyalty for the fight ahead. Gaining Bastila’s loyalty was the key in bringing Malak and his empire down. It would be no small affair, but with her Battle Meditation it would be made easier and with fewer casualties.

The Sith presence he had felt before had moved further away, clearly setting up an ambush for them. He glanced at Bastila and sent her a warning making her aware of the threat. Bastila cursed herself for not doing her own scan of the planet. But she had honestly thought they had eluded any Sith that might be tracking them. She was further startled when Revan made her aware there was probably more Sith on any planet with a star map. That made her stop and glance at Revan. ‘Was he guessing that or did he know for sure somehow?’ she wondered.

‘How many?’ she inquired over the bond.

‘Three that I can sense,’ Revan responded, finding the bond very useful to talk to Bastila without any of the others listening in. ‘We must keep one alive to question before we kill him,’ he added before sensing Bastila was about to argue about killing them. “They will not surrender or give up until we are dead and more than likely considering Malak’s actions on Taris, you will end up in his hands,” he said, cutting her off before she could start.

The very idea sent chills down Bastila’s spine and to her surprise she felt an echoing of that feeling from Revan himself. She searched the bond and to her shock felt anger at the very idea of her falling into Malak’s hands. She felt an almost primal possessive feeling for her from Revan, that fact stunned her. ‘They had only spent a short time with each other. Why did he feel so strongly for her then?’ she asked herself. When she actually thought over this revelation she found herself almost blushing in pleasure at gaining such a reaction from him. Her mind flashed to how he had reacted when she touched his hand. Frowning she cursed herself for such a thought, she was supposed to be a Jedi and Jedi didn’t have emotional attachments. Yet still she could not fully remove the pleasure she felt at gaining his attention in that way.

‘Should we tell the others?’ she inquired finally while doing her best to hide her reaction to her new knowledge from him. It would do them no good and only complicate matters.

‘Once we’ve been to the village. We’ll have to go there to get entry into the Shadowlands,’ Revan added without thought before cursing himself inwardly at the second slip up he had just made.

‘How do you know that?’ Bastila asked, forgetting any thought of Revan’s feelings for her or her own reaction to them. Her suspicions had been raised once more by his knowledge of things he should not know. Stopping she turned to face him once more.

Revan didn’t doubt he had just stepped in it. There was no way to explain his knowledge. But if he was honest with himself, he was getting tired of pretending to be someone he wasn’t. He was Revan and he didn’t hide from anyone, the only reason he was still here was the knowledge that he would need help to destroy Malak and his followers. Bastila would play a key part in the war, and he intended her to stand with him against all others. Their other companions had proven their usefulness and he had grown to actually like and trust them, even in so short a time, even Carth a stanch Republic navy man. Glancing at the others who had continued to walk on, he wondered what to say. Thankfully he was saved by the fact they were suddenly surrounded by a group of Wookies who were all pointing their bowcasters at them. Bastila, he noted was frustrated by this interruption, but for him it was wonderful timing. Canderous and Carth he noted were slowly inching for their weapons, a fight here would be a mistake.

“Don’t do anything,” he ordered gaining the other’s attention. “They will take us to the village,” he told them when they looked at him in surprise.

A couple of the Wookies roared at Zaalbar, but the large Wookie didn’t complain, but neither did he back down. He glanced at Bastila and noted she too had noted their aggressive behavior towards them, somehow he doubted their trip to the star map was going to be anything but easy.
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