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A Legend to be Feared

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Summary: - YAHF (AGAIN!) Our favourite Zeppo dressed as….Brolly the Legendary Super Saiyan. Can the Universe’s newly created Super Saiyan tame the Legendary power of the Beast inside him? Or will he fall to the rage and anger within? Violence abounds.

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Chapter Ten: - Sense of Betrayal

Disclaimer: - See Chapter.1.

Chapter.10: - Sense of Betrayal

Giles & Jenny – The Library – Earlier

As Buffy and Xander left the Library, Jenny approached the Watcher, a beaming smile on her face as she saw the Brit brighten up at her arrival.

“Morning, English.”

“Hello, Ms….Jenny.”

The Watcher stammers as she nears him. He tries to calm himself as the Woman he likes gets nearer and nearer to him; The Teacher spoke.

“Oh! Thank you for loaning me the Forrester book. It was wonderful.”

She smiles at him; Giles returns the smile with one of his own.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. That edition belonged to my Father. I must have read it twenty times.”

Jenny hears the Watcher’s admiration for the book in his voice and she can’t help but think that he’s cute when he’s talking about Literature, but that doesn’t stop her from messing with him. Quickly as soon as it appeared, it vanished, the Teacher’s cheeky smirk on her face as she decided to play with the Man.

“It was so romantic, and the imagery? It was so evocative. You know how you have to dog – ear your favourite pages so that you can go back to them?”

The Watcher shoots his head up, alarmed at what he’s hearing. He suddenly regrets lending her the book, unaware that the Woman is messing with him.

“You have to what?”

He asks alarmed. Jenny tries to keep a straight face and succeeds. On the inside though, she is cackling like a Harpy at the look on his face.

“Well, I practically folded back every page. Then underlined the passages I really wanted to discuss with you.”

Now Giles is looking queasy. Very queasy; my God, the Teacher muses as she watches him go pale.


She nodded as she slightly turned away. She couldn’t look at him. Oh, God she was having a blast winding him up. Her laughter was nearly bubbling out of her.

“Uh, huh. But then I spilled Coffee on it and then I couldn’t even read it.”

He goes even paler and finally, Jenny decides to take pity on the Brit. Smiling and softly chuckling, Jenny eases his fears by telling him that she was lying.

“The book’s fine, Rupert. I just love to see you squirm.”

Giles’s face reddens at her statement. She smirks as she nearly sees the Man almost come undone before her before he finally steels himself and replies.

“Oh. W – Well, I trust that I gave, um, g – good squirm?”

Jenny gives him a soft smile before she asks him if anybody had ever told him that he was a Fuddy Duddy.

“Nobody ever seems to tell me anything else.”

Jenny moves closer to him; she puts her hand on the lapel of his jacket as she presses herself against him. She notices Giles stiffen his posture and for a moment, she wonders if he is stiffening somewhere....

“Did anyone ever tell you you’re kind of a sexy Fuddy Duddy?”

She asks, her voice taking on a sensual tone, Giles suddenly feels hot.

“Th – That part u – usually gets left out. Although, I can’t imagine why.”

Jenny chuckles as she inches her face closer to Giles.

“This weekend….”

“Would like to go out? No Monster Trucks though. Please.”

Giles asks as he flashes a small smile at her. Jenny laughs as she remembers the last date they went on. Before, they found out about Ford and the reason why he was here.

“I think I’d like to stay in, English.”

Giles blinks. The implications of what she’s suggesting are not lost on the Man. The two Faculty Members soon lean in for a kiss; their lips meet and they get about a second’s worth before the Library door opens and a few Students comes in. They jump back and separate, she, smiling ruefully at him as Giles tries to maintain some decorum.

“Th – This Saturday then?”

Jenny smiles and nods.

“Saturday night. I’ll see if I can make you squirm.”

She finishes in a quiet voice so that the Students couldn’t hear her. The Watcher stutters, taking his glasses off and polishing them profusely, he tells her that he looks forward to it. In any other time, Giles may’ve seen himself stammering and embarrassing himself in front of her, but not now. His growing confidence was giving him the courage to tell Jenny that he was looking forward to their date on Saturday. With a nod, he goes as a Student asks for some assistance. Jenny watches him affectionately before she heads out the door.

Giles – The Library – Later

After he had gone out for Lunch, Giles returned to the Library to find two uniformed Police Officers and a Detective standing there waiting for him. He stops and pauses as they turn, having heard him enter the Library.

“Rupert Giles?”


The Detective flashes her Badge at him.

“I’m Detective Winslow. I need you to come with me.”

Giles’s guard is up.


“There was a Homicide last night at the Sunnydale Motor Lodge. The Victim had no identification. But he was carrying this slip of paper with your name and address on it.”

The Detective hands the Librarian the slip of paper inside of an evidence bag. He peers at it through the plastic just as Cordy bursts through the door.

“My name?”

The Watcher repeats towards the Detective.

“Giles. Have you seen Xander?”

The Watcher ignored her as he stared at the paper; he had an inkling as to what this pertained too. First, the dream he had this morning; a message to him that his past is about to catch up with him, and now this….

“Cordelia, I’m a little bit busy just now….Perhaps you can come back later?”

He says as he indicates to the Officers; the Teen Queen sees them as if for the first time and then looks back to the Watcher.

“Hey! I’m trying to help Harris out here; Snyder’s on the warpath looking for him….”

Exasperated, Giles barks at her.


The girl startles as the Watcher’s raised voice shocks her.

“What? Why does everyone always shout at me? I’m not deaf. I can take a hint….”

Giles rolls his eyes.

“Oh, for God’s sake. I haven’t seen him since this morning. This hint you seem to be capable of taking? Do you know what it is?”

She scoffs at the Watcher; her personality and demeanour demands that she tells him yes, but she doesn’t know and after a protracted silence.

“What’s the hint?”

“To come back later.”

Giles finishes. The Cheerleader rolls her eyes and turns around muttering that he should go visit the Land of Decaf. Giles turns back to the Police Officer.

“Where do you want me to go?”

The Watcher stood aside a drawer in the Morgue of the Sunnydale Police Station. Detective Winslow is with him as she stands nearby. The Morgue Attendant approaches him.

“Have you had Breakfast? Lunch?”

Giles nodded his head as he stares at a body covered by a sheet. The Attendant winces as he pulls the sheet off of the body. Giles went wide – eyed as he saw who it was. It was an old friend of his. It was Philip Henry. One of the faces he saw in his dream. The Attendant looks to Giles and is surprised that the Watcher hasn’t already emptied the contents of his stomach. Unknowing that the Watcher has been around many things that would’ve made him crap himself. Upon seeing his old friend dead, Giles is upset; the Detective notices the look on his face.

“Did you know him?”

Giles stares hard at the body.

“Yes. I mean, I did. His name is Philip Henry. He was a friend of mine in London. I haven’t spoken to him in twenty years.”

“Can you think of any reason he might have wanted to contact you?”

Winslow asked. She noticed Giles as he stared at the body on the table, from the way he acted, she could tell that she knew him, she may’ve suspected that Giles was responsible for the Man being dead but apart from the evidence she’d found at Henry’s Motel, there was no other evidence to suggest that Giles was ever there. The Watcher pauses for a bit as he sees something on Philip’s forearm.


Peering closer, Giles finds that it is a Tattoo. He absently begins rubbing his own arm; it’s the same Tattoo from his dream. Winslow sees the Tattoo and she makes the assumption that the Watcher knows what it is.

“Do you know what that is? The Tattoo? Do you know the design?”

He looks back at the Tattoo one more time before he turns to the Detective.

“No. No, I don’t.”

Now she knew he was lying. But the reason, why? That she couldn’t figure out. Looking at him rubbing his own arm, Winslow suspected that he did know the design of the dead Man’s Tattoo, hell, she suspected from the way he was acting that he may’ve had one himself of the same design but with no other evidence to go on or a Warrant; she had no cause to hold him for further questioning. But she’d keep an eye on him.

Giles was pacing about his Apartment after he had come home from the Morgue; he was on the Phone, trying to reach another of his old friend’s. After seeing the Tattoo on Philip, he knew that his past was catching up with him. He was now trying to reach the rest of his friend’s from that night. He first tried to contact Deidre, but he was having trouble.

“Are you certain she didn’t leave a forwarding number? I’ve been trying to reach her for hours; this is a matter of life and….”


He stops talking as he spins to the door. After a few moments, the Watcher rests the Phone on the nape of his neck as he moves over to the door a little. He sees Jenny; she is looking….Beautiful.

“I couldn’t wait till Saturday.”

She finishes smiling at him; he steps back and lets the door swing wide open, allowing her to see the rest of him; she frowns. He looks dishevelled; unshaven and shirtless. Jenny has never seen him looking like this before and immediately she knows that something is wrong.


The Teacher walks inside and rushes over to him immediately, concerned about him; he moves to stop her but he is talking into the Phone again and Jenny waits while he finishes.

“Listen! I’m trying to find Deidre Page, you Bloody Git. If you know where she is, then you had better share, or I can make life extremely difficult for you.”

Jenny stares; she has never seen or heard the menace in Giles’s voice before; as much as it frightens her, it also excites her a little bit more. But she is wondering who Deidre is.

“Well, what about a Relative? Anyone….”

Giles listens as he is given another number for a Relative of Deidre’s. Jenny can just about hear the exasperated voice on the other end of the Phone. Whoever it was has just told Giles that there was no need for insults, but Giles didn’t care, he had bigger things to be concerned about.

“Right. Thank you….”

The Watcher hears the connection cut off as he moves the Phone away from him.


Finally unable to watch in silence, Jenny asks him what wrong but again, Giles ignores her as he dials the new number; Jenny is beginning to get quite upset. As he dials the number, he tenses, finishing, he hears a ring and then an answer. He looks over at Jenny for a moment and sees her narrowed gaze directed towards him. He winces as he replies into the Phone.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, I realise it’s five in the morning there but I’m trying to reach Deidre Page. My name is Rupert Giles, I’m an old friend, it’s very important that I….”

He listens for a beat before his face falls. Jenny sees the distress on his face and while she is a bit put out at being ignored, she knows that he is being given some very bad news. A second later, he responds.

“I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t know….When did she pass?”

Another beat.

“Oh, dear, that recently. We were friends when we were young….We were in College together….”

A few minutes later, Giles finishes the conversation offering his condolences to whoever he was speaking to. He hangs up as he realises his worst fears have come true. He’s come back. He looks at the Tattoo on his arm before reaching for a glass of Scotch; he goes to take a drink when….


He stops as he looks over at a clearly exasperated Jenny Calendar. He takes in her appearance and again, remarks that she is looking stunning and then he realises his own appearance and he stands.

“Jenny, um, I’m sorry. Something’s, um, something’s come up. I’m afraid that I can’t….”

“Save it, Rupert. What’s going on?”

She stops him abruptly; Giles closes his eyes and rubs his forehead as Jenny is waiting for an answer. He knows that she won’t leave him alone in the state he’s in; he grateful for that, but considering what’s coming for him, he doesn’t want her to get hurt but he knows that she deserves an explanation.



He rolls his eyes again. Jenny stands in front of him still waiting for an answer as he turns to the door.


Jenny calls out again as he opens it fully. He expects it to be Buffy or Xander. Imagine his surprise when it turns out to be….

“Hello, Ripper. Can I come in?”

He stares at Ethan; a dark look coming over his face as Ethan just stands there giving him one of his most charming smiles. The Watcher knows that it is a Shark’s smile as he rushes outside and grabs Ethan and starts beating him. Jenny rushes outside as she watched Giles charge the Man at the door. Intent on stopping him, she stops at the sight of Giles savagely backhanding Ethan in the face before he punches him in the gut.


Ethan goes down like a sack of Spuds as the Watcher kicks him in the stomach a few times before Jenny snaps out of her stupor and tries to get Giles away from Ethan; she can hear Ethan groaning, coughing and sputtering as the Man tries to sit up against a stone flower pot. The Chaos Mage looks up and finally spots Jenny as she pushes Giles away.

“My, my. Ripper. You’ve outdone yourself this time. Nice bit of Strumpet that one, Mate.”

Jenny looks back at the beaten up Man; clearly considering letting Giles go so that he can finish the Man off, but she needs to know what’s going on, and who he is.

“English, who is he?”

She asks as she’s still trying to hold Giles back. It’s not easy.

“Yes, Ripper. C’mon. Be the gracious host and introduce us. You’ll have to forgive him, my dear. He never used to be one for manners.”

Giles’s eyes darken even further.

“I told you to leave. You’re responsible for the deaths of many people. One of whom I cared very deeply for.”

“Yes you did. I didn’t. Shop’s lease is paid for the Month. Oh, you mean the girl? Sorry. Well….”

The Mage trailed off. Clearly, he wasn’t sorry. Jenny finally makes the connection; looking into Giles’s eyes and seeing the murderous intent in them, she now knew who this was. And what he was responsible for.

“You’re him, aren’t you? You sold Xander the Brolly Costume.”

Ethan smirked at her as he nodded.

“If by Xander, you mean the Boy, then yes, I sold him the Costume. Ethan Rayne; at your service. And you are?”

Jenny’s eyes darken now as she stares at the One responsible for Willow’s death. Her own Romany upbringing, demanding that she kills the Man that took pleasure in that night’s Chaos. She almost decides to let Giles at him again, but looking back at the Watcher, she notices that he has stopped struggling against her; Jenny backs away, towards Ethan. The Chaos Mage watches as she nears him, and again he gives her his most charming smile. It has no effect on her as the Teacher kicks him in the balls a few times.


His eyes bulge out as he falls to the floor again; looking up at Jenny, he sees the angry look on her face and the tears spilling from her eyes. She is quick, brutal. She's fast to kick him continuously in the balls again and again as well as hitting him sometimes in the gut. What was it about his gut that screamed ‘Hit me there, I enjoy it’; because he certainly didn’t. He was hoping that Giles might pull her away from him, given what’s coming for them; that’s why he was here, after all. Risking his life (Literally!) and his bodily functions, apparently (Also literally!) so that he can escape from Eyghon.

Jenny pulls her foot back as she continues to vent her rage on him for Willow’s death; Ethan rolls over onto his back as the Teacher lifts her leg and brings it crashing down on the Man’s….


He screamed as new pain blossomed; why was his vision swimming? Pretty lights….He looked up blaringly at the Woman as she wore a sadistic sneer on her beautiful face as she glared down on him.

“That was for Willow.”

She stated as she lifted her leg off of him and rested it on the floor. Jenny glanced at his chest as she lifted and raised her other leg.


She kicked him hard in the Kidney. Hell truly knows no fury better than a Woman, it seemed.

“And that, that was for Xander.”

He was almost at his wits end; the beatdown he had gotten at Giles’s hands didn’t compare to this. Why could he feel blood between his legs? He saw the Woman walk away from him and he could hear the clicker, clatter of Jenny’s Stiletto’s. Oh, that’s why….

Ethan cups his Manhood and whimpers as Jenny walks back over to Giles. The Watcher stood transfixed as his Girlfriend issued her own form of punishment upon Ethan. He knew why he was here. The dreams. He knew that Ethan had been having them as well and despite wanting to kill him, he couldn’t.

The Morgue – Same Time

Inside of a Drawer, the body of Philip Henry, covered by a white sheet is suddenly pulled back by a hand. Philip’s. The Cadaver’s eyes open and begin to glow. The Dead Man smirks.

“….Rip – per….”

The body of Philip starts to move as he finds himself trapped in an enclosed space; tilting his heads back, he sees the door to the Drawer and he brings his hands up to bang it open. A few minutes later, he has gotten the door open and he slides the Drawer out and gets off of the table. ‘Philip’ hears someone coming; he hides himself in a corner of the Morgue obscured by darkness just as the Attendant from before comes in. He doesn’t notice the glowing eyes in the corner of the room and ‘Philip’ sneaks up behind him and the Attendant turns and sees the Dead Man. Before he has a chance to scream, the Cadaver grabs him, throws him onto the Table and pushes him into the Drawer then closes the door. The Attendant pounds helplessly on the door as the body shambles out of the Morgue.

Giles, Jenny & Ethan – The Apartment – A Few Minutes Later

“Could I – Could I get a hand?”

Ethan moans out as he is finding it difficult to stand unaided. Looking up at the two of them, he notices that they aren’t moving to help him. Typical. He muses; he comes to spread a little Chaos and this is what happens….

“Ripper….You know….You know what’s coming. It’s coming to finish what was started. It won’t stop; you know it will never stop till we’re both dead.”

Jenny looks towards Giles; a question on her lips as the Watcher glares at Ethan.

“It’s what you deserve, you Bastard. I have a good mind to let him kill you….”

“….But then you’ll be the only one left to deal with him. I’ll be gone. Henry will be next. You know he can’t be destroyed by conventional means. No Rituals. No Exorcisms….”

Giles frowns as he remembers that detail about Eyghon. Jenny, still having no clue as to who they’re talking about asks Giles, but to her shock the Watcher moves towards Ethan and helps him up.


Jenny asks; she gets no answer.

“I’m only doing this for old time’s sake, Ethan. Once Eyghon is dealt with, you’re going back to England.”

Ethan rolls his eyes.

“The Watcher’s again.”

He mutters, Giles hears him and jabs the mage sharply in the side.

“It’s either that, or I give you to Xander.”

Ethan looks up. He has heard the rumours about the Boy as he has been hiding around Sunnydale. When he had heard that the Boy had somehow retained the powers of his Costume and was looking for him, he wondered how it could’ve been possible. No one was supposed to; they were supposed to return to normal after the Spell had ended. So, why had the Boy kept the abilities of his Costume? What was so special about him?

“….The Watcher’s. Give me to the Watcher’s. I’d rather not face the wrath of an angry Teenaged Legendary Super Saiyan….”

He trailed off as he was stared at by the two.

“What? Did you think I’d not research what I was selling? Well….You’re right; I didn’t, adds to the Chaos. More fun that way, but I’ve heard that the Boy has been looking for me, so I thought I’d better find out what he had become. Believe me, I wish I did sell him that Toy Gun now. You were right, Ripper. He’s a World Killer.”

“What do you mean? Xander’s been looking for you?”

Ethan smirked. Giles didn’t know.

“You don’t know? Ripper, the Boy’s quickly becoming a Legend to be feared around here. Even more so than your Slayer. He’s been killing Demon’s wherever he goes. He tore up the Local Snitch’s bar the other week looking for me. They call him the Predator.”

Giles makes the connection in his head; thinking back to when Buffy had told him that there was something in Sunnydale that was scaring the Demons and Vampires; he had thought that it was an unknown. Someone from out of Sunnydale like the Daywalker. But his own sources had confirmed that Blade was in the Ukraine, hunting a particularly nasty Sect of Nosferatu. He was still trying to find out who it was to this day, but now….

“Rupert? What’s going on? What’s he talking about? What’s coming for you?”

The Teacher asked as all three entered the Apartment; Ethan moved towards the Watcher’s Sofa and fell back on it as he lied back and put his feet up. Spotting the Scotch, he moved to reach it, needing something to dull the pain of Jenny’s….Ministrations; he was going to take a sip when the Teacher snatched the glass from his hand.


Ethan smiles.

“Certainly. About what?”

Jenny narrows her eyes at him and Ethan decides that it might be best that he didn’t push the Woman any further. Looking over towards Ripper, the Mage rolls up his sleeve, Jenny immediately sees the Tattoo, the same one she saw on Giles earlier.

“The Mark of Eyghon. As worn by his Initiates. He’s a Demon that can only exist in this Reality by possessing either an unconscious Host, or a dead body. Back in the day, me an’ Ripper here….”


Giles hit the counter in the Kitchen as he glared at Ethan, Jenny couldn’t help but jump as she was startled by the noise, and she turned to look at the Watcher as Ethan smirked at his old friend.

“She deserves to know, Mate….”

He states as he glances to the Watcher then back towards Jenny.

“….Me an’ Ripper here used to be in a group of….Enthusiasts. Every night, we’d gather, drink, party, screw as many Bird’s we could pick up and get as high as these bloody Heroes that fly about in the sky on the drug of the day. One night, a friend of ours stumbled upon a Ritual to bind a Demon to us.”

Jenny spoke as Ethan stopped.


He nods at her and smiles.

“It was supposed to be the ultimate high. Temporary Possession by the Demon imbued the Host with a feeling of Euphoria. Of power….She’s your Bird, Mate; do want to take over? I need something for the pain.”

For the information given, Jenny reluctantly gave him the Scotch back….After she had drank most of it and took the bottle away from near him. He still deserved to suffer after all. Ethan looked longingly at the bottle Jenny held as she stood and went to the Watcher. Giles contemplated telling her; afraid that she’d hate him, afraid that she’d leave him. He let out a long breath and told her the rest.

“I was twenty – one and studying History at Oxford and….The Occult at night. I hated it; the, um, the boring grind of School. Then, there was the pressure of my Family’s destiny upon my shoulders, so I dropped out. I went to London; fell into the worst crowd that would have me.”

“That’s when he met me, by the way.”

Ethan said as he finished off the small drop of Scotch. It wasn’t enough, he needed more. A bit of magic and he gestured for the bottle to fly out of Jenny’s hands. She stared as the bottle flew through the air, but before it settled into Ethan’s hands; Jenny channelled a bit of her power as well….


To Ethan’s astonishment, the bottle cracked and splintered into pieces, the rust coloured liquid spilling all over the floor of Giles’s Apartment. He glared at the Teacher; he didn’t know she was a Witch. A Bitch? Definitely; considering his beating earlier. He smiled at her; how fortunate was he that the two often go hand in hand….

“We practiced Magicks. It was small stuff at first; for pleasure or gain. And then Ethan and I discovered something a little bigger.”


Jenny stated.

“Yes. We put one of us into a deep sleep and the others would summon him. It was an extraordinary high. God, we were Fools.”

“What happened?”

“One of us, Randall, he lost control. Eyghon took him completely. We tried to get him out. It, um, it killed him. He killed him. We did.”

Jenny had a look of sympathy for the Man on her face, she tried to reach out for him but Giles pulled himself away before she could comfort him. The Watcher didn’t feel like he deserved it. Not from her. Not now.

“We thought we were free of the Demon after that. But it’s back; I don’t know how, but it’s back. And one by one it will kill us all.”

“Yes. Two down, three to go. I’m sorry, Ripper. I knew about Deidre before coming here. I knew you were sweet on her.”



Ethan asked.

“It’s just us now. Philip Henry’s dead. The Police found his body at the Sunnydale Motor Lodge. It seemed like he was coming here to warn me.”


The Watcher looked incensed at Ethan.

“Don’t act like you care. You didn’t give a toss about Philip.”

Ethan looked contrite; then he smirked at him. Ripper knew him so well.

“Well, alright. He was a Prat. Pure and simple.”

Suddenly, they heard the voices of two young Teens outside the door. Both Giles and Jenny winced. They knew who they belonged to. Things were about to get very ugly. The door opened and Xander entered. The Saiyan looked towards the Watcher and Jenny, he could see the apprehension in their eyes, and he frowned. He cast his gaze to the other side of the room and saw….


Xander & Buffy – Same Time

The Saiyan was suddenly feeling angry. Ethan is there. In Giles’s Apartment; did that mean that Giles knew him? Xander glanced back at the Watcher and he could see a mixture of emotions on his face. Grief, sorrow, anger; these were just some of what Xander could tell that the Watcher was feeling. But, for a moment he swore he could’ve seen something that looked like shame.

“Um, hello. Did you….Did you enjoy the Costume?”

Ethan asked; wrong question to ask a pissed off Super Saiyan. Xander flashed forward; his speed easily surpassing Buffy as the Slayer stepped inside the Apartment and watched as Xander picked the Mage up by the neck. Xander squeezed, Ethan began choking and turning purple he was snarling as he watched the Man’s colour darken. Good, he thought. Willow would finally be avenged.

“Xander! Stop!”

“Xander, please….”


All three shouted at him; pleaded at him, trying to get him to stop choking the Mage, he didn’t listen. He wasn’t listening; all thoughts of listening went out of his head as soon as he spotted the Mage. Replaced by a red haze of rage that dropped down into his vision as he had finally found the Man that has ruined his life and now, Ethan Rayne, Chaos Mage and Servant of the God, Janus, was about to die.


Ethan’s flailing body dropped listlessly as Xander held him in his raised arm still. Everyone looked at the Saiyan as Ethan’s lifeless eyes rolled into the back of his head. Xander dropped the body and fired a Ki blast at the remains. The body was incinerated immediately and the Saiyan turned towards the others. They took a step back, fearing what Xander would do next. Buffy had flashbacks to Halloween, Jenny and Giles were afraid that Xander would snap. Their fear was justified. The Saiyan’s Ki Aura flared violently into being around him. Xander snarled; his face twisting into a grimace of rage as his entire body shook.

“Be – Betrayal. You….Knew him? YOU KNEW HIM!!!!!”

He directed his hate filled gaze towards Giles who was quaking with fear. The girl’s jumped back as Xander growled, fearing what he was about to do. Outside, they could suddenly hear thunder and glancing to the window’s, lightning flashed violently in the air and the ground started shaking.


He grounded out as his body shook more, the intensity of the earth quaking increasing as Xander threw his head back; his teeth were bared as he stared hatefully at them all. Suddenly, his hair flashed golden for a moment before switching back to the black it normally was. Jenny knew what was going on now and she was scared beyond belief. Xander was transforming. As curious as the Teacher was about witnessing a Super Saiyan transformation in real life, she didn’t want to see it up close.


She glanced back as she saw another flash of gold, this time in his Aura and then she saw his black eyes turning emerald; Xander’s muscles were bulging. The Saiyan hunched his body forward again as he felt the power increase becoming too much. It was begging to be released. To be used. Giles’s Apartment shook violently some more as cracks started appearing in the plaster and the windows shattered letting the high winds outside blow inside. The door blew off its hinges and went flying outside as another flash of gold appeared.


The Teacher finished as she grabbed Giles and the Slayer and headed for the door, but they were too late….


The power exploded out of Xander and the three escaping were completely engulfed in golden energy as the Super Saiyan finally emerged. The Apartment exploded, soon followed by the Apartment Complex, then the Street, followed by the Town. In the blink of an eye, all of Sunnydale was gone and only Super Saiyan Xander Harris remained standing in the Crater where the Town of Sunnydale used to be, surrounded by his golden Aura.


A whisper on the wind.


Another one.



Buffy’s voice cried out as the Saiyan snapped back to his senses; he was back in the Apartment, he had Ethan by the neck and the others were staring at him wide – eyed with fear. The red haze had dissipated from his vision slightly as he blinked away his momentary confusion.

“Xander….Put Ethan down. There’s a perfectly good explanation for why he’s here.”

The Watcher stated as he strode forward towards the Saiyan, he raised his arm and placed it on Xander’s shoulder; Xander tensed, he hadn’t released Ethan yet as he turned to Giles; the Watcher grimaced, Xander’s face was a picture of unmasked hatred. Whether it was directed at him, for bringing Ethan into his home, or Ethan himself, he didn’t know. He couldn’t help but feel more shame.


The Watcher starts.


Grounds out the Saiyan as Ethan, starts struggling more at the arm. He is close to passing out. He’s seeing spots in his vision as it narrows at the head of the Saiyan; he tries to glance over at the two Women; the Slayer, he’s guessing, is fearful of her friend and the Teacher is as well.

“He’s in danger….”

Xander snorts, and then barks out in laughter. Giles rubs his eyes as he suddenly starts to feel the tiredness he’s been fighting off ever since he came back from the Morgue earlier.

“Of course he is. From me!”

Xander turns towards Ethan and shakes him; the Mage is forced to open his eyes as he stares into the cold black eyes of the Saiyan.

“I’m going to kill you.”


Xander smirked at the Man’s answer.

“Good; just so that there’s no confusion. My friend is dead because of you. My Family and a whole lot of People, Ethan! At night, I see them in my dreams. More like nightmares, really. I remember seeing them burning, screaming….I ripped them apart as I killed them, and I did it with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. But, do you know what the worst thing is, Ethan? The most absolute and worst possible thing of all?”

Xander finished as he moved toward the door, holding Ethan. Buffy desperately wanted to stop her friend from doing this; she hoped that he’d stop. Willow wouldn’t want him to do this. His ‘Family’ didn’t want him to do this.

“….Wh – What?”

Ethan Answered as he regained a little bit of breath; Xander had relaxed his grip slightly and the colour was returning to his face.

“It’s that Monster’s like you and me are still alive when good People are dead. Let’s do something about that, shall we?”

The Saiyan said smiling a false smile as he readied his arm to form an Eraser Cannon.


Jenny shouted as she cried out.

“Xan, stop this….Willow wouldn’t want you to do this! She wouldn’t want you to kill in cold blood!”

Buffy pleaded with her friend as the Saiyan turned to her; he could see tears in her eyes as the Slayer feared that she was losing her friend again, the Saiyan was moved….Slightly. The need for vengeance was great within him. His Instincts were screaming at him to kill the Man that killed his Willow.

“Buffy’s right, Xander….She wouldn’t want this. Don’t spit on her Memory by doing this.”

Giles finished as he stood back from him; the Saiyan glanced towards him and growled at him.


Giles had the decency to quiet down, Ms. Calendar approached him.

“Xander, vengeance won’t help you. It won’t bring her back. It won’t ease the pain. Nothing ever will. You are not Brolly, Xander. Now’s not the time to become him.”

The Teacher spoke with something akin to experience in her voice, surprising him. The Teacher was using her own Families History to relate to him; she saw the doubt emerge in his eyes and she hoped that she had gotten through to him, but Xander turned away from her.

“Maybe it should be.”

He voiced quietly, the other’s picked up on it and they froze. This was it; he had a choice to make. They stood behind him as he wracked his mind over the decision. Does he kill Ethan, or let him live to honour Willow’s memory?


He startled as he heard her voice; he only ever heard that voice in his dreams and memories now; missing it when he wanted to hear it the most. In School; at the Bronze. Turning around, the Saiyan saw that the others were stood still, unmoving. Like they were stuck; frozen. Even Ethan was frozen.

Suddenly, a flash of white light catches his attention and appears at the side of Buffy; he turns quickly and sees her standing there, dressed in white.


He breathed out softly.

“Stop being a Poopy Head. You big Poopy Head.”

Seeing his friend for the first time in weeks, Xander did the only thing he could in this situation.

“Heh, heh. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

He laughed out in joy. He knew it was her. His Willow.

Author's Note: -

Chapter Ten as promised.

Aren't I a Stinker?

I'm well into Chapter Eleven already. Hoping to get it up soon.

Enjoy the return of Willow. And don't panic. I do have a most....Vile end for Ethan.



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