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A Legend to be Feared

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Summary: - YAHF (AGAIN!) Our favourite Zeppo dressed as….Brolly the Legendary Super Saiyan. Can the Universe’s newly created Super Saiyan tame the Legendary power of the Beast inside him? Or will he fall to the rage and anger within? Violence abounds.

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Chapter Two: - Duel of the Killers

Disclaimer: - See chapter.1.

Chapter.2: - Duel of the Killers

Buffy, for the moment was content to be in Angel’s arms as she snuggled closer to her undead beau.

“This is nice.”

She says as she reaches for some Popcorn; she and Angel are watching the TV and doing their very best to ignore the various Trick – or – Treaters and focus on the movie.


Was the Vampire’s simple reply as he watched TV with her. Suddenly, Angel’s Vampire hearing had picked up the faint sound of an explosion and he startled Buffy as he sat up.


She said in a whisper, fearing that her night with her boyfriend was on the verge of being ruined.

“I thought I heard something like an explosion.”

“It could’ve been the TV.”

Buffy said hopefully; trying to keep her date going, however….

“Buffy, we’re watching a Romantic Comedy. No explosions.”

She lowered her head a little and pouted a bit.


Angel couldn’t help but smile a little at her antics; even he wanted to have a quiet night with her and he knew that Halloween was supposed to be quiet in regards to the Paranormal and he hoped that it would remain so.

Boy! Ain’t he in for a shock!

“Come on; the sooner we check out what that explosion was, the sooner we can get back to the movie.”

Buffy pouted some more before she spoke.

“Okay fine.”

‘If it is a Demon, I am going to slay it ten times over for ruining my date!’

She thought as she grabbed some Stakes from her weapons chest and a Knife as well before she grabbed her jacket and left with Angel.

Fifteen Minutes Later

Willow was freaking out; Xander, or rather ‘Brolly’ was getting impatient as she led him basically in a circle hoping that Buffy and Angel have noticed what is going on around Sunnydale tonight. She hated having to spoil Buffy’s date with Angel, but in order to keep the rest of the people safe she didn’t have a choice but to take him to Buffy. However she didn’t have to take him there straight away, and therein lay the problem.

Brolly knew what she was doing.

“I grow impatient, Whore. WHERE IS THIS SLAYER?”

He shouted at her making her jump again and she turned around to face him, she took one look of her friends face and she couldn’t even recognise her friend as he bared his teeth at her and growled. His muscles were tense and he was shaking with rage as he looked like he was forcibly restraining himself from killing her.

“S – She isn’t far n – now. Just a – a little….”


He shouted at her making her more scared than she had ever been in her life. Not even when Xander was possessed by the Hyena had she been more scared; or when she found out Sunnydale’s nightlife.

Neither instance compared to what was scaring her right now. Steeling herself for the inevitable, she spoke.

“I – I don’t know where she is, I’m sorry I just don’t know.”

That was technically a lie, she did know, but she didn’t want to tell the Saiyan monster where he can find her and blow her to pieces right away; not that he would since Saiyan’s loved a good fight after all. However Willow’s response was not what Brolly wanted to hear; he stepped towards Willow menacingly making her shrink back from him, forgetting that she was basically impervious to harm because Xander as Brolly freaked her out that much.

“I do not care for that answer, little Whore….Furthermore I believe you are lying to me. WHERE IS THE SLAYER?”

“I’m right here….Xander!”

The girl’s voice came out of nowhere surprising them both even for an instant, and even herself as she noticed how different Xander looked in his costume; with his chest bare and the gold Bracers and the broad gold chest piece. She had heard what he had said to Willow and she was going to give her male friend a piece of her mind and a smack on the back of his head; no one, not even her friend called Willow a Whore and she was going to set him straight; but as she took Xander’s costume in, she stared for a few moments, for the first time noticing Xander’s physique and build as he wasn’t slouching or wearing one of those god awful Hawaiian Print Shirts, needless to say; the Slayer was a little impressed much to Angel’s chagrin as he noticed Buffy staring a little too much.

Since the two of them had left Buffy’s, Angel and the Slayer were set upon almost immediately by many of the Beasts that were running amok in Sunnydale;

Brolly turned towards the sound of the girl’s voice and took in the image of the Slayer and laughed.


He quieted down as Buffy and Angel looked on in confusion at Xander; they could not understand why he was laughing at them.

“You’re the strongest Warrior, Earth has to offer. I do not rate this World’s chances with you as its Champion….Slayer.”

He said to her, saying her title as derogatively as possible. He looked at her as if she was beneath him and for the moment; Buffy was. Angel looked on switching his gaze between the boy and Willow as his brow furrowed in even more confusion; there was something different about Xander, that he was trying to figure out. The boy’s scent was different, changed to something that he didn’t recognise or know and he was standing differently as well. Xander stood….Like a Predator gauging his Prey and waiting for the moment to strike, it looked and felt wrong.

He then looked over at Willow and was concerned when he couldn’t hear her heart beating in her chest, or smell her scent in the air….Well that wasn’t entirely true; he could just barely make out her scent coming from the next street over, but she was standing right there looking at the three of them with fear etched on her face.

“Buffy, something’s not right here. I’m picking up Willow’s scent, but it’s coming from the next street over and Xander….”


The Saiyan monster bellowed out surprising the two fighters and then surprising them even more when he charged their position and launched a punch at Angel.


Angel grunted out as Brolly’s punch hit him in the gut and then lifted him off of the ground and sail through the air; Brolly just smirked as Buffy screamed out Angel’s name, shocked at Xander’s display of strength.


Buffy shouted out with fury in her voice; forgetting for the moment that her friend just punched her boyfriend and sent him sailing through the air and land at the end of the street they were on.

“That is the second time someone has called me ‘Xander’; my name is Brolly.”

The Saiyan responded as he turned fully towards her; Buffy tensed as she knew that Xander was going to attack her next. She looked over to Willow and saw her friend more afraid than she has ever seen her before.

“Willow, what the hell is going on?”

She got no answer as her friend was starting to freak out.

“Willow? Will? WILLOW!”

She finally exclaimed and got the Red – Head’s attention.

“What the hell is happening with Xander, Will?”

“T – That isn’t Xander, Buffy.”

She said to the Slayer, shocking her for the moment.

“He – He’s….Brolly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. He – He changed, Buffy….Along with the rest of the Kids.”



“No….Xander wouldn’t….”


Just then, Brolly’s laugh interrupted them and they turned their attention onto him, he spoke and his words sent a chill down Buffy’s spine.

“She is right you know? I don’t know who this Xander is, but I am a Killer and I am going to kill you….Eventually. First, I want to have some fun HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

He said as he charged at Buffy and punched her in the face; she fell back as Brolly stood above her and smirked. Buffy was scared; she had never been hit that hard before; not by Spike. Not even by the Master when she fought him on the roof of the School, then she saw the most shocking thing that Xander has ever done.

He charged a small ball of green energy in his hand and fired it at her….Only for Angel to knock his aim off.


Surprised that his aim was thrown off and the road next to her exploded in a small flash of light as Buffy used the opportunity to move and attack Xander; Brolly grabbed Angel by his neck and snarled at him, but he was startled when he saw that Angel’s face was different. He took in the visage of the Vampire and was intrigued.


Angel growled at him and started clawing, punching and kicking at the Saiyan, who just shrugged off his attacks as if they were pathetic, and to him they were. Brolly spoke.

“What are you?”

Angel just snarled in response and punched Brolly again, this time in the face and was dismayed when he saw Brolly smirking again.

“I don’t like you for some reason. Die!”

Angel screamed.

Willow screamed.

Buffy screamed.

Brolly laughed. He had just thrusted his arm straight through Angel’s stomach and was showing off his impressive strength by suspending Angel in the air on his arm.


Buffy shouted out as Brolly threw the Vampire from his arm and watched as the Vampire dropped to the ground.

“B – Buffy….”

Angel whispered faintly as he struggled to remain conscious despite the intense pain he was feeling. Willow rushed over to him to see if she could help him, but she forgot again that she was a Ghost and tried to help him only for her hand to go through him, freaking her, him and Buffy out as she saw Willow’s hand go through her love.


“I dressed as a Ghost remember? Now I am one; just like Xander dressed as Brolly and became him.”

“Buffy….Run. He’ll kill you.”

Angel said as his voice started regaining some semblance of normalcy despite his injury; it caught Brolly’s attention as he assumed that his Victim would be dead by now.

“Still alive? Hnh, impressive. Not many can survive that; what are you?”

“V – Vampire….”

Angel groaned out as his body was trying to repair itself, he tried to sit up only for Buffy to keep him in place and not to move but he wouldn’t let her and got up anyway but used Buffy for support.

“Vampire; I don’t know that Species….Not that I care, I’m still going to kill you….”


Buffy shouted.

“Angel get out of here! You too Willow.”

“But Buffy….Y – You can’t fight….”

“I have too Will! Otherwise he’ll kill Angel.”

Brolly sneered at her.

“I’ll kill him anyway, little girl, but I don’t mind playing with you first!”

He said to her as he charged her again and Buffy did the same; they met in the middle as they threw punch after punch and kick after kick at each other, but the Slayer knew that she couldn’t win against Xander as he was now as she was jarred by each of Brolly’s blows that connected and she could tell that Xander wasn’t as affected by hers.

She was going to lose and she knew it….Unless….


She managed to get out whilst fighting.

“….Giles! Get to….oomph!....”

She was knocked back as Brolly kneed her in the gut and she was lifted off the ground, then suddenly she met the concrete as Brolly then brought his hands down on her head in an axe blow.

“You are a Weakling, Slayer! You’re supposed to be Earth’s strongest Warrior? Pathetic. PAY ATTENTION!”

Willow and Angel watched as Buffy rolled out of the way as Brolly brought his foot down on where Buffy’s head was and saw the ground crack on its impact, the Slayer kipped up and delivered a roundhouse kick followed by a reversed back fist punch onto Brolly’s face. Brolly was surprised by the move as he was surprised by her attack that he was momentarily knocked back.


She asked breathlessly. It was taking all she had just to keep up with Brolly as he was….Right now at least.

“Still pathetic.”

He sneered at her and he watched with murderous glee as her eyes narrowed and she replied.

“I’ll just have to do better then.”

Brolly laughed and for the moment showed her a modicum of respect.

“I encourage you to, Slayer. It just won’t do you any good; you are nowhere near my TRUE level of power. I have wiped out entire Worlds full of life, the blood of BILLIONS coats my hands; you are nothing.”


“Yes, Willow, get going. And take the….Vampire with you. I want the Slayer here fighting me with no distractions.”

Willow and Angel didn’t need telling twice as the two of them both ran towards the School intent on getting help from Giles. Buffy saw how Angel looked back at her as he turned down towards the end of the Street.

“There now, girl. No more distractions; I trust you are ready now?”

Brolly asked her. She turned to him and saw no trace of Xander anywhere in him, despite Brolly looking like him, which in her mind was both good and bad. Good because she might have to end up killing her best male friend and bad because she hoped that Xander might’ve been able to stop Brolly somehow inside his mind but that didn’t seem possible for him to do.

She resigned herself to the inevitable.

“I am.”

She said and then she turned tail and ran away in the opposite direction of Willow and Angel.




Brolly stood there as Buffy ran; wondering what the young girl was planning when he shouted out to her.


Buffy turned her head as she ran; Brolly raged at her; she saw a white flame like Aura appear around Xander before it changed into a green bubble that formed all around him and then he lifted off into the air and chased after her. Buffy carried on running as fast as she could.

Elsewhere – Thirty Minutes Later

Willow and Angel had made it to the School; they saw that a group of monsters were attacking some of the Teachers that had stayed late, including Ms. Calendar who was with Giles fighting back against four of the monsters alone.


Willow shouted as she and Angel ran up to the Watcher and Angel tried to help the man out, Willow stayed back with Ms. Calendar as the Vampire helped the rest out against the rampaging horde.

“Willow what the bloody hell is going on?”

Asked Giles as he knocked back a small Demon.

“The Kid’s Giles! They changed and – and became their costumes….”

Giles looked shocked; he was having one of his good lord moments, while Ms. Calendar ran up to him.

“English, we have to get back inside and barricade ourselves in.”

She said as the Teacher tried to batter the small Demon that Giles knocked back earlier; Angel was just barely holding his own as he tried to knock the monsters out without killing the changed Kid’s.

“Angel, what happened to you?”

Ms. Calendar asked when she gasped and saw the slowly closing gaping hole in his stomach.

“X – Xander….”

That gave her and the Watcher pause as they had made enough room to clear the area and then head back inside the School and they all headed towards the Library.

“W – What?”

Asked Ms. Calendar as they all moved into the Library and sat around the table.

“X – Xander did that to him. He – He changed as well and became his costume.”

Giles took his glasses off and began cleaning them as Willow began talking; she told them what she had been doing up to till she became a Ghost, upon which she gave the Teacher and Librarian a visual demonstration by walking through the table which made Jenny jump back in shock as Giles said good lord again.

“So – So you’re actually a – a Ghost right now? All because of a – a costume?”

The Red – Head nodded frantically.

“A – And what about Xander? What did he dress as again?”

The Watcher asked to which Willow hesitated at first to tell them all; but it was Angel who told them.

“He said his name was Brolly.”

Ms. Calendar went pale at hearing that name; ever the resident Nerd and Geek, next to Willow of course she knew who and what Brolly was.

“Xander dressed as Brolly, the Legendary Super Saiyan?”

The Techno pagan asked and immediately dreading the answer she was going to receive from the Red – Head.

Willow nodded at her as she stepped through the table and went over to Giles.

“A – And right now, Buffy is fighting him.”

Finally unable to take much more of not knowing who or what Brolly was, the Watcher spoke.

“What the bloody hell is a Super Saiyan?”

In response to his question Willow and Jenny proceeded to tell him, and after they had finished Giles had turned pale.

“Good Lord!”

Meanwhile – Buffy vs Brolly Round 2

‘He can fly, that’s so unfair! Why can’t I fly? I’m the Slayer; I should be able to fly dammit!’

Buffy thought as she hid from her possessed friend as he flew overhead looking for her. She had taken to hiding behind some of the houses and cars as Xander had gotten closer to her; she found it fortunate that it didn’t seem like could find her from his vantage point of hovering in the air every now and then, but it was after a few minutes of her hiding that ‘Brolly’ had apparently thought of a way to flush her out.


Brolly raged out as Buffy kept on hiding behind the car that she was currently behind right now and when she saw that Xander was holding a rapidly formed Ki Ball in his hands she knew that his threat wasn’t an idle one.


Brolly shouted as she heard him start counting down….Only to startle as she heard someone open a door to their home; she looked around frantically to find where the Person was and she grew more scared when she found out where the Person was and where she was.

Xander’s home.

Tony Harris had come outside to see what the noise was.


Tony shouted out in a drunken slur as he gained Brolly’s attention and the Saiyan looked down at him; Tony noticed that there was a faint green glow in the street and he looked around and up, trying to look for the source of the glow eventually he looked further upwards in the direction where Brolly was and saw his Son, Xander flying there. Tony Harris’s jaw dropped soon after, thinking that he had finally drunk too much Beer tonight and he was seeing things because of it.

“B – Boy? Is Th – That you?”

He slurred out while narrowing his eyes at his Son.

“What the Fuck are you doing up there, Boy?”

Brolly frowned and replied sinisterly.

“Who are you calling Boy, you Pathetic Wretch.”

Brolly said to the Human; Tony looked at him as he managed to register his Son’s words in his stupor, he raged as he parsed the words and he screamed at his Boy.


Tony shouted and Brolly smirked; Buffy looked on at the exchange between the possessed Xander and his drunken Father. Brolly lowered himself down to the ground but he didn’t land as he floated in front of his Father. The Saiyan sneered.

“I’m talking to you, you Pathetic Wretch.”

Tony saw more red as his Son insulted him again; raising his arm the Drunk went to punch his Son in anger, but when he connected his Son didn’t flinch like he had done in the past; in fact he didn’t even feel anything from the hit at all. He didn’t even move his head and when Tony registered this he frowned before he lowered his arm.

“What the….”

He trailed off as Brolly closely scrutinised the Human; he couldn’t explain it but there was something inside him that was telling him not to kill the Man that had just struck him for some reason and he didn’t like that.

‘Why am I not killing this Fool? I am the Legendary Super Saiyan; what is this Human Maggot to me?’

He asked internally before he shook those questions from his mind and when he smirked at the Human, Tony finally realised that something was wrong. (Not to say he should’ve guessed that almost immediately when Xander lowered himself down closer to the ground!)

“Time to die, Wretch!”

Brolly said as he raised his arm to strike the Human down.


Buffy screamed out as she came out from behind the car and charged them, Brolly turned and saw her; he sneered as he quickly fired the Ki Ball he had in his hand at Tony and he turned around to see the Human fly backwards into the house. He smirked as he turned back towards the Slayer and Buffy had to stop as she saw that she was too late.

“There you are! Watch this, Slayer.”

Brolly said as suddenly behind him, Xander’s house went up in flames as a burst of green Energy emanated from the house and quickly exploded outwards taking the house with it. The force of the explosion knocked Buffy off of her feet and onto her ass.


She exclaimed as she struggled to get up but only managing to move her head; she saw the fire raging from where the house used to stand but she couldn’t see Brolly for a moment until her eyes registered movement in the fire.

She saw Xander emerge from the raging fires unharmed; his costume not even singed or ruined as he laid his eyes upon her and smirked at her.

“Are you tired of running yet?”

He asked her. Buffy finally moved to get up from her position on the ground and now with Brolly in front of her she knew that she wouldn’t be able to run again; bringing her arms up in a defensive position, the Saiyan took this that she was ready to fight and as he smirked at her, he charged her. Fast. Buffy tried to duck and move out of the charging Saiyan’s path but Brolly didn’t give her time to he extended his right arm and clotheslined the Slayer; however Buffy didn’t drop from the impact, she was swept up in Brolly’s momentum as he ploughed past her and carried her off with her against his arm as he jumped up into the air boosted by his Ki.

He sailed over the roof of the house opposite the one he destroyed as Buffy was in shock that Brolly performed such a move; Laughing all the way over the roof, Brolly grabbed the Slayer by her neck and delivered some strong punches into the girl’s chest causing her agony while she did all she could to block, retaliate and break free of his strong grip, but it was all for naught as Brolly channelled his Ki into his Flight ability as he looked at her and smirked.

“Watch this one next!”

He told her as Buffy continued to struggle free. He turned fully back the way he came with his passenger and raised his arm and channelled his power into an attack; Buffy realised what the Monster was going to do and she tried everything she could to stop him.


He shouted as a medium sized ball of energy shot out of his palm and flew towards another of the house’s in the Street they had left, by now people had come out of their homes to see the raging fire that was the now, former home of Alexander Harris; it was too late when they noticed a faint green glow shining down from above and that it was getting brighter.



Buffy screamed as she saw the attack hit the Street and explode, taking all of the people who were standing in the middle of the road with it.


Brolly laughed as he watched the green explosion light up the night sky with rapturous glee as he exalted in the many lives he had just snuffed out in an instant.

Spike’s and Drusilla’s Lair – Same Time

The light from Brolly’s attack could clearly be seen from the window of Spike’s and Dru’s Bedroom as the Bleached – Haired Killer paced around the room; he was freaking out and at the same time was instantly glad that Dru had told him that he wasn’t going out tonight, even if his Jaw was still hurting from when Dru had punched him.

“Bloody hell!”

He said as the green light bathed their room in its eerie light. He had felt the explosion when Brolly’s attack was fired and he was at the same time both shit scared and awed by the feeling of the power behind that explosion.

“So pretty! Pretty lights make all the people go away, my William! The Legend Beast roars and fights like a Monster he does. So strong he is! Hiding a terrible power he is; the Slayer she shan’t win against him, nononono! She shan’t win!”

Said the Mad Seer as she sat on the bed with her knees to her chest as she rocked back and forth on the bed, Spike looked to her as she was talking and again he thought more than once at how bat – shit crazy his Sire was.

“Yeah, that’s all well an’ good, Ducks but what’ll happen when he kills the sodding Bint?”

He asked as he turned back to stare out of the window again as the light began to die down.

“….We all die; my William! The Legend Beast shall blow up the World, he will.”

She said smiling at her Childer.

Spike didn’t have anything to say after that.

Sunnydale High School – Library – Same Time

The explosion had even travelled to the School and everyone inside could see the green light getting fainter and fainter now until it had completely gone and silence reigned in the Library.

“My God!”

Until Giles spoke out as he felt his knees go from under him, luckily he was by the table and he managed to fall into a chair as Angel, Jenny and Willow all looked at the window.

“Th – That was Xander, I – I take it?”

Giles asked no one in particular, but it was Willow who spoke up.

“I told you, that isn’t Xander out there. It’s Brolly.”

Willow said shaking. Jenny looked around as Giles and Angel just sat there at the table trying to come to grips with had just occurred; obviously they had heard the explosion and had felt its affect, but they did not know about the people that had just been killed.

“Why are we still here?”

Jenny asked.


Was the reply from Giles which made Jenny repeat the question and then follow on with her point.

“Why are we still here? Seriously, we all just felt that explosion just now, so why are we still alive? Brolly is the Legendary Super Saiyan; he could kill us all in an instant by destroying Earth; why hasn’t he?”

It was Angel that came up with the answer and he wasn’t happy with the realisation he had come too, slamming his hand down on the table and growling, he said.

“Buffy! He is still toying with her, dammit.”

Neither adult nor Willow liked the answer but at the same time they were gratified by the fact that Angel’s answer had made them realise that buffy was in fact still alive.

“I’m going to help her!”

The Vampire said as he got up slowly, wincing still because of his earlier injury; Willow had told him that he shouldn’t go because he was in no shape to fight and help Buffy, but that didn’t stop him.

“I don’t care, Willow. She needs help! Buffy has never fought anything like this before. No Slayer has, she could die! She will die!”

He said as he walked through the doors; Willow followed him out, literally walking through the doors as Angel walked on, she didn’t call out to stop him because she knew that he wouldn’t stop.

“Be careful!”

Was all she said as she accepted that Angel was probably going to die tonight.

She walked back through the doors and told Giles and Jenny that Angel had left; the Watcher then stood abruptly and kicked his chair out from behind him.

“Dammit! I’m going as well!”

He said as Jenny shot up as well and ran in front of him to stop him from going.

“Rupert! You can’t!”

“She’s my Slayer, Jenny! I will not stand by and do nothing as one of her friend’s, possessed or not kills her! I already did that once and I nearly lost her then. I won’t do it again!”

He stated as he attempted to brush past her only for her to stop him again, his eyes narrowed as he looked at his potential girlfriend and spoke in a menacing tone that sent chills down Jenny’s spine.

“Get out of my way, Jenny.”

“No, Rupert.”



She screamed at him.


He shouted at her as he pushed her to one side, making Jenny lose her balance and nearly fall before she caught herself.


She shouted out making Giles stop and turn to her frowning.


He asked her.

“C – Costume! Xander was wearing the costume of Brolly before he actually became him; that’s the cause of all this! It’s obviously cursed; they all must be if Willow is anything to go by!”

She said, referring to the fact that the Red – Head was a Ghost of herself as Giles walked slowly back to her; the Computer Teacher turned towards Willow, who had stood silent as she watched the heated interaction between the two Adults.

“Willow, where did you get your costumes from?”

She asked as even Giles had a look of curiosity on his face; Willow quickly snapped herself out of her stupor and told them.

“It was a new place, Giles. Ethan’s.”

Author's Note: -

Ok, guys; obviously this is in high demand, so I thank you for the reviews, they mean so much to me so here was the second installment. I won't lie to you; it is gonna get worse before it gets better for Xander (If it ever will!). You may be asking yourselves how much right now but trust me, there will be a lot of blood on Brolly/Xander's hands at the end of the night. We had Brolly all sadistic on Buffy and Deadboy (Not gonna lie to ya; spearing the Vamp through the gut was a genuine pleasure for me) and being all crush, kill, destroy on the resident's of the dale and Tony Harris... Happy sigh!

Anyway the next chap will be ready soon. Once again, thanks for the reviews and I hope you're there for the next one!
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