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A Legend to be Feared

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Summary: - YAHF (AGAIN!) Our favourite Zeppo dressed as….Brolly the Legendary Super Saiyan. Can the Universe’s newly created Super Saiyan tame the Legendary power of the Beast inside him? Or will he fall to the rage and anger within? Violence abounds.

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Chapter One: - A Legend Born

Disclaimer: - Buffy is pwned… OWNED! I MEANT TO SAY OWNED. She is owned by Joss and Mutant Enemy. X – Men owned by Marvel. Does this seem fair to anyone?

Chapter One: - A Legend Born


He could feel it stirring within him; the incredible rage and anger that up until tonight wasn’t his own but had now become his. He sat near the table in the Library as Giles and Buffy stood motionlessly opposite him. He was quiet, sullen, a blank expression on his face as he tried to make his mind accept the fact that he was no longer human.

He was a Saiyan.

And he wasn’t just any Saiyan.

He was….Him.

Brolly. The Legendary Super Saiyan.


Buffy’s timid voice broke through his inner musings as he looked and acknowledged his friend….And regretted it instantly. He saw her pale complexion, marred only by the myriad bruises that were showing on her body; bruises that only two hours previously were greater in number but now, they were fading thanks to Buffy’s Slayer Healing. Brolly upon encountering Buffy after she had defied Snyder’s order of dressing up for Halloween and had in fact spent the first part of the night with Angel while it was up to Xander and Willow to escort the Kids earlier tonight for Trick or Treating had been most fortunate in surviving the Legendary Monster. Thanking whatever higher power that Brolly wanted to....Play instead of going straight for the kill. Earlier tonight when the chaos had begun, Xander could remember how his own consciousness had been supplanted and pushed to one side after he had started to feel unbridled rage, anger and hatred that was not his own and then soon after, he could only remember pain.



He awoke to find throbbing with discomfort and himself surrounded by chaos; lying in the middle of a road as he started to come too, Brolly quickly took assessment of himself as he was in one of his more….Controlled moments. He did not recognise his location; or any of the myriad number of creatures and monsters that now became aware of him and were making their way over to him, intent on menace. Their mistake.

They were growling at him; actually growling. He inwardly laughed at their intent to instil him with fear; his power and rage finding their attempt laughable and he readied himself to blast them all to atoms when he realised that he was alone.

“F – Father? W – Where are you?”

Indeed, his Father, Paragus, the man who had been at his side ever since Frieza the tyrant had destroyed the Planet Vegeta and the rest of his people was no were nearby and for the first time in ages he felt….Free. Finally free of his Father’s controller; that infernal device that gave his power and rage pause and at each time further incensed Brolly shortly thereafter.



The monster’s growling and snarling brought Brolly back from his memories, putting them aside for the moment as he focused his eyes on the numerous beasts before him and he brought a small measure of his power forth and charged a small amount of Ki in his hand.

‘Better to have some fun first before I destroy this pathetic Mud ball, and these shall be the first to die.’

The Legendary Super Saiyan thought as he smirked and raised his arm with the energy attack ready to be used. He was about to fire when he saw his actions give the monster’s pause as he noticed their gaze fall to his hand and the energy attack held within it.

“Well you Pathetic Wretches, you wish to test your meagre strength against mine? Brolly, the Legendary Super Saiyan? Come then and welcome death. I'll be happy to oblige you all!”

He said smirking and he saw many of the Beasts stride toward him as if they understood his boast, yet many more held themselves back; their fear of the dark haired young man in front of them, and the power he wields effortlessly steadily apparent. Despite the fact that Brolly holds immeasurable power when he is transformed; in his normal state his strength wasn’t even comparable to the Saiyan Elites like Vegeta or Nappa but still he was the Legendary Super Saiyan, he who had nearly wiped out all life in the South Galaxy before he was almost killed by….


The name gave him pause as it made the Beasts striding to him pause as well as they try to decipher its meaning. Immediately Brolly, seeing the face of his hated Foe on the heads of the Beasts in front of him fires the energy ball he had created and watched with murderous glee as the ball flew passed those Beasts that had charged him and incinerated those that stayed behind the charging beasts.


He had shouted.


What followed then was chaos; pure and simple as the impact of his attack instantly killed his targets and threw those that had moved forwards through the air, the Saiyan laughed once more as he quickly sped through the upheaved bodies and proceeded to tear them limb from fucking limb as he ripped arms and legs from torso’s. Punctured chests with his arms and hands and tore beating hearts from chests and destroyed them as he stabbed them too. Brolly also cleaved his hands through the beast’s necks, chopping heads from bodies and covering himself in the blood of his victims.

His blood sang with murder; it was a glorious slaughter and he hoped for more this night. Little did he know that he would be getting his wish granted.

Across town in their Hideout, Spike and Drusilla had heard the resulting explosion of Xander’s attack and with his curiosity piqued, William the Bloody wanted to go and see what had caused the explosion….Only for Drusilla to put her hand on his arm. In a surprising moment of clarity, Spike’s Sire spoke with calm voice.

“You go out there my Spike and you’re fucking dead.”

Staring at her non – plussed for a moment, Spike pondered the fact the fact that for the first time in ages, his Drusilla had just spoken to him without madness in her voice.

“But Dru, the Slayer….Your cure….”

“Fuck my cure; there will be another time for my cure. The Stars, William, the Stars….They whisper to me….”

The madness returning to her voice as she cautioned Spike still.

“….My Kitten, he is changed. Become the Legendary Beast in flesh given form….The Stars, William they want to hide from him. They fear his power. He frightens them my Spike and they want to hide. He frightens me. Even the Slayer and Daddy will fear him this night.”

“All the more reas….”


She shouted as she punched William in the face and threw him behind her; her strength made greater than her Childer as Spike hit the floor with a thud and groaned as he righted himself, then scowled at his Woman.


She walked over to him and knelt before him and petted his cheek before she spoke again.

“My William, you are not going out there, and that is final.”

He stared at her and saw that she was completely fucking serious despite her madness and for the briefest moment, Spike decided that maybe, just maybe he should not forgo tradition this once and kill the Slayer on Halloween.

“Right, Dru. Wot ev’r you say, Ducks. Let’s see if Passions is on then.”

Brolly dropped the body that he had just finished dismembering when he heard a girl’s voice.


Turning at the sound of the whining girl, he was surprised to see a young red headed woman dressed in a brown top baring her mid – riff and a black leather skirt and boots; he peered at her as she stopped and looked around at the carnage lying at his feet.

“Are you talking to me, little Whore?”

She ‘eeped’ before a look of indignation flashed upon her face as she momentarily forgot that she was surrounded by the dead and dismembered and charred remains of some of the Children that had gone out trick or treating; Children that ‘Brolly’ had killed.

“Watch it Mister. I - I’ll go and get Buffy to give you a slap. Stop fooling around, Xander; something Hellmouthy is going on.”

“Buffy? What is a Buffy? Or who is a Buffy? Is she a little Whore like you, girl? And what do you mean ‘hellmouthy’? What Planet is this? Where am I?”

Willow; upon waking up to find herself without her Ghost costume on and wearing the outfit that Buffy had picked out for her so that she could get Xander to notice her had been one bad moment after another. Finding yourself surrounded by rampaging little monsters and Demons was not something she had planned on doing tonight, even more so was the fact that when she had been spotted by a couple of the rampaging little terror’s she had been too afraid to do anything first until the last minute when they charged her and jumped at her position with the intent of tearing her to shreds.

She startled then, when the monster’s jumped on her….Only to pass through her body and crash onto the ground. Willow looked down at herself, equally amazed and terrified that she was unharmed, but the reason that she was unharmed.

“Oh no! What’s happening? Am I dead? I’m a Ghost!”

She said to herself as she continued to stare at herself; trying to wrap her timid mind around what the hell was happening.


She said out loud to herself and then she went off to find her friend. After searching for a few minutes she heard someone that sounded almost like Xander shouting and then laughing; she ran to where she thought Xander would be and upon arriving at the scene of the carnage wrought by her possessed friend and taking in the sights of the dead and numerous body parts lying at his feet, Willow thanked God that she was dead that moment and couldn’t throw up, because if she still could, she doubted whether or not she’d stop.


Brolly shouted at her, making Willow scream reflexively and jump back a bit. Xander was literally scaring the crap out of her as Brolly and she wanted to run and hide away, but even then she knew that it wouldn’t do any good.

‘He had to dress up as Brolly the Legendary Super Saiyan and not as a Soldier.’


Brolly shouted once more and raised his hand towards her and charged another Eraser Cannon attack to fire at her if she didn’t answer him quickly.


She whimpered out timidly, tears falling from her cheeks; the revelation that she was untouchable forgotten for the moment in her fear. With his question answered now Brolly lowered his hand and reabsorbed his attack back into his body and a look of surprise on his face as he remembered Paragus boasting about his plan to get revenge on Vegeta by luring him to New Vegeta and then watching with sadistic glee as the Planet was hit by Comet Camori.

“So this is Earth is it? It doesn’t look like much, but it should keep me….Entertained for a few hours at least.”

He grinned maliciously at Willow, who quickly paled at his intended meaning. Brolly wanted to cause as much destruction he could before he blew up Earth; Willow had to keep his attention occupied however she could.

“W – Wait. Let’s not be too hasty n – now! Y – You d – don’t wanna….”

“Shut your mouth, until I tell you to speak, Whore.”

Brolly hissed at her making Willow stare at him in silence.

“Tell me, who is the strongest Warrior on this Pathetic Rock? Is it Kakarot? Where is he? WHERE?!”

Willow, being the ever loving nerd that she is knew that ‘Kakarot’ was Goku’s Saiyan name from Dragonball Z and immediately she wished that Goku was here right now to help her; seeing as how he was the only one strong enough to nearly match Brolly in power, but she hadn’t remembered anyone dressing as the Saiyan Hero for Halloween.

“N – No. Kakarot isn’t anywhere near here….B – But the strongest Warrior here is….”

‘Wait! What the hell am I doing?’

The Red – Head thought.

‘There is no way that Buffy is strong enough to fight Brolly. Even with Angel helping her, but if I don’t, then Brolly will go on a rampage and kill everything just for fun!’

She was brought out of her thoughts as she felt a gust of wind start up from out of nowhere; she looked around as the body parts at Xander’s feet were blown away before a yellowish green Ki Aura flared up around Brolly and the ground started cracking underneath the both of them.

“G – Getting stronger…..RRRRRAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!”

Brolly gritted out before he started screaming and he began powering up in his normal state. It seemed that even as the Legendary Super Saiyan, he still felt his strength increasing in his normal form when he is unimpeded by his Father's Controller.

Willow feared that he would transform right there and then and that she would be face to face with the Earth’s first true Super Saiyan and yet, the fact that she saw her best friend engulfed within a Ki Aura and was powering up was also something that piqued her scientific curiosity as well.


She shouted at him over the rise of the Ki Aura flaring up even more before it died down and the Super Saiyan looked at her expectantly.

“Who. Is. It?”

He asked.

‘Forgive me, Buffy.’

She thought to herself before she told her possessed friend.

“She’s a Human; she is called….The Slayer.”

Author's note: -


Alright guys an' gals; we all know that Buffy doesn't even stand a chance against a LOW CLASS Saiyan never mind Brolly an' I have taken this into account as best I could.
This just couldn't leave me be and demanded to be written. Love it or hate it, I needed it out of my head so that I could focus on my other fics. If anyone wants to see this continued let me know. Oh and guy's? A word of warning; Willow is going to die in this fairly early on.
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