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burning horsefeathers

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Summary: When the B.A.U. is called in regarding a string of murders at a high school in Los Angeles, all the signs point to one Buffy Summers. Years later, while investigating a string of murdered teenagers in Cleveland, the B.A.U. runs across Buffy Summers again.

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Television > Criminal MindsCrunchysunrisesFR18613,5001412827,69718 Jul 131 Sep 13No

Chapter One - Rossi

Content Notes: graphic depictions of violence, murder involving minors

Disclaimer: I have no rights to or within the Criminal Minds or Harry Potter franchises, copyrights, characters or trademarks. This is for fun, not profit.

Additional Notes: This fic fills Illustrationmoodiful819's prompt for Wishlist 2012 which was "Fandom: BtVS/Criminal Minds Crossover (I couldn't resist); Pairings: Spuffy/ReidxJJ; Prompt: Buffy and JJ get pulled into each other's universe via wormhole and must rely on the help of Spike and Reid to return home. Difficulties, of course, arise. (Difficulties being the skepticism of both Reid and JJ, vampires, etc.)" It went sideways. (Again.) Also fills the "falsely imprisoned" square on my Hurt/Comfort Bingo card and the "psychological turmoil" on my Dark Fantasy Bingo card.

Buffy sort of likes the cop, who is not actually a cop. His badge says F.B.I. and he tells her that he is Supervisory Special Agent Rossi from the Behavioral Analysis Unit, or B.A.U., as he claims the seat across from her.

"What's that?" Buffy asks, splitting her attention between him and the window into another room. The people standing behind it move and talk like they believe that they are invisible to her, which makes Buffy think that the window is actually supposed to look like a mirror to her, like they have on police dramas on television.

Supervisory Special Agent Rossi tells her what the B.A.U. is, what it does, and says, "I know why you do the things that you do. I know you better than you know yourself."

Hysteria and mirth bubble up within Buffy, all tinged with a healthy bit of scorn, because she is fifteen and only just beginning to know herself. How can this stranger, this old guy who has never been a Slayer or ignored by her parents or shipped off to a mental institution for telling the truth, know the innermost workings of her mind? He has never put his hand through a vampire's chest and felt the flash of heat as it disintegrates or been told that he has no choice but to hunt the forces of evil and be hunted by them in turn because there is no way out of his destiny. His life is (probably) valued by his bosses, not written off as something that will invariably be short, violent, and not worth remembering.

Merrick did not die trying to save this guy's life, despite knowing how worthless his life is (supposed to be) in the grand scheme of things. Slayers are supposed to be as fungible as autumn leaves.

But not to Merrick, Buffy thinks as she snorts then giggles. Never to Merrick.

And so Buffy laughs and laughs and laughs, her mirth echoing and distorting in the room until it becomes shrill shrieks, edging on the verge of madness.

The people behind the fake mirror shift uncomfortably and mutter words to each other that Buffy does not know like 'psychotic' and 'delusional.' When one of them says something that Buffy understands, ("Holy shit! A real life Joker!") he is ordered out of the room by a tall, dark-haired man.

That man, who is the only point of stillness and silence within that other room, is slim and handsome in an older guy sort of way. He watches Buffy with warm, brown eyes.

Buffy wishes that she could ask him what he sees.

"If you even remember what it's like to be fifteen, which I sort of doubt," Buffy says to the dark-haired man in front of her. "I doubt you have much experience about what it's like to be me."

"I remember a thing or two," Rossi says, calm and comfortable in a way that none of the others behind the window are. For a moment, his unruffled amusement reminds Buffy of Merrick's unruffled amusement at her antics. It hurts Buffy's heart. "Do you think that I don't know you because I've never been a blonde in L.A. or co-captained a cheerleading squad or won an underage beauty pageant?"

"Don't forget that I was also on the homecoming court and a member of the planning committee for the Spring Fling," Buffy says flippantly. "I bet you haven't done those things, either."

A smile flickers across Rossi's placid face and is gone as if it never was.

"I've never killed a human being, either."

"Neither have I," Buffy says firmly, her valley girl mask falling away for a moment. She hauls it back into place as quickly as possible. Buffy looks up at Rossi through her lashes and puts on her best Sexy Pouty Face. "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit," he says, sounding amused.

"I didn't think serious cop-types were allowed to watch movies like that," she says with a grin, her flirtation abandoned as quickly as it was picked up. She fakes a confused frown. "But then, I didn't think that you were allowed to question minors without their parents, either."

He looks surprised but all he says is, "Your parents have waved their parental rights."

"Figures," Buffy says bitterly. "I want an adult of my own, anyway. Can I have a lawyer?"

"If you want," he says evenly. "But I must warn you that a lawyer will make everything more difficult. It would be easier if you just told us what we want to know so that we can help you."

"Easier for you," Buffy snorts. "Hey, can I sue you for not getting me a lawyer when I asked for one? Or for trying to talk me out of wanting a lawyer when I asked for one? And by you, I mean you personally, the L.A. police, the F.B.I. and whoever is standing behind that window-thingy, of course. I'm going to sue all of you."

Buffy may be the quintessential valley girl but she is a red-blooded American old enough to understand the power of a litigation, real or threatened. The power of the courts does not let her down now. An attorney is assigned and someone from Child Services is appointed to her case. The F.B.I. or the police or whoever finally lets her go with no charges filed.

Buffy does not speak with Supervisory Special Agent Rossi again. But she remembers him, thinks about that outrageous statement about knowing her better than she knows herself. Buffy is not usually one for extracurricular reading but she makes an exception for one of his books, then another, and then the rest of them. And, yeah, she has to look up practically every other word but his books are interesting enough to be worth the extra effort.

Giles is super impressed by her secret interest in psychology. Xander and Willow, who are both busy with their own things, never discover her interest in it. (Considering Willow's relationship with her parents, their ignorance is probably for the best.)

SSA Rossi changes Buffy's life, if not in the way that he had intended. Buffy has no intention of ever letting him know.
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