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Ascension and How it can Really Suck…

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Summary: A simple costume can take one far from home. (BtVS/Andromeda/Stargate SG-1)

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Chapter 3 - Musings

AN: So here be the next installment for all you wondrous people out there, and I hope you all like it! Be warned though that this chapter felt a little like a filler/setup even to me when I was done with it, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway.

AN: As always, please don't expect perfection for there will inevitably be mistakes at some point ^^.

‘For now I guess we’re keeping him around.’ Dylan thought to himself as he watches Fizban go about organizing what little he had in the quarters that he’d been given earlier in the day. He honestly didn’t know what to think of the doddering elderly man. Fizban seemed harmless enough, and there was no evidence to suggest that he was anything more than a slightly crazy old man that the universe had apparently decided to snatch up from somewhere before dropping him into their lives. They had given him a place to sleep and some new clothes after getting him to Med-Deck and running every conceivable test on him. All of which came back, not quite as expected, with nothing standing out whatsoever.

As it was Fizban seemed to be settling into his new accommodations well enough, and both Harper and Trance were keeping him company while trying to find out more about him. They had no idea when or where he was from and the only answers they were able to get out of their new guest were strange to say the least. The way Fizban told it he might as well have been taken straight out of an old fantasy genre, and oddly enough this didn’t bother Dylan as much as he thought it should. His life was already beyond strange most times, so what was a little more in the way of weird? Though it didn’t help that despite the new clothes he still somehow looked like he was wearing a robe as he carried that big stick of his around everywhere he went.

The thought of just dropping him off with one of their more peaceful allies had briefly occurred to him of course, but this idea had been discarded when he thought of just how small the chances of something like this happening accidentally actually were. And after the debacle at Witchhead Dylan was just open minded enough on the idea of Fate that he figured it wouldn’t hurt to keep Fizban around for a while just in case. Dylan Hunt may not have been a man of any particular faith, but he wasn’t dense enough not to acknowledge the possibility that maybe, just maybe, someone out there was trying to tell him something.

Or at least he hoped so...


Tyr and Trance were sparring. Well, kind of… It was more like Tyr was trying to teach Trance some of the basics, but he wasn’t really getting anywhere. This scene would have been humorous enough if not for Fizban feeling like he needed to watch and finding the whole scene absolutely hilarious.

“Hi-Ho!” Trance shouted out as she attempted to kick Tyr. She ended up on her butt for her efforts.

“What was that?” Tyr asked. Confusion was clearly plastered on his face as he helped the purple girl back up.

“Well, you told me to…” Trance started only to be interrupted by a wheezing Fizban who was trying his very best to hold in the uproarious laughter that was just begging to come out. Tyr quickly chose to ignore the old man in exchange for berating Trance,

“I know what I told you to do, and you chose ‘Hi-Ho’?”

“Was it a bad one?” Trance asked, still all smiles.

“You might want to choose another. Unless you intend to incapacitate your opponents with laughter…” Tyr replied with his hands on his hips, all the while still ignoring the highly irritating Fizban who was practically shaking by this point. Well, trying to ignore him anyway. “Would you shut up!?” Tyr barked out as the last of his patience disappeared.

“Oh, lighten up you big guerilla,” Fizban retorted after taking a second to get himself back under control, “It’s not like you don’t have a point, even if it is an accidental one.”

“And what would this point be old man?”

“Well, Trance seems to have incapacitated me with laughter just fine!” Fizban said through another fit of giggles. This made Tyr pause for just a moment before he shook his head in frustration and turned back to Trance.

“Again,” Tyr said before getting back into position and motioning for Trance to make another attempt.

“He-Ha!” Trance shouted out with what looked like another kick only for her to hit the ground rolling and take Tyr’s feet out from under him. Her celebration over such a little victory was exuberant to say the least.

“Oh, well done my girl! Well done!” Fizban crowed out gleefully for the happy young alien as he shakily made to stand up with walking stick in hand. “Now if you’re all done here, would you mind helping these old bones to the Hydroponics Bay? I find that being surrounded by all those plants relaxes me.”

“Sure!” Trance replied, her smile having gone from bright to completely brilliant at this point. And as the two of them walked out with Trance gently supporting the elderly human while he patted her hand and started to tell her another story Tyr could only watch in complete befuddlement from his continued place on the floor.


No matter how hard he tried to remain objective he couldn’t help himself, there was just something about these people that he liked. As Xander maintained his Fizban persona, while resting in the room he’d been given for the duration of his stay on the Andromeda, he let his senses stretch past his current mortal shell. When his mind had relaxed enough so as to let a bit of his true nature come to the fore he took a moment to let his mind touch upon the others aboard the old warship.

First there was Dylan Hunt, the captain of the Andromeda Ascendant and champion behind the continued efforts to revive the Systems Commonwealth, and he was currently running some checks on Command Deck during one of the far too few moments when no one was shooting at them. He was a genuinely good man, but every once in a while he still had trouble wrapping his head around just how much the known galaxies had changed in a little over 300 years. It wasn’t so much that he was naïve or anything; he was just a hardcore believer in his cause. When he had ‘woken up’ after his centuries long stint along the edge of a black hole’s event horizon he had seen what the galaxies had become as a result of his beloved Commonwealth’s demise and he sought to change it. And he wouldn’t stop until he had either succeeded or died trying. More than anything though Xander found the man to be refreshingly earnest with how he went about his life and appreciated him for it.

There was also the ship’s X.O. Beka Valentine. Now there was a firebrand if he’d ever met one. Raised on the never ending move aboard the ‘Maru, where brushes with whatever law enforcement might be around at the time were a regular occurrence. As a result she had developed the tendency towards playing fast and loose with the rules when she had to and she was more than capable of picking up sticks and getting gone whenever she felt she the need with only a few exceptions. She didn’t quite believe in Dylan’s cause, But Xander could tell even without his true abilities that a part of her was yearning for something more, something better. And this part of her saw what Dylan was trying to do as something better.

And next came the ever repentant Rev Bem. His very existence as a Magog denoted nothing but violence and destruction, but he had spurned this rather large part of himself for a better path. He tried his hardest every single moment of every single day to be more man than a monster, and while Xander knew it to be a constant work in progress he couldn’t help but be impressed with the good Reverend’s perseverance. Then there weas Trance, Harper, and Tyr; the last three of the Andromeda’s misfit crew.

Harper was still pretty young when compared to everyone else aboard but he was a brilliant engineer regardless. In fact he reminded Xander of how he’d been until relatively recently; loyal to his friends and generally pretty caring towards those he knew. But the biggest likeness in Xander’s eyes was how the young man used near constant humor to help hide his insecurities from the view of others. Granted, Harper was much more open with his sexual preferences, which seemed to consist almost entirely of anything at least semi-attractive and female, and the use of innuendo than Xander had ever been as a human, but the similarities were still there. But if anything the poor guy seemed to be over-compensating for some shortcomings that only he saw. Hopefully one day he would relax a bit and realize that his pursuit of women would be going much smoother if he just eased up a bit. Regardless, the point was that this particular engineer had great potential, but in the end it was still up to Harper to actually reach it no matter how much Xander wanted to help him along.

Now one of the one’s that truly worried him more than a little was Tyr. Tyr Anasazi of the now defunct Kodiak Pride. He was a mercenary by trade, but he also longed for vengeance. Vengeance against the Drago-Kazov Pride for slaughtering his own Pride and family without mercy, and revenge against those allies that had betrayed him and his. But first and foremost for Tyr was his own wellbeing. Tyr would always come first for Tyr, and given just the right incentive he would be more than willing to betray his crew mates. This made him dangerous, but it was so obvious that everyone knew about it and were, at least for now, appropriately cautious around the Nietzschean.

But the biggest mystery for Xander/Fizban was Trance. On the outside he knew her to be utterly adorable and more than a bit innocent in more than a few ways, but underneath all that he knew that she was so much more than she let on. And for some reason he couldn’t seem to put his finger on what it actually was that made her so different from everyone else he had encountered so far. On the bright side of this little conundrum though was the fact that she truly seemed to have no idea that he was any different from any other accidentally displaced old man in existence. This was a good thing really, because it allowed him the ability to try and figure her out without her trying to do the same to him in return…

Well, yes, if he wanted to he could probably just take a tiny looksee into her mind and see for himself what made her tick, but where was the fun in that? Perhaps he would see if the others knew anything about this little mystery he had found for himself the next time he left this more corporeal realm.

For now though he was happy with how things were and didn’t really feel like anyone needed and hints or small ‘pokes’ to get them going one way or another. He would trust them to go the ways they had to and would only interfere in any way if he absolutely felt he had to. Well, in so much as he was capable without the other two stepping in and stopping him anyway.

…Wait a minute, had he really been not paying that much attention? Shaking his head in exasperation, he quickly left his shell after making it look like he was asleep and confronted the newcomer.


“What is he playing at?” Adria muttered to herself as she looked in on Alexander in the more than ridiculous form of this Fizban character, her standard enflamed appearance wrapping around her like a cloak as she stood above the scene. He was so wrapped up in his own musings and the role he was playing that he hadn’t yet noticed that she was so near, “What is it that he could find so fascinating about these people?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you should just come up and ask me instead of trying to sneak around,” a familiar voice said from behind her. If she were corporeal she would have jumped up a good deal in surprise, “’Cause you and I both know that it’s practically impossible for either of us to be so close and the other not notice.”

“Speak for yourself, Alexander, I have been here for some time observing you with these creatures and you are just now detecting my presence. You really should pay more attention.” Adria bit back at her companion sharply, and she had to keep herself from the proud little smirk that wanted to bloom on her face as her companion’s cheeks flushed a bit in embarrassment. If nothing else it illustrated that despite all of his newfound power, perspective, and agelessness Alexander was still what one might call inexperienced, young even. Granted, in all actuality she was even younger than him, but he didn’t need to know that.

“Why are you here, Adria?” Alexander asked bluntly after shaking off his discomfort.

“Call me curious.” Adria responded with a dismissive shrug. Her fellow ‘Higher’ Being just looked at her for a moment before snorting in a way that made her think he was suddenly trying not to laugh at her and saying,

“Admit it, you’re bored.” Again, Adria was surprised.

No, she wasn’t bored. It was just that she hadn’t found too terribly much to do with herself at the moment. She already knew most of what there was to know in the three galaxies that she currently had access to, so what if she..?

Damn it... Ok, maybe she should put the past aside for a bit and take a page out of Ganos’ book. After all the only real Ancient amongst them had found that she liked looking in on the Perseids from time to time, so maybe she could do the same? If nothing else these Nietzscheans she had witnessed running around everywhere looked interesting enough to take a closer look at.

AN: So? What did you all think? Please let me know! Ideas? General thoughts? Something rather obvious that I missed while referencing the original canon of three different universes? Inform me please! Until next time and wishing you all only the best, ~Semet
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