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Midnight In Sunnydale

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Summary: Buffy is no longer the most dangerous force after Dark in Sunnydale ...and neither is the Vampire she must depend on if she is to survive

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Sonja Blue Series(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR131624,676045,61427 Jan 0427 Jan 04Yes



Nine months later, the smell of fresh flowers was in the air. A van moved through the darkness and slid slowly to a stop inside the main graveyard the driver nervously dismounted and looked around. He had lived in this town long enough to know that nights were rarely peaceful in Sunnydale. As the spring blooms created a potent, cocktail of odors the driver let his mind wonder as he pulled a huge package out of the back of the van.

"Summers, Where the hell are you." He muttered to himself as he looked around at the silent tombstones.

"Straight ahead next to the tree." the voice was British and came from high and behind. The driver whirled around and saw a blond in a trench coat smoking and squatting on the roof of his van. "I assume your looking for Buffy"

After the driver got his heartbeat back to normal, he responded fearfully. "Yeah umm Buffy Anne Summers." The blond leapt off the roof and landed softly on the ground next to him. Snatching the order form from the man, the blond scanned it in the half-light as though it were plain as day.

The man backed up until he felt a presence at his back. He turned, even as the blond called out without looking up. "Relax he's clean just a delivery man."

The man turned quickly to find another man …kid actually brandishing a crossbow standing just behind him. The weapon was almost, but not quite, pointed at him. "Who sent you?" the kid asked casually

I just do deliveries dude I'm no one special I'm just trying to make some extra scratch and I took over for the regular guys." The man was edging toward the van. The kid was looking at him, but he had his head cocked to the side, as though he was listening to something that he alone could hear.

The blond finished looking at the invoice. It's from Sonja, the company card that paid for the delivery is hers."

"Willis you want to check this out What is It?" the kid gestured to the package still in the man's arms.

A gust of wind came from nowhere and tore the package from the driver's hands it opened and the contents plopped to the ground. Inside where a dozen black long stem roses, their dark colour almost lost against the backdrop of the night.

The blond looked at the roses and whistled appreciatively "That is classy. Remind me to get on that woman's good side the next time we see her." The kid bent and gathered the roses. He tossed the crossbow to the blond who caught it easily as though this was a move they had rehearsed a million times.

The man started back to the van, than his training took over "Someone's got to sign for this."

The blond snatched a pen from somewhere and scribbled on the invoice before thrusting it back at the driver. "I expect you want a tip." The man was actually fine without the tip, but you didn’t turn down the chance at money. He nodded quickly. The blond threw a companionable arm around the driver's shoulder and guided him back to the van. "All right, here's one…. There is no amount of money worth your life. I would never deliver anything after dark in this town, if I were you. You might wind up on the night shift permanently."

He turned and disappeared in the same direction as the kid. The driver scrambled into the van than cursed as he saw the card sitting on the dashboard. He mentally cursed for a few moments and considered going to find the two strangers then the card just blew out the window. The driver looked up into the night sky and saw the card twisting and turning caught in the same gust of wind as before. It was heading for an area near where the two had vanished. The driver started the engine and gunned it up to full sped and peeled out of the yard like there was no tomorrow.

As he drove away, he remembered the words on the card. They gave him some small comfort as he smelled the scent of the roses that and been in the back mixing with the night air on this beautiful midnight in Sunnydale.

Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws

Jim Morrison

Now that you know how to fly come back and see me sometime, my friend



*The End *

The End

You have reached the end of "Midnight In Sunnydale". This story is complete.

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