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Midnight In Sunnydale

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Summary: Buffy is no longer the most dangerous force after Dark in Sunnydale ...and neither is the Vampire she must depend on if she is to survive

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Sonja Blue Series(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR131624,676045,61427 Jan 0427 Jan 04Yes

Midnight In Sunnydale -- A BTVS/ Sonja Blue Tale

Title: Midnight In Sunnydale -- A BTVS/ Sonja Blue Tale

Author: B.H. Ramsay


Disclaimer: Characters appearing here belong to either Nancy J. Collins OR Mutant Enemy

Rating : NC-17

Pairings(s) none

Spoilers: S5 for Buffy and Sunglasses After Dark

Summary: A Deadly and Powerful Vampire is Hunting the Night and If She and Buffy can't work together against a greater evil then Sunnydale may fall into Darkness

Dedication: The Shrine of Heroes, everyone at Xanderzone, Crossover Connection & Buffy Crossovers

A/N: This is set at the beginning of Season 5 just after Buffy vs. Dracula. For those who know the Sonja Blue Books, this takes place shortly before the book In the Blood

I am working, or should I say hunting. This place is called the Bronze. My demonic Other is happy here. She just loves all the fresh meat on display. I scan the crowd for signs of my kind, Pretenders. creatures posing as human, usually to hunt but occasionally to hide.

A group of werewolves are pretending to be a biker gang. The preppie looking girls hanging around them are looking for a wild time. The pack leader senses my presence and gathers his boys closer. tensing for an attack he knows might come but I have business elsewhere tonight....lucky them... bad luck for the girls. Also having a lucky night is the Succubus allowing a drunken frat boy to paw her while she giggles like a good little bimbo. Later, when he is adessicated corpse, I might feel a little remorse for not saving him from his own stupidity. They are all here, Incubi, skin dancers, an ogre disguised as a bouncer watching the door to a more exclusive part of the club. It seems the word on the street was right. Sunnydale is very welcoming to Pretenders.

Some humans are checking me out. I know what they see: a young twenty-five year old with a wild cuckoo’s nest hairstyle, faded jeans, a Ramones T-shirt and a beaten looking leather jacket. That ensemble is more then enough to discourage the jocks that fill this California town. For the few that still don't get the hint I keep a very sharp switchblade.

I have a space at the crowded bar to myself. It’s just as well that I discourage the wild life. The average age in the room is mid twenties, chronologically speaking; I'm much older then that...much much older.

I spot the vamps as they target their prey. The boy is young; he practically screams vamp bait. Hell in a town with this many predators this kid should have perished long ago. They surround him and befriend him buying him drinks and promising him drugs before long they are heading for a back entrance and I am right behind . I want to talk to this group and my questions are more important then their next meal.

As I expected, they chose to use the alleyway in the rear. They are working themselves into a killing frenzy. They will all attack at once. The boy is too drunk to grasp that he should be afraid so I pick then to intervene. I step from the shadows to where they can see me. They are unimpressed. Than again, unless I am dealing with Nobles, most vampires never are.

One of them startles and hisses "The Slayer. The older one settles him down "She’s no slayer, are you little girl?" He moves slowly toward me "Are you some kind of judo expert little girl is that why you think you can take all three of us on" When he is close he gets a good sniff of me. A friend told me I smell of death. That friend betrayed me; I ended up having to kill him so it might be true. The vampire stops and starts to panic. I on the other hand am totally relaxed. The young one rushes me. I can still smell the grave dirt on him. Newly raised, too stupid to know better, I would never stupidly attack something deadlier then me.

The young one throws a solid punch at me. I decide to cut him some slack. I grab his arm and break it in only two places. He screams and falls to the ground. The old one is backing away when his other companion unleashes a flying kick in my direction. I decide it’s time to use the switchblade. The blade is razor sharp an etched in silver. One quick strike and vampire thug is lying on the ground moaning. I have cut his hamstrings. The old one is circling, He is scared. I can smell his fear; The Other loves it and wants to play with him. He has circled to the mouth of the alley. He turns and starts to run. I reverse my grip on the knife. It is perfectly balanced. I throw hard, the blade lodges in his back. It has pierced his heart. He explodes into dust. I walk over to the pile of dust and retrieve my switchblade. At that point, the one I hamstrung gets off the ground and tries to get away. I slip in behind him and slip the blade in just between the third and fourth rib. The vampire is dead. That leaves me with one playmate left. The young one is crawling away on the ground I slowly walk toward him.

"OK Sweet Meat, I have questions; you have answers." I straddle him and hold him down. The knife is poking into his windpipe. "You answer quickly, you die quickly or maybe not at all, you stall on me and you die very slowly." I have his attention. "I am looking for a Magic man, he would have just hit town."

"Rafe said he was bad news and that I should stay away from him"

"Smart lad, now be even smarter and tell me where I can find him."

He doesn't know , or he doesn't want to tell me. either way, I am disappointed; I express my disappointment by cutting off one of his eyelids. It serves a purpose. It makes me feel better and it jogs his memory.

"He took a call"

"Good Boy" I patronize "What was the substance of this call"

"I don’t know- all I know was that he said that Spike might know."

"...And who is Spike?"

"I don’t know Some bad ass vampire. Rafe said to steer clear of him. "

"Where is Spike"

He tells me were I can find the unknown Spike. I ask him some more questions and he doesn’t know much A round about this time the vamp bait comes around and realizes this is not the scene he wants to be in. He runs. It’s just the young vampire and me. He is begging me for his life. The Other is begging me for a chance to play. I figure that if I give in and let her have her fun now she will leave me alone later.

It takes him a long time to die. which is good, The Other likes it when her toys have stamina. I don’t ask her what she does, but the images leave her purring and satisfied for hours.

From the diaries of Sonja Blue
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