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Xander's Creed

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Summary: My name is Alexander Lavelle Harris, and I am an Assassin, as was my father and his father. But unlike them, I know a truth of the world many do not see. And in my mission, I am not alone.

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Games > Sci-FiAlexanderMcphersonFR1511,406261,99321 Jul 1321 Jul 13Yes
First... I don't own either BtVS or the AC series. second, this is a ficlet, and will be short, and written as part of the my AC challenge, so anyone who wants to use this can, so long as they add padding within the parts already posted here. and give me a heads up of course.


Sunnydale Forrest, 1987

Panting for breath, the little boy in the layers of hot clothing was almost collapsing to the floor. A Robed man appeared from the shadows, and passed the boy a bottle. "Here. You are coming along nicely, Alexander."

"I.... Can't... Breathe..." The boy tried, failing to speak properly yet making his point all the more clearly for it.

The man chuckled, "Of course not. But you will note, we are further than last time. Nine miles, Alexander. Well done."

"I.... Hate... You...."

"Of course you do. Now run along home."

The boy gave him a death glare, even as the panting lessened.

"I told your mother that if you made it passed seven miles, she could give you a twinkie... Alexander wait for me... oh, now you can run faster than me... Typical."

The man chased after his suddenly perfectly-fine-to-run son, grinning at the motivation that the sweet seemed to have. They quickly passed through the training area, which the man tidied up before continuing on. Alexander would be fine, as far ahead as he was. He had made sure of that.


Sunnydale Armory, 1998

Xander smiled as he pulled on the military overalls and, with girlfriend in tow, quickly blended in as a soldier returning with a piece of tail.

His girlfriend certainly put on a good show, and before long, the pair were in the armory, pillaging for all it was worth.

"The code was different." Cordelia noted.

He just smiled to himself.

"You didn't really remember it from Halloween, did you?"

"... No."

"So... how did you get them, really?"

He just turned and smiled at his girlfriend, who was grinning back. "You wouldn't believe me."

"I know your dad taught you stuff..." She was grinning wider.

He just shot her a raised eyebrow, and she shrugged. "My mom was teaching me stuff along the same lines. In my family... Everything is permitted, after all."

Eyes widened, he was in a stupor, until she kissed him.

Well he was still in a stupor, but a different one.

Unnoticed by both, their respective parent' were sat side by side, grinning even as they wondered why the pair were raiding supplies from the base again.


Oxnard, 1999

He fought, for all he was worth.

But in the end it wasn't enough. They had gotten him.

"Is this Subject 13?" Someone asked.

"Yes, Doctor. As we hoped, he has the markers we were looking for."

"That has yet to be determined, now, leave us. I must make sure he is indeed a descendant."



3 months.

Staring at the hectic display over his head, mind linked to the computer, he worked fast, faster than anyone would think possible. But then, this was, depending on your point of view, the third time -taking the last 3 months as one - that someone had been messing with his mind. The Caretaker with the Hyena's, Ethan with the Soldier... and now this.

He had defenses, and they had been tripped in a bad way by this. Now he had connected after 3 months of trying.

'Begin Recording'. He thought as he felt his mind pulled into the virtual reality.

"My Name is Alexander Lavelle Harris, and I am a Prisoner. My jailors call me Subject 13. I have encoded these messages into the Animus for those who are to Follow."

Around him, the environment shifted, into that of a small island in the middle of an ocean, with a single building on it. And on it, were the symbols of the Assassins, and within, a sequence of symbols from an ancient language. He stood before it facing one wall whose symbols were rapidly shifting. Several inhabitants watched him, two appearing solid, a Hyena, and a Soldier, while others were more ghostly, as though they would fade out the more you focussed on them, but if you looked away, you could just see them, there watching, out of the corner of your eye.

"I doubt any who share even part of my lineage will be here voluntarily, which is why I have used key ancestors as the key to the information I am leaving here. I have, lived the lives of many of my ancestors. Including Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, who changed the order into the hidden society it is today. My Ancestors held many abilities, many mystical in nature. While in the animus, I learned more than I ever thought possible. My Father taught me a maxim. 'Nothing is True... Everything is permitted'. As a child, I just thought it was an excuse to get away with murder... literally. In my teen years, I thought that was an excuse for felling governments, by any means. But not now. Now I understand it.

"Sometimes you must do distasteful things for a greater purpose. And you will have to live with the consequences.

"My time is almost up... I must share a secret with you..." He focused... and the world changed, it was screwed up, like the Animus was having difficulty with synchronising a memory. "The Templars are after something they call the Apples of Eden... They say it is to save the world, but that's a lie. And while I know not what would happen to me once I leave this place, but if you can hear me, truly.... then you will understand as I do. The Pieces must be destroyed... because I know what they are... And this i know from my own memories. The Apple is a Lie... They were created by demons... ---"

He was shocked out of the chair, as an overload built up.

He rushed to a far computer and triggered the final stage just as doors opened. "What the..." Someone called

"Subject 13, what are you doing?"

"What you should have done long ago." He smiled, and pulled a makeshift knife from the desk... and aimed it at his heart and began to chant low. The man rushed toward him, but just as he crossed halfway, blue flames appeared, bursting into being around him.

Smiling at the doctor, Alexander finished the chant, and stabbed himself in the heart.... and his body crumpled, burnt and then disappeared,eaten by the flames until nothing, even ash, was left.


Elsewhere in Rome

The man muttered as he noted a figure walking out from a Templar facility as it burnt to the ground, then at the picture of this figure laid in a lab.

He shook his head, his phone off the hook though the call had ended minutes ago.

"If he returns to Sunnydale..."

Another figure spoke from a shadow, "Then I will hear of it. I have a man there, afterall."

"Didn't this man of your's quit?"

"I don't know what your talking about."

"Rupert Giles. Loyal to his Slayer, as I recall."

The shadow winced audibly, "... Yes but it is not Giles to which I refer."

"Then who?"

"You'll remember from last years meeting, Rodrigo Chase?"

He didn't mention that he did, but discounted him as his own reports on the man's whereabouts placed him in South America, not in California. He just nodded.

"He has a daughter, and last we spoke she seemed to have broken up with a 'loser'. She might be persuaded to pump Subject 13 for information."


The End... or is it? No really, it is, I want someone to continue this.

P.S. Yes, those templars know who '13' is, but only from two details: He is Alexander Lavelle... and there is no Alexander Lavelle on any records. And whatever his name, Alexander Lavelle was born in Sunnydale. They don't know that his records say Xander Harris. No Lavelle on his birth record. Nor that Cordelia (the daughter of one of their high ranking Templars) had been seeing him thanks to a lack of communication of this matter from cordelia to her father, nor that her mother is an Assassin... nor that neither parent knows what the other is. Cordelia knows about her mother, not her father.

P.P.s Xander may or may not be a descendant of Ezio. Altair is the only confirmed shared ancestor here with Desmond. (Clay, Subject 16, has Ezio in common.)

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander's Creed". This story is complete.

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