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Crossed Wires

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Summary: Buffy jumped to close a portal. Sam opened one to free Lucifer. Now Buffy's trapped in the Pit, and Xander has the Devil trying to convince him that the only way to save her is to say "Yes."

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Chapter One

Author's note: this story begins shortly after Buffy jumps during "The Gift." and after Sam opens Lucifer's Cage in "Lucifer Rising". I know the timelines don't match up, but these are different dimensions, so just go with me here.

I'm not particularly sure where I'm going with this story. This opening just popped into my head. Any ideas on that front are welcome.

I do not own Supernatural or Buffy. Do not sue me for their use.


Dawn watched helplessly as her sister jumped. She couldn't stop her. Besides, Buffy knew it was the only way. Death was her gift.

No one else saw, not at first. The bright blinding glare of the portal was too strong, none of them could see her.

Then Buffy fell further, and could now be seen as a tiny speck of darkness in the middle of the portal.

And then she was gone, the portal too. Buffy never hit the ground.


Later, Giles and Willow both worked obsessively to find out where Buffy might have gone. They didn't get very far. That might be because Giles had rapidly gotten drunk, and Willow's eyes were swimming with tears so that she couldn't read the page in front of her.

Xander couldn't help with that. He'd be even more useless than they were. So he went back to his apartment and cried himself to sleep. Anya was tactful for once and gave him space.

He woke during the night to find Buffy perched next to him. For a moment he didn't find that strange, until the memory of earlier events came crashing back with the force of a blow.

This was followed swiftly by the insidious hope that maybe Giles or Willow had found a way to bring her back, or that the portal hadn't whisked her away to some hell dimension but merely dumped her somewhere else in Sunnydale.

Unfortunately, this fragile hope was crushed when Buffy spoke. "I'm not Buffy. Sorry to disappoint."

Xander scrubbed a hand over his eyes. "Of course you're not. How could you be? But who - what are you?"

"I'm the one who can get her back." not-Buffy said simply.

Xander stopped breathing. He was pretty sure his heart stopped too. "How?" he said in a tiny whisper. "Who are you to promise me such things?"

"I know where she has gone. If I can get back to where I came from, I can save her." not-Buffy replied.

"But how? Who are you?"

"I am Lucifer."

Xander gave a thin, high laugh. He felt brittle, as though he might snap into a thousand fragments at a touch. "Oh. I've got the Devil making me promises. Great. You've lost it, Xan." he muttered under his breath.

"The Devil was a title made for me by men. I am an Angel of the Lord. I was the most loved child of God." Lucifer said, a touch of pride coloring her (his? He still looked like Buffy...) tone. "I am offering you the chance to save her. To rescue her from the deepest, darkest part of Hell. All you have to do to save her is say yes."

"Say yes? Make a bargain with the Devil to save Buffy. Yeah, 'cause I'm sure that's a good idea." Xander snorted.

Lucifer said nothing.

"On the other hand, it's Buffy." Xander said, weighing his hands. Then he realised that he was actually contemplating this, wondering whether he actually might take the deal. A deal with Satan.

The moment Xander began to consider the proposition, he knew he was lost. This was Buffy. He couldn't just leave her in some hell dimension, not if he had a chance, however slim, to save her.

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