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Ship of The Line: This is Your Chance!

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Summary: The Ship of The Line - Round Robin. Everyone is invited!

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenOxnate + 16 othersFR185843,873216675,51728 Jul 132 Sep 13No

Calling General Hammond, this is Outer Space by AkashaDrake

“Mavra, we may have a problem on Earth,” Obie commented as soon as Mavra woke up.

Mavra Chang, though she had been a student in Sunnydale days before, no longer existed on Earth. But as soon as she had Obie erase her records, and memories of her, she had also suggested that he monitor Earth for trouble related to the alien ships now in orbit of Earth. He had kept her up to date on the Tyranid fight, though Dahak had not contacted him since the Captain’s meetings.

They had left Jupiter’s orbit of the sun exactly once when they themselves had discovered a planet with a Tyranid presence. Not that it had it more than three seconds later. Tyranid spores were quite recognizable by Obie, though specific numbers were like analyzing a single person. It took more than just transporting someone did, they essentially died for a moment.

But Mavra was sure that Obie was not referring to the Tyranids. So this time, she was worried. “What is it, Obie?” she asked, concerned.

“It seems that a Senator Robert Kinsey wants to control the ships in orbit of the planet, taking them from their current captains,” Obie responded, concern in his own voice.
Mavra sighed. “Contact General Hammond directly. He needs to hear about this. He might just be able to find a way to stop it if he is warned soon enough.”

The smile was obvious in Obie’s voice. “Yes, Mavra.”

And in Stargate Command, a signal was received. “Urgent communication for General George Hammond. Please respond.”

OOC: Feel free to write the contact...if George is available.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Ship of The Line: This is Your Chance!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Sep 13.

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