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Ship of The Line: This is Your Chance!

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Summary: The Ship of The Line - Round Robin. Everyone is invited!

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In the Beginning

Ship of The Line: This is Your Chance!

by Everyone (hopefully)

So, maybe you've been reading a Ship of The Line story and you have an awesome idea for it but the author decided not to use it. Here is your chance. You don't have to write an entire story. All you have to do is write one scene that brings your idea into the story and go from there. Have a tech you want to introduce? Go ahead. Pick a character, pick a costume, and enjoy.

Most of these rules have been copied from Code Ragnarok since this is my first time with a Round Robin story.

1) DO NOT jump into other people's crossovers and scenes without their explicit permission. You do not know where they may be planning to take their storylines. (This is about respect for your fellow writers people!!! It should not have to be codified as a rule!)

2) Feel free to reference any published event historically (However, make sure that it happens chronologically before your story).

3) Common characters may be referenced and used so long as it is consistent with how they're being portrayed in previous stories. Xander has already been used, but you may use him again so long as you're consistent. Once someone else uses him, make sure you have that author's permission before writing something else for him. It's first come, first served on the other Scoobies but please only take one.

4) Do not kill another author's characters without that author's permission.

5) Disclaimer. I and any contributing authors own nothing of any of the characters mentioned. Including but not limited to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate, SG-1.

This should link to the series page and a list of which characters are already taken.

Chapter 1.

As the children he was escorting were walking up to the next house and not looking at him anymore, Xander Harris took the opportunity to scratch himself in a very rude place. A sound behind him made him turn to see Buffy Summers very much not looking in his direction. He could see her blushing as she stepped into the light of the nearby porch. He blushed as well at being caught in an embarrassing situation. But it wasn't like his costume was his choice. Principal Snyder had overheard him joking about how said Principal should dress up as Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which had earned him a detention.

But it wasn't a normal detention. Instead, Principal Snyder had driven him to the costume shop himself, picked out Xander's costume, and paid for it. The good news was that he'd gotten a free costume out of the deal. The bad news was that he was now dressed in a dorky costume. And one that itched at that. It made him wish that he'd washed the costume before he'd worn it.

At least no one could tell it was him underneath the head he wore. The large head was way too large for the small, gray bodysuit underneath it. It looked way too much like one of the Roswell Grays for his taste.

Thor blinked as he looked around. He didn't remember being on this planet. Unless the scans he'd seen were inaccurate, he was currently on Earth. Though he couldn't remember traveling here. That was not so unusual. As a being that relied on cloning to sustain his life, his memory had ever growing holes in it where one clone's life ended and the next began. More recently, there was evidence of memory loss without moving to a new body, of which this latest episode was just the most recent example. It was likely due to deterioration from the cloning process. A problem, which if not fixed could lead to his race's extinction in less than a century.

Thor looked around at the chaos all around him. Humans and aliens were running around chasing each other. He turned at a loud noise. A girl was ripped to shreds while still screaming, by an alien of indeterminate species. That was most worrying. Thor hadn't seen violence like that up close and personal in all his life including all his clone lives. Or perhaps he had. Several of his clone lives were born when the Asgard lost contact with his body on a mission and a backup memory had been downloaded into a new body. He never knew how some of those lives might have ended.

Blood from the woman spattered on his face. He hit a button on his wrist and confirmed that his ship was in orbit. He had it beam him up and away from danger where he could watch the violence from behind the safety of sensors and screens.

The chaos in orbit was even more worrying. His ship was cloaked and he had every confidence in Asgard technology. But all around him were ships. Some much larger than his and some cloaked in technologies that his own tech was able to penetrate. He counted at least 13 capital ships over 500 meters in length. And dozens more smaller ships. One of the smaller ships reminded him of the Earth insect, the firefly, with it's glowing tail section as its image passed on his screen.

Thor turned his attention back to the surface of the planet below. From up here it was far more recognizable as the west coast of the country of The United States of America on the planet Earth, which for the moment represented the entire planet of Earth to the rest of the galaxy. Part of him didn't like that one political organization was representing an entire planet. The majority of him reminded him of all the nonsense that went on on Earth and was thankful that the representatives were at least more or less domestically stable. That stability would be rocked if ever the rest of the Earth found out about the Stargate, which was why they allowed them to keep it a secret. Soon, humans would be ready to learn. But not yet.

For now, they still needed protecting. Thor set about scanning the Earth for alien lifeforms. He found them only in the small town he'd just been in. He started beaming the aliens into stasis pods aboard his ship.

He then plotted a course back to his own galaxy. He let the computer take over piloting. He went back to the stasis pods. It wasn't every day, after all, that he received so many new specimens to examine. Perhaps one of them would hold the keys to solving the Asgard cloning issues.

General Hammond had collected his hat and hit the 'up' button to call the elevator to head home when the alarms sounded. He was very disappointed. He'd promised his granddaughters that he'd try to be home tonight so they could come by and get some Halloween candy. He hurried back to the gate room musing to himself that perhaps the extra candy they'd get from him from him not being home to give any out would make it up to them in their eyes. Certainly not in their mother's eyes, he knew. She'd be disappointed that he wasn't there and wouldn't be happy about him giving her children extra candy.

“What do we have, Captain?” he asked as he arrived in the gate room.

“Sir,” Captain Carter stood up from where she'd been bent over some screens. “You're not going to like this.”

“I was on my way home to see my grandchildren, Captain Carter. I already don't like it.” He looked at the screens. “You have got to be kidding me. How many are there?” he asked. The sky over America was covered with spaceships of all types and sizes. There was no way they'd ever cover this up.

“We don't know yet, sir. At least thirty large enough to be easily spotted. And we already think there are a few others cloaked up there. There are holes in the satellite cover where no holes were a few hours ago.” Samantha said.

“Why is this the first I've heard of this?” Hammond asked incredulously.

“We don't know sir. We had scopes on all possible avenues of approach. These ships didn't fly here. They just appeared. I've already taken the liberty of contacting the Asgard as they're the only race we know of that could beam an entire ship into place. We haven't heard back yet.”

“Start seeing if you can contact anyone on those ships. I'm going to contact the President.”

Sam watched the General go and didn't envy him the job he had right then.

A/N: If you would like to continue Xander's journey, you may. (This is that part about express permission. You have it.) Xander can be returned to his own body or not at the choice of the next author. (first come, first served again) Anyone in stasis, however, is stuck as their costume when the spell ends.

But you don't have to continue this one, you can start with any character, any crossover, anytime from Halloween to years later. You also don't need to use only characters that have a capital ship. You'll notice that I mentioned the ship of everyone's favorite Browncoats. Semper Brunneis (Always Brown)
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