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The Return of the Lost Boys

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Summary: Three half vampire girls vow revenge on the Frogg brothers, because of the death of the lost boys. The girls are in a Pack called the Luminatum and they resurrect the Lost Boys. Lost Boys fic, possible romance R'n'R

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The Anti-Edgar Association

Disclaimer: I do not own The Lost Boys. I own Kirsty, Jesse and Hannah however, so dont steal them. If I did own The Lost Boys, then they wouldn't be dead, ;_; But they are.... *sniffles* Oh and by the way, this isn't romance, but it will contain friendships, character torturing (not too bad) and revenge, so enjoy!

The Return of the Lost Boys


Kirsty Shepherd was a tall girl with black hair and brown eyes. She was a Goth, and wore her eyeliner thick and black, and was not like most Goths. She was eccentric, and lived life to the maximum. She was an avid fan of HIM, and was a poet. But she wasn’t like other girls in Santa Carla. She was a half vampire. And initiated into ‘The Luminatum’.

Jessee Canning was a very pretty girl, blond-brown hair framing a slender face. And she was a pikie, however completely paranoid about her appearance. She was very much like Kirsty in her music taste, as she too loved all things that were played on Kerang and Scuzz. (But not Guns and Roses) She too, was in ‘The Luminatum’.

Hannah Miller was the last of the three girls. She was more into skater clothes and wore her blond hair down. Her eyes were a hazel brown and she loved The Calling. They were her favourite band. She was eccentric, very much like Kirsty. She was in ‘The Luminatum’ also. They were incredibly close friends, and they all had one thing in common.

They were all part of a secret society called the A.E.A. The Anti-Edgar-Association.

They all despised the vampire hunter Edgar Frogg, and his brother Alan. For they had destroyed the most influential vampire packs in Santa Carla. And they vowed revenge.

Together, they would wreak havoc upon the two vampire hunters, and resurrect the fallen Pack known only as The Lost Boys.

Authors Note: Well what do you think? There will be no romance here, only friendship and revenge. So please Read and Review. As it will really make my day! ^-^


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