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Governing Mistakes

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Summary: Jake2.0/BTVS-The Initiative is back, and the government wants to shut them down, so they turn to a Slayer and a Scooby for help. **Complete**

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“To review Grifth’s files and make sure it never happens again.”
“You know Grifth was a woman right?” Faith asked.
“Now I do, she hacked her own files and changed her gender, and ranking.”
“But you never physically met her?”
“No.” Seeing Faith’s withering look, he added. “I never thought it was needed, lying about your past is a high offense in the military, but I will not make that mistake again.”
“Might not matter,” Xander spoke up. “If she had cast a glamour you still would not have known.”
“Actually we would have,” Thomson replied, “after discovering the presence of slayers and the supernatural world all government buildings are fitted with special security cameras that read through spells like glamours. We would have caught her shift in appearance and seen who she really was.”
“It’s scary,” Faith breathed, “that you know all about this and that the general public doesn’t.”
“You’re just lucky you don’t have to explain all this to a newly elected president.” Thomson replied. “Aliens would have been easier to understand.”
“I bet.” Xander added. “So what does the president have to say about all of this?”
“He’s outraged that we let it go this far. Finn, Graham, and the others are in; excuse my language, a shit-hole right now. They could have turned Grifth in, but didn’t. Court marshalling would be lax compared to what we expect to happen to them.”
Faith and Xander shared a look.
“So those files,” Jake interrupted.
Beckett nodding to the various files, papers, and cds on the table before them, spoke, “Most of them are medical files and reports. She has been at this for a while. She started with her own blood. Then during the chaos in Sunnydale, she wrote she paid off a priest not to kill a girl, so she could use her. ”
“Caleb,” Xander growled. At Jake’s surprised look, Xander tapped his eye patch.
“What was she doing?” Jake asked as Faith picked up a page.
“She wanted to find the gene that made us slayers.” Faith said mostly to herself, her eyes moving back and forth over the page quickly.
“But it’s not biological, it’s mystical.” Xander spoke confused.
“Not according to her, she saw it as a mutation.” Beckett explained, as Xander reached for the paper Faith was holding out to him. The whole room could see her anger. Dianne remained silent as she moved over to the slayer and grasped her hand supportively.
“Like the X-Men?” Jake asked, trying to understand what was being said.
“Like the X-Men.” Xander agreed slapping the paper onto the table. “Where was she planning on taking the girls?”
“To Area 51, for more tests,” Dianne spoke, “she wrote that if she couldn’t find the answers, she was going to try for Faith again or even Miss Summers. At worse she would magically dissect the girls to find the gene, and isolate it.”
“That would have killed them.” Dianne spoke shocked.
Xander clenched his jaw, as Faith’s eyes turned icy.
“What are you going to do about all this?” Faith asked Thompson.
“Grifth was sent to a maximum security prison today for life no bail on the charge of international conspiracy and kidnapping. The Italian government wants her to be executed; Carmella is the daughter of a very wealthy and respected man there. Finn and Graham go to trial tomorrow for the same charges. The lab doctors were under a spell; they were released of it and sent back to their jobs at the Pentagon with no prior memory. They will be heavily monitored from now on. All the other soldiers were reprimanded and sent over seas to help with the international crisis.”
“And her project?” Faith asked.
“The building was burnt to the ground,” Duarte spoke. “These are the last of her files the rest was destroyed by Louise and I as will the rest of it.”
Faith sighed. “So I can go home now?”
Louise nodded her head, “you are free to go, but there is something we would like to discuss with Mr. Harris and you.” She glanced at her watch. “But it can wait until tomorrow, get a good night’s sleep, and we’ll talk tomorrow morning.”
Faith and Xander left.
Jake turned to the others, “do you need me, cause I’m gonna go.”
Louise shook her head.
As Jake left, Dianne looked up down at the various files. “How could we have let this happen again?”
Kyle shook his head.
“It will not happen again, I promise that.” Thompson replied, “this is the last bit of evidence, even all the computer files have been erased, the Sunnydale citizens’ files are cleared. We still need to discuss Miss Wyndom-Prices’ colorful file, and...”
“Clean it, we promised.” Kyle interrupted.
“No, I mean her other file.”
Kyle glanced at Louise for an explanation.
“He was trying to say that Faith and Alexander’s files have been altered, but it’s up to them by how much.”
“What do you mean?” Dianne asked.
“Tomorrow, we’ll discuss this tomorrow.”

Faith entered the gym to find Carmella and Allison sparing as a few agents looked on in awe. Xander slipped his arm around Faith’s waist and pulled her close. “You okay?”
“It’s just too much, they have enough to deal with as is, and they don’t need this too.”
“But how are you?”
“Far from normal.”
“We really don’t go by the lines of normal.”
“Five by Five then.” She turned her head and watched Jake enter the room.
“Need a place to sleep?” He asked.
She nodded her head.
“There are a few quarters in this building you can use, I’ll show you.”
“Thank you.”
“No problem.”
Faith turned back to the girls as Allison pinned Carmella. “Good, now let’s go to bed.”
“Is there a shower?” Carmella asked.
“In the locker room,” Jake spoke, “go, I’ll get you some clean clothes.”
The girls smiled and ran toward the door marked Women’s Locker Room.
“They’re going to love you now,” Faith spoke.
“Good, I’d be terrified if they hated me.”
The three smiled. Jake left and returned five minutes later with a change of clothes for all four of them. He handed them to Faith, who took the girls theirs. Faith came running out a few minutes later dripping.
“Well, it’s good to know that they’re happy to see you.” Xander chuckled.
“They thought I was Jake, and then were disappointed that I wasn’t.”
Jake turned red.
“That’s a compliment, man.” Xander explained with a laugh.
“They haven’t seen anybody, but lab coats for a while, it’s very understandable.” Faith added giving Jake a once over.
“And we all thought Robin would be good for you,” Xander tisked.
“Yeah, well, Robin was the one who gave up on me, not the other way.” Faith replied spitefully.
“When did that happen?”
“A while ago, he got sick of the police and the being wanted problem.”
The girls bounded into the room in their NSA sweats giggling at the sight of an embarrassed Jake. Jake turned and led them out.

Dianne entered the mess hall the next morning with her morning coffee and a tray of four more. She found Jake sitting with Kyle, Faith, Xander, and the girls. “I thought you guys might like some actual coffee.” She said handing the adults coffee.
At Allison pout, Faith laughed, “Stunts your growth, squirt, nice try.”
“Faith, you seem better.” Dianne commented.
“Five by Five.”
“That means excellent in Faith speech.” Xander explained.
“So Louise wants to see you and Faith in her office, Jake and I are to watch the girls.”
“No, baby-sitting,” Allison spoke.
“No, just keeping you out of trouble.” Jake replied.
Faith, Xander, and Kyle left as Jake and Dianne took the girls to the gym.

Louise looked up as her office door opened. “Take a seat.” Faith and Xander sat as Kyle stood behind them leaning against the wall.
“We already cleaned your file, Faith, since that man who died in Sunnydale had no family we made him an escape-goat. What we want to know is, would both of you be interested in a job?”
Xander and Faith glanced at each other, both in shock and worry.
“My superiors were more than pleased with your performances, and want you to join us.”
“Are you sure your superiors aren’t on crack?” Faith asked. “They want the psycho slayer and a one eyed carpenter?”
Xander held up his hand. “Uh, why?”
“Why not?” Kyle asked. “You were better than most agents in there with Jake; you convinced them that you were long time partners. During his interrogation, Finn kept asking how we found you, and how a man with only a high school degree became a CIA agent.”
“Even though Thompson knew your record, he demanded to know why you were not an agent, Faith, he even offered to take you if we didn’t.”
Faith and Xander were still wearing looks of disbelief.
Louis held out a piece of paper to Xander. “This is free whether you take the job or not.”
Faith leaned over to read. “Full international immunity for us and the girls, how?”
“The Italians helped with that, as long as you don’t harm an innocent human with no relation to dark magic.”
Faith shook her head. “The deputy mayor, how would he be an escape-goat?”
“He was part of a conspiracy to have you killed, our agents swooped in to get you and he was killed in the fray. If you take the offer the official explanation is that you have been in prison to trail dangerous criminals and get information on their organizations, give our agents the information, and we take them out.”
“Wow, this…wow, but as agents what would we do?” Xander asked.
“Missions like what you did, and we arranged so you’ll be with us. We may also be able to help you with your optical problem.”
“So,” Kyle asked, “what do you say?”
Faith and Xander glanced at Louise and back at each other. Faith shifted in her seat as Xander leaned forward a bit. Both glanced down at the paper in Xander’s hand again.

The End

You have reached the end of "Governing Mistakes". This story is complete.

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