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Governing Mistakes

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Summary: Jake2.0/BTVS-The Initiative is back, and the government wants to shut them down, so they turn to a Slayer and a Scooby for help. **Complete**

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Governing Mistakes

Title: Governing Mistakes

Crossover: Jake 2.0/BTVS

Rating: PG-Rating is subject to change.

Summary: The Initiative is back, and the government wants to shut them down, so they turn to a Slayer and a Scooby for help.

Notes: Takes place during the current season of Jake 2.0 and after the finale of BTVS. Xander's military stint will come into play in this.

Disclaimer: Repeat after me, I don't know anything, but the story line. Joss and UPN (or whoever) own these characters.

***I know some people who are reading this may not know a lot about Jake 2.0. Truth is they didn't give to much background to the character during the short time that it was on. So I'm going to develop him the way I think he should have been portrayed.**

Chapter 1

Jake ran into the alley to discover that he was late, soldiers had surrounded his target. He smoothly pulled out his badge and gun. He was told to ‘approach with caution’, but that advice was now thrown out. He held up the badge and aimed the gun. “NSA, Freeze!” He yelled into the dark alley. His only light sources came from the street behind him and a few lit windows of the apartments that faced the alley. The seven soldiers turned around at the annoyance they considered Jake. By doing so they gave him a view of his target; she was standing boldly in front of a group of about four teenaged girls.
“What does the NSA care of one girl?” The soldier in front spoke harshly. He was probably the leader.
“Captain, stand down, this is not your jurisdiction.” Jake said as he slipped his wallet back into his jacket.
“How would you know? You are government, not military.” The captain answered.
“I know, now back away from the girls.” Jake commanded as he heard a familiar buzz in his earpiece.
‘Threaten arrest.’ An agent’s voice offered. ‘Helicopters will be on the roof in five.’
“Stand down, soldier, or you and your entire team will be arrested.” For that extra effect Jake switched the safety off of his gun. He watched as the soldiers hesitated, but at the same time he caught a flicker in the eye of the woman he was after. She looked both wide eyed innocent and mortally dangerous at the same time. The girls behind her were growing restless as they dared the soldiers with their eyes to make a mistake.
If not for his super hearing he would not have caught the slender Asian girl beside his target speak. “We fight?” She asked.
His target looked down at her. “No, they have guns, wait.”

‘Why?’ Faith thought. This night was supposed to be a night off for the girls. She took the girls to a club, where they used their skills to target their prey, grab Faith, and have her supervise as they slayed. As they were leaving, the girls wanted to walk through the dark alleys in hopes of coming across more vamps. Instead they were surrounded by a group of soldiers dressed in fatigues and camouflage painted faces. The captain yelled at Faith to give herself up, when she refused they drew cattle prods. They wanted her alive, she realized. It was only; when the agent arrived did she recognize the voice of the captain, Riley Finn. The agent stood glaring at Finn, but then he took a quick look at Faith. His eyes showed pure concern for her. Faith couldn’t wait for the agent to make any more threats. She glanced at Chou-an, Colleen, Rona, and Vi. They seemed nervous, but when they each saw the look she was giving them, ‘get ready’, their face transformed into a cold determined look. The face of a hunter, or a slayer is battle, they were ready.
“What did we do wrong?” Rona asked.
“Not you,” Finn answered, as he took a quick look at Faith, “her.”
“What did she do?” Colleen asked. “We were just walking home.”
The soldiers watched their leader for a response. He didn’t give them one; he simply continued to glare at the agent. Colleen saw the nervousness of the soldier closest to her. Before anyone expected it she drove her fist into the nose of the soldier closest her. He cursed loudly as the bone cracked and he stumbled back.

Jake watched as the girl broke the soldier’s nose. The captain turned to rush at the woman, but Jake struck him hard in the back of the head. The captain spun around and punched Jake hard in the chest. Jake saw the prod as it neared his face; he grabbed the end and short-circuited it. Electricity pulsed into the soldier instead of into Jake. Jake watched the soldier fall to his feet as he caught the fight his target was having with two soldiers. Her movement was like Bruce Lee as she fought with a deadly grace. The other girls where holding their own fairly well. Then the cattle prod began to appear. Jake ran over grabbing prods right and left. Just as he stepped away from his fourth soldier something slammed into him hard. He tried to push away from the wall, but the woman held him tightly.
“Who are you?” She asked.
“NSA Agent Foley.”
“Well, Agent Foley, why are you here, not that I don’t appreciate the help. But two governing bodies showing up at the same time for little me is kind of, well, scary. So why are you here?”
“To prevent them from taking you?”
“Me? Why am I so special?”
Jake couldn’t answer that, not because it was classified, but because no one told him. “It’s classified. I can get your girls out of here; take them anywhere they need to go.”
“But you have to come with me.”
She didn’t seem to like that reply. “And you’ll protect me?”
“And send the girls safely home?”
“Fine, get us outta here.” She said as she let go of his shirt collar.

Faith didn’t know why, but she felt compelled to trust this guy. She watched as he ran over to the girls who where slowing backing away from the remaining soldier, who held a pistol.
“Captain, you’re out numbered back down.” Agent Foley ordered.
Finn shook his head refusing as he aimed the gun at Faith. Faith watched as Agent Foley grabbed her and tossed her onto the fire escape two stories up. As she flew upward she watched as the agent spun around kicked Finn in the face. The agent grabbed the gun and watched as the soldier fell into unconsenseness. He then turned to the girls.
“We have to get to the roof.”
The girls nodded as they jumped and grabbed the fire escape. All five watched in shock as he jumped and was able to reach the second story, as they were able to. No normal human man could jump like that, only they could due to their slayer strength. As they reached the roof, he helped them up. They all looked up to see two helicopters waiting for them. He led them over to the first one, Faith helped the girls inside.
“Take them wherever they need to go.” Agent Foley commanded.
The pilot nodded his head.
Faith grabbed Vi’s arm as she got in. “Go to Giles, tell him I’m fine. I’ll contact him when I can. And ask Will to check on Finn.” Vi nodded her head as the door was shut.

Jake pulled Faith away from the copter. “We are taking that one.” He told her pointing to the other one. She looked at him with questioning in her eyes. “It will be alright, I was told you can return home when we’re done.”
She nodded her head and then waved good-bye to the girls. She watched with concern and fear as the helicopter lifted off. He watched, then turned and led her to the other. He let her get in first; then he got in. As the helicopter lifted off she looked over at him.
“Are you sending me back to jail?” She asked.
“No, it’s no longer safe for you there.”
“Safe? Why, what is going on?” She was suddenly beginning to regret her decision to trust him. “Why does the NSA want to protect me?”
“You are not a threat to national security, but those soldiers are.”
Faith decided to sit back and wait for the answers to come. This guy seemed young and unsure of himself, maybe he’d just tell her.

“Or maybe not.” Faith said aloud to herself as she looked around at the glass box she was led into. Agent Foley left her after they landed at an airport. There she was escorted onto a plane and flown to Washington D.C. As they neared the capital, she awoke from a nap she hadn’t realized she was taking. Her eye focused on the window next to her and the aerial shot of the Washington Monument below.

“So I pick her up, so that she can be locked up?” Jake asked Agent Beckett as he, Dianne and Agent Duarte entered Central Ops.
“She is locked up for our protection.” Dianne explained before anyone else could.
The three agents stared at her surprised.
“I was in LA when she was appended.” She explained.
“Faith Wyndom-Price.” Agent Beckett announced and watched as the woman’s face appeared on the large screen in front of them. “Two counts of murder, sentenced for 25 to life to LA’s Women’s Correctional Facility. This past May she escaped when her legal guardian, Wesley Wyndom-Price visited her for the first time since her imprisonment.
“You think he was the reason for her escape?” Jake asked.
Agent Beckett nodded her head. “Yes, but that is not the issue, we have been told that if she corporate with us, we will wipe her records.”
Jake remained uncharacteristically quiet as he looked up at the picture of Faith. He was trying to imagine what would drive this woman to murder.
Agent Beckett continued. “The soldiers you encountered are part of a CIA/NSA project that was started in 1999. It was called the Initiative.”
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