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Dawnie Does the Marvelverse

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Summary: Dawn decides to disregard the Scoobies' advice and have a heart-to-heart with a vengeance demon. The wacky adventures of Dawn Frost ensue.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR151725,464920231,0731 Aug 1329 Aug 13No

Katherine 'Kate' Bishop

Joe's Note: This is actually an idea for the character that's been running through Lexi's head for a while now. Because… well, the canon Kate Bishop doesn't even have Bruce Wayne's origin. She's more akin to Tony Stark or the original Felicia Hardy: a rich girl who decides to blow her parents' money on being an adrenaline junky and eventually gets serious. Well, when they're not trying to insinuate an attempted rape origin for Kate's desire to be a hero, that is…

     "They show up to detain us, and you end up blackmailing the agent into taking you out on a date. Thank God you're not a telepath, Dawn Summers, or the world would be fucked."

     "So would you, Jean." Dawn snickered at the odd look the redhead shot her before nodding at the third member of their party. "If I had your powers, I would have handed you both Get Into Bed cards. Go to bed, go directly to bed, do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars."

     Lorna let out a groan of disgust before waving her hand, picking up an abandoned soda can and flinging it at the blonde. "For the last time, Dawn, the fact that Jean and I fight a lot doesn't mean there's sexual tension between us. It means we hate each other."

     From her spot beside Dawn, Bobbi Morse - with an I rather than a Y, which Dawn thought was cute as hell - let out a vaguely disagreeable sound. "That's not what our asset on the ground at your high school says, but who am I to ruin your delusions?" She wiggled her hips a bit before sighing as Dawn gave her waist a squeeze. "Is this really necessary?"

     "Well yeah. Our plans involved taking the T from here to Emma's house and generally staying low-key. You turned us into a public spectacle. So you get to be part of the spectacle with us." Dawn shivered as she led Bobbi toward the quartet of official-looking black SUVs parked at the curb in front of South Station. Fuck PETA; she totally should have had Wanda add some fur trim to her coat before bailing on them. To distract herself from the cold, she looked around and waved at the crowd of people pointing and whispering and taking pictures of her and her companions. Like she'd told Bobbi, that was totally SHIELD's fault. Apart from Lorna's hair, the three of them all looked completely normal, and even the girl's green locks could be explained away with Splat or Manic Panic. Being escorted out of the station by a superheroine and some soldiers, on the other hand? Wicked conspicuous.

     Heh. Wicked. She was already starting to think like a Bostonian.

     As they reached the curb, Bobbi squirmed her way out of Dawn's grasp as she held up a hand, bringing their little procession to a stop. Dawn watched the blonde wander over and begin conversing with a few of the soldiers before shrugging and turning her attention to the nearest SUV. While the orange light bar atop the vehicle would have done enough to make it about as inconspicuous as Bobbi, the silver and black eagle logo and 'SHIELD' painted along the bottoms of the doors definitely didn't help there. Not much of a car girl, Dawn quickly lost interest in her eventual ride and turned her attention back to Bobbi… only to jerk her head back in surprise as the front passenger window of the SUV abruptly sprouted an arrow with bright purple fletching. "Gah!"

     Her cry attracted Bobbi's attention, who stared at the arrow in surprise for a few seconds before sighing and shaking her head. "I'm guessing it's for you, since he has my number and can text me…"

     "Huh?" Dawn's eyes slowly wandered the length of the arrow, from the suction cup tip stuck firmly to the glass window to the purple feathers at the end… and then forward again a bit to where a small piece of paper was wrapped around the shaft of the arrow. Tugging it free of the purple hair tie that had been used to secure it in place, Dawn unrolled it and read the message aloud. "Touch my mom again, and the next arrow is a headshot. HB."

     Bobbi's expression shifted from annoyance to surprise to anger in a matter of seconds. "What?!" Tearing the note out of Dawn's hands, she read it for herself before looking up and scanning her surroundings. Back and forth her eyes swept, ranging a bit higher each time, and then she paused. Following her line of sight, Dawn spotted something purple peeking out from behind the large stone eagle that stood high atop the station's façade. Without looking away from her quarry, Bobbi reached up to press against something behind her ear, manipulating for a few seconds before speaking. "Katherine. Elizabeth. Bishop. Get your butt down here right this instant."

     After a few seconds, a thick black rope tumbled down the front of South Station and a small figure in an outfit as purple as her arrow's fletching came sliding down. As soon as her boots hit the ground, she was trotting over to where Bobbi and Dawn were standing, looking the latter up and down before kicking her in the shin. "Seriously. Headshot." That accomplished, she turned to Bobbi and snapped to attention, saluting. "Ma'am, Agent Bishop reports."

     "…and this is why I was against bringing you for Take Our Daughter to Work Day." Bobbi reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose. "But no. Your mother thought it'd be fun and educational. 'What's the worst that could happen from letting her spend a day aboard the helicarrier?', she asked." After another, louder sigh, she returned Bishop's salute. "At ease. Give me the bow. And the quiver. Your godfather is going to be in deep sh… trouble next time I see him. From now on, I'm going to have someone babysit him when he babysits you."

     Even as Dawn tried to make sense of the familial terms being tossed around, Bishop grumbled and handed over a rather expensive-looking compound bow that her mom - who was evidently not her mother - quickly passed off to a nearby soldier. After surrendering a black quiver full of arrows with purple fletching, she crossed her arms over her chest. "Actually, this is all your fault." Bobbi raised an eyebrow at that. "I'm twelve years old. I don't need a babysitter. Mother agreed with me, but you insisted. Which makes this your fault because you getting Uncle Hawkeye to babysit me gave him a chance to give me the bow and quiver, and to teach me how to use it."

     Bobbi leaned her head back and mouthed a few words to the sky before returning her attention to her daughter. "And we'll be adding Stark to the list of babysitters that have to be babysat, since I have a pretty good idea of where you picked up debate techniques like that from. Go get in the lead SUV. We'll discuss this when we get back to base."

     "Fine." Bishop turned and managed to stomp a whopping two steps away before her mother's hand came down hard on her shoulder. "What?"

     Reaching down, Bobbi pulled something off the outside of the girl's left thigh. "Did you steal my backup… wait, these are too small. Who made you a set of battle staves?"

     "Uncle Agent."

     "Definitely no more Stark. Or Agent Coulson, evidently." Bobbi threw her hands up in the air in disgust. "Are there any responsible adults left at SHIELD? Any at all?"

     "Does Aunt Maria getting this outfit made so I'd have protection for my first real mission count?"

     "…that is pretty much the exact opposite of responsible."

     "Oh. Then I've got nothing."
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