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Dawnie Does the Marvelverse

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Summary: Dawn decides to disregard the Scoobies' advice and have a heart-to-heart with a vengeance demon. The wacky adventures of Dawn Frost ensue.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR151725,464920230,6051 Aug 1329 Aug 13No

Carol Danvers

Joe's Note: This is most definitely a Carol that's off the reservation compared to the various other versions we've seen in canon, and that's entirely because it's something I want to beta-test in a short before taking live in a story of her own. Or rather, I want to test out for Lexi before she decides to use it in Seasons of Change or the Jessica Drew/Carol Danvers fic she's outlining at the moment.

     "Are you sure?"

     "My father began implanting me with Kree technology when I was in kindergarten, ma'am. I went through five sets of 'training eyes' before having my final growth set implanted two years ago. I know how to read a scan result, and it says that this girl is one hundred percent Homo sapiens superior."

     Extraterrestrial demons like the Queller had been strange enough, but had fit within Dawn's world view. Even if they weren't from earth, they were still demons. She could do demons. Finding out, on the other hand, that the American government of this reality was not only aware of alien life but employed a blue-skinned woman who was half-human and half-something-called-a-Kree? That blew her mind. And that was before 'Agent Danvers' busted out some tech that made Iron Man look like something out of the Middle Ages. Her eyes, for instance, which looked like the real thing most of the time but were evidently cybernetic implants whose irises could glow a slightly greener than teal color and turn her into a walking tricorder. A cute blue walking tricorder that had just validated her story, thankfully. "See. I told you."

     Groaning, Romanova ran her fingers through her chin-length red hair. "I know you did, Miss Summers. To quote America's most famous fictional diagnostician, though… people lie. Especially in this business. So I had the responsibility to try and verify what you were telling me. Since I have no way of testing whether or not you are in fact from another reality, I decided to take the Holmesian approach and try to eliminate the possibilities that I could. In this case, all of the alien races known to the Kree Empire. Which include a subspecies of their own people who look almost identical to humans, a species of shapeshifters, and two other species that can take on human form."

     "And I'm wicked excited that someone's putting the intelligence back in 'intelligence-gathering agency', but it doesn't really help in this situation." Draining the last of her frappuccino, Dawn leaned back in her chair and pitched it toward the trash can in the corner. It ricocheted off both nearby walls before dropping into the can, and she thrust her arms skyward. "Three points!"

     There was a moment of silence that was broken by Danvers coughing lightly into her fist. "Actually, ma'am, I can think of one way we could check to prove whether or not Miss Summers is from another reality… but I'd have to ask you and the others to leave the room. You're not cleared to know about it."

     Romanova slowly turned her head to stare at the blue-skinned blonde. "Another reality… reality… why do I have a feeling this has something to do with the witch?" Danvers grimaced before bringing one hand up to her mouth, pantomiming zipping her lips. "Very well. I'm conveniently feeling the urge to step out and place a call to Director Fury. Agents Morse and Bishop will accompany me. You have exactly ten minutes."

     "Fifteen. I've got a feeling that I'm going to have to deal with… contamination issues."

     "Fine." Rising from her seat, Romanova stalked toward the door, her fellow agents falling in behind her. "I can't believe he's had a way to track that little súka all this time and he's never told me. I could have arranged so many 'accidents' for young Wanda…"

     As soon as the door shut behind the departing trio, Danvers took a moment to indulge in a rather unprofessional snicker before drawing herself up to her full height. "Right. As much fun as it might be to drag this out and make it as uncomfortable for you as humanly possible… strip. Now. I need everything that Miss Lehnsherr changed in a pile on the desk."

     Dawn's eyes widened. "What?"

     Circling around the desk, Danvers reached in and fingered the collar of the blouse that Wanda had created for Dawn from the t-shirt she'd been wearing when she boarded the train. "Contamination. If I activate my power suit, the more complex sensor suite is capable of scanning you all the way down to the quantum level. That will tell me - and therefore Agent Romanova - whether or not you're a native of this reality. But the scan returns a simple yes or no result; it can't tell where something came from, just if it came from somewhere other than here. That means Miss Lehnsherr's powers register on it. Active usage or power residue. So scanning you in what you're wearing…"

     "…creates a false positive that proves nothing. Because you can't truthfully tell your boss that I'm the reason I tested positive when you know it's the clothes. Great." Reaching up, Dawn undid two buttons again before tugging her collar to the right to bare her cardinal red bra strap. "One small problem. She got at everything I'm wearing."



     "Well then." Pushing a button on her watch, Danvers shrugged out of her suit jacket and removed her black tie before going to work on her white blouse. When it came off, Dawn found herself staring not at the blue cleavage she expected, but a mass of writhing green wires and shifting white armor plates. "I guess we've got thirteen minutes to become very comfortable with each other, Miss Summers."

     "So, if you're not going to take me out for dinner, can you bring some decent takeout to… wherever I end up?" Dawn offered Carol - evidently, stripping down had earned her the right to use the blonde's first name - her best puppy dog eyes. "I mean, I can get you not wanting to go out somewhere with me. You know, because you're blue and people stare and everything, especially when you're with the Frost family's newest member. But after what you just put me through? I think I deserve a little something."

     "How about a gift card to Starbucks?"

     "How about a coffee date at Starbucks?" Dawn let out a sigh of dismay as Carol shook her head; why did all the really unique and cute ones so into playing hard to get? She was an awesome catch and she knew they'd have fun with her if they just gave her a chance. "You know, I could add 'blue' to the list of requirements I gave Romanova for my date tomorrow night. I was just trying to negotiate a separate day from you because you told me you don't like French."

     Carol turned away from her study of Cambridge Street, meeting Dawn's eyes with the glowing greenish-white gaze of her power suit. "And I could always tell Agent Romanova that your quantum variance messed with my first scan, and that you're actually a dimension-hopping Skrull."

     Chuckling, Dawn finished buttoning up her blouse and then reached out, snatching Carol's tie off the desk. It wasn't like the blonde was using it at the moment, she reasoned. "Not quite sure why that's a bad thing, but I have a feeling that it means you'd end up as my blue-skinned blond date for a French dinner in a holding cell somewhere. And I'd be sure to ask for escargot." Carol shuddered and turned back to watch the street, leaving Dawn to fight with her purloined tie. Threading the tie through the collar of her blouse, Dawn tried to remember the lessons her mom had given her on how the damn things worked. Cross the fat portion over the skinny end, and then pull the larger end up and around so it looped through… "Okay, final offer. You, me, Jean or Emma, Dunkin Donuts tomorrow for breakfast. They can make sure that nobody notices anything strange about you, and I'm wicked curious about the place. I've been seeing ads for them all over the city, but we don't have them where I'm from."

     "…what? There's something like, fifty Dunkin Donuts within a mile of this building." Carol held up her left arm, tapping at the back of her wrist with her free hand and creating a glowing green holographic map of the area. One by one, paired orange and pink 'DD's began to pop up all over the place. "Where the hell are you from, Smallville?"


     "Fucking foreigners." Dawn whirled around at the sound of a voice that was both familiar and unexpected; the latter because not only were there only two of them in the room, but because its owner should have been in another dimension. The source was revealed as the grate popped off the office's air vent, and a black-clad figure tumbled out. Straightening up, the girl tossed her head, sending her wild brown mane tumbling down her back and giving Dawn a good look at her face. While the brunette was younger than any version of the original that Dawn had met, it was impossible to deny who she was looking at. "I'mma guess from the look that you're giving me that we've met before? Well, you and another me?"

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