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Dawnie Does the Marvelverse

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Summary: Dawn decides to disregard the Scoobies' advice and have a heart-to-heart with a vengeance demon. The wacky adventures of Dawn Frost ensue.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR151725,464920231,0901 Aug 1329 Aug 13No

Warren Worthington III

Joe's Note: This was one of the pieces that needed a bit of streamlining on my second pass through the story. A bit? Heh. A lot. I had a bunch of continuity goofs, like Dawn showing awareness of post-human naming conventions when she didn't a day later with Lorna and the two of them discussing her full power set when it wasn't mentioned until two or three chapters down the line. But I really liked the idea and wanted it in my story, so I went through and fixed things up so it worked better.

     "So, my last sister dated a broody vampire named Angel and one of my Facebook friends cosplays as Angel from Borderlands… but I never thought I'd get to meet a real angel."

     "…seriously? The professor didn't warn you about me?"

     Dawn chuckled as she put the sneaking out skills she'd honed on Buffy, Willow, and Tara to good use, carefully climbing out the window of the guest room Jean had shown her to and then making her way along the roof to where the winged blond was perched. "Oh, he did. But I mean… your primary mutation is a pair of giant white feathered bird wings, and you picked Angel as a codename? You're kinda asking for it." As Warren Worthington the Third pondered that, Dawn moved to sit on the edge of the roof beside him. "So…"

     Jumping slightly, Warren stuck his hand into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. Reading the message on the screen, he chuckled. "I'd go with a comment like 'so, you're the new girl?' or something along those lines, but the answer's pretty obvious. Hmm. Let's go with… so, is it true that my girlfriend's got a new little sister?" Dawn's jaw dropped and he tilted the screen enough to show her an iMessage conversation between him and… who the hell was 'Robert Drake' and how did he know her secrets already? Not that she particularly cared, given she intended to spread it far and wide in due time, but it was the principle of the matter. Her expression must have spoken volumes, because Warren chuckled before offering an explanation to the question she hadn't vocalized. "When she gets excited, Jean's telepathy goes from a sniper rifle to a shotgun. She probably just meant to share a juicy bit of gossip with Scott… but evidently the whole living room heard."

     "…and Xavier told me that my dislike of redheads was groundless. Shows what he knows. It's totally groundful. Remind me to give her a telekinetic wedgie or something as soon as I figure out how to be telekinetic." Dawn's muttered complaint earned her an odd look from Warren, and she forced her fist into its diamond state for a few seconds before reverting it. "But yeah, I'm Emma's dimension-hopping fraternal twin sister. Sorta. Kinda. And we have one power in common but evidently we pulled a wishbone for psionics. So we can both kill you with our brains, but in totally different ways."

     Spreading his wings wide, Warren curled one around her shoulders and used it to pull Dawn in so he could do likewise with his arm. "While that may be true, unlike her… you won't won't know when I'm thinking dirty thoughts about you, so you won't know you need to kill me with your brain."

     Dawn pondered that for a moment before leaning in closer to Warren. "Eh, cute rich older boy wants to think I'm cute? I'd allow it." Reaching over, she snatched his iPhone out of his hands, pushing the Home button and then opening up the Photos app. Given that the blond had specified a new 'little' sister, he clearly wasn't dating Emma or the smallest Frost, and 'girlfriend' likewise eliminated the sole male in this generation of Frosts. Surfing through the Camera Roll, she quickly found pictures of Warren with one wing curled around the shoulders of a blonde slightly older than the one McCoy had shown her. Jackpot. And… huh. "Although I'd have to question your sanity if you were busy fantasizing about me when you have a girlfriend that looks that good. Damn. Whole family seems to be ridiculously pretty. Makes me feel like a hell of an ugly duckling, let me tell you. That's…" Dawn paused, racking her brain. The good doctor had listed off a handful of names and ages, but she hadn't expected to need them again so soon. "Adrienne, right?"

     Warren nodded. "Adrienne. I was hoping to be assigned as your shadow for tomorrow for obvious reasons, but the professor shot me down. Chances are it's because he forgot we live in a digital era these days, and thinks that my visits are the only times she's working on me to come out as a mutant and join her at Harvard next year." Pausing, he tilted his head to the side. "On the other hand, he's a telepath and so he should know otherwise. Hmm…"

     That certainly put an interesting spin on things, Dawn mused, especially when combined with the revelation that Jean was far from the psionic master that Dawn had believed her to be. Not to mention… juvenile much on Xavier's part? Especially for a man of his advanced age, with the maturity said age should have brought? The blonde shook her head and went back to wandering through Warren's photos, quickly tracking down images of her little sister-to-be, her twin, and her older brother. "Can you tell me about them? You know, beyond the kind of stuff I'd track down on Google? It doesn't have to be really personal, but I'd like to know a little something about them going into tomorrow and you're the only person in the mansion who isn't all 'grr, Frosts'."

     "That's because I'm the only person Emma won't fuck with. She and Adrienne have had an uneasy truce ever since…" Warren trailed off, shuddering. "Let's just say that you never, ever want a psychometrist pissed at you. They have a way of finding every last dirty secret you have. Literally." Considering most of her dirty laundry was an entire dimension away, Dawn would… take that advice very seriously. Because while nothing she'd done up until this point would make effective blackmail, that wouldn't stop her sister from using future missteps against her. "As for the family, I don't want to say anything about the parents because I'm meeting them as The Boyfriend. They'll probably treat you completely differently, and I don't want to prejudice you. Christian's been away at college most of the time I've been seeing Adrienne, so I don't know him very well. Cordelia's definitely the baby of the family and acts it; bring a cupcake or two when you show up and she'll love you until the sugar high wears off. Buy her another, and she'll love you again. And while I love her to death, Adrienne is a Machiavellian little bitch and so she'll probably just sit back and watch and wait. Figure out how you fit into the family, figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and then go from there."

     Dawn nodded, filing all the information away for future usage. Especially the bit about Cordelia; given how much Dawn enjoyed puttering around in the kitchen, she'd likely be the Frost most easily swayed to her side. There was someone missing, though. "What about Emma?"

     Curling his fingers around the upper half of his phone, Warren carefully slid it out of Dawn's grasp before letting out a harsh bark of laughter. "I'm the wrong person to ask there, because to be exceedingly blunt? She's a fucking hellspawn. Even if she's not dumb enough to try messing with my head anymore, she's not any more pleasant to be around now than she was before Adrienne slapped her down and so I avoid the little bitch whenever I'm at the house." With that, he brought the conversation to an abrupt end as he thrust his wings straight out behind him and tipped forward, plunging over the edge of the mansion's roof. Spreading his wings wide, he used several powerful beats to gain altitude before gliding off toward the lake.

     A sigh escaped as Dawn clambered back to her feet. Standing on the edge of the room, she pulled the envelope Xavier had given her out of her back pocket and frowned down at it. Maybe this road trip of hers wasn't such a… oh, fuck it. If she could survive Buffy of all people, how bad could Emma be?
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