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Dawnie Does the Marvelverse

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Summary: Dawn decides to disregard the Scoobies' advice and have a heart-to-heart with a vengeance demon. The wacky adventures of Dawn Frost ensue.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR151725,464920231,0721 Aug 1329 Aug 13No

Pietro Lehnsherr

Joe's Note: This was by and large the smallest chapter of the original version of the story because I was going through onset sickness for beta blockers while dealing with a sick girlfriend when I wrote it. All I had to do was a minimum of 300 words a day to stay in Fic-a-Day, and so I did. Now that I have the time and wherewithal to go back and rework things, though, I am.

     By the time the train pulled into New Haven's Union Station for a brief stop, Wanda and Dawn had progressed beyond the exposition and one-sided flirting phases of their conversation and had managed to hash out a mutually satisfactory agreement for how the rest of the day would proceed. Dawn would allow Lorna to tag along on her visit to the Frosts, and then see her safely back to one of the city's two main train stations so she could buy a ticket to somewhere that Wanda could discreetly fetch her from. It would also be Dawn's job to ensure that if Lorna and Jean got into a fight, neither did lasting damage to the other. In exchange, Wanda would use her powers to transform Dawn's outfit into something suitably Frosty for the occasion… and give Lorna's outfit a few tweaks to make it a bit more aesthetically appealing. Not only would that given Dawn some good scenery for the rest of her adventure, but it would allow her to pocket the majority of the money that Xavier had given her.

     The majority rather than the entirety because she'd already spent $17.40 on frappuccinos, and was going to send another twenty dollars with Wanda's mystery man so he could pick up lunch for her. "I still don't get how this is going to work. I mean, you said the train stops for like… five minutes. Did he buy me lunch already and I'm paying him back? Or-"

     "Patience, grasshopper." Wanda nodded as she passed the conductor before stepping into the vestibule. Crossing her arms behind her back, she leaned forward a bit and stared out the window. "All will be revealed in three… two… one…" There was a screech as the train came to a stop beside the platform, sending Dawn stumbling into the nearby wall. Letting out a soft snicker, Wanda waited patiently for the door to open before stepping out onto the platform. She reached her arm out, pulling someone toward her. "Dawn, this is my boyfriend-"

     Dawn's eyes widened as she took in the pure white hair on the young man Wanda was hugging. While there was a possibility that more than one mutant had that power, or that Wanda was secretly dating a normal human who had some kind of condition? Sometimes, the most obvious answer was in fact the correct one. "Pietro? Pietro Lehnsherr? Your twin brother?" Shuddering, she took a step backward. "I wasn't sure what kind of accent you had, but I didn't think it was West Virginian."

     Snorting, Pietro darted forward and grabbed the twenty that Dawn was holding before retreating back out onto the platform. "Please, like we haven't heard that one before." Wrapping an arm around Wanda's waist, he gave his sister a peck on the lips before returning his attention to Dawn, waving his free hand up and down Wanda's body. "And look at her. Can you really blame me for wanting to date her?"

     "Yes. Because she's your sister. I mean, I have a hot fraternal twin sister too, and I'm not going to try and pet her kitty." Frowning, Dawn tapped a finger against her chin as she thought. West Virginia - or Alabama, for that matter - had been the obvious route. Of course they'd heard that one before. What about… "I suppose if someone asks me if you have a cute boyfriend, I could tell them it's all relative?"

     The corner of Wanda's mouth actually quirked upward at that one, even as Pietro let out a groan of disgust. "That one's new. Not terribly funny, but new. At the end of the day, though? At least we're staying within our species…" Oh God, was this going to turn into some kind of lame lecture about dating muggles, err 'flatscans'? "…unlike a certain ball of green energy I can think of." Wait, what? She'd told neither Wanda nor the people at Xavier's about- "Just out of curiosity, Dawn, what do you think the odds are of that shell of yours spontaneously unraveling and turning you back into a soulless, mindless blob of energy? Because if you keep insulting me… chances are that those odds will start inching upward toward one hundred percent."

     Raising her hands in surrender, Dawn let out a nervous chuckle. "Message received, loud and clear. Don't insult the scarily powerful girl's love life. Gotcha. I'm all over it." There was a moment of supremely awkward silence and then she turned to Pietro. "So, about this lunch thing..?"

     "I'd ask about the green ball of energy thing, but I learned long ago that there are some things about Wanda and her powers that us mere mortals aren't meant to understand." Pietro gave Wanda another peck on the lips before returning his attention to Dawn. "There's a great seafood place a few miles up the line. I'll take your orders, run over, eat my first lunch, race up to meet the train when it stops again in Providence, hand off your food, eat a second lunch, and then meet up with Wanda in Boston."

     "Second lunch? What are you, a hobbit?"

     That actually earned Dawn her first smile - or at least a half-smile - from Pietro. "I'll leave the lectures on the care and feeding of a healthy mutant to Wanda. Needless to say, there's a reason the one thing my father and Xavier can agree on is a five meal a day system for their underlings. We're running out of time, though. Large lobster roll for each of you?"

     Pulling away from her brother, Wanda rejoined Dawn aboard the train before turning to look back at Pietro. "I suppose. I was actually in the mood to try out the whole belly clam roll, but I don't need to be Destiny to know how that would turn out."

     "I wouldn't make jokes about…" Pausing, Dawn let out a snicker. "Okay, I would totally make jokes out of you eating clam. But don't let that stop you. I mean, I can take the large lobster roll and go with jokes about you liking a lot of meat in your mouth… and now I'm picturing things I don't want to and it's incest and oh hey look, there goes my appetite."

     As the door hissed shut, Pietro offered a parting shot. "More for me!"
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