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Xander Dresses as Vader

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Forced Destiny". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF Xander dresses as Darth Vader, the force is explained, and conclusions drawn.

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Chapter 3

Xander as Darth Vader

Disclaimer: I own nothing, even the idea is free and I make no money off it so if you want to waste your time and try and sue me, well I’m sure it will be money well and truly lost and they’ll not make it off my organs so you lawyers won’t be happy either and you know what they say about them, cough, ‘wolfram and hart’ cough.

Summery: Xander dressed as Vader for YAHF; as a result his mind is more aligned with Anakin's skill set, even without the force to guide him making it an easier talent. Now he has the goal of space travel, caring for his girls, and keeping the citizens safe from demons.

Chapter 3:


In LA the trio started to get ready for the night out on the town. They had the money needed but only just enough, the rest was safe just in case. They also were planning on checking for vampires while they were out, it wasn’t quite a patrol but it was close enough.

“Are you ready for the night out?” Cordelia asks the other two with her.

Xander smiles and Willow nods excitedly telling them, “I pick up a paper and have a few places that sort of stood out.”

Xander wasn’t going share the pull he’d felt towards them. It wasn’t quite as strong as the force; in fact he’d say it was a simple nagging of his subconscious. All the same it wasn’t pertinent unless it panned out.

Willow picked up the paper and looks at what Xander circled, “Sort of?”

“Yea, it doesn’t really say anything but look here, the paper speaks of a decline in vagrancy in this area.” He gestures to the notebook he’d written the general location on.

“Vagrancy decline, you mean vampires?”

“Maybe but if they’re turning them then they would have the numbers advantage.”

“What do you want to do?”

“We check it out, patrol the area, deal with vampires and look for anything out of the ordinary.”


They’d walked for at least two miles and Cordelia turned to Xander, “This is getting us nowhere, with Buffy stuck with the…” she glanced at Willow smiling slightly, “puppy head, we aren’t exactly able to pick out where the vamps are hiding in shadows!”

Willow sighs, “I could try a spell! We’re not on the Hellmouth we should be able to pick out where they are by the negative…”

“That’s it, maybe the reason I’ve not been doing so well with the sensing thing is the Hellmouth, before we do the spell Wills, could we?”

Cordelia looked confused at what he was talking about but Willow smiled wide and nodded.

Xander closes his eyes and focused, “Whoa” he stumbles.

“Did you find anything?” Willow asks curiously.

Confused Cordelia asks, “Find what? What are you doing Xander?”

“Attempting to use the force or what this universe’s equivalent is. If magic was the application of the force I suppose you call it magic, but really… this is about reaching out and seeing the world around you like you would with an infrared camera in the dark.”

“So you can tell where vampires are?”

“Just energy, vampires however cloak the energy around them, and coming up the road is a car with a very dark driver and a cloaked field in the back, I suppose it could be a warded car but I don’t think so.”

“The limo?” Cordelia asked.

Xander looked and glanced at Cordelia and asks, “How can you tell it’s a limo from the front like that?”

She smirks and waives her hand with a throwing away gesture, “Oh please, that’s child’s play!”

Willow rolled her eyes, she knew that Cordelia was baiting Xander but now wasn’t the time, “We need to stop it I know a spell to take out the tires, all at once, do you…?”

Xander had his sword out, Cordelia had her folding crossbow, it wasn’t nearly as a heavy draw as Buffy’s but it folded and easily hid near metal detectors.

Willow started to mumble a spell. Xander could feel the power build up and then the tires all blew out at the same time. The three were moving with speed and when the door opened Xander pulled the girl away from the car fast and then stabbed before twisting the blade and slicing up. The target he knew was a vampire now wasn’t dusted yet, the woman was in shock and Xander reached down pulling the walled of the vampire out before pulling the bloody corpse out of the car, he checked his pockets pulling out his wallet and keys. He looked at the scared woman and brought is sword down on the necks of the vampire, necks because the head was in two places as was the neck.

The girls gasped, but Cordy’s shout of, “A little help with Mr. Stronger then should be over here Xander?”

Xander growled and jumped up to the edge of the roof and pushed off somersaulting three quarters of a full spin before planting his feet into the back of the driver. It broke his neck and back but a moment later the driver melted into nothing.

The scared woman demanded to know, “What the hell is going on here!?”

Cordelia looked over at her, “At least she’s not freaking out, too much.” She added that last bit because the girl had a look in her eyes that said she was freaked out but holding it in.

“That was a vampire, they dust as apposed to demons that goo when you kill them. My recommendation is the next time you’re going to be alone with someone long enough to have them kill you, check for a reflection, a heart beet, or if they were out in the day at least.”

“Vampire” she said blandly and closed her eyes, “This is just a dream I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning and go back to Illinois where there are no vampires, yes that’s it.”

Willow asks, “Um do you want us to walk you home?”

The girls waved her off in a gesture that Xander was sure he’d seen on ‘The Fifth Element’ by the ruby rod character. It was like she was shooing off a flea or something. He quickly realized with some humor that she didn’t want to see them anymore just in case seeing more of them would convince her it wasn’t a dream.

Xander smirked, “You want to check out the Limo, I have that guy’s wallet and key’s maybe we could find a nest?”

Before they could look at the limo Willow growls, “I don’t think he’s the reason for the lack of vagrancy, Xander, there’s still…”

Xander nods and sighs, “It was just a by chance thing, let us check the limo out anyway and then we can drop off our stuff at the hotel to check it out tomorrow in the daylight.”

Cordelia nods, “Good, then we can put that new skill of yours to the test and see if there are anymore vampires in the area.”

Willow pipes in, “Or demons, you know what they feel like now.”

Xander winced, “I know what his kind felt like but I don’t know if they all will feel like that.”


The trio’s second time out Xander had a better grasp of trying to feel out but they learned that it wasn’t a map of the city either. Xander had to be close to feel it. The limo was a fluke of some sort because even a vampire that Cordelia spotted without a reflection across the road wasn’t pinging Xander’s force ability.

As they’d killed two vampires and a demon they were getting ready to call it quits, then suddenly Xander felt it, a being of darkness, “We have a demon, no vampires around but a demon definitely and something else that’s putting off some serious darkness.”

Cordelia asks, “A demon?”

“I don’t think so but we’ll find out, weapons ready.”

Cordelia snapped her hand out with the handled of the folding crossbow in it. The gesture looked rehearsed to willow as it was done with remarkable ease. Willow pulled out her silver dagger, it was an athame that she could use to channel magic thru but she’d not really practiced much for that.

They approached and Willow makes a mental note to look up silencing magics to avoid notice when approaching demons, or remain hidden when they want to be, she berated herself about not doing so before.

Xander saw the demon in human skin look up surprised at their approach and rushed the demon before he could call out. The demon was dead before it could utter a sound. Willow breathed a sigh of relief, perhaps they should have waited for Buffy to get back from Spain. Vampires were one thing but that demon looked… she realized she was being silly about it and it was just her fear taking that mental voice. She and Cordelia followed Xander into the homeless shelter that she was sure Xander felt the darkness coming from.

“There’s nobody here.” Xander said as the two girls entered, “Only a dark pool of what looks like oil or some supernatural water.”

Willow was interested, “Really?”

Xander winced, “Just don’t touch it.”

They watched as Willow looked it over a few times an chanted a few words, she turned to them, “I think I understand, it’s a portal, it takes you to wherever you are going, you’ll likely feeling the dark magic it was made with or the other side…”

A hand reached up and pulled her from the waste into the portal cutting her voice off.


They both were diving into the portal after Willow without a moment of hesitation.

Willow was scared and curled up into a ball. The demon was muttering menacingly to her about her being nothing. That was when Xander’s sword cut off the demon’s head as well whatever he was saying. As the demon turned to goo and oozed to the floor they noticed the portal small and shrinking before they could even move it was the size of a basketball then a quarter before it was gone.

“Damn” Willow cursed seeing it, she started to mutter quickly as she could, but it was to no avail.

Cordelia was worried, “Why did the portal close?”

Willow almost snarled, upset at the situation not at her, but she held it off at the last moment, “The portal was tied to that demon’s life force, I tried to tie to mine at the last moment but it wasn’t compatible.”

“Is there any hope of getting home?”

Willow’s face took on a resolve and she started casting different magics and surprising both her bedmates she was using the athame to blast the area that held he portal. Xander didn’t know what she was saying but had a feeling of what they meant and he resolved to study languages next.

Cordelia whispered to Xander, “Is it just me or does that make you really hot?”

Xander couldn’t help but smile at the tension relieved. Willow must have heard her because suddenly she was turning red and it wasn’t from the anger she had at the spells not working. When she’d stopped a moment flushing at Cordelia’s words, Xander spoke up.

“While you’re doing this,” Xander said, “I’m going to scout the area. I’ll holler out when I return, so be on guard.” That last was directed more at Cordelia.

She held her crossbow at the ready. As he left Cordy growled at the four bolts wishing she’d brought more.


In Xander’s search he found seven demons, they died quickly and several humans who looked like they’d been there for some time. The last demon he found was found when he was looking at the humans and Xander lashed out emotionally with a bout of force lightning, something he’d never done and while Vader had it was something he’d always had trouble using effectively. It wasn’t just the talent that gave him pause but instead that he’d managed to call on it so instinctively which he found daunting.

The slaves were programmed it seemed. At least they listened when told to do something. Xander was able tell them what to do fairly easily. He made his way back to Cordelia and Willow letting out a warning shouting before entering. Willow chose the moment he entered to collapse, thankfully into his arms.

“Does anyone know where the food is or a way out of here?”


They stayed in the factory for weeks, depleting the food stuffs. Using some of the equipment Xander blew a hole thru the wall he’d specifically picked out. The wall was the way out; it was almost as though the force let it to Xander or Xander to it, but he didn’t rely solely on that feeling instead he checked it over felt it for days as the temperature changed with regularity. This told him that the other side was exposed to sunlight or something similar. Logic and deduction were his tools to verify gut instinct and strange feelings.

With confirmation that his ‘strong gut instinct’ was acting like the force or very similar to the memories Anakin’s persona shared he was more than willing to make the most of the situation and not look to deeply into the gift horse’s mouth.

They went thru the hole in the wall into a wilderness. By now most of the humans had started to emulate Xander, Cordelia, and Willow. They were no longer ‘nobody’ but they had yet to rebuild their characters.

On more than one occasion those two weeks Xander and the girls were in the factory had seen one of the members in their bed. Willow had almost zapped them the first time but Xander held her beck. He’d realized they just needed reassurance that their saviors were real. Xander was exceedingly supportive and patient with them. Considering that two of ‘bed invaders’ were male, it wasn’t as though Xander was adding to the ‘budding harem’. Neither girl doubted his unwillingness to share them with another man.

Upon first impression of the sun just outside the factory Xander couldn’t help but think, ‘It seems smaller than it should for some reason.’

The fresh feeling of air and plant life felt less dark and more like home for Xander.


It wasn’t until mid afternoon that they realized they weren’t on Earth anymore.

Willow turned to say something to Xander and froze, “Um Xander?”

He looked worried as she’d been about to ask something and that voice was a worried voice, “Yea?”

With a small mouse like tone Willow asks, “Is the moon supposed to be that big?”

Xander turned and frowned and then his eyes widened and he mutters, “Um where not exactly in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

Willow turns to him wide eyed, her worry over the moon completely forgotten, “Did you just compare me to a dog!?”

Xander didn’t respond, the shock of the moon was a good enough reason to pretend to ignore her (and the question she just asked) as though he was talking to himself. He would still get into trouble but it would be less severe. He knew of question was like that one, ‘Does this dress make me look fat?’ answering it attentively has her questioning your honesty, answering without looking is the most lenient response to hope for but even then it can sour the mood. Xander had even once tried the, nothing could, answer but that only netted him points until she re-asked the question with a stronger desire for an answer.

Luck would have a voice called their attention away from Xander’s ignoring of Willow, or comparing her to a dog. The voice was a female from the humans, Xander thought her name was Sandra but wasn’t sure.

“Look over there!” Sandra was pointing at four o’clock from the rising moon, though it could be said by the size of it that it was a rising planet. What she was pointing at was another moon, it was smaller about the size of Earth’s moon, but it was red, completely red and had loads of craters on it.

Just under the rising red moon there was a group of demons approaching.

“Xander?” Willow said hesitantly.

“They are grouped together, the darkness in them isn’t nearly as strong as it was with the ones we’ve killed; there is darkness there but…”

Cordelia nods and adds, “But there might be darker ones to worry about?”

Xander nodded and approached their path.

“Cows” one of the demons mutter as it approaches, there were demons on demon back as well.

“Freed your lives from the Ka’lothu?”

Xander frowned, they’d not spoke English but he understood them, he took a moment to recall Anakin’s technique for speaking other languages or having them understood at least.

“I humbly submit to your wisdom, yes I and my mates freed the chattel of the Ka’lothu, we killed the key to return us to Earth as well as his minions. Is there a method to return to vacate these lands not our own?”

Behind him Willow blinked in surprise at the formality of Xander’s words. She also wondered what the hell a Ka’lothu was.

The man like demon on demon beast’s back blinked in shock and held up his hands to signify a stop.

“Human you understand my speech. That is not a common trait among humans, for that I will answer your question and give you a warning. There is only two methods of transferring the universe, one is what you call the supernatural such as a demon or human with a talent for doors and travel, the other is thru machines, there are machines to take some from our world in boxes that fly, and there are portal generators in legend, it was called a Chappa’ai, but they have long ago been lost to this universe. The warning, not every warlord of these lands will take kindly to a human who understands their language, they will seek you out and destroy you if they are to find out, be leery of demons crossing your path that they might speak of your talent.”

Xander sighed, “I thank you for your wisdom and ask the gods of the land to bless your endeavors.”

The demon smiled and chuckled and waved his group on.

“Xander were they speaking a language Anakin learned? What did they say? Did they tell you how to get back to earth? Have…?”

He reached over and kissed her.

Cordelia was snickering as Willow stayed silent when he pulled back. She had that ‘sexually promiscuous’ glassy eyed look that spoke of naughty thoughts.

“I think this place is similar to where Anakin lived,” he glanced at the others adding just for her understanding, “you know with reaching for that?”

“Oh, you mean…”

Cordelia cut her off, they didn’t need the others aware of that particular talent of Xander’s, “Yes, and with two moons it is obvious we aren’t on Earth.”

“Three” Xander said looking in surprise at where the sun was setting, just to the right of that another moon was rising ever so slowly.

“So we’re likely in another universe?”

“Maybe or maybe magic is so compact here that I can use a broader method to reach for similar results. I’m not sure there is a way to tell either.”

Willow nods, “We need to find food and shelter did he tell you anything useful?”

“Not many humans know their language and if the other warlords find out they won’t be happy until every human with me is dead.”

Cordelia winced at that blunt statement.

“He did mention that there are two ways off this planet, one by space ship or flying boxes as he called them and the other is by finding a person with a talent to make portals, person or demon. I suppose a machine that makes a portal would work but he believed that was a bit far fetched.”

It was four hours before they found an animal that felt like a natural animal rather than a demon. It looked like a pig with evil looking horns and six legs. They’d killed it before they could even find out that it had wings too.

The pig didn’t dissolve so that was a good sign and they cooked it up to eat it.


‘The landscape isn’t too bad.’ Xander thought as he woke and stretched with the morning sun. ‘At least there is only one sun here.’

Two weeks in the boonies and they’d been able to set small traps to collect natural wildlife. The traps would automatically reset if the trapped carcass decomposed enough which was how they knew they were animals not demons. Xander and Willow had worked the designs specifically for that. They eventually added a rope for the traps to pull them up off the ground without ever needing to leave the trees.

The group had put together five nests in the trees. Xander, Willow, and Cordy were in one nest while the others split the four nests up. There were always at least two or three people on watch at night which meant they only needed five nests not six. It wasn’t as though the people had too many personal effects.

The trees seemed to be made to hide them and Xander had more than once felt something from them that he didn’t think he should feel from plants. The way parts were firm and other parts were limp reminded Xander of a body and Willow verified that it was indeed alive or demonic, they weren’t sure which but were sure it was carnivorous. It actually didn’t eat blood; the main source of food for the Tree was humans, hair, and calcium it took its water and nitrogen from the soil

After that the nest, Xander refused to call the nests tree houses, became a bit more extravagant. Knowing what the tree needed helped, and it seemed that as soon as Xander made ways to help the tree in some form of payment the tree in turn grew some of what they needed, vines where they needed to reach the ground such as by traps or the river bank.

After they’d killed a number of animals for food, skinned them, and eaten the meat they used the bones and the skin for things they needed. The tree started to sprout long stretched of strong hair along a number of vines. Rubbing the vines would remove the long bits of hair at the root which made them perfect for stitching clothing together. The root could be used as a needle tip when sharp or as a knot when blunt.


They hadn’t been idle in their routine, they’d also revisited the factory a few times to scavenge what was there and of use. It was on this trip and the return that Xander noted that the watch he’d thought was watching the campsite had gone with them to help. Upon that realization he noticed that they took a rotation and always were within calling distance if not watching distance to Xander and the girls.

It was as though they were looking for threats to their leader, someone in the group had organized it as Cordy and Willow had not.

“So you two didn’t set it up?”


“Excuse me, Xander.” The voice from the distance said politely, he was one of the youngest of the group, and Xander thought the word Xander in the context they used could have meant ‘milord’ or ‘sire’ because of the way the kid said it. “I couldn’t help but hear your questions Xander, and it was Jacob and Saline that set it up. None of us know demons well enough to know which ones are dangerous and which ones to kill, or how to kill some of them for that matter. The group has many who are dispensable but you three are not. If it comes to it each one of us volunteered and knows our duty to you and to the rest of our group to make sure you three are alive at the end of the day or the dawn of the morning.”

Xander blinked in shock, “Nobody is dispensable Greg, nobody.”

Greg smiled and nodded, though if anything his face showed that Xander’s response had solidified any doubt that Greg had been harboring over the topic. Xander had felt that much in the force, a shoring up of the walls and he glared at the smiling young man that had found his calling in life.

Greg looked over at the woman that was a bit further away; she could see both Xander and the others in the trees next door. She also had a rope in her arms and one and a bow that was likely only a 25-40 pound draw and would only last a few days before the wood wouldn’t be but 10-15lbs. Greg would work on a bow for her tomorrow, he was sure if he could get the metal plates he’d helped Xander salvage from the factory just right it would serve as a bow that was at least 75lbs and would last much longer. It would be a good start to making the crossbow for her, like Miss Cordelia’s.

Xander glanced at Jennifer and back at Greg and sighed.

“You know sometimes being able to tell some things so easily sucks.” He whispered to Cordelia.

“Really?” she moved just a bit and started to massage his inner leg, he groaned. ‘If there was going to be a guard to watch over us, Xander was going to have to get over the lack of privacy sooner or later.’

“Yes, I don’t know what I did to earn it but if my sense is right, the guards are devoted to us.”

Cordy blinked and glanced and smiled, “In a sense we made them who they are, we took them broke from the demons and gave them a self worth. There were times I had wanted to lash out one of them but held that reaction in. They’d been thru so much but they aren’t like Harmony is, they aren’t sheep, they couldn’t be or they’d just be followers.”

Willow nodded, “She’s right, Greg was willing to stand up to the order to go to bed if you gave it, he had his duty first, he might go a bit off into the shadows to ease our peace of mind but he was doing something he felt the need to, like someone hunting vampires alone when someone else didn’t want him to?”

Xander flushed and Willow’s hand joined Cordelia’s on the opposite leg. Xander almost moaned and the girls moved their hands just a bit to get him aroused.

“They take their strong will, independence, and moral compass from us, mostly from you I think, now, I think it’s time to sleep.” Willow moved her hand away at the same time as Cordelia had.

He growled at them. Cordelia was closest and she was giggling as he pulled her back and found out she’d been wet; they’d stopped wearing unders at the factory.


It was several months after they started to live in the trees. Xander felt a number of spikes from the tree, emotional spikes that didn’t really make that much sense until Xander realized that the tree wasn’t just instinct and living, it was sentient or at least somewhat sentient. The location of the vines, the bundling of the brush, and even the shedding of needle hairs were responses to their needs.

“I think I love this tree, or these trees.”

Xander felt the emotional spike and the two girls turn to look at him curiously.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve never seen a tree like this back home. I have yet to see how it reproduces. Do you think that it seeds in the fall?”

“Well” Willow started, “The trees back home often seed thru flowers so I suppose…”

Suddenly a vine stuck thru the floor, a single vine and the end blossomed before their silent eyes into a flower that was quite simply the most beautiful flower any of the had seen.

“Thank you” Xander said as the flower seemed to fold in on itself and drop a singles seed.

“Xander?” Willow asks in awe.

“She’s aware Willow, she’s sentient and understanding.”

Willow gasps and Cordelia looked at the seed with understanding the tree had just given Xander a child of hers.

Cordelia spoke softly as she took the seed from Xander, “I’ll put her into one of the bags and we’ll plant it when we get back, if that’s alright?”

The response from the tree was to sprout several more flowers and fall several more seeds.

“I think she likes the idea Cordelia.”

After that the trio and then the others took to whispering to the tree and took extra care to brush their epidermis along the bark. Xander, Willow, and Cordelia were often making love on the tree herself rather than on the softened matting. Never were the deeper scratches from the vigorous love making there when they woke. Willow had shared that during the process of consummation of humus the tree had released a healing agent, she also pointed out that she released more healing agent then was common when they needed the healing.


They were no closer to getting home after months in there but routine was steady and they found themselves living and enjoying life. That was when Jumper arrived. Jumper’s demon name couldn’t be said with human tongues, the phonetics of it weren’t that important but the meaning of his name was something akin to ‘late maker deep diver’ which meant that he was named late bloomer and deep jumper, a prophecy of his talent. His gift for jumping was going to be later than his peers and his talent would surpass all those before him.

It had started out as a curiosity by the guards, James and Saundra. There were demons that came thru the paths near the river often snagging the animals in those traps on their way.

Xander noted when they told him that all of his guards were evenly mixed male and female. He knew it wasn’t because they were dating, though he noted that a few times Greg and Jennifer were going the same way when they were relieved and no doubt shared their bed. The other guards however were different; James was partial to working with Saundra but had only found his bed with Victoria. Victoria often was working with Dave. Dave was the eldest of the group; he wasn’t going to be interested in sex ever again. Dave didn’t really care if they got back to Earth as long as everyone looked out for each other. Jacob and Saline were often paired up but they would work with others if they’d had one that had a long day and needed an extra rest. Dave may have been the eldest but Jacob was the strongest male voice of the group aside from Xander.

They had been keeping track of the demons but one demon in particular had passed by and left some kind of magical trap, the group had been reluctant to go near it enough to tell what kind of trap it was, that was until Xander found one of the few demons have next to no darkness in him or her snaring the trap.

“Damn,” he muttered as he looked at the demon up in the air by magic and what looked like a golden cage of light. “That demon is a demon, but it has very little darkness about it at all.”

“Oh I know what triggers it now, it was set up for him or his race specifically, we have to help him Xander and I can disable all the traps that bigot set.”

Willow disliked bigots and after hearing Xander’s description she was thinking of him with a kindred likeness of her heritage as a Rosenberg.

Xander didn’t even say a word and Willow freed him and destroyed the traps.

“Hello” Xander said, “We did not attempt to trap you that would be a demon with blue skin and long horns from the north.”

Xander pointed to the right of the setting sun by ninety degrees. Just to let the demon know where north was.

The demon language was guttural, “I thank you human, that trap would have seen me loss my freedom of choice, I value my free will over my life, what is it you ask of me?”

Xander shook his head, “We ask nothing, you are welcome to stay and eat with us, we have cooked meat of the forest animals if that is within your diet?”

“I am able to eat cooked food, yes.”

“Wonderful, my name is Alexander; people call me Xander for short.”

“My name is Sa’gghgog’ooddle de Be’dddooagoog.”

Seeing Xander’s look he laughed, “It means ‘late to bloom powerful jumping’, our kind are given names of prophecy when born that describe our… potential. I am the latest of all my kind to leave home, my talent in jumping has still not presented itself, and powerful jumping, I sometimes doubt they gave me a proper naming.”

“Xander what’s he saying?” Willow asked then waved at the demon who looked at the human confused.

“What is the human saying I do not understand her words the way I understood yours.”

Xander smiled, “She is my mate and she does not have the talent to make herself understood the way I do. She asked what you were saying, he’s is telling me his name means late bloomer of powerful jumping.”

“Is this language you are speaking able to be learned, I would enjoy knowing another language.”

“I’m sure we can teach you English, I can help translate and you can try and practice my words spoken.”

“Yes, I will stay for a while, call me Jumper.”

“Jumper” Xander said in English.

The demon smiled and said it in English, “Jumper” and nodded before speaking in his language. “I like that name.”

“I like that name too.”

This time the demon tried to speak in English, “I lick tat name.”

“I like that name.”

“I like that name.” he smiled pleased with himself, the green brown skin and silver horns weren’t so menacing when he smiled.


They set Jumper up in a nest all his own. For several weeks he learned English, Xander was always with him and then Xander started to pull away allowing others there to converse with Jumper without his immediate translating abilities. It took an additional three weeks and Jumper could speak English quite well.

“Jumper, you said your species learned to jump from one location to another, this was just something that developed without anything being taught?”

“Yes Xander, it was quite daunting to never know how the others did it.”

“I can see it could be daunting, I was thinking that with any talent there must be some methodology even when we don’t realize there is. Some of the talents I’ve used needed to have a right state of mind to use or maintain. I was wondering if you might like to sit with me while I meditate; I could walk you thru the steps I take to use some of my gifts. Willow uses a different method of meditation that may also help.”

Jumper nods, “Yes, she spoke of relaxing and knowing your mind. I would be honored to learn this from you.”

The demon however was often looking for ways to repay the humans for saving him, and adding this if it worked, he would be able to get them home once he understood how.


Jumper had been on his way to Endeavor City, a demon city that housed the flying metal boxes going into the dark void of space. He had wanted off the planet and away from the reminder of his lack of ability. Then to be trapped in the mundane traps of Warlord Gruff, if that wasn’t humiliating then he didn’t know what was. He was rescued before his mind could be altered to serve at the whim of Warlord Gruff but now he could not leave, not when he owed these humans a debt, a life debt that he could feel in his chorta.

He learned their language, he learned their kindness, and he vowed to himself that he would show that kindness when he traveled… if he could. The flying boxes of Endeavor were long forgotten in his new flourishing environment. He made his first jump today, it wasn’t far but it was enough to know he could and now he knew how he could.

After that he tried to use his chorta to feel for where the humans came from but it seemed that they were feeling the tree was home. He knew of the tree, it was said that the tree would take anyone and make them her own and they would do it willingly. He had never believed it but now he could feel it with his chorta, they knew the tree was home in their heart of hearts and to leave the tree was not going to be easy for them.

That was when he felt it, the chorta felt the tree’s unease; then the tree showed him a full blast of mental communication. The trees were all linked but with a hive like mind, they were individuals with a full understanding and support of the commonality. Warlord Gruff was coming he was burning the trees on his path. His scouts had seen the broken traps and detected the humans that freed Jumper.

“Xander, the warlord that set the traps is coming.”

“Huh?” he was confused at how Jumper felt that.

“The tree showed me, he is coming and burning the trees as he comes.”

Xander was at first angry but then he felt something, it was as though an umbilical cord was cut and Jumper found thru his chorta that it was the same for all the humans, he  looked at the tree and felt her sorrow for this but it must be done, her humans must survive even if she were to burn.

“I will see them home wise one.”

Xander blinked but he, their things, and every human in the trees were suddenly transported to the place they’d left Earth from.

There, Jumper felt it, the debt was cleared, “I shell not forget you and your kindness Alexander. I only wish I could save the tree.” With that he shimmered and was gone.

“I think” Xander gulps sniffling and his eyes watering, “I think we’re h-home.” That last word felt almost like acid in his throat as it broke on his lips.

Cordelia rubbed his shoulders, gently whispering, “She gave us her seeds, we still have them.”

Xander nodded, “I’ll plant a few of them at home.”

Willow nods, “How long do you think it’s been?”

“Months but…”

Xander frowned and grumbled a bit, “I forgot how hard it was to use the force here.”

Willow grinned a little and nodded, “Well we best see if the hotel kept our things and if the car was impounded.”


As it turns out, the entire group of humans had joined them, the time that passes sense Xander and the girls had entered was only about 35 minutes.

Xander was set to return to the Hellmouth but Willow pointed out the stuff they got from the vampire in the limo named Mr. Winters.

“We should probably check it out, if he doesn’t have any vampire buddies or even if he does it might be a good place to set up a safe house after we transfer it into our names.”

Xander smirks, “You’ll need to check online, can you still do that?”

Willow looked shocked at his teasing and then growls before grapping her laptop defiantly, a few moments of working and murmuring she smirks at him, “Like riding a bike.” Though there was a look of relief in her eyes. A few more minutes and she had a smug satisfaction, “Done!”

“Really?” asks Cordelia.

“Yes I have an address and I doubt he has other vampires there.”

The address was a mansion and all the humans but Greg, Jennifer, Saline, and Jacob, were staying. They planted a tree in the back yard and it grew quiet quickly before they buried it all the way. The tree was already six inches above the ground. Xander reached down and gently stroked the plant. It bent towards his hand and he smiled and nodded.

The fourteen humans staying would deal with the city’s demons. The seven, a tight fit in the car return to Sunnydale, the first stop was home then to Giles. It wasn’t that far of a trip from one to the other.


“Yes, Mr. Travers, I will endeavor to find out as much as I can.”

Xander had opened the door and all seven entered. Giles froze at the look of the kids.

“Yes sir, he just returned, I will be sure to thank him for his forethought.”

“Xander did you register the Council as partial owners of you patents?”

Xander nodded with a shrug. That was quite a while ago for him, “If anything happened I wanted to make sure that someone got the money and if anything does happen, who’s saying it wouldn’t be all of Sunnydale.” Then surprising the elder man he approached Giles with a rush and hugged the man, “Damn we missed you G-Man.”

Giles would have reprimanded the name if not for the girls also hugging him.

“I see.”

“This is Greg, Jacob, Saline, and Jennifer, they’re aware of the supernatural.”

Saline had an amused look on her face, “Hard not to be after where we were Xander.”

“Where were you, I thought you were going to LA.”

Willow nods, “Yea we did.”

Cordelia nods, “Only we neglected to plan for the dimensionally powered trip to either a hell dimension or another universe. We were only gone for like thirty five minutes.”

Xander smirks and adds, “Only there it was months and months.”

“For some, I think Dave was there for decades before you rescued us. We buried him under the tree.” Jennifer sniffled.

Xander nodded, “He died of old age Giles, but then he knew he wasn’t going to be leaving with us, no matter how much I tried to tell him he was.”

“You were in a hell dimension, time moves differently there.”

“Yea but Giles I could touch the force very similar to what Anakin could do while I there.”

Giles blinked in shock and shook his head, “Is that how you survived?”

“Oh no we worked together; there were twenty one of us in all.”

“Where are the others?” Giles asks concerned.

“I put them in charge of Mr. Winters’ Estate.”

“Mr. Winters?”

Willow elucidates, “A vampire we killed the night we went to hell. He had a large estate and I transferred it into Sandra’s name before we left. She’s in charge there and these four tagged along with us. Xander was thinking of buying a larger house.”

Xander nods, “Yea. So what was Mr. Travers on about?”

Giles nodded, there would be time to talk about there adventures in hell later.

“Evidently there is a sect of magical users, world wide, that have hidden themselves away from the mundane world and recently in London and in Scotland one of them went bad, as bad as a magical user could go I gather. He and his group of followers are searching for Harry Potter; some chosen one that was prophesied to defeat him but Mr. Potter has been somehow removed from the scene. Travers suspects some demon involvement because of one of their seers. He’s sending us everything the Queen has given him concerning them. Evidently the President is also contributing and the Secretary of Magic here in America has given his permission to include anything that could help.”

“So there is an entire group of magical people and they aren’t here fighting demons?”

Giles smiled slightly, “I gather that they have their own magical creatures that they claim responsibility for or attempt to contain, but no they are not fighting demons.”

“When is the stuff arriving and do we know if they have any people on the Hellmouth?”

“I will put the question to paper and find out after we’ve looked thru what is arriving. It should be here tomorrow morning.”

Xander nods, “Buffy is going to be quite upset when she returns, just to give you a heads-up. Cordelia and Willow want to pick up The Princess Bride and a few other movies and make it a movie night.”

Giles spoke with hope, “She isn’t due back for at least a week perhaps we can have this cleared up before then?”

Xander smirked at him not telling the watcher that he’d just doomed them to not have it dealt with by then, taunting Murphy was not a favorable pastime.


The information they had on magicals was incredible, “They have a magical theory that really explains quite a bit. Then again they lack so much information about the supernatural it isn’t even funny Giles.” Willow said half in awe half complaining.

“Yes, where are the four house guests?”

Cordelia gestures, “Two are at the door; they tend to stand guard whenever we’re at one single place for a long period of time.”

“Stand guard?”

Xander grumbled, “It seems that while away they took stationing a rotation of guards to protect us, I had thought they’d stop this nonsense once we got here but it appears they haven’t.”

Giles, still unsure of what they were meaning, asks, “Standing guard as in a protection detail?”

“Yes, and if they weren’t so persistent, all of them, it wouldn’t be so freaking annoying.”

Willow and Cordelia were smirking at him and Giles cleaned his glasses.

“Perhaps they were exposed to some demonic aspect while you were away and this is how they have dealt with it, they do not seem to be harming anything.”

“Oh no, they don’t, it’s just that Xander is upset that they, each of them, would give their life to keep us safe, or maybe even give their life on the chance that we might get hurt.”

Giles smirked just a bit, “I take it back they have simply learned to emulate you three, especially Xander.”

Giles went back to reading the scroll that was on the treaty signed by the goblins and the queen at the close of the latest hostilities with the goblins.

Xander growled at him but the growl stayed wordless, he’d already determined that but he did wonder if there was a magical reason for that. Whatever it was they’d made their choice and to remove it was not something Xander was likely to do unless he found the entire decision making process had been usurped.

Cordy growled for complete different reason, she put the pages torn out of a book down on the table, “So the crown is unaware how this monster has become immortal?”

“They believe that Mr. Potter was aware of it and working on ending the threat the last year but they don’t know where he was as he wasn’t at Hogwarts until just before he vanished. If this Riddle individual had not thrown such a temper tantrum looking for him they would have thought he’d killed Mr. Potter.”

Xander asks, “So why demonic involvement?”

“One of the Watcher Seers on duty went into a trance at the mention of Mr. Potter’s name and the prophecy was, “The child of prophecy, the marked one and his three to be, have taken leave by way of a demonic gift, they will return by means of Vulcan’s hand, patience is the only method to the congruence of fulfillment.” She then passed out and slept for three days.”

Xander looked ill, “Is that common for seers?”

“Yes, for unusually strong prophecies. I suppose it depends on how much magic the seer is able to channel, it might also be that a seer who is one of these wand wavers, won’t pass out at all.”

“So a demonic gift, that actually narrows it down, a gift isn’t usually meant to cause harm, is it a gift given to them as a one time thing or a talent that one of this Harry Potter or his three have that they used?”

“Prophecy is meant to be vague it could have been anything.”

“Actually” Xander spoke up, “it sounds to me like they met a demon at Hogwarts and they sent them someplace that they would need mechanical means to return from.”

Cordelia asks, “Mechanical means?”

Giles nods agreement, “Vulcan’s hand, yes you may be right about that last if not about the first.”

Willow nods saying, “So what we need to do is find a way to stymie this monster’s minions until this Harry Potter can return.”

Cordelia asks Giles, “Do we have any other history on this Harry Potter; it might shed some light as to why a demon was willing to help him?”

“Oh yes here, this is everything from the crowns files on Harry Potter.”

There was a half a box and she started opening it and the trio of kids looked thru with growing dimmer looks as they did, “Giles is there a demon that helps abused kids, maybe grants them wishes and such?”

Giles blinked and nodded slowly and then went to retrieve the books, luckily he had them all at home as it was summer.

“Here we are, Halfrek, Patron Saint of Abused Children.”

“You can bet the gift came from her, I think she’s one of the few demons would get into Hogwarts past her wards.”

“I see.” Rupert Giles muttered, and then they showed him the files.

“I’ll give my report to Travers but maybe we should summon this Halfrek and find out where she sent him.”

“We don’t want her hurt” Xander said firmly, “the only time the child is harmed is if the wish is dark and twisted.”

Giles blinked but shrugged, he wasn’t going to mention that most vengeance demons are immortal and their centers are hard to find or destroy.

“I seriously doubt that Harry Potter made a wish that will need to be undone” Willow stated.

“So, we need a spell or something. One that makes people speaks truthfully, the entire room I mean.”

 “Yes that might work so long as we have no intention on lying.”


It took a while and then they summoned Halfrek, “Why did you summon me?”

“So we can find out if you granted Harry Potter a wish or one of those with him, where he is at the moment, and when he will be able to return.”

“Oh him, he was quite elusive, never willing to talk about his family. I don’t believe he said the W word for years and years. I knew the poor boy was about to die I just couldn’t let it happen that way.”

Giles speaks up, “About to die?” Giles muttered and then nods, “I’m Rupert Giles, if we remove the salt circle will agree to speak with us some more, perhaps over tea?”

“Tea would be lovely, so long as you don’t mean me harm.”

Giles nods at her and gives his voiced agreement, “Of course not my dear.”

She looked at the others, “No we don’t mean you harm.”

“No” Willow spoke aloud.

Cordy looked her up and down; “Only if you harm my family.” She gestures to Xander and Willow.

Giles blinked at that and Halfrek nods, “He is a sweetie, in one of the other realms he ended up with Anyanka for a time.”

Giles asks, “Other realms?” he offered her his hand and she took it.

“Oh yes, there are dozens of realms that the little manipulation Miss Chase was subject to tore her from the Scoobies and sent her into the arms of that nasty vampire with a soul. It always ended sadly in my opinion; usually I ended up dead in those realms too.”

Giles was confused and was about to ask when Xander cleared his throat. “I hope that we’ve eliminated those plots?”

“Oh yes, several of them however didn’t have a magical society; for the most part they are not too far reaching into the supernatural world. Only a few of them actually believed in demons, the rest seemed to believe they are a product of religious meanderings.”

Giles poured her a tea, “Do you know the wish he was granted?”

“A thousand years to prepare for his destiny, it was quite fun to work with. You have to understand that Harry dear child was struck with the killing curse and protected by his mother’s love. If only all mothers loved their child as much as Lily Potter did. Anyway the rebounded curse shattered Tom Riddle’s soul and a small sliver lodged into Harry’s forehead. The only way they had to get rid of it was to kill Harry Potter so Tom Riddle could be killed. Most of the realms that Harry did this he returned and finished the job but the realms he didn’t, such as this would have been, the sliver was too small to absorbed the full magical might of the killing curse. I changed that when I sent him away, the only way for him to have a thousand years was if he was far enough away on the multiverse to snap the connection between the fragment and Tom Riddle. I don’t know how his return will occur but the magic would force a way to be found. I suspect the little munchkin will be nearly immortal and I must say of the humans I’ve met he’s one of the few that will not abuse it.”

“I see, I must make a phone call, time moves differently and you have no idea when he should return?”

“Well” she bit her lip, “The wish takes into account that his destiny isn’t just to face Tom Riddle. I know it will at least include leading the wizarding world into a new era. I know that Tom Riddle will be immortal until Harry returns. If Tom destroys the wizarding world there will be nothing left for Harry to lead, however if the wizarding world as a whole doesn’t see enough death and destruction at the hands of Tom they won’t be pliable enough to change their bigoted outlook on the world as whole.”

Giles blinked in shock at the destiny of this up and coming leader of the wizarding world. The details of the wish made him slightly ill when he considered it.

“I don’t believe he’ll be gone for more than three months, so by September 19, that’s one of those girl’s birthday. He might be here sooner but I doubt he will be able to intervene.”

“I think I need to talk to Travers, if you’ll excuse me.”

Cordelia asks, “So his coming back with the girls as mates wasn’t part of the wish?”

Halfrek blinked, “Um no, mates you say?”

Xander grinned, “There was a prophecy which gave a lead on you being the wish giver, but it was a vague thing. Do you have any idea on how we could prepare for Harry’s return; I mean speed up the time table?”

“Well Tom Riddle has three levels of minions, the inner circle which are tried and true followers, the common Deatheater which are thugs but often smart enough to think on their own for simple tasks, and the lowest level are divided into two kinds, some that are threatened and only going along with it to keep their loved ones safe and the other kind of that third level are those trying to get to the other two levels. The more common Deatheaters are killed the faster the war will wind down, I’d stay way from the inner circle until Harry is back, he’ll need to take them out personally to add to his credibility and…” she was looking for the right word, “Moral authority to rule.”

Xander blinked in surprise. “Is the wizarding world that ass backwards, might makes right and all?”

He was asking Cordelia and Willow but Halfrek laughs, “Of course it is, most of humanity is to tell the truth. Only the steadfast perception of justice and continuity of law allow the governing forces to supersede the might of the individual. The wizarding world just had equalizers that are more effective than the Colt 45.”

Xander blinked and laughed, “The Bill of Rights may say it with words but Samuel Colt was the man that made it fact.”

“And he’ll have more than a simple slug thrower when he returns. Destiny was a very allusive concept that was based on perspective and potential. A thousand year to graze and alter that potential might also come into play with the wish. I mean if he sat on his but for nine hundred of the thousand years he might not reach his full potential but I seriously doubt that. You never know he might end up ruling more than the magical world when he returns. I could see him not standing for some war mongering nation, or terrorism that you humans seem to indulge in, if not as often as demons as terrible.”

Giles winced at that. “There is no telling how much potential he might have had is there?”

“Oh prior to my intervention he might have had the potential to either die or rule the wizarding world, he would have died because the fragment of soul was too week or he was too strong and had been pushing the fragment out, I’m not truly sure on that but that was his destiny at that point in time. Destiny like vengeance is a very fluid almost living thing and changes from one moment to the next.”

“And if he is coming back by Vulcan’s hand, it is likely that he’s returning with advanced technology that he’s accumulated over the last thousand years his time, if any nation on Earth starts to wage war he could very easily move them to another world or another realm, I doubt he’s going to show up naked.”

Halfrek grins, “Oh that might be fun; he’ll be nearly as old as I am by then.”

Cordelia and Willow giggle and Giles rolls his eyes. A thousand years old and she is still something of a gossiping girl. Giles caught Xander’s expression and smiled, the young man was simply thankful he was no longer the subject of her attention.

Xander changes the subject, “You know he might also be quite upset that there are demons like Vampires and other hostile kinds, I doubt he’d be prejudice after a thousand years in other realms but for those demons that harm innocents he’ll be the like the wrath of God squishing grapes.”

Halfrek winces then shrugs, “There are those that won’t like it but Lord D’Hoffryn won’t mind, his demons are immortal and thrive on human wishes and vengeance, it is balanced only by the intent of the wisher and on occasion it is the interference or destiny of the individual that twists it.”


Halfrek had left but had promised to return to visit, which had Giles wincing but the girls had all liked her well enough to have her back. “I guess we’re heading to England?”

“Yea, I mean we’re going to smash some wizards heads right?”

Giles polished his glasses and sighed before putting them on, “I gather we shell, however we may need to pick Buffy up first.”

Willow asks, “She’s in Spain, could we just kidnap her, I think that her father would get into really big trouble if he lost his daughter. We could make sure Joyce knows he was being a puppy head and we rescued her?”

Giles was surprised and then he smiled, “Perhaps that would be best, we do have some contacts in the Spanish Guard that can ensure that he’s ‘held for questioning’. They can even claim that as he hasn’t paid child support or alimony that they suspect the girl was a victim of white slavery and hold him for questioning until they can have the mother fly in with pictures of her own and paperwork.”

Xander smirks just a bit, “He would have to go over his schedule and they use that as a means of saying that it couldn’t possibly be his daughter because he just doesn’t spend enough time with her for that. Point out that the images makes her look slightly older than the mistress, which is another indicator that she’s what did you call it?”

“White slavery, Xander it is quite a problem in some of the European nations when girls travel alone, especially fit American girls.”

Xander nodded. “I think that might be a plan and if all else Buffy can claim that when her father was ignoring her she told him she was returning home after a long hiking trip.”

Giles nods; it was a good idea, and it would prevent future occurrences such as this from occurring.


SG1 was growling at the canceled trip, they were all enjoying the idea of going to Sunnydale but when Samantha sent an email to fish for an invitation she found out that Xander was going to England and wasn’t sure when he’d be back to Sunnydale.

“Do we know why he’s going to England?”

George sighs, he’d talked with the head watcher and they were going to be sporting three watchers and their potentials at the SGC, the potentials weren’t likely to be chosen as they were all seventeen but they carried the potential all the same.

“Yes actually, I just got off the phone with Quinton and he tells me that he’s helping the crown deal with a terrorist or his henchmen. I’m not sure what is going on with that, he seemed slightly elusive about it which makes me think that this particular secret was not his to share or he was requested by the crown not to share it with us, though he has confirmed that he hasn’t shared the information about the SGC with the Crown.”

Sam frowns, “Why not?”

“The watchers are based in England but they are not strictly an English origination, the way Quinton put it was that he did not divulge state secrets regardless of the nation they came from unless there was no choice in it or the nation as a whole was compromised.”

“That actually makes sense, and it explains why they are so easily able to influence the different nations of the world.”

George winced, “Speaking of influence, they’re going to have three watchers and their potentials here as part of the SGC, I think you’ll enjoy having someone that knows their languages around Dr. Jackson. The Potentials I’ve learned are trained in hand to hand as well as languages and tactics, though they are lacking in group tactics. Quinton shared a desire to have them taught group tactics but has not been able to in the past due to the Watchers not having the proper training in how to work in small groups.”

Jack smiled, “He actually admitted that?”

“Yes, admitting a fault such as that is not what I’d come to expect but I must say as much as they are a political organization they are also a combative one that has outlasted any nation on Earth.” He winced at that, “Facing your own inadequacies is one thing that you’d have to do to achieve that longevity. I have a feeling that the recent watchers have had a hard time adapting and Mr. Travers is using this situation as an excuse to achieve his goals. In some ways these people are like the NID, by that I mean they have a bit of moral ambiguity when it comes to certain things.”

They all wince at that, Teal’c nods, “Indeed, George Hammond, but the NID do not seem to learn from their mistakes. They ignore their inadequacies which this Quinton Travers does not seem to be.”

“Yes that’s it exactly however one thing that I really don’t like is these potentials the three watchers have as their wards are seventeen years old. They are unlikely to be called as a slayer because their too old, that means…”

“The slayer is called when they are young and their body still growing into their strength. It is the same with strong Jaffa; they are trained when young to grow strong and wise when they are old.”

George nodded, reluctantly. “I suspect that it’s a cultural difference Teal’c, my first thought is that girls not yet sixteen are dieing fighting demons. Most slayers don’t live long, Miss Summers is the oldest of recent times and she’s sixteen this last January. That may also be one of the reason he’s pushing for group tactics, it’s quite obvious that Miss Summers surviving a hotspot like Sunnydale is attributed to her being part of a group and working with a group rather than just a single watcher.”


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