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This story is No. 4 in the series "Altair's Reflection". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Abstergo makes a deadly mistake in underestimating Buffy Anne Summers and Desmond sees why. (AC crossover)

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Games > Sci-FicloudleonsgurlFR1811,151041,3225 Aug 135 Aug 13Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Don't own Buffy, don't own AC. Comepletely don't own anyhing, just stuff for amusement.

Summary: Abstergo underestimated Buffy Summers, and Desmond sees the beginning of their downfall.

Crossover: Assassins Creed

Fourth story in Altair's Reflection Seires


Desmond Miles had given up all hope of escaping Abstergo's clutches.

That was until she showed up.

He had been lying in bed, trying to sort Altair's memories away from his own when the steel metal door was kicked in. And standing there like some kind of dark guardian with a halo of golden hair sweeping around her forehead, stood a young woman. She was small, dainty even and she had wicked smirk on her face that he only saw on one other individual. Altair.

"Desmond Miles?" Her voice was a strange mixture of Syrian and California accent.

Desmond didn't know why she asked, because her eyes--just like Altair's--flickered with recognization. "Yea?" He slowly pushed himself off the bed, realizing that she was no Abstergo employee.

"Good," her sharp smirk smoothed into something more genuine. "Hate to think I'd been breaking down all the wrong doors. Come on," she gestured for him to follow her. When he hesistated, she sent him a knowing look. "Unless of course you want to stay?"

Desmond followed without a second thought. He had given up on getting out of here, and if this blond provided any chance of an escape, he would take it no matter what. He glared at the Animus, and saw the blond walk over to the computer. Her fingers danced over the keyboards, and she pressed her right hand to her ear and spoke in brisk Arabic. While the animus translated language while he was in it, it was not the case here. The only two words he understood were "Dawn" and "Faith". The blonde nodded sharply, "Good."

She hit something on the keyboard and a black disk popped out of the animus. The blond snatched it up and stated, "Come on. Let's go."

"How did you know I was here? Are you an assassin?" Desmond asked, struggling to keep pace with the blond woman. "Who are you?"

"Sort of," the blond replied. "As for knowing how you were here..." A grimace flickered across her face. "Let's just say that the universe has a sick, very sick sort of humor. Now, until we are home free holding the inquistion, will you? I want to avoid the guard. Not that I don't like a good fight, but I want to be off of Abstergo radar for a hair longer."

Desmond's lips pursed, but he kept silent. They ducked around corners, dashed behind guards backs, and Desmond couldn't deny the zig of thrill he got from it. When they reached an elevator, Buffy typed in a number, but it denied her access. She pressed her fingers to her ear and said, "Dawn...what's going on?"

"We're having some trouble. Big Red trying to figure out what we are up to, and I'm having to dodge her and Abstergo at the same time...kind of not easy, okay?"

Desmond narrowed his gaze on the pinpad. His eyes burned slightly as the world melted into grey. Fingerprints were lit up in red on the keypad and Desmond started pressing the four numbers hoping to get the right combination. Finally on his third time, the elevator doors slid open. He turned and saw the blond staring up at him wide eyed.

"You have the sight," she breathed out, surprised.

"You mean eagle vision?" Desmond asked.

"An apt name if there ever was one," she inclined her head, and stepped into the elevator. "Going down?"

Desmond's lips quirked up, and he slid into the elevator along side of her. "You said you were sort of an assassin? What does that mean?"

"It means while I am on the same side as the assassin, I don't activitely take part of their whole secret society. At least not yet," she told him. "And what did I say about Spanish Inquistions?"

"Sorry," Desmond looked a tidbit sheepish. "But you did answer, one could say you encouraged it."

The blond gave him the stink eye, and muttered under her breath about "novices" as the elevator doors slid open. The two of them walked out as a dark car with no plates slid up, a dark, sexy brunnette in the drivers seat.

"Buffy!" The brunnette's Boston accent was thick. "Over here!"

The blond started forward and Desmond after her, they had reached the vehicle when a cold, hard voice stated, "I think that's far enough."

Desmond gritted his teeth in frustration, freedom just on the tip of his fingers and he turned to face his jailer: Warren Vidic. Vidic's face was tense and he looked like he has swallowed something bitter. "I have to say," the templar spoke, his voice even. "That was quite a display. Jamming our security cameras, sneaking past our guards, but it all ends now."

"If you think that was the only thing we were up to," the brunnette snickered, "then you are in for a surprise."

"Faith," Buffy chided.

Faith shrugged, unrepentingly.

"Bluffs won't work now," Vidic began, but Faith interuptted.

"He thinks we're bluffying B," the brunnette mocked outrage.

"How rude," Buffy quipped.

"Enough of this nonsence," Vidic spat, making a gesture with his hand. Abstergo guards surrounded them, and Desmond could see the brunnette Faith looked utterly bored by it. Glancing over at the blonde, Buffy, he saw that she looked like she was ready for a catnap. "There is no escape for any of you, surrender now and you may get to live--if your ancestors provide anything useful," he told them, smugly.

Buffy just rolled her shoulder, and stretched out in a cat like way. "Geez, thanks for the offer, but I've got places to be, people to see and all that jazz," she shrugged. "So see here's the deal that's on the table, you let us walk away and you get to live. That is if your superiors let you after they realize how you royal screwed up."

Vidic snorted, dimissively. "Is that your best threat? You have no weapons, no back up, you're all alone. What do you have that could possibly stop us?"

It was the way her lips curled, and the glint she got in her eye at the challenge when it hit Desmond Miles and he would have laughed if the situation hadn't been so serious. "Me," She purred, a deadly infliction in her voice. Then she sprang forth, her movements created and molded death into a artform and Desmond could only stand and watch as she took down the Abstergo guards like they were nothing more than flies.

Faith sat in the car, enjoying the show and when Vidic fled for the hills, realizing how outmatched he truly was, she yelled after him, "COWARD!"

Desmond couldn't help, but grin as he slid into the backseat of the car. Abstergo had just underestimated Buffy Anne Summers.

And in doing so had started their own downfall.

RRs are appreciated.

The End

You have reached the end of "Underestimated". This story is complete.

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