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Hell-o-ween Night

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Summary: With so much destructive potential and possible hidden agendas, how is it possible that the good guys triumph during the one night where everything could easily go wrong?

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Chapter 1: Beginnings, middles and ends...

This is a non-profit, fan-based fiction. Buffy, characters, costumes, quotes, plots, songs, the disclaimer this disclaimer is originally based on and other sorts of miscellaneous stuff belong to their respective owners. Please support the official release.

Chapter 1: Beginnings, middles and ends...

It had been a long-ass night. A night with no end where nightmares and masks had come to life. It had been very violent too. Way too many monsters and critters, darkness and evil to be easily handled by those who had gone as good guys.

And in the middle of that fight stood a single figure. The light to show the way. Protector of the innocent, of all things cute, and fluffy. He was the new defender of those considered crunchy and delicious by the dwellers of the dark.

He had no striking features. He wasn't particularly tall, handsome, or smart. And, while he had his heart in the right place and was courageous when needed, he was just an insecure boy. But, for one night, this night, he had gone as he wasn't. He had gone as hope. The hope of all. The hope of the light.

Tonight, that guy who wasn't all that tall, handsome, or smart, had a cape on his back and a red 'S' on his chest and, for want of a nail, that night, that Halloween night, the butterfly flapped its wings and everything changed.

"Guys! You've got to move!", Xander screamed while he flew in the way of a falling pickup truck.

"Xander!", yelled Jonathan, running from the group of people they were protecting. He happened to be wearing what looked like a cartoonish red costume and a strange, metallic helmet. "Avatar was killed, man! He got ripped by one of those deaths!"

"Who-", he paused abruptly to lift another car and then threw said car into a charging pink monstrosity with protrusions in its head and mares of the night in its blood-red eyes. Them he continued while floating besides the smaller guy. "Forget it. Is everyone safe?"

"Yeah. This was the last batch", the shorter dude looked at Xander sadly. Left was unsaid that if anyone was still in Sunnydale then they were either dead or about to die.

Xander took a glimpse towards the town. They had run towards the car blocked highway that lead to L.A. From there the town looked like the end of the world had come home early and with cousins. Streets ablaze and homes painted red with the innocent had transformed the supposedly family friendly night into a ghoulish nightmare.

They, meaning them two and a few others who had dressed as heroes and anti-heroes for that night, had tried to contain the danger but those who had dressed as villains had taken to the streets with a joy for bloodlust that had ended with many dead and quite a few injured.

They had been transformed during the trick or treats festivities into their costumes. Mostly everyone had been changed both in memories and body but, after a while, some had remembered who they were. Others not so much.

"Larry smash!!!", they both heard coming from town, while feeling the earth tremble under them.

"Shit...", Jonathan said softly under his breath, while they saw a group of houses being demolished from afar.

"We have to keep moving", said Xander while painfully moving his eyes away from his hometown. "Before any of those things figure out where the nummy treats went"

Just as he finished talking the ground shook with an even greater force than before. The close by civilians that had been crying after leaving behind dead or changed loved ones had started screaming in newfound fear. A light had appeared somewhere in town, a light that blinded everything for a few seconds.

Quickly covering their eyes they didn't notice the light arching to the heavens for a few seconds but they caught the sight of that same light stretching outwards, up in the clouds, in all directions.

"That is SO not good", said Xander unnecessarily while the high school librarian closed in from behind them.

"Good God!", exclaimed the newly arrived librarian, Rupert Giles.

"Is that the Hellmouth? Please tell me that's not hell opening. The night has been apocalyptically enough without getting real demons into this."

"What's a Hellmouth?", asked Jonathan nervously, but he went largely ignored by both.

Giles looked at the worried Xander and then gazed at the burning town. "I-I... don't know. If it is... We can't, we can't leave if its opened. It would be the end of all mankind!"

"Giles," started Xander. "Look around you. We have Resident Evil type zombies. We have deaths, as in the horseman, well, horse-MEN, not the state of not being alive. Larry is practically naked and acting like someone cock blocked him one too many times, and I think I saw an alien, from umm, aliens. I think we already crossed that 'end of mankind' bridge a while back."

But Giles ignored him. He just stared at the town. He looked somber, all of them were but the librarian had rage etched in his eyes. He had anger and tears and grief tightly held back by purpose.

"I can't ask you to go back, Xander. But... tonight I lost my charge-", at this he removed his glasses and placed his thumbs over his eyes, trying to hide the droplets falling down his face.

"Buffy would had wanted to go back there, fight back and win. I-I... I owe her. I'm a Watcher", and he said that word with conviction, probably more than he actually felt. "It is my duty to fight against the sodding forces of darkness! So I will go back there, fight back and I will win".

Xander stared quietly as the librarian looked at him. There was fire in those eyes. There was a will to change the world. But Xander knew, and Giles more than surely knew it too, that it was impossible to go back there alone. It would be nothing short of suicide.

"Ok", Xander replied after a few tense seconds. "But lets not die, ok? And before you say anything, 1) I'm fucking Superman, and b) you're gonna need some serious muscle if you want to get within smashing distance of those freaks"

"I'm coming", Xander and Giles both stared at the smaller one of them three. "I don't know what's going on but it sure sounds like you could use all the help you can get."

And while Jonathan looked a little like he wanted to pass out and wake up safely in his bed it was a testament to how bad things were that neither Xander nor Rupert tried to convince the kid to stay were it was safe. Though, considering how bad things were turning out to be, it was entirely possible that there was nowhere safe to be tonight on planet Earth.

"I'll go too", this made the three guys turn towards the new, decidedly female, voice, to find none other than Amy Madison walking towards them.

"I heard everything. And it looks like you could use a witch", she said sardonically while shooting an apologetic smile at the old librarian.

"Ok! So what's the plan G-man? 'Cause there's a plan right?", said Xander nervously, while looking expectantly at Giles.

And that was the queue for Rupert to remove once again his spectacles and start polishing them to try and quiet his mind.

"You remember last year when the Master tried to open the Hellmouth and Willow-", at the mention of her name Xander looked down a little sad. Giles kept talking but gave Xander a small frown to show him that he knew what he felt. "-and Ms. Calendar used a spell to close it? Well, I'm mostly sure that it could be possible for us to use the same spell over again"

At his comment Xander looked a little strange at the librarian. "How 'sure' are you?"

"Mostly sure", replied Giles while looking nonplussed at Xander.

"Is that 'sure' enough?"

"How much 'sure' you want?", commented Giles exasperated.

"Well, a 'really, really sure' would be reassuring", Xander said as honestly as he could.

"We'll, I'm really, really sure, this plan will work", this time Giles looked at Xander to see if the child had anything else to reply.

"Ok, we better get going then", said Jonathan, now not the shortest thanks to Amy's admittance, in a nervous tone.

"We'll get to the high school faster if we go flying", Xander said while making a gesture for Giles to hold onto one of his arms.

"We will need some ingredients for the spell. Ingredients that sadly I don't have in the library"

"Damn", cursed Xander under his breath.

"There's a new age shop that sells ingredients for spells downtown." At that everyone looked at Amy. "What?", she said, mildly offended. "I wasn't kidding when I said I'm into witchcraft."

At Xander's and Giles stares she quickly amended. "But I'm into good witchcraft! Nothing awful, really", and at that she tried to hide a grimace, surely remembering what her mom had done to her and others over a year ago by using magic.

"Ok, here's what we are gonna do", everyone looked at Xander to see what he would say. "Me and Amy-" at that Xander paused, thinking that if Willow had been there she would had corrected that slip of the tongue.

"Amy and me-", he started again, furiously squashing any and all thoughts about his missing, probably dead, friend. "-, we'll go to this new age shop. Giles, you and John-o can go directly to the library and prepare everything."

"Why don't you come with me to the library, Xander?", asked Rupert. "Surely you'll be able to dispatch of any demons that come through the Hellmouth."

"I know", at that admission Xander looked conflicted. "But whoever goes with Amy could end up fighting unstoppable mobs, and I don't think Magneto here can handle all that attack". He purposely didn't mention Larry slash the Hulk, but they all got the picture.

"Ah, because you are the tank", replied Jonathan while rubbing his chin 'sagely'.

"It does make sense", said Xander back.

At that both Amy and Giles looked strangely at them but both ignored them in favor of continuing formulating the plan.

"Still, neither one of you knows what ingredients we need", Giles replied to the plan Xander had laid in front of them.

"Shoot... Well, lets go together to the library, write down the ingredients and then Amy and I'll split up."

None of the other three could find a fault in his plan, not when time was of the essence. So, as quickly as possible, Xander lifted off, holding Giles, while Jonathan shyly offered Amy a hand. The four of them flew off towards the high school library as fast and as high as possible, trying not be seen by anything that might had engaged them in a fight.

They were several hundred of miles over town. From up there it was hard for the normal human eyes to witness the carnage and destruction that had been the order of the night. Even if only Xander could see what was going on down there they all knew destroyed houses, overturned cars, dead bodies on the streets and wild fires dominated the night.

As they got near the town something became apparent to the young extraterrestrial of the group.

"Umm, guys", started Xander, hovering in place with Giles in his arm. "That light thing is not coming from Sunnyhell high".

"What do you mean?", asked a squirming Giles, purposely not looking down.

He squinted his eyes a little, trying to gaze what was going on with the night. "It's coming from the shop I buyed the supes costume. Ethan's", replied Xander, not masking his surprise.

"Ethan? As in 'Ethan Rayne'?", Giles asked in a terse tone.

"I don't know about the last name", Jonathan said dubiously. "But I got mine there too."

"Do you know him, Mr. Giles?", Amy questioned at seeing Rupert's angry expression.

"If it is whom I think it is then we are dealing with a very powerful chaos mage. A stunt like tonight would be right in line with the type of magic he deals with."

"So, he's the one that killed...", Xander stopped himself from saying their names. The pain was too raw, too fresh, to fling their names out-loud. But he steeled himself and, with resolute conviction, proclaimed to his companions this, "He has to pay. For all this".

"Xander...", muttered Giles while looking sadly downwards. "Vengeance is never a good path."

"No", admitted Xander, and then amended. "But justice is".

The rest of the way was spent in silence, all four of them lost in thought, trying to stay off the radar of any possible adversary while also attempting to get there as fast as possible.

In just a few short minute the quartet descended in front of where Ethan's stood. Energy surrounded the place, giving it a sort of mystical feeling that left goose bumps in their skin.

"Incoming!", exclaimed Jonathan, quickly lifting a car with his new abilities and throwing it to the side, hitting a monsters midsection. The brute slowed down enough to pick up the car and throw it away.

"Quick! Inside!", ordered Giles, while Xander lifted himself to the air and threw himself with all his strength towards the grey skinned monster.

"Xander!", screamed Giles, but it was already too late. Xander had sped up with the demon in tow as far away as possible from them.

"Good luck, lad", the librarian said softly while turning back towards the shop.

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