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Buffy meets The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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This story is No. 2 in the series "August 2013 Fic-A-Thon". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: You just gotta have fun while Slaying! Right?

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Television > Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, ThejakedamanFR1811,106039208 Aug 138 Aug 13Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Fresh Prince, mores the pity.

“Run Carlton, run!” Buffy heard some idiot in the graveyard shout out in the distance. Stopping beside a mausoleum and stretching her senses she worked to get a feel of where they were... there!

Jumping to the roof of the structure she heard another idiot shout, “I'm running Will, as fast as I can!”

“Well, get off your knees and run faster!” Will shouted back.

“Really Will? Short jokes at a time like this?”

“It's always time for short jokes Carlton! Bwha-ha-ha!”

Sniggering under her breath Buffy noted the warmth in the not-so-distant repartee. Thinking hard she tried to remember if she had ever heard those voices before. Crouching at the edge of roof she caught sight of them approaching through the trees. The two twenty-something dark-skinned guys wearing bright, fashionable clothing were running as if the hounds of hell were on the... Oh, Vampires.

“Well, they're in good shape. They move well, especially the shorter one.” Buffy observed silently peering from above a mausoleum. She watched as they ran along the side of a clearing, four vampires chasing them. She had to duck down to the edge to avoid being seen. A suspicion formed and kept her from jumping in and dusting the vamps.

She struggled to keep from giggling when the chasers and chasee's had made their second circuit of the clearing. Buffy could almost hear the Loony Toons theme song playing in her head. Then the taller of the two let out a ‘Whoop! Whoop!’, reminding her of Daffy Duck, hopping just out of reach of one of the Vampires. Buffy barely clamped her hand to her mouth in time to cover her laughter.

By the third lap one of the vamps slowed down becoming suspicious. Looking around caused him to fall behind his comrades. Facing forward to catch up, passing beneath a tree, the vamp failed to notice a noose drop causing it to skid to a stop. Hands raised quickly to grab the rope when, with nary a sound, he disappeared into the tree! There was the sound of escaping gas and paper tearing, then naught but a cloud of dust appeared drifting from the tree in the wind.

Buffy, laughing quietly returned her attention to the Vamps chasing the two young men. Suddenly, the female of the group stopped, looked around, and shrieked, “Tony? Tony, you lousy excuse for a boyfriend! Get your ass out her no-”

There came a 'swish', 'thunk' as a crossbow bolt struck the screeching vamp in its chest. Again there was the sound of tearing cloth as the creature became nothing more than dust in the wind.

“Oh thank God!” Buffy thought, “I would've done the same just to shut her up!”

A glint of metal in the darkness snapped her attention to the vampire eating tree. Buffy noticed two swords sticking out of the ground that weren't there just a bit ago. The humans, Will and Carlton, snatched them as they ran past skidding to a halt. The Vampires were unable to stop themselves when the men spun swinging the swords at neck height.

One vampire dropped to its knees, skidding under the swords arc on the grass. The other... not so lucky lost his head. A young girl, late teens to early twenties swung down from the Vampire eating tree (Buffy couldn't help but to think of it that way.) She bounced, flipped, and landed behind the last vampire. Her arm described a short arc over the monsters shoulder, dusting it back to whence it came.

Straightening up the young girl faced the men smirking, “Ain't I a stinker?”

“Ha!” Buffy heard Will yell, “Ha! I got one.” He started dancing around the clearing swinging his hips and pumping his arms in victory, continuing his diatribe, “Yeah! Who da man? Who da man!”

Carlton, the shorter of the duo, looked bored and declared, “I don't think so Will. I got that one while Ashley got the other three. You're still behind us even with the handicap we gave you.”

“Oh, c'mon Carlton!” Will responded, stopping his dance, swinging his blade, “You saw how tall that guy was!”

“Yeah, that's why I jumped.” Carlton finished smugly.

Ashley, who had been looking around checking the perimeter, jumped in, “Will! You're my cousin and I love you. Keep it down, we got some more of these things heading our way.”

“Aww man!” Will whined petulantly, kicking at the grass. Looking askance at Ashley, all pretense of the clown gone, he asked, “How many more?”

Buffy quietly made her way down from the mausoleum, ghosting to the clearings edge.

“About a good dozen more.” Ashley decided gazing into the distance.

“Good.” Carlton stated.

Looking at Carlton in total disbelief Will incredulously asked, “Good? Good?! Carlton, cousin of mine. You did hear your little sister the Vampire Slayer tell us there are a DOZEN more of these things heading our way?”

“Well, yeah.” Carlton answered nonplussed. Winking at Ashley he declared, “We got Ashley, a Slayer. We got you with the speed and strength of five men.” he gestured conjuring a fire ball in his hand then snuffing it, “We got me with the Magic.” then looking directly at Buffy he invited her out declaring, “And we got the Queen Bee herself.”

Gesturing to her he announce like a game show host, “Ladies and Gentlemen it’s Buffy Summers! Buffy, come on dooowwwn!”

A smirk pulling at her lips Buffy stepped out of the shadows of the trees asking, “How did you know I was here?”

“Like I said, I'm good with Magic.” he answered. Gesturing to his sister Carlton explained, “I get a certain sense off of Slayers. It has to do with their presence and aura. Yours is very strong.”

Blushing he added, “Plus I did some research on you when we joined your Facebook Page.”

Eyes widening in surprise Buffy cried out, “You're G-Money!” Pointing at Will she realized, “And you must be Fresh Prince!”

Gaze resting on Ashley she hesitated. Brow furrowed in confusion she asked the girl, “And... and I don't know who you are?”

“I'm Little Sister Slayer.” Ashley proudly announced.

“You're Little Sister Slayer?” a voice asked from the edge of the clearing. A male Vampire dressed like a gang-banger glanced at his gang excitedly telling them, “Guys! This is her... the one from Facebook, man!” turning back to Ashley he said, “I KNEW you looked familiar!” then he promptly turned to dust.

Putting the repeating crossbow on his shoulder Will stated, “I knew there's too many Vamps on Facebook!”

And the fight was on.

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy meets The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". This story is complete.

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