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Buffy is Touched By An Angel

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This story is No. 3 in the series "August 2013 Fic-A-Thon". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Slayers and Angels... Need I say more?

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Television > Touched by an AngeljakedamanFR151949031,1368 Aug 138 Aug 13Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own either, mores the pity.

“Is there no way we can help more directly?” the young woman asked her friend and mentor.

Brows scrunched, lips pursed in exasperation, the older woman lightly admonished her friend and apprentice, “Now Babyangel, you know we can't directly interfere. We can only guide.”

“Oh Tess,” the younger woman responded, wringing her hands in worry, “it's just... it's the First Evil Tess. And I worry so.”

Tess smoothed her features calming herself with a supreme effort of will. Comfortingly squeezing the younger woman's shoulder she prodded, “Monica, where is your Faith?”

Taking a deep, much needed breath, Monica pushed her worries and concerns away. Keeping her eyes on the school in front of her she nodded, acknowledging, “You're right Tess. As always it comes down to Faith.”

The walls, the ledge, the very cavern itself was crumbling. Still Buffy couldn’t leave, not yet. Reaching out she slid her fingers in between those of the Vampire before her. Flame flashed bright and Holy, flaring around their clasping hands. Gazing into the eyes of the en-souled Vampire that had been an enemy, a lover, and a friend (in that order) she solemnly swore, “I love you.”

A serene smile steals over his face as he responds, “No you don't. But thanks for saying it.”

A big quake rocks them and some more of the ledge drops into the abyss. Unable to move from the energy coursing through him Spike shouts, “It's your world up there. Now GO!”

Their eyes lock, Buffy can see the sincerity that had never been there before. She understands and bolts for the exit.
Spike looks back on the destruction of the Hellmouth chamber before him. Smiling wickedly he states to whomever would hear, “I wanna see how it ends.”

Andrew, the Angel of Death took a moment from his work basking in the brilliance of Spikes soul. Closing his eyes he offers a prayer of support for he who has become a Champion, whispering on the wind, “May the Lord God grant you protection Spike.” Noticing the magical energy of the medallion Andrew knew he would not be gathering Spikes soul, not just yet. Speeding up to Anya's prone form Andrew gently grabbed the last soul before streaking out of the vicinity of the Mouth of Hell.

Staring back towards the epicenter of the disturbance he fervently prayed, “I do hope Monica and Tess are able to help the rest.”

Tess was already at the bus having made sure it was still in working condition. Fixing the minor oil leak and conjuring more oil had left her a bit peaked. Still she couldn't leave, not just yet.

“Oh babygirl, you take so many chances young Angel.” Tess fretted metaphysically drawing Giles attention to the bus.

Monica walked slowly, gracefully through the ruins of the Sunnydale High School. As she had that day, with Tess's help to hold the Mayor in his Demonic form in the old library, she banished fear from her heart. Listening, using all of her Angelic senses, Monica placed herself right where Buffy would be able to see her as the Slayer came barreling out of the entrance to the Hellmouth.

Whispering into the wind she directed, “This way child.”

Without waiting, having Faith she was heard, Monica flew to the next junction. Glancing back she saw Buffy already halfway to her current position. A surprised smile flitted across her lips while whispering for Buffy's attention. Monica increased her speed as well until they were out of the building.

Buffy sped past the shocked Angel whom stopped when realizing the bus wasn't there anymore. Tess and Andrew, carrying Anya's soul appeared by her side. They watched the Slayer bound up the fire escape almost like she was flying to the roof of a nearby building. Unfurling their wings the three Angels slowly rose into the morning air. They watch as the ground below falls away, as Buffy races across the rooftops until leaping through the air to catch the racing bus.

A gasp and Monica is gone, a streak of Holy Light appearring. She speeds under the Slayer and is able to give her a little boost in the form of an updraft of wind. Monica flew up and away as Buffy lands safely on the bus. Unseen the trio of Heavenly Angels fly formation around the bus, assisting where necessary until they pass the town limits.

Andrew lands first setting down Anya as she is waking up. Tess and Monica land as well still watching the bus as it skids to a halt, safe from the collapsing town.

“Tess?” Anya asks, “Is that you?” looking down at herself she asks, “Am I ...”

Andrew nods solemnly, slowly allowing her time to soak it all in.

Monica spun towards the bus starting towards it, shock and disbelief in every line of her form.

Tess, concerned, asks, “What is it Monica?”

Pulling back Monica whispers, “I'm not sure. I thought I felt...”

“Monica? Andrew?” Anya gasped in surprise. Looking around her gaze fell on Tess dropping Anya to her knees, “Tess? Oh Tess...”

Salty tears spilled onto the sandy ground. Crying in full remorse Anya begged of Tess, “Tess, could you ever forgive? For all the times...” hesitant, unsure what to say or do next Anya broke raggedly asking, “Tess! Please! Forgive me!” looking up to the heavens she once more begged, “God in Heaven above, please forgive me. I repent!”

Tess stepped forward taking Anya's hands in hers she asked, “Anya, do you truly repent of all your past sins.”

Anya tearfully nodded an affirmative.

Pulling her to her feet Tess asked her, “Well baby girl. Have you ever heard of a Whitelighter?”

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy is Touched By An Angel". This story is complete.

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