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Howling at the Moon

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Summary: Dawn helps Isaac escape from the Alpha Pack. Re-write of season 3.

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Television > Teen WolfDarrakFR1877,027284,2889 Aug 1329 Nov 13No


Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Teen Wolf, they belong to respectively Joss Whedon and Jeff Davis.

Time line: 2 years after Chosen for Buffy the Vampire slayer and set during season 3 for Teen Wolf.

Pairing(s): Isaac/Dawn, Scott/Allison and possibly some Derek/Buffy.

A/N: I'm looking for a Beta on this story.

She had known that it was the right thing to do, the first time she had laid eyes on him. Slightly curly blond hair and such deep soulful eyes. Their eyes had met for no more than a fraction of a second, but in that short time, it was as if he had seen right through her.

That was however, before Kali had started with the slashing and maiming.

But in that moment, when their eyes had met, she had known. There had been something about this young werewolf that had called to a part deep inside of her. That made her think that he in some way or another was important. To what, however, she didn't know.

Not that it had mattered, though, seeing as she had already come to a decision. That she likely wouldn't get out of this with all of her limbs attached .. well story of her life. She didn't have count on the times, she had been in - if not similar - then at least this kind of dangerous situations.

That didn't however mean that she wasn't going to try. Hence the wild motorcycle race.

The Alpha Pack had found him lurking in the abandoned bank where they had taken up residence. It hadn't taken a genius to figure out, that he had been out searching for his two friends and missing pack members.

She had been there when the Pack had brought them in, seen the blonde female, Erica the male with her had called her, being ripped apart in front of her some time later.

And all she had been able to do was stand there, watching, unable to do anything.

Four months. That's how long the Alpha Pack had been keeping the other werewolf and the Hale girl trapped in the vault. Unable to shift on the full moon.

She hadn't been able to do something then, but as she had seen him lying there, alone and unconscious with deep claw marks in his abdomen, she had made her move. It was now or never.

Shocking him back to consciousness hadn't been her idea of a fun time, but it had worked. For that she was grateful.

So here they were now, her at the wheel and him behind her, escaping from the Alpha Pack that had taken away so much from her. It was almost too easy ...

"I hear something," the werewolf behind her breathed "Someone's coming."

And there she went and jinxed herself. Must be Tuesday.
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