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Buffy meets Walker, Texas Ranger

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This story is No. 5 in the series "August 2013 Fic-A-Thon". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith and Buffy on a (wait for it) Road Trip!

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Television > Walker, Texas RangerjakedamanFR181963021,2589 Aug 139 Aug 13Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own BuffyVerse or WalkerVerse (?)

“C'mon Buffy!” Faith urged jumping out of the Jeep Wrangler before Buffy could come to a complete halt.

“What's gotten into you Faith?” Buffy shouted after the other Slayers retreating figure. Getting no answer in return she shrugged her shoulders and hit the E-brake, turning off the Jeep's engine. Making sure everything she needed was in her purse Buffy primly made her way across the parking lot. Opening the door to CD's, a bar/restaurant Faith had expounded upon time and time again, a blast of cool air wafted over her driving away some of the heat and humidity of the Texas weather.

They were on a Road Trip.

Buffy was adverse to the adventure at first, but Faith, with help from everyone else, almost wore her down. In the end they threw her out, literally, told her not to come back til the next Apocalypse season. After all the new Council was setup, with Giles at the helm. Willow and Kennedy spent half their time as roving troubleshooters and the other half with the Devon Coven. Dawn was going great guns at Oxford and Xander...

She still wasn't sure it had been a good idea to send him out to Africa on a shoe-string budget.

Walking in and catching sight of her traveling companion Buffy shrugged her shoulders. Reflecting silently she thought, “Meh, he's doing okay, upsetting the apple cart over there.”

“BUFFY!” Faith shouted, “Get your Queen Bee Slayer behind over here girl! Got some wicked righteous people you GOTS ta meet!”

Hiding her smirk Buffy put on airs of congenial curiosity stepping up to the table loaded with people in Cowboy Hats. She frowned slightly, realizing they were either all cops or at least in Law Enforcement of some kind or another.

Upon seeing her sister Slayers moue of confusion Faith walked around the table to Buffy. Placing her arm on Buffy's shoulders, shuffling the hesitating women closer, she expounded, “I know what you're thinking girl.”

Gesturing to the people at the table she said, “Time was I wouldn't be caught dead in a room full'a cops.” winking at the bearded man she announced, “But these ain't cops Buffy. These here are Texas Rangers!”

Startled, Buffy glanced at Faith and then took in the measure of the group around the table saying, “So, you're the Texas Rangers that helped Faith with that little... problem.”

The bearded one softly agreed, “That'd be us Ma'am.”

Buffy quickly pointed out, “Please. Call me Buffy. When someone calls me Ma'am... I just feel so frumpy.” shooting Faith a faux-shocked expression Buffy exclaimed, “Oh no! I've got frumpy-hair! Please tell me I don't have frumpy-hair!”

At that she spun on her heel practically running for the Ladies Room. Faith's laughter followed Buffy all the way to the door. Turning back to her friends she reassured them, “Don't worry. She's always like this.” calming down slightly she grinned ruefully, sharing, “Actually, it's good to see. I was getting worried 'bout her.”

“What's going on dahlin'?” CD, owner and proprietor of the bar asked, concern evident in his voice.

Sitting down she sighed. Looking around at her friends she espoused, “Look. Buffy's been goin' through some deep personal sh- stuff” she amended with a sidelong blush to the bearded man next to her, “and... it ain't my story to tell. Just treat her like regular folk, okay?”

Sharing confused and concerned glances they all came to the same conclusion. CD spoke for them, agreeing, “Sure thang dahlin'.”

“Now. CD, you got some of that famous chili ready.” Faith asked all light and carefree once again.

“Yes, I sure do!” CD beamed as he headed to the kitchen.

“Buffy!” Faith exclaimed as her sister Slayer rejoined them.

“Gonna make with the intro's Faith?” Buffy queried sitting in the seat vacated by CD at the blond woman’s prompting.

Pointing at the bearded man Faith introduced, “Buffy. Meet Sgt. Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger. Washo meet Buffy Summers.” gesturing to the blond practically sitting on his lap she said, “This is Walker's fiance...” Faith started then stopped in complete shock upon seeing the engagement ring on the woman's finger, “...Fiance!” slapping Walker on the arm she joked, “About time you dog!”

That got a chuckle from all those at the table and a wan smile from Buffy. Starting up again Faith said, “Anyways, Walker's fiance is one Alexandra “Alex” Cahill, Tarrant County's best Assistant D.A.!” causing Alex to blush.

Smacking her hand on the dark man's shoulder to her right Faith added, “And this is Sgt. James “Jimmy” Trivette. He's Walkers partner.” in a stage whisper behind her hand she joked, “He keeps Walker in the 21st Century.”

“And that...” Faith finished, gesturing to the older man carrying a tray of bowls of... something that made Buffy's stomach grumble loudly, “is CD. This man can make Chili so good you just gotta make a song and dance about it!”

“Aw, gowan you.” the man said, a slight blush coloring his cheeks. Placing the bowls down, one each in front of the girls he jovially admonished, “I know you two got hyper-active metabolisms so I made a double helping for each of ya. And if'n that ain't enough, got more in the back. Dig in. Dig in!”

Faith did just that. With gusto. Slowing down she swallowed and asked, “Ya gonna sit there looking at it, Yo? Or ya gonna dig in?”

Everyone slowly turned to watch Buffy causing a slight flush to crawl up her cheeks. Slowly taking the spoon she dipped it in the tasty looking concoction, bringing it up to her lips. She took a small whiff and then...

Buffy took a bite of CD's super-duper, ultra-hot Chili with Jalapeno Peppers.

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy meets Walker, Texas Ranger". This story is complete.

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