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Saving Bond

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Summary: Scott is dying and desperate measures are neccesary to save him

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Television > Teen WolfXanderLuvsAllFR1322,414001,29310 Aug 1320 Sep 13No


Once Chris arrived at his apartment,he had the difficult task of getting Scott in without getting caught. With an unconscious teenage boy. It wasn't easy but eventually he managed it,thankfully not taking that long as he knew that soon it would be to late to save Scott. And Chris would not allow him to die. So he quickly got everything around for the ritual,having to read from one of his families books to get everything correct. Then once he was ready,Chris couldn't help but to pause. What he was about to do would forever alter his life forever. Even if he survived, Chris would survive being bonded to a male werewolf young enough to be his son. Or worse he would survive having failed to save Scott. Either way it would be life altering. And none of it was good for his mental health.

Sure he may love Scott but Chris was under no delusions as he knew the truth. Scott didn't love him and Chris had no desire to have Scott know how he feels. Not to mention that Chris had never been with a male before. Then there was Alison. How would she take this? Would he lose his daughter? All of these things gave Chris pause until he actually looked at Scott and was reminded. To save Scott, it would all be worth it. If Chris did nothing to save Scott out of fear of what could be, would he then die, Chris would be destroyed. To let Scott die would destroy a part of him just as it would destroy Alison.

So Chris undressed then began to try and wake Scott up as he had to get permission. He had to wake Scott up. After several minutes of Scott doing nothing, Chris began to worry that he would have to proceed without permission. Then Scott began to groan and wake up so Chris breathed a sigh of relief as Scott partially opened his eyes.

"Scott,I need you to give me permission, to do what I'm about to do...I'm trying to save you but I need permission.'

"Don'" Scott coughed weakly and blood appeared on his lips

"I know.You love him and want to join him..I understand that...Truly I do...but Scott there are people here that love you and need you. Your mom, Stiles..Allison..Issac........Me....We need you,Scott and Derek....Derek has his family. He doesn't need you right now..He can wait the few ye....decades for you...We cant....I need you to consent to my...saving you..Please,Scot...You can be with Allison..You still love her don't you."

"Yes..Derek..mate...Allisin mate...too."

Chris was surprised about that, as he had never even heard about a werewolf having two mates before but he pushed it aside. Nothing else mattered right now but saving, rescuing Scott from himself. So he had to get consent, for while he would do what was necessary to save Scott either way...He would really rather not also be forced to rape Scott. That...was not something he wanted to ever do. Not to anyone but especially not to one of his few loved ones. ...Especially not if he ever wanted even a chance to earn Scott and Alison's forgiveness. Chris knew that he would never be more than Allison's father and a hunter to Scott but he didn't care.


"What?" Chris had been so lost in his thoughts he hadn't been paying attention to Scott, which given the situation was rather stupid.

"Yes...Save me..Derek....kill me....If I die...Allison...die."

Chris was relieved to get permission and knowing he had to work quickly, he moved swiftly to the table where several 'special' candles and incense were ready and he lit them up. Soon smoke filled the room and the smoke began to effect Scott,causing Scott's dying body to 'rise' to the occasion in a way it otherwise couldn't. Then Chris stripped Scott and began to draw the symbols on both their bodies. Normaly this part was done by Druids but as Chris only knew of one Druid,Deacon, he wasn't about to go to him. Not for this. Not when Deacon might just let Scott die as opposed to binding Scott against his will to Chris. Something that filled Chris with guilt and regret but it had to be done. Deacon might not see it that way, especially with how respected true mate bonds were.

Once everything was done, Chris 'prepared' himself as best he could from what he had read online then slowly aligned Scott's penis to his entrance and sank down. Then Chris literally rode away to save Scott,performing the ritual at the same time. As the energy flowed around them but didn't enter them, Chris began to worry it wasn't working. Until finally the energy swirled around and began to course through them both. Chris was relieved as he knew it was working and thus he had saved Scott. He felt the bonding take place and 'felt' Scott inside him in all manners. Chris took one thing for himself as he felt Scott and his orgasm approaching and stole a kiss from Scott. And the younger man did one finale thrust into Chris's body and came.

Chris came immediately after he felt Scott explode within him and felt the connection snap into place firmly and completely into placer.They were one.

It was over. Scott was saved.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Saving Bond" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Sep 13.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking