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Buffy meets Goliath

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This story is No. 7 in the series "August 2013 Fic-A-Thon". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and Gang meet Goliath and Elisa

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Cartoons > GargoylesjakedamanFR1811,119051,16911 Aug 1311 Aug 13Yes
Disclaimer: None of these Characters are mine. I'm just playing in their sand box.

“Elisa!” the beast roared, gliding quickly into the clearing seeing his friend under attack. Thumping to a hard landing the Gargoyle hit the fiend knocking him loose. Grabbing the stranger by the neck and pants he threw him a good few dozen yards.

“Goliath?” Eliza whimpered too hurt and weak from blood loss to raise her head. Whispering as loudly as she could Eliza warned the grey-skinned Gargoyle, “Watch out... he's... a vampire...”

“What? A vampyre?” he gasped, shock coursing through his system.

Rising to his feet, said vampire bragged, “I don't know what you are creature, but I'm hungry for blood. You've interrupted my feeding so you'll be first. Gonna rip you a new one boy!” so saying it raced forward, jumping into the air attacking the winged creature. Goliath's eyes turned white in rage at the evil undead creature’s words. Growling low in his throat he spun, jumping with wings unfurled to meet the airborne monster belting forth a roar of challenge.

Wrapping his hands around the vampire’s throat he bore it down into the earth holding it there. Sniffing the body beneath him Goliath could only smell death and decay. Rasping, he asked, “Is there none of humanity left inside you creature? Are you one of the Soul-less?”

Laughing, the ex-human answered by declaring, “I'm gonna bathe in your blood sucke-urk.”

Goliath tightened his grip stating, “I don't think so,” and ripped it's head off, the creature falling to dust.

“Whoa Buffy,” a voice stage-whispered not too far behind Goliath, “ever seen anything like that before?”

Spinning in place Goliath sniffed catching the new arrivals scent. Shock widened his eyes realizing where he had caught that particular odor before. A thousand years or more, so long ago, since he had smelt a slayer. Moving slowly on all fours to Elisa, eyes glowing he snuffled catching the change in her scent matching what he smelled from two of the woman before him.
Eyes dimming, he calmly asked while checking her injuries, “Elisa? When were you going to tell me you had become the Slayer?”
“Huh?” she whispered, “You know 'bout Slayers?”

A grumbling laugh issued forth, the vibrations relaxing her pain racked body. He pointed out, “Dear Elisa, have you forgotten? I am a Gargoyle. I am familiar with the Supernatural.”

She reached up caressing his face and whispered, “Oh. Right.”

“You two wanna get a room?” called a sultry voice from a group gathered near them.

Looking up in surprise the unusual couple noticed there were four people watching them. Goliath helped a blushing Eliza to her shaky feet while inspecting these strangers. The wind blew their scents towards him causing him to growl, “For your sake Witch I hope you are not against my kind.”

The red-headed Witch hurriedly reassured him, waving her hands in denial, “Hey, no problem here. Uh-huh, no sirree. I'm gay and my girl-friend has a tongue stud! I believe in alternate lifestyles! I -”

The one-eyed man next to her pinched her lips together adjuring, “Breathe Wills.”

“It's okay Goliath,” Elisa reassured him, “I met them a few days ago. They’re good people.”

“And besides,” the short blond woman piped up, “you're vibe? Sooo not a demon-y vibe.”

Puffing to his full height he declared, “I am Goliath, a Gargoyle. I and my clan protect this fair city. We are defenders of the night!”

The blond woman stood tall letting her power forth. Goliath could feel the predator within as she also declared, “I am a Slayer, a Mystic Warrior. I and my 'clan' protect the world from that which goes 'bump-in-the-night'. We are defenders of the night!”

Suppressing his laughter he turned to Elisa admitting, “You're right,” letting a smirk cross his lips, “I do sound quite pompous when I say it like that.”

Smiling she agreed, “True,” pulling him down by his ears she kissed him. When they came up for air she admitted, “But I still love ya, ya big lug.”

The blond cleared her throat saying, “Didn't we say 'get a room' already?”

Amidst the laughter she stepped forward sticking out her hand in greeting, “I'm Buffy Summers,” crooking a thumb over her shoulder she added, “And that's my crew.”
“Oh, we're her crew now are we?” the brunette Slayer groused.

“Pipe down Faith or I'll have you training the mini-crazies for the next month.” Buffy threatened.

“I'll be good!” Faith agreed putting on an exaggerated look of innocence.

Buffy pointed to each of them, introducing, “That's Faith. The pirate with the eye-patch is Xander,” “Aargh!” he threw in, “And the Wicca, not Witch, is Willow.”

“Willow?” Goliath's eyebrow climbed to his hairline, “Would your online name happen to be RedTreeWicca?”

At her nod of acquiescence he snorted, “I keep telling Lexington to be more careful of his online identity.”

A gasp of shock and Willow babbles, “You-mean-I've-been-chatting-with-a-Gargoyle?”

At Goliath's nod Willow... sqee'd.

Everyone covered their ears in pain. Distant howls of fear filled the early morning hours.

“Willow!” Buffy exclaimed, “Don't DO that.”

Chuckling Goliath glanced to the horizon noticing the oncoming dawn. Leaning over to Elisa he asked her, “Dawn is almost here. Is the car nearby?”

Looking in the same direction she cursed, “Crap!” grabbing Goliaths hand she tried to run but stumbled. She would have fallen if not for the Gargoyles steady hand. He reassured her, “It's all right Elisa. Allow me the keys. I'm sure these fine folk will assist you to your car.”

“Okay.” she agreed handing her keys to him.

Puzzled, they watched him streak off towards the parking lot nearby. Buffy asked, “I thought Gargoyles turned to stone during the day time?”

Elisa smiled a, 'I know something you don't know' smile. She cajoled, “Look. Get me to the car and you'll get your explanation.”

“Deal.” Buffy agreed.

Scant seconds later the group arrived in a vacant nearby parking lot. The only vehicle around was an older model red sports car. Goliath sat on the lip of the open trunk pulling on a loose pair of cargo pants.

Willow said, “Um, Goliath? Won't those turn...” she couldn't finish as the sun chose that moment to peek over the horizon.

Light swirled and played over Goliath's form. He seemed to shrink in on himself, his wings melding to his back. He grunted as his legs shortened and straightened. His skin changing to a lighter hue completed his change.

Goliath was human.

A bare chested human with dark brown, almost black eyes. He girded himself for any possible recriminations so was shocked when he heard Faith purr.

“Heelllooo, Salty Goodness!”

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy meets Goliath". This story is complete.

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