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2012 TTH Drabbles Mod Birthday One-shots

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Summary: One-shot stories written for the 2012 Mod Birthday challenge on tthdrabbles

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherVashtiFR1571,5420092811 Aug 1311 Aug 13Yes

Wiki Walk - The X-Men

Title: Wiki Walk
Author: Vashti
Fandom: BtVS/X-Men
Character(s): Kitty Pryde, Willow, Dawn, Forge
Rating: PG
Summary: Kitty's wiki walk through the internet leads her to interesting places.
Length: 200 words
Prompt: #113 - Secret
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the words, and that might be up for philosophical debate.

"Stop pecking at my hand, Lockheed!" Kitty glanced at her pet and companion, perched precariously on her massive tower. "It’s not my fault this is taking longer than I expected," she groused as her mind went back to the server at hand.

Kitty hit a proverbial wall and huffed. "Where’s Forge when you need him."


Cross country, another young woman briefly slumped with relief before popping her head out the door. "Willow!"

She came clattering up the stairs, Potentials in tow. "Dawnie, what’s wrong?"


Grumbling, the Potentials went back to their business.

"What do you mean, hacker?" Willow asked, sitting down.

"Y’know, sneaky computer attacks?"

Willow gasped. "Omigosh...someone’s trying to hack us. And it’s working!"

"Am I not speaking English?" Dawn threw her hands up.

Willow’s fingers flew over the keyboard to stop the latest probe. "Okay, I think I’ve—No! Crap!"


"Whatcha got, hevasemo?"

Kitty looked over her shoulder and smiled. "I was just wishing for you. Look what I found on my midnight stroll."

Forge came to stand behind Kitty, ignoring her "pet." He dropped a hand on her shoulder. "Let this one go, ayuh?"

"What? Why?"

"Jus’ let’er go, hevasemo. Tell ya about it some other time."
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