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Bizzare Friendships Work

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Summary: Sometimes the most different of people, a Spetre and Pirate Queen for instance, get along. Sometimes, Bizzare Friendships Work. Rated T for now, May go up in later chapters. FShep/Liara Aria/Tevos

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect TrilogySelonianthFR1543,719141,79712 Aug 1329 Aug 13No

A Friendship Is Struck

Disclaimer: Don't own Mass Effect, Sorry.

Shepard stood, her business with Aria complete for now having done Aria the favor of dealing with Patriarch's assassins. As she turned to leave she heard the Pirate Queen of Omega's voice ring out. "You should find a nice boy to keep you company in the meantime, you're too tense."

Shepard stopped, reached to her left bracer and a low kssssss sounded in the space between them as the Spectre removed the bracer, her skin almost purple in the flashing lights. Holding her forearm where Aria could see it there was a bracelet. An Asari bonding bracelet to be precise. Liara had given it to her shortly before the Battle of the Citadel and thought it lost after the SR1 was destroyed. The asari had given it to her again when she found the Asari on Illium, she'd forced the detour when she'd heard of Liara's location.

"Ah. I didn't know you were wrist-bound. Apologies," Aria's voice answered the unspoken statement. Something that slightly stunned her guards, Aria T'Loak never apologized.

"Not exactly something we advertised," Shepard responded, the bracer returning to her forearm with another ksssss. Then she continued her trip down the steps and out of the club.

Watching her go Aria touched her own wrist, wishing she could wear her own bracelet but couldn't, her bondmate couldn't be connected to her publicly... not yet. Maybe if the Matriarch's found something else to focus on they could... no, it would not do to ponder on what if's. It would only make her long for something that it wasn't time for. Patience, it wasn't something she was a very big fan of but she could do it.

"Aria... are you feeling ok? You never apologize." Anto asked, well aware that if she decided to those would be the last words he spoke on this plane of existence.

Aria instead gave him an amused glance. "I may not be the most loyal asari, or the most traditional, but even I don't violate an asari bonding bracelet. Shepard is wrist-bound to an asari, and I suspect I know who. I apologized because I felt it was the right thing to do."
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