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Who Exactly Is Your Sister?

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Summary: Created for August Fic-A-Day: Anita meets a vic who makes her ask a very important question.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredSelonianthFR1511,4270153,23714 Aug 1314 Aug 13No
Disclaimer: Don’t own Anita Blake or BtVS. They're owned by Laurell Hamilton and Joss Whedon respectively.

Anita was lying in bed, alone for once, just relaxing from a long hard day. When her phone rang and the necromancer very dearly wanted to shoot the damn thing. Leaning up though she grabbed her phone, flipped it open and growled, “What?!”

“Got a were-attack vic here. Says she won’t talk to anyone who isn’t a Marshall.” Zebrowski’s voice answered, just as tired as she was. They’d been stuck in a case until late last night and now this?

“I’m on my way,” Anita sighed as she sat up to re-arm. It wasn’t very common that a vic refused to talk to the RPIT of a region, but occasionally a victim would absolutely refuse to speak to anyone but a Marshall, which tended to also equate to Executioner when liaisons to the RPIT’s were concerned.

The drive over to the scene didn’t take long and as she made her way through the various CSI’s and even a couple of the more morbid people who simply flocked to crime scenes she heard phrases like ‘Who is this girl?’ and likewise comments that had Anita raising her eyebrows till she cleared them and caught sight of the vic in question. Suddenly the questions made sense. The girl, she was 20 at most, had the obvious signs of a were-attack in the form of the claws across her back but the rest of her body had small scars dotting it. Whoever this was, she hadn’t had a great life before this.

“Ah, the Executioner herself,” The girl said as she broke through the crowd. “Dawn Summers. I’d shake your hand but, well, moving my right arm is kinda painful right now.”

“You wanted to speak with me?”

Dawn nodded, glad to see the person who Buffy would be most likely to hold responsible, next to the one who did it. “I did. You should know that you have one month to figure out who did this and deal with them yourself. If I turn, and with my luck I will, you will not like the consequences if the person responsible hasn’t been dealt with.”

Every police officer stiffened and turned to regard Anita, who had frozen to stone at the statement. “Is that a threat?”

Dawn shook her head furiously. “From me? No, no... You have the wrong idea. I’m giving you a friendly warning. My family... they’re good people, but they take threats very seriously, especially where I am concerned, no matter how many times I’ve told them I can take care of myself... I can keep them out of your city for a month, that’s how long my vacation is. If I turn however... they will know and if you don’t have the one responsible’s head waiting for them...”

Anita blinked, it wasn’t exactly the first time she’d had a victim’s family threaten if those responsible weren’t caught but physical violence was new, “You’re telling me your family will unleash hell if I can’t catch who did this to you?”

Dawn nodded, “Yup. Well, mostly my sister really.” she acknowledge popping on the ‘p’.

Ok, now Anita was just plain curious. “... Who are you? And who exactly is your sister?”

“I suppose I should introduce myself properly shouldn’t I? Dawn Summers, Head Translator for the ISC,” Dawn replied, just as the sutures for her back got done  and she stood, ignoring the EMT’s demands to stop as she walked the few steps were required to offer Anita her left arm, she wasn’t lying about her right hurting like hell if she moved it.

Anita was halfway through the handshake when the acronym popped in her head. The ISC, the group responsible for policing almost the entire world’s vampire and were populations. Then her brain connected Dawn to the group and from there, she knew exactly who her sister was. “Your sister... Tell me she isn’t Buffy Summers, ISC Head of Operations and the first executioner to become a Marshall, also the marshall with the most confirmed kills.”

“The very same. I’m guessing you know why you might not want her to come to Saint Louis now. Much less the rest of my family.”

Anita nodded numbly, the story was that Buffy Summers had been a hunter since she was fifteen and had become an executioner the moment the ink was laid on the bill that made vampires legal. Then, when the time came for executioners to become marshalls she’d been grandfathered in so fast, and without the required courses every other executioner was forced to take, that she’d been back out hunting before the law had actually been signed. Then, three years ago she’d been called in when a Master of a city died, driving most of his city into becoming Revenants. She’d gone in alone and left one week later, untouched but with every revenant in the city dead, decapitated, then burned. She was the kind of marshall they only called in when things got well and truly fucked. So yea, Anita understood why Dawn was warning her. If Buffy came to town there would be collateral damage.

“Then you understand, for the sake of those not responsible, you need to get this solved before my sister comes calling,” Dawn spoke again.

Anita couldn’t understand more, she needed to work this out fast. “Is there anything you can tell me that will help.”

“Not a lot no. I know it didn’t try to actually feed. It clawed me across the back and left. I don’t think it was a lion or a big cat. Lions roar, and the other big cats have distinctive sounds,” Dawn said with a moment of thought.

Anita nodded, “Contact me if you think of anything,” she requested as she handed the brunette her card. Dawn nodded and Anita walked away to where Zebrowski, Dolph, and Tammy Reynolds were standing together talking.

“Who is her sister that we don’t want her coming here?” Zebrowski asked curious.

“Buffy Summers,” Anita replied getting a loud “Shit” from Zebrowski and Dolph at the same time.

Tammy asked, “I take that to mean she’s bad news?”

Anita shook her head, “The opposite normally. She’s...”

“She’s like an avenging angel. I heard about her going into that town in Virginia a year ago. Totally overrun with revenants without a Master. She went in alone, the revenants were dead a day later.” Dolph explained to Tammy.

Tammy’s voice was low and mildly terrified, “But that’s her sister. So if she comes here...”

Anita winced, “She will rip through the weres of this city till she finds the one responsible. She wouldn’t try to kill any on purpose, not unless she thought they were responsible for her sister’s attack, but accidents do happen.”

“Who is she that she can accidently hurt a were bad enough it kills them?” Zebrowski this time, he knew she was good but he’d seen weres survive being hit by a car.

“A Slayer,” came Tammy’s shocked gasp getting a nod from Anita.

“Slayer? They aren’t real,” Dolph with a derisive snort.

Anita sent a glare his way. “They’re very much real, and Buffy is the best of them.”

“Detectives! We found some hair from a large animal over here,” one of the CSI’s shouted.

Anita sighed, moving to head off toward the parking lot nearby where she’d left her car, “I need to go warn the Coalition about what might be coming.”

Dolph stopped her, “If you do that you might tip our hand.”

“Dolph, I know you hate all things preternatural cause you’re a racist prick but do think about that. This was an intentional attack. Probably even targeted at Dawn Summers intentionally as well. None of the leaders would have ordered this and they will be a big help in figuring out who did,” Anita snapped as she walked off.

In her car, as she pulled out she hit the speed-dial for Jean-Claude. “Jean-Claude... We have a problem.”

“What is it ma petite?” The vampire master’s smooth voice replied.

“Simple yet complicated. Dawn Summers got attacked in Saint Louis last night by what looks to be a werewolf. We have a month to figure out who did it or her sister’s gonna be in town and I hope I don’t have to tell you what that means.” If she did she didn’t know why she was even making this call.

Jean-Claude’s normally steady voice betrayed some small amount of shiver as he replied, “I will summon the coalition to the circus. Meet me here ma petite.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Who Exactly Is Your Sister?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Aug 13.

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