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Buffy Meets The Pretender

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This story is No. 10 in the series "August 2013 Fic-A-Thon". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Slayer Meets The Pretender

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Television > PretenderjakedamanFR181828081,35214 Aug 1314 Aug 13Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em, wish I did. Be doin', like, all kindsa crossovers!

“Hey Jarod!”, Buffy piped entering the quiet library and spying the temporary Library Assistant heading into the stacks, arms loaded with books.

“Miss Summers,” Jarod nodded ducking out from behind the shelves. Grabbing up some more books from the cart he told Buffy, “Mr. Giles had to head out to the nearest UPS store. The latest shipment came in a bit late for delivery.”

“Ship-“ Buffy started but stopped when realization hit her, “oh, right. That shipment. The important… stuff.”

Jarod peered over his glasses. Whispering, with a wink, he teased,“Giles is right. You really do… how would you say it… ah, ‘suck’ at the secret identity thing.”

Pouting, Buffy crossed her arms with a ‘huff’. Grousing she observed, ‘It’s not like you don’t know, you know. The Watcher-y and Slayer-y… stuff.”

Chuckling Jarod finished, placing the last book on the shelf. About to step away from the shelf he stopped, cocking his as if hearing a strange noise. Listening Buffy could hear voices of some people about to enter the Library. Before Buffy could react he pulled her by the wrist behind the bookcase out of sight of the library entrance. Pressing his finger to his lips they heard a woman call out, “Hello? Anyone here?”

Even as Jarod shook his head no Buffy grabbed some relevant books from the shelves, snatched Jarod’s glasses off his nose, and stumbled out toward the common area of the library.

“Hi.”, Buffy greeted the three strangers, two men and a woman, shyly. Shuffling toward the stairs she asked, “Can I help you? ‘Cause if you’re looking for the Librarian, he isn’t here just yet.”

Just for effect she stumbled down the steps letting a couple of books fall to the floor. “Crap!” so saying she rushed to the desk then back to the books just as the older man helped pick one of them up for her. Cheeks slightly blushing she stated, “I hate dropping books. Every little bounce damages the spine.”

“Quite.”, the older man stated. Once Buffy placed the book safely upon the table he stretched out his hand, introducing himself, “My name is Sydney, this is Ms. Parker, and the quiet one over there is Mr. Broots.”

“Nice to meet you,” Buffy answered with a little nod of her head. Responding in kind she offered, “I’m Ann one of the student assistants.”

Pleasantries out of the way she turned back to the table, placing a pencil behind her ear as she started sorting the books.

“That’s nice,” the leggy brunette woman said snidely, “when will the Librarian be back?”

“Oh! He’s gone for the day,” Buffy stated, pausing in her work, then offered, “if you like I can take a note or contact information for when he gets back?”

“No, that’s all right,” the woman stated icily. Snapping at the two men she ordered, “Broots, Sydney! Let’s go.”

Buffy continued sorting through the books on the table as they left. Exiting the library the older gentleman, Sydney, glanced back watching her. He paused, searching the library for any sign of the man he came to consider as a surrogate son. Nothing.

As he left through the swinging doors Buffy picked up two books, carrying them with her up the steps. With a quick glance she ‘considered’ where they were supposed to go then moved behind the bookshelf hiding Jarod. Pulling the pencil from behind her ear Buffy wrote, “we’ve been bugged” then “hang tight”.

She walked out with a different book, stopped, looked at the book closely. Sighing in exasperation, looking imploringly to the heavens she stomped further back into the stacks. Once out of sight of the doors she placed the book on a shelf and jumped, her feet landing on opposite upper shelves. This allowed her to push the ceiling tile up and out of the way. Jarod slid around the corner as she dropped back down. She pointed up. Nodding, Jarod gave a wan smile and the okay sign.

As he quietly clambered in the space above she strolled out of the stacks with the ‘correct’ book. Piling all the books on the table she took the stack to the office. Walking back out Buffy grabbed her backpack as the bell rang for the next class.
A few hours later, Buffy, Willow, and Xander met at Giles’ apartment. Walking up to Jarod, who was sharing a ‘spot-o-tea’ with Giles she demanded, “Okay, who are you really?”

He met her gaze then glanced cautiously at everyone else gauging their mood. Locking eyes with Buffy he sighed and said, “You are The Slayer; Buffy Anne Summers, a Child of Prophecy.”

“Okay. We know all this,” Buffy stated, “what about you?”

“My name really is Jarod. I am The Pretender, also a Child of Prophecy.”

Giles grew white as a sheet, dropping his favorite cup of tea and whispering fearfully, “Oh Dear Lord.”

Buffy sighed, “Great! I feel another apocalypse coming on.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy Meets The Pretender". This story is complete.

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