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Hermione Summers

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Summary: After finding out about Horcruxes, Hermione makes a decision that changes the outcome of the war against Voldemort.

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I've been reading a lot of Harry Potter Buffy crossovers, and stories just sort of pop up, so here is the beginning of one. Still working on the other two or three I have going, but I needed a little break from those. Let me know what you think. Standard disclaimer applies, I'm not the owner of either of these wonderful characters. Book six for Harry Potter, and maybe three years post Chosen for Buffy Dawn being a couple years younger than they were in the show.

“That’s it! You people are all mad! I’m calling my sister, and we are putting an end to this, here and now.”


“Miss Granger? Are you quite alright?” Flitwick looked at her curiously.

“No, and I’ve just about had it with this school!” She turned back to Harry and Ron, forcing her books into her bag.

“Not one word Harry. I’ve stood by and watched this spin out of control for too long. And Ronald Weasley if you say anything I will turn you into a toad! Voldemort has-and Dumbledore wants- do you have any idea how mental that sounds? Just look at his hand! No, we are through with this madness.”

Hermione pulled her mobile from the depths of her school bag and dialled a number. “Go to school in Britain they said. It’ll be like Oxford. Hogwarts is the best they said, what a bunch of rubbish!” Hermione was grumbling to herself as she waited for her sister to pick up.

“Buffy, yeah I’m fine. No it’s not that. No there are no demons at Hogwarts. No, no just listen! That old nutter has finally told Harry what he thinks is keeping Voldemort from being killed for good, and I’m going to need at least Willow and probably you and Dawn.”

“No, you can’t apparate into Hogwarts, I’ve already told you. Well tell Willow again, because it will be very painful if she tries. I don’t care about her portal nonsense she can’t get past the wards!”

Just then a large portal opened up in Professor Flitwick’s charms classroom, and the other students began to panic. Flitwick stood in awe on his desk, wand at the ready. Buffy, Willow, and Dawn stepped into the room and began looking around curiously.

“Take that Hogwarts! I told you it was cake, easier than cake, cake from a box, no, cake I didn’t even have to buy, just conjured cake, yeah, super easy cake.” Willow was looking around, rather smugly, but none the less interested in the school she had heard so much about.

Hermione walked over from her desk. “Thank Goddess you’re here!” She hugged her sisters and Willow. Dawn, realizing the rest of the students were about ready to panic, and noticing the wands pointed in their direction said, “Uh Hermy, I think you should introduce us to your little friends before the panic starts, some of em look like screamers.”

“Fine, but things have gotten way out of control and I think we need your help, so after introductions we all go talk to Dumbledore.”

“Your accent is so Giles.” Buffy said. I know it’s just a spell, but it always throws me for a loop.”

“Are you American?” Harry asked.

“Duh, now come over here and meet my family so we can go interrogate that ridiculous Dumbledore. Professor Flitwick? I’m very sorry to interrupt your class. These are my sisters, and our friend Willow. I’m sorry to disrupt, but this is a matter of very great importance.”

“Yeah, if Hermy interrupts a class, you know things are bad.” Dawn rolled her eyes, and winked at Harry.

“Your family? I thought you were an only child?” Ron asked in confusion.

“Just because you never asked about my siblings doesn’t mean I don’t have any.” Hermione snapped at Ron. “This is my eldest sister Buffy, and my younger sister Dawn, and our good friend Willow.”

“Bloody hell Hermione why didn’t you tell us?”

“Never mind that, we have business to discuss with Dumbledore. He’s been keeping things from us from the beginning, and now he thinks. Good Lord I don’t know what he thinks, but someone has to put an end to this.”

“Good Lord? You must be upset. Calm down, and tell us what’s going on.” Willow said, and tried to wrap an arm around Hermione’s shoulder, but she shrugged it off.

“No, I won’t calm down! Things have gone way too far!”

“Uh, guys, I think we better go somewhere more private, let’s not scare the kiddies.” Buffy was looking anxiously at the wands pointing at her and figured it was only a matter of time before someone started sending hexes at them.

“Come on then, I’ll tell you on the way to Dumbledore’s office. I’m sorry professor, but this takes precedence.”

She guided her friends and sisters through the classroom, past an astounded Flitwick and after urging them to ignore the paintings and moving staircases, she got almost as far as Dumbledore’s office before she was halted by Snape.

“What do you three think you are doing out of class? Who are these women?”

“We are going to see Dumbledore. These are my sisters and we don’t have time for this.” Hermione continued to the Gargoyle ignoring Snapes snarls, and several points being deducted from Gryffindor. She was on a mission, and nobody, not even a professor was going to get in her way.

She led the group up the stairs. Snape decided he should follow as Hermione stomped up the stairs like an angry child and banged open the office door. “Horcruxes!? That is the last straw Dumbledore. I’ve stood by and watched you manipulate Harry for far too long, and if there are really Horcruxes out there, we need way more than guess work and years of trial and error. Voldemort is killing more people every day, and this has got to stop!”

“Did you know Hermy could be so, so-“

“Xena warrior princess?”

“Take charge girl?”

“Let’s just say it’s a good thing his names not Bill.”

“Ah Miss Granger, are these the three ladies that have so confounded our wards?”

“Yeah, sorry about that, but when my sister called, in the middle of class no less, I knew something was wrong and we got here as fast as we could.” Buffy said as she held out her hand to Dumbledore

“Another curiosity that I am hoping you will explain. Muggle technology doesn’t usually work here.”

“No, we can talk about that later. I want to get this Horcrux thing settle first!”

“You dare to yell at the headmaster?”

Buffy turned to the greasy man behind her and gave him her best slayer glare. To his credit the man resisted taking a step back. He was used to powerful wizards torturing and killing people in his presence, but he couldn’t help the way his wand hand began to shake.

“Look mister tall dark and greasy, if you’re the Professor Snake I’ve heard so much about, it would be in your best interest to stay out of this. I’ve been meaning to come and have a chat with you for some time now.” Buffy was glaring at him now as if he was a bug he was going to squash.

“That can wait Buffy! We need to sort this Horcrux thing out now!”

“Ok, so start talking. I’m missing my favourite intro class. The newbies are so cute when they get their first swords.”

“First, I want to know how long you’ve known that Voldemort has made Horcruxes.” She looked to Dumbledore for an answer.

“I will be glad to tell you after you’ve introduced your friends.” He conjured first four chairs for the ladies and another three for Snape, Harry and Ron who decided that this was going to be much more important than Charms class.

“Fine, this is my eldest sister Buffy and my twin sister Dawn Summers and our good friend Willow Rosenberg, and this is the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Professor Snape, Harry Potter, and Ronald Weasley.” She pointed out everyone in succession and then looked at Dumbledore expecting him to continue.

“Very good, but on one point I would like confirmation. Is Granger your real last name?”

“No, well yes, but not since I moved to this gloomy Island you call a country. Look, I will explain that later, but we have other matters to discuss.”

“Yes, but how am I to understand why your sisters and her friend should be part of this discussion if you don’t explain to me who they are? This is a serious matter Hermione, and the reason I haven’t discussed it with anyone other than Mr. Potter is because I trust very few people with this knowledge. Harry’s life is at stake and now you are rushing through the school with strangers talking about this subject with people I don’t know or couldn’t possibly trust, so I ask one last time, who are these women, and why should we trust them?”

“Well the reason she can’t tell you, is because there is a gag order on telling anyone that isn’t family. It’s actually quite clever, and Hermione’s idea. Sort of gross really, but if anyone tries to tell anyone that is not a family member about us they immediately get sick and start gagging and never get the information out.”

“Put’s a new spin on gag order.” Willow smiled at Hermione with almost maternal affection.

“Yep, that’s our Hermione, she really knows how to punish the narktastic, but I suppose in this instance an exception can be made. She seems to be apocalypse level angry, so I better get it out. Have you ever heard of the Watcher’s Council?”


“And the way you are looking at Willow, I think you know who she is too?”

“Yes. I believe I have heard some interesting reports from the American Ministry.”

“Yeah, that’s our Will, making the five o clock news. Anyway, I am co director of the Watcher’s Council and Hermione’s legal guardian. The Grangers are my mother’s cousins, and when Hermione was accepted into the American Academy for Wizarding Arts, the Granger’s insisted that Hogwarts was far superior, and asked to be allowed to adopt her temporarily so she could attend this school. At the time, there was a lot going on at home, so we thought it best to send her here where we thought she would stay out of trouble, but she’s sort of a trouble magnet no matter where she goes.”

“I see, so are you a watcher?”

“No, I’m a Slayer. Though now I mostly teach other slayers, and-“

“Preposterous! There is only one slayer at a time! Headmaster, these women are clearly not who they say they are.”

Buffy turned her gaze back to Snape and glared. “Didn’t I say we’d had enough of you?”

“Yes, yes, there is more than one, can we move past this part and skip to the Horcruxes?” Hermione was getting rather impatient and wanted to hurry things along.

Buffy on the other hand was feeling a little annoyed with Hermione’s rude behaviour. “Hermione, the man has a point. Since he seems to know a lot about this Moldyshorts guy, and the slutty crux problems, I think it’s best we lay all our cards on the table.” She looked back to Dumbledore and said, “Look, we changed the rules, now all the potential slayers are slayers. Willow did a spell. Now, the point I think we need to make is that as the Watcher’s Council we have hundreds of people working for us. We have one of the largest libraries in the world of magic, prophecies, demons, ancient and demon languages, and we have an army of slayers. Now, I’m sorry about interrupting your school, and barging in here, but it’s time we got to the problem at hand.”

Buffy couldn’t tell if the old man looked relieved or just tired but without any debate he went on with his explanation.

“Despite what Miss Granger has said, we did not know for sure that Voldemort was making Horcruxes until Harry was able to get the information from Professor Slughorn. It’s true that I suspected, but I had no idea that he would make seven. I hoped the two that we have already destroyed was the end of it, but after I found what I think is the location of the next one I was very worried. So as you can see Miss Granger, I did not withhold this information for any nefarious purposes. I simply didn’t want to alarm Harry needlessly unless I had too, and with things as they are.” He looked to his hand, and to Severus. “I don’t know how much longer I will be alive to help him.”

“What are you talking about Headmaster?” Harry looked at the old man with concern.

“I’m sorry Harry, but I know of no way to stop the curse from spreading from my hand, and Voldemort has ordered me killed. My days are numbered either way, and I wanted to make sure you knew the severity of the situation before it was too late.”

Hermione, though somewhat less angry, was still upset. “Why not tell us sooner?”

“Because, I had hoped, like many others to give you children not only time to be children, but also to learn as much as you could without the weight of this hanging over your head.”


“That’s enough Hermione.” Buffy interrupted and looked at Albus with something like understanding.

“Headmaster? Do you think I could look at your hand?” Willow spoke nervously, but she had been curious about it since she walked into the office. It pulsed angrily wanting to be let out of the cage Snape put it in, and as the headmaster indicated it was almost able to get free.

“Of course. I was hesitant to let others look at it because I worried that any explanation would make others suspicious. I had other reasons for not telling anyone about the Horcruxes as well. I don’t want students or anyone else trying to make one.”

Willow rose and walked over to his outstretched hand. She hovered her own hand above his and seemed to be doing some kind of diagnostic spell and mumbling in another language. A loud pop was heard and she stood back. “Well I can’t break the curse, yet, but I dispelled the energy it was building up. It was almost ready to pop.”

Dumbledore looked very happy at his hand and said, “Thank you. It feels much better now.”

“But it’s not fixed. I’ll have to check with the coven and see what we can do. It shouldn’t be too hard, but I don’t want to play around with it here. If it’s as nasty as it feels it could do some damage, and with all these kids around someone could get hurt.”

“Yeah, schools and magic bad.” Buffy shook her head. “Well not from your perspective I suppose, but Willow has a point. Dark magic shouldn’t be messed with around kids, so let’s move on to the problem at hand, or away from hand.”

“Hermy told us all about Harry and the prophecy, so we know about that already, and it sounds like this big bad wizard has split his soul?”

“Yes, I am afraid the thing that Voldemort fears the most is death, and has attempted to avoid it by splitting his soul. If his current body is destroyed, his followers would be able to use one of the remaining Horcruxes to create another body as they did two years ago.”

“So he split it eight times?”

“No, the part of his soul that was used to create the body he inhabits now was the part that was left over from the fight he had with Harry as a child.”

“So even if we kill his current body he can still remain?”

“We don’t know how he kept that part of his soul alive, but it might have been a very small piece that fractured from the whole during the explosion, but no, I do not believe that piece could survive another death. Horcurxes are more than extremely dangerous to make, they are volatile, and can slinter and fracture if too many are created.”

“So wouldn’t it help if we took this guy out now? I mean as long as he’s just a ghost, or a spirit or something he can’t make more Horcruxes, and then we can spend some time looking for the rest of them.”

“The Dark Lord is very powerful. You cannot simply ‘take him out’ with a stake or a sword.” Snape scoffed at them and glared menacingly at Willow.

Buffy took a longer look at Snape. She appraised him carefully and finally said, “I have already warned you to keep your mouth shut. From what Hermione tells me, you are probably evil anyway, and although I have a ban on killing humans, there is no rule saying I can’t seriously maim them.” She looked back to Dumbledore and said, “But he does have a point. Why haven’t you taken him out with magic?”

“Because he has many followers, and people were afraid of getting killed.”

“Are you serious?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah, what the heck are you talking about? If someone bad comes along you get together and fight the war. There are a lot more good people than bad right?” Willow was under the impression that these people were like slayers, warriors for good, so she didn’t understand why such powerful people couldn’t just eliminate their common enemy.

“Voldemort terrorized the wizarding community. While I agree with you, and we did have a small army put together, he would often kill whole families and torture others to madness or death. People were scared, and the ministry was infiltrated then, as they are now, and did nothing to help the people. They were unorganized and frightened. He sent werewolves and other dark creatures to attack and kill as many muggle born witches as he wanted and anyone he didn’t like. He even killed those that supported him, and few were willing to risk their children. Many went into hiding.”

“Yeah, but come on. You risk your children by letting that bastard live anyway.”

Buffy was getting annoyed with all the criticism this man was getting. She knew what it was like to have everything you did questioned and didn’t like. He was trying couldn’t they see that? “Dawn that’s enough. We’re talking civilians here, and you of all people should know that parents, or big sisters are not willing to risk their families fighting evil.”

Seeing Dawn’s sheepish look Willow tried to change the focus. “Yeah, that’s why we sent Hermy here, so she’d be out of harms way, and would learn to be a witch away from the hellmouth.”

Harry seeing an opportunity finally spoke up. “Hermione, you said your family can help. What can you do to help us find and destroy the Horcruxes, and eventually Voldemort?”

“First of all,” Buffy responded, “We need to figure out what exactly a Horcrux is, and how to destroy it. Any information you have already I would like to take back to the Council and hand over to our researchers. Second, we need to figure out a way to keep Harry, the rest of the students, and you, headmaster, safe. You mentioned a plot to kill you. I think details are in order.”

“As to the first item, we have several books that will be of great help, and we know for sure that a basilisk fang and the sword of Gryfindor will destroy a Horecrux. As for the second order of business, Voldemort has ordered one of our students to kill me before the end of the school year. Severus, at my command, is bound by a sacred oath to help him in any way he can to accomplish this. Harry is safe here, along with the other students, unless Hogwarts is attacked, and even then, it would take a lot of power and wizards to get into the castle.”

Harry, as he was used to doing, latched onto Snape and Draco’s part in all this and turned to face Snape. “What?!! You are helping Draco?”

Snape glared at Harry. “In case you didn’t hear the headmaster, he said that I was at his command. I was doing exactly what he asked me to.”

“Yeah right.”

“Harry, we knew that the curse would kill me probably during the summer anyway, and I did not want a student having my death on their hands. Severus was doing me and Draco a favour.”

“But why did you let him stay in school if you knew it was him?”

“Because he is safer here. You know that Luscious Malfoy is in league with Voldemort, and his house is probably not a safe place. I was merely allowing Draco time to come to me himself, but I believe he fears for his life, and his parents.”

“Hold up, you just said that Harry is safe here, but Willow was able to instantly portal us in. How can you be sure this Moldywarts won’t do exactly the same thing? How can they be safe if she didn’t even have to fight with your wards?”

“Voldemort doesn’t have the same kind of power Miss Rosenberg has, nor does he believe it is worth looking into. He sees it as muggles playing around with earth magic.”

Buffy looked at him like he was crazy. “Well what if he changes his mind? We can’t assume he won’t know about Willow or what happened in Sunnydale. I think we should probably set up better wards, something that will keep everything out, and then talk about what we are going to do about this plot to kill you. Will, can you call your people and get them over here? I don’t want Hermione in danger and if there is a madman out there trying to kill her best friend, she’s going to be in the cross fire. Dawn, I want you to go through all the information on these Horcruxes, and let me know what you find, and collaborate with Willow’s people about the best ways to find and destroy them in the least amount of time. He’s going to be real mad when he realizes we are breaking his toys and then he’s gonna come running. We don’t want him coming for the school unless the students are gone, so we need to have a game plan. I think Giles should be here at least, and I’d like to hang around and keep an eye on Hermione and the headmaster. Let’s get this Draco kid in here now, and get this whole plot out in the open. We can keep him isolated here until this thing is worked out, and offer him protection, as long as he’s willing to play ball. Otherwise, we knock him out and put him in jail. At least his parents won’t think he did it on purpose.”

“Giles isn’t going to just hang around and keep an eye on Hermy and the Dumbledore. He’s needed at the Council.”

“I know he’s needed at the Council, but that’s why we have seconds and thirds in command. This madman is killing innocent people, and since we don’t have any other apocalypses right now, I think this should take precedence. Plus, he owes me a favour.” She looked to the headmaster. “I need you to agree to this, and then announce our presence to the school. It would be better if our identities and reasons for being here were concealed, at least for now.”

“I’m sure we can come up with something, but it would be much easier to explain and keep your identities and power secret if you didn’t portal into the classrooms. I’m sure by the evening meal most students will know what happened in Professor Flitwick’s classroom. Miss Granger can explain to you the in’s and out’s of the Floo Network, and I’m sure we can arrange a connection, or you may walk to the border of the wards and apparate out. Our wards are sensitive, and the more you break them, the less protection they will be.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll set up better wards, layered on top of your own of course, and we can set up your fireplace thing to the Council.” Willow responded with a bright smile.

“You cannot be thinking of letting this group of muggles stay at the castle?”

“That is exactly what I am thinking. These women are not only talking about saving my life, but Mr. Potter’s and yours as well, and a great many others. They have offered to protect our students, and help us find and destroy Voldemort. Furthermore, as they pointed out, they are not civilians, and have an army of very strong women, a coven of apparently very powerful witches, and all the research power of the Watchers Council at their hands. We would be foolish not to take their help, and if that means staying at the castle then that’s what I am prepared to do.”

“The Ministry won’t like it.”

“The ministry is falling into the hands of Voldemort. It might be best to have the Council and slayers behind us, or the school might be taken over by deatheaters. The only thing we can do is insulate this school with people that can be here, even if we fall.”

“Voldemort will find out about this, and your people will become a target.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“No, I am simply stating a fact.”

“Look, I’m going to show you something, and if Woldymart finds out about it, so much the better. Hermy, give me all you’ve got!”


Buffy smiled as the spell hit her. “That kinda tickled.”

“How is that possible?”

“Slayer magic is much older and more powerful than wizarding magic, and that’s all I’m going to say about it, because from what I understand you are a double agent, and I don’t want that knowledge getting into Darth Moldy’s hands.”

Harry, who had been silent through this discussion finally spoke up. “Who are you Hermione?” He knew he should be feeling grateful for this unexpected surprise, but all he could feel is the sting of betrayal poisoning his thoughts.

“Oh Harry, I’m still the same person you know. I’ve just got abigger family than you thought.”

“She’s not kidding. You wouldn’t believe how British she is at home. Even before she came here, she was completely obsessed with Giles and research. It’s fun for her to read on a Friday night. We actually had her birthday at a book shop when she was five. You know normally kids want the zoo, or even one of those places that has games and pizza, but not our Hermy. She wanted books, and libraries frown on parties, so we brought her to the book shop and she was happy.”

The headmaster had that silly twinkle in his eyes now, and spoke up before Hermione’s cheeks turned more red. “I do believe this conversation is better suited for your common room, and as it is time for lunch, I advise you all to return to your normal schedule. Mr Potter, Mr Weasley, Miss Granger I do believe you have class this afternoon with Professor McGonagall. Professor Snape has a class to teach this afternoon as well, but after super I believe I will be having a staff meeting, and tomorrow night I will make an announcement to the students.”

He gestured to the door and everyone except Buffy, Dawn and Willow stood and left. “Now, let us discuss in further detail what I know about Voldemort and Horcruxes, as well as any other points that you would like clarified.”

To be continued.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hermione Summers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Aug 13.

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