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This story is No. 1 in the series "Fading Into The Grey". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Valise Times, vampire slayer parts ways with her mentor, Buffy in order to go home to Atlanta in hopes of finding her family in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.Wondering around she comes face to face with the Dixon brothers and her life changes forever

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Television > Walking Dead, The
Literature > Vampire Diaries, The
romanticblondieFR181820,806113,58316 Aug 1316 Aug 13Yes

Chapter One

DISCLAIMER: Sadly Buffy the vampire slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, The Walking Dead isn’t mine either , and neither is Vampire Diaries, I am only borrowing them for the playground of my OC character-Valise Times.
SPOLIERS: Post-Chosen BTVS, Mid-season 3 TWD, and no specific time during the Vampire Diaries.


“Remember to stay alert. Don’t be afraid to run and live to fight another day,” the blonde woman advised. At the time she had brushed off the words the elder slayer spoke, having heard them a thousand times before.

“Yeah, yeah. I hear you, if things don’t look good. Run like hell.”
Of course the blonde haired vampire had to then put in his own warning.

“She’s serious. You damn well better not die while we’re gone or else I will hunt down your corpse and bite you myself. We clear,pet?”

I had to work hard not to smile in the face of his threat. We both know it was an empty one. I was like the little sister he never had. I knew he cared in his own way. After we lost Dawn and the others a while back, Buffy and I were all he had left.

“Yes Spike. I promise to look both ways before I cross the street. You two worry too much. I am a slayer you know. I can handle myself.”

The older slayer walked up to me, giving me a tight hug which would have no doubt crushed a normal person’s ribs. After what seemed like forever, she stepped away from me. Her eyes filling with unshed tears. I could understand her fear. After the Zombie Apocalypse swept through and left the world in destruction, all the supernatural creatures seemed to disappear, including her sister Dawn. Her disappearance was still a mystery till this day. Hell, the only vampire I had seen since this all went down was Spike.
The feel of Spike’s cool hand on my sleeveless shoulder pulled me out of my musing. His blue eyes met my brown ones. Something akin to fear then sadness flickered in them.

“You be safe and don’t let anything bite you in the ass. You survive by any means necessary or I will personally beat the hell out of you.”

I smiled at that before pulling him into a hug. “Love you too Spike. Take care of Buffy and try not to get fried to a crisp playing pee-ka-boo with the sunshine ok?”

A deep rumble erupted out of his chest as he laughed.
“Oh come on, that was one time!”

“Yeah, well hopefully we will find what we’re looking for in Virgina and that won’t be an issue anymore,” Buffy chimed in. Her laugh mixing in along with ours. Saying one more farewell and declining Buffy’s offer one last time to go with them, we got in our respective vehicles and went our separate ways.

That had been a month ago. Packing up the last of my belongings, I looked back at the two story home I grew up in as it went up in a blaze. With a sigh I pulled my long curly mane into a ponytail before braiding it. I knew the fire would draw the attention of the biters and the last thing I needed was for one to get a hold of my hair. A whining sound next to me drew my attention away from the still burning house.

“I know Rocky. I’ll miss them too,” I smiled down at the German Shepard as his big brown eyes looked into mine. He had been the only one alive in the house when I first arrived a week earlier. Someone, most likely my mother, had locked him down in the basement with a large bag of dog food spilled all over the floor. She must have hoped that someone would come for the canine. My mother had loved the dog so much, he was all she had of my dad after he was shot in the line of duty. Rocky had been his patrol dog. Now he was all I had left of my family besides the measly items I packed in my SUV.

Through the sounds of the flames engulfing the house, I could hear them drawing near. When my companion whined again, I moved to open the passenger’s door and let him get in. With him safe inside, I moved around the front of the truck and climbed in just as five biters came into view. I could have taken them out easily but now was not the time. My heart was not in it and that could get me killed. Looking back in my rear view mirror one last time at my childhood home, I put the car in drive and pulled away, taking off down the street, leaving a wake of biters as they surrounded the burning house.

I was a slayer. I would cry my tears and then I would go out and do my job.
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