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Buffy meets Daphne Moon

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This story is No. 12 in the series "August 2013 Fic-A-Thon". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It’s a couple years after the formation of the New Watchers Council. All Slayers are now required to under a psyche evaluation. They need to hire a Shrink. Frasier is about to get his world rocked!

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Television > FrasierjakedamanFR1817880397816 Aug 1316 Aug 13Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Frasier, wish I did. Then I could be psychoanalyzed while helping Buffy Slay. Be doin', like, all kindsa crossovers!

“Dr. Frasier,” Daphne informed the Master of the Apartment, “You have some visitors from the Council.”

“Thank you Daphne,” she heard him respond through the closed bedroom door, “Please inform them I will be out shortly.”

As Daphne returned to the living room she heard a British accented voice say, “I say, this is quite a spectacular view!”

“That was one of the main requisites Dr. Crane made when finding an apartment,” she told him then asked, “Would you like some refreshments? Tea or, uh, coffee?”

“Oh yes,” the scholarly gentleman replied looking over hopefully from the glass doors to the patio, “do you have any Darjeeling?”

“Why yes,” Daphne replied smiling softly, “I’ll go make some.”

He rewarded Daphne with a soft smile of his own causing his bespectacled eyes to crinkle in pleasure. A nod of tanks and Daphne turned her attention to the two women on the couch. Daphne had always known she is empathic and sensitive to the energy of life around her. She knew that is why she was such a good physiotherapist.

But now… now her senses were fair to overwhelm her! Daphne could see them, how they looked in the ‘material world’. She caught her breath seeing the predator wrapped in the thin layer of civilization around the blond woman. Then she made the mistake of fully regarding the redhead, a goddess made flesh. No, not goddess, not yet for Daphne caught a glimpse of the willowy redheads future.

Daphne fainted.

She awoke by degrees, hearing voices drone in the background. As she rose from the depths of slumber Daphne could tell she was spread out on the couch. Getting closer she could feel everyone in the room to a degree she had never felt before. Her employer, Frasier Crane sat at the dinette table with the Bright Star and the Dark Predator. Her fellow Britain stood near them sipping his tea, smelling of musty books and hard steel. Martin, Frasier’s father, he of the hard polished metal and sweat-stained oil sat in his easy chair in relaxed attentiveness. All this she sensed in the moment it takes to go from drowsy sleep to full wakefulness.

Her eyes flew open wondrously staring at Frasier Crane’s brother Niles. Sitting on the edge of the sofa, pulling the damp cloth from her forehead he cautiously, nervously regarded her. Concern rose from him in bands of puce while he glowed in his love for her.

Gaping at him she realized silently, “He glows in his Unconditional Love for me. Niles is so pure and innocent in this regard.”

“Hi Daphne, Do you feel well?”

“Such a simple question,” she mused silently calm once more claiming her. A sensation of weightless floating descended upon her. Smiling joyfully Daphne sat forward tenderly kissing the man she had come to love in such a short time saying, “Yes Niles. I will marry you. I consent to be your wife, your love, your life.”

One tear of joy and rapture escaped as Niles took her hands, exclaiming, “Oh Daphne, My Dream, My Joy! I love you so!”

“Get a room you two!” Martin crowed in delight. Facing his eldest son, fighting to hold on to his ‘cool’ to not leak his own elated tears he quipped, “Hey look Frasier, a Moon made a Crane fly!”

“Dad!” came from his sons while Daphne cried, “Mr. Crane!”

The blond and the redhead giggled at their antics while the elder Britain cleaned his glasses. Excessively.

Rising Frasier declared, “This is wonderful news Daphne! Congratulations!”

After shaking his brothers hand and hugging his soon-to-be sister-in-law he gestured to his guests.

“Allow me to introduce Ms. Buffy Anne Summers, Ms. Willow Rosenberg, and Mr. Rupert Giles. Ladies and gentleman, I present my father’s therapist Ms. Daphne Moon nee Crane.”

A bow, handshakes, and hugs abound.

“These people are on the new board of the Worldwide Watchers Council,” he stated, “They have offered me a job counseling their… employee’s.”

“I had a dream,” Daphne moonily stated, “We, the four of us, were in a mansion. Niles, you and you’re brother were helping the girls come to grips with their… situation. Father Crane, you were teaching tactics and weapons.”

“What were you doing Love?” Niles gently asked.

She looked towards Willow asking, “May we show them?”

A nod, hands raised and energy flowed hither and yon. Once done all their belongings were packed and ready to be moved.

Looking around confused Frasier straightened facing his still seated father. A quirk of an eyebrow, a nod of a head, and Frasier turned to his guests declaring, “Mr. Giles, Missus Summers and Rosenberg? I believe I’ll be taking that job after all.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy meets Daphne Moon". This story is complete.

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